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					September 16, 1998                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1729

                                      EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
         THE FRIENDLY SKIES                          the pro-competition policy objectives of the          take place earlier than two years from each
          RESTORATION ACT                            Congress. That action includes ensuring that          preceding auction. Income from any auctions
                                                     the Department of Transportation’s guidelines,        would finance taxpayer relief and improved
          HON. JOHN D. DINGELL                       which it is currently developing to deal with         airport infrastructure for the American public.
                  OF MICHIGAN                        predatory activity, are effective. As proposed,       Further, as recent evidence makes quite clear,
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   the guidelines would permit the Secretary to          strikes at hub airports can ground thousands
        Wednesday, September 16, 1998                impose sanctions if a major carrier should re-        of flights and hundreds of thousands of pas-
                                                     spond to a new entrant into a market in an un-        sengers, even on a daily basis. The bill would
   Mr. DINGELL. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to         fair or exclusionary manner. More tools are           permit the President to authorize other air car-
introduce H.R. 4577, the Friendly Skies Res-         needed and this bill provides them.                   riers to use the slots and related gates and
toration Act, in order to protect the American          The bill would permit the Secretary to re-         other such facilities of another carrier which
public from unfair practices in the airline indus-   quire that any air carrier deemed to be en-           are not in use because of a work stoppage.
try and to ensure that the traveling public has      gaged in an unfair method of competition or              Slot possession at the four key airports
access to reasonable airfare. Monopolistic atti-     unfair exclusionary practice, as a condition of       where such controls are in place is a major
tudes and unprecedented levels of market             continued service on the route involving the          issue, but questions like long-term exclusive
concentration have caused consumer’s pock-           violation, to maintain the same levels of ca-         gate leases at other airports represent just as
etbook balances to nosedive while airline prof-      pacity and fare pricing that was deemed exclu-        nearly insurmountable obstacles to real com-
its have soared. Congress should act to bring                                                              petition in the airline industry. For that reason,
                                                     sionary for a period not to exceed two years.
the benefits of full competition to the Nation or
                                                     Such a tool should give a carrier pause for           it seems to make good sense that such ar-
else other relief must be brought to bear. This
                                                     thought before implementing any activity that         rangements be reviewed. The bill would direct
legislation will do that. Consumers deserve
                                                     would unfairly respond to legitimate competi-         the Secretary to issue a study on the ability of
policies that will achieve affordable airfare and
                                                     tion. Additionally, the bill would increase the       and proposals for new entrant air carriers and
accessible service.
   There is growing public interest and concern      monetary penalty for such unfair methods of           those with limited access at major hub airports
over the issue of predatory conduct by major         competition under the U.S. Code from the cur-         to obtain gates and other facilities at airports
air carriers. Such practices eliminate competi-      rent $1,000 to $10,000 for each day the viola-        on terms substantially equivalent to the terms
tion in the air travel industry and create for-      tion continues or, if applicable, for each flight     provided to the major carriers already using
midable barriers for entrepreneurs to break          involving the violation.                              airport facilities. The airfield must become a
into the market. As an example of some sus-             There are presently proposals before the           level playing field for competition.
pect conduct, one has only to look back to           Department of Transportation that would com-             It is important that the American public have
when Northwest Airlines cut its fare from De-        bine the Nation’s six largest carriers into three     access to useful information about the market
troit to Boston to as low as $69 from an aver-       alliances with strengthened control over the          and who in the industry is providing the best
age of $259 when Spirit Airlines entered the         United States market. The bill would give the         consumer value. Various studies by the Gen-
market in 1996. Coincidentally, once Spirit          Secretary of Transportation the authority to re-      eral Accounting Office and private organiza-
was pushed out of the market, the average            view joint venture agreements or cooperative          tions have shown that concentration in the do-
fare went up to $267, exceeding even the             working arrangements between major air car-           mestic airline industry continues to grow and
original level. More recently, Northwest ran an      riers to ensure that such cooperation and inte-       is at extraordinarily high levels. Where such
upstart, Pro Air, out of the Detroit-Milwaukee       gration among air carriers does not result in         concentration exists, fairs have increased with
market and is engaged in some curious be-            unfair or deceptive practices or unfair methods       a significant impact on residents and busi-
havior in the Detroit to Baltimore market. To        of competition that would harm the public.            nesses in those communities. In order to
provide a level playing field, vigorous competi-        At the four slot-controlled or high-density air-   evaluate consumer value and review potential
tion must be permitted to take root. Unfair ex-      ports, the vast majority of the schedules take        implications of market concentration at hub
clusionary practices that eliminate that com-        off and landing slots are controlled by the           airports, the bill would require the Secretary to
petition must be rooted out.                         major carriers at these key hub airports. The         prepare two quarterly reports for the public.
   When carriers respond to new competitors          airports are: New York’s Kennedy and                  One would rank the top and bottom ten do-
with severe drops and capacity expansion in          LaGuardia Airports, Chicago’s O’Hare, and             mestic routes with regard to their average cost
order to run the new carrier out of the market,      Washington’s National Airport. For meaningful         to the passenger, and the second would rank
it is not good for consumers in the long run         competition to take root, new entrant carriers        the large hub airports by market concentration
because it diminishes the number of options          must have a real opportunity to provide serv-         and identify the market share of each airline
consumers will have by further consolidating         ice in those markets. Of the more than 3,100          operating at each of those airports. As has
the strength that the major dominant air car-        domestic air carrier slots at these four airports,    been said, sunlight is the best disinfectant.
riers have over the markets today. After a new       fewer than forty-five slots are held by all the       Let’s let it shine on the airline industry.
entrant is grounded, the major carrier simply        new entrant air carriers combined. Moreover,             At best, the promises of deregulation have
retrenches and raises fares higher still in its      foreign air carriers have more than twice as          not been fulfilled. The traveling public is still
resumed control. This leads to a markedly            many slots as domestic new entrant air car-           captive to monopolized routes and airports.
worse situation for consumers.                       riers combines. Most of these slots were              Since 1978, the Nation has had unregulated
   Congress expressly gave the Department of         grandfathered to the major carriers more than         monopoly, instead of regulated monopoly in
Transportation authority to stop any ‘‘unfair or     a decade ago. The slots are government prop-          this industry. While I fully support the goals of
deceptive practice or unfair method of com-          erty, and it is time that the federal government      competition, two decades of experience only
petition.’’ Further, Congress has directed the       use them to benefit the public rather than just       reveal consolidation, diminished choice, and
Secretary of Transportation by statute to con-       a handful of airlines.                                higher prices in many markets. As a last re-
sider ‘‘preventing unfair, deceptive, predatory,        In order to remedy this barrier to competi-        sort, wherever there is insufficient competition
or anticompetitive practices in air transpor-        tion, the bill would give the Secretary the au-       the Secretary of Transportation must be em-
tation’’ as being in the ‘‘public interest and       thority to create, withdraw, and, as a last re-       powered to change unreasonable airfares.
consistent with public convenience and neces-        sort, auction slots at each slot-controlled air-      Such conditions exist where there are less
sity.’’ The Department of Transportation’s ac-       port for assignment to new entrant air carriers       than two carriers in full competition or one car-
tion under this authority has been woefully          and other carriers with very limited access. If       rier controls more than sixty percent of the
lacking. The federal government should do its        there is a withdrawal of slots for an auction,        market share on any route that the public flies.
job to help the public.                              the Secretary may not auction more than ten           Where deregulation has failed, the Congress
   The Secretary of the Department of Trans-         percent for the first auction and five percent        should respond and give consumers the relief
portation should take real action to advance         for each succeeding auction. Auctions may not         they deserve.

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     Matter set in this typeface indicates words inserted or appended, rather than spoken, by a Member of the House on the floor.
E1730                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                            September 16, 1998
   The American public has been held hostage         leader. It is very appropriate that his many ef-    join me in honoring the Pennysaver News of
by the poor service and inordinate fares at the      forts on behalf of his local community and of       Brookhaven and Island Shopper, as publisher
hands of the cartels in the air for too long.        working men and women throughout San                Gary Smith and his staff of dedicated employ-
That is why I am pleased to introduce this bill      Diego County are recognized by this award.          ees celebrate this nationally acclaimed publi-
to generate legitimate competition and secure          My congratulations go to Bill Tweet for           cation’s 40th anniversary.
reasonable prices for air travel for the coun-       these significant contributions. I admire his          Over the past four decades, the Pennysaver
try’s consumers.                                     dedication and commitment and believe him to        News has grown from its humble origins to be-
                                                     be highly deserving of the San Diego County         come the dominant shopper in Suffolk County,
                                                     Building and Construction Trades Council’s          Long Island. The growth of the Pennysaver
BILL TWEET—SAN DIEGO COUNTY                          1998 Labor Leader of the New Year Award.            News and Island Shopper is typical of so
 BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION                                                                               many American success stories, inspired by
 TRADES COUNCIL 1998 LABOR                                                                               elements of talent, work ethic and the good
 LEADER OF THE YEAR                                     IN HONOR OF BERNIE FIELDS                        fortune to come of age in the dynamic Long
                                                                                                         Island business market. Founded by Gary
             HON. BOB FILNER                                   HON. SAM GEJDENSON                        Smith’s brother Robert as an 8,000-circulation
                 OF CALIFORNIA                                       OF CONNECTICUT                      paper in Bay Shore, the Pennysaver News
                                                                                                         now has 32 editions with a circulation of
                                                                                                         270,000, employing 75 talented staff members
         Wednesday, September 16, 1998                      Wednesday, September 16, 1998                in printing, mailing, graphic arts and sales.
   Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker, and colleagues, I           Mr. GEJDENSON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today            In the fiercely competitive Long Island mar-
rise today to recognize Bill Tweet, the Busi-        to pay tribute to Bernie Fields, a constituent of   ket, the Pennysaver News and Island Shopper
ness Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer           mine who passed away on August 16, 1998 at          are highly regarded industry leaders of Na-
of Iron Workers Local 229, as he is honored          his home in Middletown, Connecticut. He will        tional renown. This year alone, the
by the San Diego County Building & Construc-         be deeply missed by all of us who knew him.         Pennysaver and Island Shopper received
tion Trades Council at the September 19,                Bernie distinguished himself as a business-      three national awards for advertising excel-
1998 John S. Lyons Memorial Banquet as the           man, a community activist, a husband and a          lence from the Association of Free Community
1998 Labor Leader of the Year.                       father. He came to Connecticut in 1950 and          Papers, while also garnering the First Place
   Bill is a native San Diegan and was edu-          opened Bernie Fields Jewelers. This family-         award for excellence from the FCPNY.
cated in local schools. Following his education      owned business stayed in downtown Middle-              While the publication has grown in size,
at San Diego City College, he served in the          town for almost five decades. When many             readership and stature, Pennysaver News re-
United States Army and was stationed in Ger-         businesses moved out to mega-malls and the          mains family owned and operated, with Rob-
many.                                                suburbs, Bernie remained committed to down-         ert’s son Tim and Gary’s daughter Delee now
   He began his career as an Ironworker in           town. His store is like an anchor in downtown       part of the team. This strong sense of family
November 1967 and graduated from the Iron            Middletown, a familiar site to generations of       inspires an equally strong devotion to support
Workers Apprenticeship Program in 1971.              residents.                                          so many schools, Boy Scout troops, churches,
During his tenure, Bill has worked on many of           Mr. Speaker, Bernie Fields did much, much        and chambers of commerce throughout the 65
the San Diego County highway bridges on              more than keep his business in downtown. He         hamlets in the six Suffolk County Townships
Interstates 5, 8, 805 and S.R. 163 and has           worked on behalf of his community in count-         the Pennysaver and Island Shopper serve.
contributed his talent to the erection of major                                                             The success of our national economy de-
                                                     less other ways.
high rise projects in downtown San Diego.                                                                pends less upon government programs or
                                                        Bernie founded Connecticut’s very first Big
   Bill first became active in Ironworkers Local                                                         multinational companies than upon the hard
                                                     Brothers/Big Sisters chapter in Middletown in
229 when he was elected Vice President of                                                                work and entrepreneurial spirit of small busi-
                                                     1961. He went on to help establish eight other
the Local in 1982, a position he held until                                                              ness owners like Gary Smith and his late
                                                     chapters around the state.
begin elected to the Executive Board and the                                                             brother Robert. The Smith’s success is predi-
                                                        He served as Director of the local American
District Council of Iron Workers. He served in                                                           cated on an unwavering commitment to cus-
                                                     Red Cross Chapter, the American Cancer So-
                                                                                                         tomer service, producing results that increase
that position for two terms before his election      ciety, the Lions Club and the Big Brothers of
                                                                                                         their advertisers’ sales and providing their
to the office of Business Representative.            Hartford. He was a trustee of the Mount Saint       readers with a valuable resource on local busi-
   In 1994, Bill was elected to his current posi-    John School. For twenty years he rented out         nesses.
tion of Business Manager/Financial Secretary         a theater every December and showed free               So Mr. Speaker, I ask that my colleagues in
Treasurer of Ironworkers Local 229 and was           movies for young people.                            the U.S. House of Representatives to join me
re-elected in 1997. In addition to his duties at        He won the Connecticut Sports Writers Alli-      in honoring the Pennysaver News and Island
Local 229, Bill also serves as Delegate to the       ance Good Guy Award, was named the Salva-           Shopper and the entire Smith family for 40
District Council, Trustee of the District Council,   tion Army’s Man of the Year, and received the       wonderful years of service to the Long Island
State of California and vicinity, and Trustee of     American Legion Americanism Award, the Boy          businesses community and all their readers.
the California Field Ironworkers Trust Funds.        Scouts’ Good Scout Award, and the Masons’
   Organized labor at large in San Diego has         PierPoint Medal. He was also the recipient of
benefited from Bill’s tenure as Delegate of the      this institution’s Congressional Volunteer of             PERSONAL EXPLANATION
Imperial County Building and Construction            the Year Award.
Trades Council, as a Member of the Executive            Bernie Fields is survived by his wife of 58               HON. CASS BALLENGER
Board of the San Diego-Imperial Counties             years, Helen, his son Martin, his daughter                       OF NORTH CAROLINA
Labor Council and currently as President of          Harriet, eight grandchildren, and one great            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
the San Diego County Building and Construc-          grandchild. Although all of us who were lucky               Wednesday, September 16, 1998
tion Trades Council.                                 enough to call Bernie a friend will miss him,
   The local community has also benefited            we will always remember how much he did to            Mr. BALLENGER. Mr. Speaker, had I been
from Bill’s endless efforts. He dedicates his        make Connecticut a great place to live.             present for rollcall votes 435, 436, and 437 on
energies to the youth in his community by                                                                September 15, I would have voted ‘‘yea.’’ I ap-
serving as a ‘‘T-ball’’ coach and serves on the                                                          plaud the leadership for bringing these impor-
Clairemont Town Council. He has donated his          A TRIBUTE TO THE PENNYSAVER                         tant bills to the floor for a vote.
time and trade skills to the community by or-         NEWS OF BROOKHAVEN ON ITS
ganizing members of local 229 to join him in          40TH ANNIVERSARY
                                                                                                           HONORING NANCY J. SCHILLING
volunteering their skills to erect new score
boards at the University of San Diego and                    HON. MICHAEL P. FORBES                              HON. JERRY F. COSTELLO
Mission Bay High School, constructing a new                           OF NEW YORK                                         OF ILLINOIS
building for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Na-            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
tional City and by building the walkway at the
San Diego Children’s Museum.                               Wednesday, September 16, 1998                       Wednesday, September 16, 1998
   Bill Tweet exemplifies the high values,             Mr. FORBES. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in            Mr. COSTELLO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
standards and principles of a real community         the People’s House to ask my colleagues to          ask my colleagues to join me in honoring
                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1731
Nancy J. Schilling, a dedicated civil servant in     culated to mythical proportions) that bilingual        dents rather than aid them. Although the inten-
Evansville, Illinois, in my Congressional dis-       education is not about acquiring English. It is,       tions of this legislation are notable, the lan-
trict.                                               and those of us who support bilingual edu-             guage in this bill will simply not serve its pur-
   Nancy serves as the City Clerk for the Vil-       cation support and acknowledge the fun-                pose for it disregards the other educational
lage of Evansville and as the Randolph Coun-         damental truth that life in America without            priorities of LEP students, for their parents and
ty Civil Defense Director. While her husband,        English is a life without economic options and         for their teachers.
Danny and two children, Roxie and Ryan have          access to the full benefits of American public            Vote ‘‘no’’ on H.R. 3892.
always known what a great wife and mother            life.
they have, Evansville has been equally                   It is bilingual education that will provide this
blessed in benefiting from Nancy’s dedication        access to our children and young adults, and           SALUTE TO DANIEL F. HALL UPON
to her community.                                    the termination of this program in our Nation’s         THE OCCASION OF HIS RETIRE-
   During the flood of 1993, the citizens of         educational system will certainly be detrimen-          MENT
Evansville realized just how fortunate they          tal to limited English proficient (LEP) students.
were to have Nancy Schilling as their City               On the other hand, this bill we have before                  HON. HAROLD ROGERS
Clerk. At a time when Evansville was under           us today will take us several steps backward                            OF KENTUCKY
great strain facing the damage from the flood,       in educating LEP students. The so-called                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
she became the organizing force in re-building       English Language Fluency Act contains provi-
                                                                                                                   Wednesday, September 16, 1998
the community. Nancy coordinated efforts with        sions unacceptable to me as a Member of
the National Guard, Army Guard and Coast             Congress, as a former educator, and as a par-             Mr. ROGERS. Mr. Speaker, the men and
Guard to assist in a rapid response flood relief     ent.                                                   women who serve this nation as the employ-
plan. She was also instrumental in securing              H.R. 3892 disregards the authority of par-         ees of the federal government are sometimes
state and federal grant money to provide criti-      ents and local schools. This legislation man-          the forgotten foot soldiers that keep our fed-
cal additional support for Southern Illinois.        dates that LEP students entering kindergarten          eral programs running day in and day out.
   What is most notable about Nancy Schilling        must master English by the end of the first            Today, I want to pay tribute to one of these
is her willingness to meet any challenge pre-        grade. In addition, LEP children must be               committed public servants, whose upcoming
sented to her with a friendly smile and deter-       moved out of specialized classrooms in 2               retirement will leave the Nashville District of
mined spirit. Nancy Schilling recently recog-        years, not exceeding 3 years. Because you              the Army Corps of Engineers with tremen-
nized her as their Citizen of the Year. I com-       see, if LEP students need further assistance in        dously large shoes to fill. Daniel Hall has been
mend Nancy for this well deserved tribute,           learning the English language, and even if             the Nashville District’s Chief of Construction-
honoring her integrity, compassion and out-          school administrators and parents believe fur-         Operations Division since 1992, but in October
standing commitment to Evansville.                   ther Federal assistance is necessary, after 3          he will retire after 37 years of dedicated serv-
   Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me       years, this bill will not give these students the      ice to this nation.
in recognizing Nancy Schilling for the fine ex-      educational resources they will require. Com-             He began his career after he graduated cum
ample she has set for us all.                        mon sense would have us believe that chil-             laude from Vanderbilt University in 1961 with
                                                     dren in different age groups will have different       the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil
                                                     educational needs. H.R. 3892 says no. It re-           Engineering. As a distinguished graduate of
   ENGLISH LANGUAGE FLUENCY                          quires the 3-year limit on specialized learning        Vanderbilt’s Army ROTC program, he was
              ACT                                    and will effectively slam the education doors          commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the
                                                     on LEP students needing further assistance.            U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. His first as-
                   SPEECH OF                                                                                signment was as Platoon Leader and Com-
                                                         H.R. 3892 is a violation of the voluntary
     HON. ROBERT A. UNDERWOOD                        compliance agreements between the Office of            pany Executive Officer for the 299th Engineer
                    OF GUAM                          Civil Rights, local schools, and parents if these      Battalion in Hoecht, Germany.
                                                     agreements involve bilingual education. Par-              After active duty, Mr. Hall joined the Vicks-
                                                     ties to these agreements will not even be con-         burg District Corps of Engineers as a civil en-
       Thursday, September 10, 1998                  sulted nor will individual consent degrees be          gineer intern and was later assigned to the
  The House in Committee of the Whole                examined. These compliance agreements en-              Operations Division. In 1965, he transferred to
House on the State of the Union had under            sure access to quality education for LEP stu-          the Nashville District, where he has been a
consideration the bill (H.R. 3829) to amend          dents and protects their civil rights under title      tireless and ardent engineer. He was handed
the Elementary and Secondary Education               VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the             the honor and responsibility of Chief of Con-
Act of 1965 to establish a program to help           Equal Educational Opportunity Act of 1974.             struction-Operations Division in 1992.
children and youth learn English and for                 Voiding these arrangements is another af-             Over the years, Mr. Hall has been recog-
other purposes:                                      front to the authority of local schools and robs       nized several times for his outstanding work
   Mr. UNDERWOOD. Mr. Chairman, there are            students of the opportunity to excel in other          and service. He received the Meritorious Civil-
very few people in this body who can claim to        school subjects. H.R. 3892, with its main focus        ian Service Award. He was twice selected as
be not only a parent of children in bilingual        on English learning, ignores the priorities just       the Nashville District’s Employee of the Year
education, but who worked in bilingual edu-          as vital to the development of LEP students,           in the Engineer and Scientist Category. He
cation. I am proud to be associated with bilin-      such as the basic comprehension of other               was named Engineer of the Year by the Ten-
gual education and its implementation on a           school subjects like math and science.                 nessee Society of Professional Engineers. He
nationwide basis.                                        Even the funding plans under H.R. 3892 are         was decorated by the Secretary of the Army,
   There are legitimate arguments about the          problematic. Instead of providing funds for the        who awarded him the Decoration for Excep-
implementation of bilingual education and            most efficient programs, H.R. 3892 will utilize        tional Civilian Service for his exceptional lead-
whether it fits some communities. The existing       formula grants for each school district. This          ership and technical abilities.
Bilingual Education Act allows for this. It does     legislation means not providing funds to the              Over the years, Mr. Hall has made an enor-
not force bilingual education on anyone, and if      neediest students, or rewarding the best ef-           mous impact in many of the communities in
some communities do not want it, they do not         forts.                                                 Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District that are
have to have it.                                         We will soon be considering the reauthoriza-       regularly flooded during times of heavy rains.
   There is a legitimate discussion about the        tion of the Elementary and Secondary Edu-              He has worked on tremendous flood protec-
length of time in bilingual instruction, and there   cation Act (ESEA). Assessment of the Bilin-            tion projects in Harlan, Pineville, Barbourville,
is legitimate debate about the age factors in-       gual Education Program should take place               Middlesboro and Williamsburg, which will help
volved in language learning.                         within this context of comprehensive school            save people’s lives, homes and property, and
   These are important considerations and            reform. To initiate legislation at this time,          promote economic development in one of the
they should be discussed between parents             which is what H.R. 3892 would do, is simply            poorest regions of the nation.
and educators within the communities through-        rash and foolhardy. We owe it to our children             Today, I want to commend Mr. Hall for his
out the country, in the best tradition of local      and youth to carefully evaluate and analyze            outstanding and effective leadership. His work
control and responsiveness.                          the effects of bilingual education.                    with the Army Corps of Engineers has made
   These are the arguments that are not legiti-          My colleagues, I urge you to oppose the            a difference in the lives of so many people,
mate. An impression will be given (clearly un-       passage of H.R. 3892. It is a shortsighted pro-        who routinely face the mud and floods of
substantiated and based on anecdotes recir-          posal which will serve more to harm LEP stu-           Mother Nature’s fury. I wish Mr. Hall all the
E1732                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                             September 16, 1998
best as he embarks upon this new phase of            Slobodan Milosevic for War Crimes, Crimes                      CONCERNING HILL
his life. Certainly, he has earned the right to      against Humanity, and Genocide in the                        INTERNATIONAL, INC.
retire, but he will be sorely missed.                Former Yugoslavia; H. Con. Res. 254, Calling
                                                     on Cuba to Extradite to the United States                    HON. STEVE R. ROTHMAN
                                                     Convicted Felon Joanne Chesimard and all                             OF NEW JERSEY
INTRODUCTION OF THE DIETARY                          other individuals who have fled the United
  SUPPLEMENT FAIRNESS IN AD-                                                                                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                     States to avoid prosecution or confinement for
  VERTISING ACT                                      criminal offenses and who are currently living              Wednesday, September 16, 1998
                                                     freely in Cuba; and H. Con. Res. 185, Ex-              Mr. ROTHMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
         HON. MICHAEL D. CRAPO                       pressing the Sense of Congress on the Occa-         add my full support for the settlement of out-
                    OF IDAHO                         sion of the 50th Anniversary of the Signing of      standing claims filed by U.S. companies
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   the Universal Declaration of Human Rights           against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
                                                     and Recommitting the United States to the              In the early 1980’s dozens of American
        Wednesday, September 16, 1998
                                                     Principles Expressed in the Universal Declara-      companies filed claims totaling hundreds of
   Mr. CRAPO. Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce       tion. Had I been present I would have voted         millions of dollars for debts owed to them by
legislation to reaffirm Congress’ intent in en-      yea on all four bills; roll call numbers 426–429.   the Kingdom. Following the creation of a for-
acting the Dietary Supplement Health and                                                                 mal claims resolution process by Congress in
Education Act (DSHEA). In enacting DSHEA,                                                                1993, each of these claims have been settled,
Congress intended to ensure that all Ameri-                                                              save one—the claim filed by Hill International,
cans have access to factual information about        DONALD     ROSS   BROOKS—SAN                        Inc., a New Jersey company to whom Saudi
vitamins and other dietary supplements so that        DIEGO COUNTY BUILDING & CON-                       Arabia still owes over $55 million.
they can make informed decisions about their          STRUCTION    TRADES  COUNCIL                          The merits of Hill International’s claims are
health.                                               1998 RETIRED LABOR LEADER OF                       not in dispute. Our own State Department has
   Among other things, DSHEA requires the             THE YEAR                                           promised its full support and has even
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to pro-                                                               pledged to aid Hill International in their fight to
mulgate reasonable guidelines to regulate the                                                            collect what is owed to them. Dozens of my
content of dietary supplement labels. The ex-                     HON. BOB FILNER                        colleagues on both sides of the aisle have
pressed goal of this requirement is to ensure                                                            made an appeal for fairness on this issue and
                                                                     OF CALIFORNIA
that the labels give consumers information                                                               have urged Saudi Arabian authorities to settle
necessary for them to make informed deci-               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                  this final claim promptly. But sadly, to this day,
sions on whether they want to take a particu-                                                            no movement has been realized on this impor-
lar supplement. The information on the labels              Wednesday, September 16, 1998                 tant issue.
is to be factual and cannot make claims re-             Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker and colleagues, I           Perhaps the government of Saudi Arabia
garding medical or disease benefits (which are       rise today to recognize Donald Ross Brooks          believes their efforts to settle outstanding
reserved for FDA-approved drugs), but can in-        as he is honored by the San Diego County            claims have been ‘‘close enough.’’ Mr. Speak-
form consumers of the benefits and effects of        Building and Construction Trades Council at         er, I want to send a message to Saudi Arabia
the supplement. After some fits and starts, the      the September 19, 1998 John S. Lyons Me-            that as a friend of the United States they
FDA has complied with DSHEA, and consum-             morial Banquet for his contributions on behalf      should lead by example and pay this final
ers are benefiting.                                  of working men and women and his commu-             debt.
   It seems only logical that the same informa-      nity.
tion the FDA allows on the label of a dietary
supplement should be permitted for use in ad-          Donald Ross Brooks is a native of Nebraska            HONORING DR. MALIK HASAN
vertising of that same supplement. However,          and came to San Diego from Kansas. At nine-
the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seek-          teen years of age, he joined the Navy hoping                    HON. SCOTT McINNIS
ing to regulate the advertising of dietary sup-      to see the world and was stationed at San                             OF COLORADO
plements by denying consumers some of the            Diego’s North Island Naval Base. Following
                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
very information that DSHEA required the FDA         his three and one half years in the Navy, Don-
                                                     ald worked as a police officer for the City of               Wednesday, September 16, 1998
to let them have. Not only is it unfair to require
the manufacturers of these products to work          Coronado.                                              Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I’d like to take a
under two sets of contradictory regulations,            In 1958, he joined the International Brother-    moment to applaud and honor an individual of
but it also repudiates the intent of Congress        hood of Teamsters, Local 36 and worked as a         enormous skill, dedication, and achievement
that consumers have accurate and helpful in-         truck driver for twenty years. In 1981, then-       who I am lucky enough to count as one of my
formation in making decisions about their            Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer Arkie Spoon           constituents. His work, which has already
health.                                              appointed Brooks to the position of Business        been widely recognized, deserves to be men-
   Mr. Speaker, the legislation that I am intro-     Representative for his local. During his ten        tioned here on the House floor.
ducing would require the FTC to allow the            year tenure in this position, he worked dili-          Dr. Malik Hasan, who lives in Pueblo, Colo-
same information in advertising of dietary sup-      gently to represent the interests of the con-       rado, is considered one of the finest neurolo-
plements that is allowed on labels of the same       struction drivers and warehousemen. He of-          gist’s in Colorado, if not the nation. Dr. Masan
products. It simply forbids one federal agency       fered encouragement and advice to the Busi-         has worked at the Parkview Medical Center
from adopting requirements for an industry           ness Representatives of the various Building        since 1975 and gone to extraordinary lengths
that Congress prohibited another agency from         Trades Unions and served as mentor to his           to enhance patient care and service in a geo-
adopting.                                            fellow Union brothers and sisters.                  graphical area in dire need of assistance.
                                                                                                            Just a few of his accomplishment over the
                                                        While raising his family of four boys, Donald    past twenty-three years at Parkview Medical
      PERSONAL EXPLANATION                           also volunteered his time, energy and skills to     Center include: establishing and developing a
                                                     the Cowles Mountain Little League. He shared        Neurology Services department; establishing a
                                                     his patience, knowledge and team-spirit with
            HON. TODD TIAHRT                         Little League players as he helped to build Lit-
                                                                                                         Neuro Intensive Care Unit equipped with the
                   OF KANSAS                                                                             area’s first CT SCAN; setting up extensive
                                                     tle League Fields, served as league president,      outreach programs in such communities as
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   acted as player’s agent and coached teams.          Alamosa, Walsenburg, Trinidad and Raton; re-
        Wednesday, September 16, 1998                   Donald exemplifies the high values, stand-       vitalizing the EEG Lab and beginning an EMG
  Mr. TIAHRT. Mr. Speaker, on September              ards, and principles of the work of the late        Lab; and donating nearly $175,000 to help
14th, I was unavoidably detained and missed          John S. Lyons in community service. I join in       fund Parkview’s expansion in order to bring
four recorded votes on the following bills: S.       adding my sincere thanks to him for his many        quality health care to those in need.
2206, The Community Opportunities, Account-          contributions that have earned him the San             It is this type of community involvement and
ability, and Training and Educational Services       Diego County Building and Construction              unselfish dedication to making the world a bet-
Act; H. Con. Res. 304, Expressing the Sense          Trades Council’s 1998 Retired Labor Leader          ter place that has earned Dr. Masan the admi-
of Congress regarding the Culpability of             of the Year Award.                                  ration and appreciation of so many. His deep
                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                             E1733
personal commitment to improving the lives of        Mtendeje   Rajabu,   Mohamed   Mahundi              Larsen. He spent part of his childhood in
those who are less fortunate, and to providing       Ramadani, and Doto Lukua Romadhani.                 Sommerville, South Carolina. His great-
the best medical care possible, speaks vol-                                                              grandfather, whom he knew while a child,
                                                                                                         was a shipwright, which may have had some
umes about the true character of this remark-
                                                          TRIBUTE TO MR. WALLACE                         influence on his choice of the Navy for his
able man.                                                                                                military service.
   Dr. Hasan immigrated to the United States                 ‘‘WALLY’’ JOHNSON
                                                                                                           His parents separated, and his mother took
in 1971 with only $32 to his name, but has a                                                             Red and his two older brothers, Herman and
wealth of desire and passion to succeed in his                 HON. RICHARD E. NEAL                      George, to New York City. Red spent his teen
chosen field. His numerous honors and                              OF MASSACHUSETTS                      years in what was known as ‘‘Hell’s Kitchen’’
achievements are too lengthy to list, Mr.                                                                and became big city street-wise. This area
                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
Speaker, but suffice to say that he is a man                                                             has since been torn down and replaced with
                                                             Wednesday, September 16, 1998               what we know today as Lincoln Center for
of tremendous accomplishment and vision.
                                                         Mr. NEAL of Massachusetts. Mr. Speaker, I       the Performing Arts.
   Not content with what he has already done                                                               Red enlisted in the Navy near the end of
for health care, Dr. Hasan is now in the proc-       would like to take this opportunity to recognize    World War II. He worked in communications
ess of designing health care for the next cen-       the outstanding efforts of Selectman Wallace        as a signalman, worked for some time as a
tury and beyond. This bodes well for the resi-       ‘‘Wally’’ Johnson. For thirty-nine years Mr.        submariner, and was trained in underwater
dents of Southern Colorado.                          Johnson has worked diligently to further the        demolition. He eventually gained the rank of
   Mr. Speaker, Dr. Hasan is not only a credit       best interests of his community, Sutton, Mas-       CPO. He was in the Navy for 13 years, travel-
to Parkview Medical Center, but to his com-          sachusetts. Mr. Johnson’s incredible career is      ing to many different places throughout the
                                                     unfortunately coming to a close since he re-        world, and also saw service in the Korean
munity and his country as well. His record of
success and achievement is one that should           cently announced that he will not seek re-elec-       In the early 1970’s, Red became concerned
inspire us all to improve our own lives as well      tion when his current term expires.                 with the legitimacy of several aspects of our
as of those around us. I am proud to stand               Wally Johnson has live in Sutton since the      government’s actions, especially pertaining
here today on the House Floor and talk about         mid-1930s. His first job after high school was      to the federal income tax. He spent consider-
this man, his efforts, and all that he has done      with the clean-up crew after the Hurricane of       able time and effort studying, researching
to touch the lives of so many.                       1938. At a time when people were trying to          and talking with various sources. He also as-
                                                     put their lives back together, Wally Johnson        sisted several persons with tax difficulties.
                                                     was there to help. Wally worked on his fami-        One of the results of his studies was an 83
TRIBUTE TO VICTIMS OF THE EM-                                                                            page book, written in the late 1980’s, Slav-
                                                     ly’s farm, as well as giving his neighbors a        ery, American Style. The book discusses in
 BASSY BOMBINGS IN KENYA AND                         helping hand when they needed one. Even as          some detail the unconstitutional nature of
 TANZANIA                                            a young man, Mr. Johnson displayed his fer-         our current income tax system.
                                                     vent desire to make Sutton, Massachusetts a           Another interest was our individual rights
             HON. IKE SKELTON                        better place.                                       and freedoms as American citizens, including
                  OF MISSOURI                            Before being elected to the Board of Select-    property rights. Red also made a significant
                                                     man, Mr. Johnson served his country for four        contribution to several communities in dem-
                                                     years during World War II. From 1942–1946,          onstrating the unconstitutionality of zoning
       Wednesday, September 16, 1998                                                                     laws.
                                                     Mr. Johnson, along with is fellow brave Amer-         In 1944, Red moved to Tennessee for its
   Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I am sure all of        ican soldiers, defended the American way of         warmer weather and excellent state con-
my colleagues in the House of Representa-            life, ensuring us the right to live free. The       stitution. The first article in the Tennessee
tives were horrified by the tragic loss of life in   strength of character that Mr. Johnson needed       State Constitution is its Bill of Rights. He
the bombings of our embassies in Nairobi and         to fight in World War II has stayed with him to     continued his studies and contacts with
Dar es Salaam. Twelve Americans and nearly           this day.                                           other patriots, and was starting to publish a
300 Africans were killed and more than 5,000             In a time when many people in the United        series of newsletters entitled ‘‘Truth Bird
people were injured.                                                                                     Reports.’’ Only one report had been pub-
                                                     States are trying to expand into every rural
   We extend our deepest sympathy and con-                                                               lished at the time of his death on July 7,
                                                     area, Mr. Johnson has remained steadfast in         1998.
dolences to the families of those who died and       his conviction that Sutton retain its old town        A memorial library which will contain
to those who were injured. The nation owes           character. He demanded that the new Town            many of Red’s books and papers will be es-
an enormous debt of gratitude to the men and         Hall be placed on the exact site of the old         tablished in Altamont, New York, at the
women who serve our interests overseas, and          Town Hall and he has recently decried local         home of a long time friend.
to their families. We mourn their loss.              urbanization efforts which he feels would bring
   For the benefit of my colleagues, the follow-     hardship to the residents of his town. He be-
ing is a list of the names of the individuals        lieves that the old way of doing things is the      RECOGNIZING THE MANASSAS EX-
who served in our embassies in Kenya and             better way and he has dedicated his career to        PRESS SOFTBALL TEAM FOR
Tanzania who died as a result of the blasts.         keeping the morals and values of his youth           WINNING THE BABE RUTH SOFT-
    EMBASSY EMPLOYEES WHO DIED IN THE                alive in Sutton.                                     BALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
              NAIROBI BOMBING                            His service, dedication, and strong character
  Sgt. Nathan Aliganga, Julian Bartley, Jay          have made Wally Johnson an indispensable                      HON. FRANK R. WOLF
Bartley (dependent), Jean Dalizu, Molly              member of his community. I am proud to                               OF VIRGINIA
Hardy, Ken Hobson, Prabhi Guptara Kavaler,           count Wally Johnson as one of my constitu-             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
Arlene Kirk, Louise Martin, Ann Michelle
                                                     ents and feel honored to represent a person of
O’Connor, Sherry Olds, Tom Shah, Hindu O.                                                                       Wednesday, September 16, 1998
Idi, Tonny Irung, Joel G. Kamau, Lucy N.             his quality in Congress.
                                                                                                            Mr. WOLF. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to rec-
Karigi, Tesia Warimu Kionge, Joe Kiongo,
Dominic Kithuva, Geoffrey Kalio, Peter K.                                                                ognize the accomplishments of a talented and
Macharia, Francis W. Main, Cecilia A.                    TRIBUTE TO JOHN W. ‘‘RED’’                      dedicated group of young women from Manas-
Mamboleo, Lydiah M. Mayaka, Francis                         LARSEN BY HIS WIFE                           sas, Virginia. The Manassas Express 12-and
Mbogo, James Mathenca Migui, Namayi                                                                      under girls’ softball team represented the
Moses, Catherine Mukeithi, Kimeu N.
Ngamga, Vincent Nyoike, Johnson Kimeo
                                                                HON. VAN HILLEARY                        Commonwealth of Virginia in Houma, Louisi-
                                                                      OF TENNESSEE                       ana, last month at the Babe Ruth Softball Na-
Nzioka, Francis O. Ochilo, Obias Ochola,                                                                 tional Championship and earned the title of
Maurice Okach, Hudson Nyamber Omae,                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                         National Champions.
Edwin A.O. Omori, Evans Onsongo, Eric                       Wednesday, September 16, 1998
Onyango, Mungasia (Rachel) Pussy, Farhat
                                                                                                            The Express team is formed from the all-
M.    Sheikh,   Shah    Umanlal,   Phaedra              Mr. HILLEARY. Mr. Speaker, please enter          stars of the Greater Manassas Softball Asso-
Vrontamitis, Josephat K. Wachira, Adams              into the RECORD today the enclosed material         ciation (GMSA) league which is affiliated with
Wamai, and Frederick M. Yafes.                       written by Mrs. Betty Larsen and sent to me         the Babe Ruth organization. The GMSA
 EMBASSY EMPLOYEES WHO DIED IN THE DAR               by Mrs. June Griffin of Dayton, Tennessee.          league has two seasons: Spring, which is
            ES SALAAM BOMBING                          John W. ‘‘Red’’ Larsen was born in Charles-       competitive and standings are kept on wins
  Abdalla Mohamed, Abbas William Mwila,              ton, South Carolina, on September 13, 1927 to       and losses; and fall, which is instructional in
Yusuf Shamte Ndange, Bakari Nyumhu,                  George Oliver and Marguerite Hochslander            nature and no wins and losses are counted.
E1734                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                September 16, 1998
The league was established to promote fast-           bells hit the charts with its first single, ‘‘I Sold   allow him to do both singing and non-singing
pitch softball for girls in the Manassas-Prince       My Heart To The Junkman’’ which went gold.             roles. Two years ago, the ‘‘Shining Star
William County area.                                  The group recorded a number of songs which             Award’’ was given to a constituent of mine,
   The members of the team are: Stephanie             made the top 40 and played the best R&B                Laurie Beechman.
Gaynord, Katie Lee, Laura Hundemer,                   venues in the Nation including the Apollo The-            Another reason I am so proud to stand here
Courtney Bures, Kesha Robinson, Julianne              atre in Harlem, the Uptown in Philadelphia and         and tell you about these brilliant performers is
Sudduth, Kristin Windle, Lydia Sumner, Kelli          the Regal in Chicago.                                  that they are both scheduled to perform in a
Rotter,      Alyssa        Kemmerer,       Alexis        In 1970, a dynamic change in image, sound,          tribute concert—Let The Memory Live Again!
Hochstrasser, Brittany Alexander-Smith, Jas-          costume, management and message gave                   A Musical Celebration For Laurie Beechman—
mine Davenport, Katie Speaks, and Ashley              birth to the renamed trio—Labelle. The group’s         on November 30 at the historic Walnut Street
Demaret. They are coached by Mike Windle,             sound blended soul, funk, rhythm and blues,            Theatre in Philadelphia to raise money for
Mike Bures, and Donald Alsberry; and their            gospel, pop and high-intensity rock-and-roll,          GILDA’S CLUB®. These two outstanding en-
scorekeeper is Tony Gaynord.                          while their futuristic costumes and theatrical         tertainers are just a couple of the many tal-
   Through their hard work, the Manassas Ex-          staging made an unforgettable impact.                  ented artists who will join together to raise
press members have been ambassadors of                Labelle’s gold album, Night Birds, yielded the         funds to battle ovarian cancer, the disease
sportsmanship for Manassas, Prince William,           number-one single of 1975, ‘‘Lady Mar-                 which took the life of Laurie Beechman in
and all of Virginia. On behalf of the citizens of     malade.’’                                              March after a nine-year struggle against the
the 10th District, we say to them, congratula-           On October 6, 1974, Labelle made history            disease.
tions.                                                as the first black vocal group to appear at the           I am amazed that all these wonderful per-
                                                      Metropolitan Opera House where thousands of            formers are willing to give what little time off
                                                      audience members included Bette Midler and             they have to help others. But, it seems to be
HONORING PHILADELPHIA DIVA                            Jackie Onassis.                                        a Broadway tradition to reach out like this be-
 PATTI LABELLE AND BROADWAY                              Patti LaBelle made her solo debut in 1977           cause Laurie Beechman performed at many
 STAR DOUGLAS SILLS                                   when she played to overflow audiences in               events of this kind. In fact, just two years ago,
                                                      New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, and a               she and Sam Harris performed at Rainbow
              HON. JON D. FOX                         dozen other cities. Since then, Patti LaBelle          and Stars to raise money for the battle against
               OF PENNSYLVANIA                        has gone from triumph to triumph and strength          AIDS. Now, Sam will be co-hosting the tribute
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    to strength. Her one-woman Broadway shows              to Laurie, a woman he called his ‘‘musical
                                                      have shattered box office records, she has             soulmate,’’ along with Ms. LaBelle.
        Wednesday, September 16, 1998                 starred in her own prime-time television spe-             Mr. Speaker, I am proud to be associated
   Mr. FOX of Pennsylvania. Mr. Speaker, I            cial and weekly TV series, ‘‘Out All Night.’’          with Patti LaBelle and Douglas Sills who rep-
rise today to honor two outstanding entertain-        She starred in the national tour and Broadway          resent the heart and soul of the entertainment
ers who are being recognized for their talents        revivals of the gospel musical Your Arms Too           industry which has dedicated itself to the bat-
and their dedication to charitable causes.            Short To Box With God and the role of a                tle against these afflictions and have reached
   On Thursday evening, September 24, Ms.             nightclub singer in the motion picture, A Sol-         out a hand to those in need. As a result of the
LaBelle will receive the ‘‘1998 Distinguished         dier’s Story, which was created especially for         Laurie Beechman Tribute Concert, GILDA’S
Arts Award’’ by Pennsylvania Governor Thom-           her.                                                   CLUB® will be able to reach out to more peo-
as Ridge as part of the Governor’s Awards for            Over the past 21 years, Patti LaBelle has           ple with cancer and their families.
the Arts.                                             recorded more than 50 albums and estab-                   November 30 will be a night of stars at the
   Broadway superstar, Douglas Sills, currently       lished herself as a major solo recording artist        Walnut Street Theatre and none will shine
the Tony Award nominated star of The Scarlet          with classics like ‘‘You Are My Friend,’’ and ‘‘If     brighter than Douglas Sills and Patti LaBelle.
Pimpernel at the Minskoff Theatre on Broad-           Only You Knew.’’ She has garnered 10                   But, I’m sure they would be the first to tell you
way is being honored by the Leukemia Society          Grammy Award nominations and the 1992                  that the real stars that night will be Laurie
of America with the ‘‘Shining Star Award’’ in         Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Perform-               Beechman and the long struggle against ovar-
recognition of his commitment to charitable           ance; seven NAACP Image Awards (including              ian cancer she wages even after her death.
causes as well as his enormous talent. Among          the coveted ‘‘Entertainer of the Year Award’’),           I insert these comments in the RECORD so
his theatre credits are the Los Angeles pro-          three Emmy Award nominations, two Amer-                all may know of the accomplishments of these
duction of Tim Rice’s Chess, the national tour-       ican Music Awards and a Cable Ace Award. In            two fine performers in the hopes it will awaken
ing company of Into the Woods, by Stephen             1996, Boston’s Berklee College of Music pre-           a similar dedication to humanity in each of us.
Sondheim, the First National Tour of The Se-          sented Ms. LaBelle with an honorary doctor-
cret Garden and regional programs throughout          ate. Her autobiography, Don’t Block The
the Nation. On television he has had roles on         Blessings, was a national best seller and                 PROMOTION OF A DRUG-FREE
‘‘Coach,’’ ‘‘Empty Nest,’’ ‘‘Models Inc.,’’ ‘‘Party   earned the NAACP Image Award for outstand-                        AMERICA
of Five,’’ ‘‘Sisters,’’ ‘‘Sliders,’’ and ‘‘Women of   ing literary work. A cookbook, LaBelle Cuisine:
the House.’’ His film credits include Funny           Recipes to Sing About should be released                         HON. BOB ETHERIDGE
About Love, The Swan Princess II, Escape              soon.                                                                OF NORTH CAROLINA
from Castle Mountain.                                    Ms. LaBelle is also well known as a humani-            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
   Mr. Sills holds degrees in theatre from the        tarian. She serves as spokeswoman for the
University of Michigan and the American Con-          National Medical Association, the Minority                      Wednesday, September 16, 1998
servatory Theatre. He is a two-time                   AIDS Council’s ‘‘Live Long Sugar’’ campaign,               Mr. ETHERIDGE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
Dramalogue Award winner and a charter                 the National Cancer Institute and the Amer-            to promote the Drug-Free America Blue Rib-
member of the Antaeus Project at the Mark             ican Diabetes Association. The National Can-           bon Campaign. As part of a resolution detail-
Taper Forum and Produced Dinah Was in Los             cer Institute will receive $90 million in addi-        ing how our children are at risk, the U.S.
Angeles. His role of Percy in The Scarlet Pim-        tional research funding and $10 million a year         House of Representatives has declared Sep-
pernel has brought him numerous honors in-            over the next five years for education and out-        tember 13–19, 1998, as Blue Ribbon Week.
cluding the 1998 Theatre Award for Best Actor         reach programs if The Laurie Beechman Me-              This selected week, shortly after most children
and the Drama League Award for Outstanding            morial Act, which I was proud to author, be-           return to school, allows Americans to join to-
Artists. He was also nominated for the 1998           comes law.                                             gether in waging a strong campaign to win the
Best Actor Tony Award and as Best Actor for              Mr. Speaker, these two extraordinary artists        War on Drugs by the year 2002. We must pro-
the Outer Critics Circle Award, FANY Award            are a clear example of the spirit of the enter-        tect our children from drugs and we must sup-
and the Theatre World Award.                          tainment community when it comes to helping            port our law enforcement community in the
   Patti LaBelle is a musical sensation, daz-         those in need. Patti LaBelle has a long record         fight to keep our streets safe.
zling audiences for an incredible 37 years.           of working for a variety of causes and has                 The efforts to reduce the incidence of sub-
Born in Philadelphia, Ms. LaBelle has been            been an outstanding member of the Greater              stance abuse, including abuse of alcohol and
singing all her life, first as a child in the Beu-    Philadelphia community for many years. Doug-           illicit, drugs is a major public policy issue in
lah Baptist Church gospel choir and then, as          las Sills is a young man with a bright future          the United States. An estimated 52 million
a teenager, in the legendary girl group Patti         ahead of him. An excellent singer, Douglas             Americans experience a mental health or sub-
LaBelle and the Bluebells. In 1961, the Blue-         has also shown a keen acting skill which will          stance abuse problem every year, with less
                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                 E1735
than half obtaining treatment. According to the    tion Committee located in Sanford, North             agree with this observation, and based on re-
state health department, 343,000 residents of      Carolina. This group, comprised of concerned         cent polls 70% of Americans also disagree
North Carolina are in need of comprehensive        citizens, meets on a regular basis to coordi-        with drug legalization. According to the
substance abuse treatment. Over the last 30        nate programs and provide information to             ONDCP Director General McCaffrey, lacking
years, Congress has initiated a variety of fed-    combat the substance abuse problems in Lee           the present combined social disapproval, ille-
eral efforts supporting the prevention and         County. The group’s goals include involvement        gality, and law enforcement efforts against il-
treatment of, and research relating to, sub-       of local students to increase community              licit drugs, the number of chronic addicts
stance abuse and mental illness.                   awareness and communications with area leg-          would skyrocket from an estimated 4 million or
   The Substance Abuse and Mental Health           islators to keep us informed of breakdowns in        less addicts today to 15 to 20 million. I strong-
Services Administration (SAMHSA), an agency        the judicial system and sentencing for offend-       ly agree with General McCaffrey, and believe
of the Department of Health and Human Serv-        ers.                                                 that drug legalization would increase drug use
ices, is responsible for supporting mental            Earlier this year, I met with staff and toured    in the public schools, create higher numbers
health and substance abuse prevention and          the Triangle Residential Options of Substance        of drug addicts and overdoses, and more
treatment services throughout the country by       Abusers (TROSA), located in the Research             drug-related crimes.
providing technical assistance, categorical        Triangle Park of North Carolina. TROSA is a              The House is expected to vote this week on
grants, and block grants to the states. This       two year residential self-help initiative serving    legislation to promote an agenda of zero toler-
vital agency was created in 1992 and provides      drug and alcohol abusers. For some, TROSA            ance of drugs. These bills which I strongly
funds to states for alcohol and drug preven-       serves as an alternative to incarceration. The       support, take necessary steps to win the War
tion, treatment, and rehabilitation programs       only program of its type in the Triangle,            on Drugs. They are as follows:
and activities.                                    TROSA serves men and women at no cost to                 H.J. Res 117, Opposing Medicinal Mari-
   Providing sufficient funds to states for drug   the individual. Residents reside in a highly         juana. The measure expresses the opposition
prevention is vital to winning the war on drugs.   structured environment for two years. The ini-       of Congress to legalizing marijuana for medi-
Without adequate funding, states will not be       tiative emphasizes vocational training, edu-         cal use.
able to provide the necessary treatment and        cation, and interpersonal communication skills.          H.R. 4006, Lethal Drug Abuse Prevention
assistance to those in need. The Administra-       There are three major rules governing all            Act. The measure revokes the right to pre-
tion has requested a proposed funding level of     TROSA residents: there is to be no use of            scribe drugs for doctors who have dispensed
$17.1 billion next year in National Drug Con-      drugs or alcohol; no threats of violence; and        drugs for the purpose of assisting a suicide.
trol Funding, a 6.8% increase over the esti-       no acts of violence. TROSA is known through-             H.R. 4300, Western Hemisphere Drug Elimi-
mated $15.9 billion provided in Fiscal Year        out North Carolina for its success rate and          nation Act. The bill is expected to strengthen
1998. In addition to increased funding, the Ad-    works closely with North Carolina universities       international efforts to combat the trafficking of
ministration has also proposed a National          to provide valuable educational and self-help        illegal drugs into the United States.
Drug strategy. The drug initiatives in the new     programs for its residents.                              H.R. 4550, the Drug Demand Reduction
strategy build on five goals: (1) Motivate youth      In July of this year, I joined the Johnston       Act. The measure would authorize funds for a
to reject illegal drugs & substance abuse; (2)     County Drug Action Coalition (JCDAC) in the          national anti-drug media campaign; creates
reduce drug-related crime and violence; (3) re-    National Drug Control Policy Town Meeting            programs to promote drug-free workplaces,
duce health, welfare, and crime costs resulting    Anti-Drug Campaign with the President and            prisons and schools, and to reduce drug use
from illegal drug use; (4) shield the U.S. fron-   the Director of the Office of the Office of Na-      by teenage drivers; provides market incentives
tiers from the drug threat; and (5) break for-     tional Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) General           for drug companies to develop anti-addiction
eign and domestic drug supply sources. Con-        Barry McCaffrey. JCDAC, which is located in          medications; and consolidates certain Federal
gress must do its part and support the Admin-      Smithfield, North Carolina and is run by Dr.         anti-drug programs.
istration’s efforts.                               Judith Coats Kolcum, joined the Johnston                 Mr. Speaker, I’d like to close by saying that
   Protecting our children from drugs and sup-     Community College family, law enforcement            we have a tough battle ahead in order to
porting safe streets and communities are top       officials, drug groups and students in this na-      reach our goal of total eradication of drugs by
priorities for me. I strongly believe we must      tional discussion on drugs. JCDAC’s mission          the year 2002. We must work with school
not retreat in our battle to save people from      includes a comprehensive, long range edu-            groups, civic organizations, and anti-drug coa-
the scourge of alcohol and drugs that destroys     cational approach addressing not only prob-          litions to increase public awareness about
so many precious lives. As the former two-         lems but offering solutions. Its their belief that   America’s drug crisis and establish a consist-
term Superintendent of North Carolina’s public     the use of illegal drugs, the abuse and/or mis-      ent ‘‘no-use’’ drug message. I pledge to do my
schools, I know firsthand the importance of        use of alcohol affects every citizen of their        part in supporting legislation that will further
strong anti-drug abuse programs. I supported       County and the state. The ugly results of ad-        our goals, and protect our nation from the per-
and worked on the Safe and Drug Free               dictions are seen through the loss of health,        ils of drugs. I urge my colleagues to join this
Schools Program during my tenure as Super-         lost of income, increase in crime, broken            effort and show the world that we are commit-
intendent, and I oppose the effort of some Re-     homes and quality of life in general. As a solu-     ted to work together on a bipartisan basis to
publican Members to terminate Safe and             tion, JCDAC offers that the cycle of addiction       wipe out drug use in America.
Drug-Free Schools.                                 and drug abuse can be broken, by providing               A great number of reliable statistical
   As the Representative of the Second District    effective prevention policies to assure that ad-     studies* show and prove that addiction dis-
of North Carolina, I am committed to continu-      diction treatment is available and accessible to     ease (alcohol and drug dependency) is our
ing to work to protect our nation from the dan-    all who need it.                                     nation’s number one health problem. Approxi-
gers of drug abuse. I am also strongly commit-        Also participating in the Town Meeting was        mately 18 million Americans are addicted to
ted to assisting the state and grassroots orga-    the Day By Day Treatment Center. The Day             alcohol. Almost 13 million Americans over 12
nizations in my district who know first hand       By Day Center is located in a peaceful rural         years old have used illegal drugs within the
how to combat the devastation of drug use. I       area of Johnston County, just outside of the         last month and another 11 million abuse tran-
believe that it is vitally important to keep an    town of Selma, North Carolina. Day By Day is         quilizers and other psychotropic medications.
open line of communication with hospitals,         a grassroots organization that has been instru-      Addiction disease costs every citizen of our
treatment programs, and other grassroots or-       mental in delivering treatment services to           nation about $1,000 a year for unnecessary
ganizations to gain valuable input into how we     those individuals struggling with substance          health care, added law-enforcement, auto-
can move forward together in this fight to         abuse issues. The Center is a modern facility        mobile wrecks, crime, and lost productivity.
erase drugs from our streets.                      which offers an intensive concentrated pro-          The tragedy that the disease inflicts upon the
   Since taking office, I have been honored to     gram of drug and alcohol addiction recovery          emotions and psychological well-being of fami-
visit many groups and organizations in the         education, based on the traditional Twelve           lies is immeasurable.
Second Congressional District who are dili-        Step Programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and                Public policy toward addressing addiction
gently working to rid their communities of         Narcotics Anonymous. At this time, I ask             disease is aimed too heavily at cutting supply
drugs. In order for us to claim victory in this    unanimous consent to enter into the record a         rather than toward prevention, education and
effort, we must break the cycle of drugs and       statement prepared by Ed Ward, Executive Di-         treatment. Addiction disease continues to be
crime and help state and local governments         rector of the Day By Day Treatment Center of
implement drug testing and treatment for drug      Johnston County, Inc.                                  *Note that some statistical references were ob-
abusers. In December of last year, I met with         Many believe that legalization is the answer      tained from: Treatment Addiction/Advancing the
the Sanford Chamber of Commerce Drug Ac-           to efforts to control drug use. I strongly dis-      Common Good a Join Together publication.
E1736                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                           September 16, 1998
viewed with stigma, its victims seen as morally      tached for your information the text of the fol-    REAR ADMIRAL MIKE SULLIVAN
weak, often criminal or bad rather than sick         lowing letter which the entire Washington Del-
people suffering from a chronic biopsycho-           egation today sent to The Honorable Donna                      HON. IKE SKELTON
social illness.                                      Shalala, Representative TOM BLILEY, and Sen-                        OF MISSOURI
   In my own district, I’m brought face to face      ator WILLIAM ROTH:                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
with the reality of untreated addiction disease                                                                 Wednesday, September 16, 1998
and the difficulty of persons getting appro-           We are writing to share with you legisla-
                                                     tion we introduced today that addresses an            Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
priate treatment. I recently conversed with rep-
                                                     issue of critical importance to Washington         recognize and honor Rear Admiral Mike Sulli-
resentatives from Day By Day Treatment Cen-          State and its ability to participate in the
ter located in Selma, North Carolina who in-                                                            van, United States Navy, as he retires on Oc-
                                                     State Children’s Health Insurance Program          tober 1, 1998, upon completion of over 31
formed me that the treatment facility faces tre-     (SCHIP).
mendous economic pressure due to cutbacks                                                               years of honorable and faithful service to our
                                                       Washington State has a strong record of          Nation.
in Medicaid funding, managed care denials of         ensuring that its low-income kids have ac-            Rear Admiral Sullivan, a Supply Corps Offi-
appropriate services, ongoing stigma, and            cess to affordable health care. In 1994, Wash-     cer, has performed in a consistently outstand-
other adversities. This occurs when there is         ington raised its child Medicaid eligibility       ing manner under the most challenging of cir-
great need and existent studies pointing to the      threshold to 200% of the federal poverty level
                                                                                                        cumstances. As the Principal Deputy Assistant
reality that treatment works.                        (FPL). The SCHIP program was developed
   Without appropriate treatment, victims of ad-                                                        Secretary of the Navy (Research, Develop-
                                                     with this objective in mind by expanding
diction disease are cost shifted to the criminal     Medicaid funding to states that extend eligi-      ment and Acquisition) he was responsible for
justice system or more expensive medical             bility to provide quality health care to addi-     advising the Navy’s Acquisition Executive on
care to address other diseases such as cirrho-       tional children.                                   business and programmatic matters concern-
sis of the liver which are secondary to un-                                                             ing Navy and Marine Corps major weapon
                                                       During the negotiations of the 1997 Bal-
treated addiction disease.                           anced Budget Act (BBA), Congress and the           systems programs. He also provided policy
   It costs about $6000 to treat a victim of ad-     Administration recognized that certain             and oversight for the Naval procurement sys-
diction disease as an inpatient at Day By Day        states were already undertaking Medicaid           tem which encompasses over 900 activities
Treatment Center or about $2500 for an out-          expansions up to or above 200 percent of           contracting for more than $40 billion in weap-
patient program when appropriate. The trag-          FPL, and that they should be allowed to use        on systems, supplies and services annually.
                                                     the new SCHIP funds. Unfortunately, this              Mike, no stranger to anyone in uniform, can
edy is that our health care system cost shifts
                                                     provision was limited to those states that         reflect on several successful operational tours
to the criminal justice system where the cost        enacted expansions on or after March 31, 1997      in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. He
is up to $37,000 annually to keep one person         and disallowed Washington from accessing           came to his current position after being the
in prison who wouldn’t be there in the first         the $230 million in SCHIP funds it had been        Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Ac-
place had addiction disease been addressed           allocated through 2002. As a result, Washing-      quisition and Business Management. His wide
initially.                                           ton State cannot use its SCHIP allotment to        range of experience also included, among oth-
   As a nation we must:                              cover the 90,000 children currently eligible,
                                                                                                        ers’, tours at Naval Sea Systems Command,
   Treat addiction disease on an equal basis         but not covered for health care at or below
                                                                                                        Naval Air Systems Command, the Govern-
with treatment of other diseases.                    200 percent of FPL. Exacerbating this in-
   Provide for a more well educated citizenry in     equity is the fact that many states have           ment Operations Committee of the House of
addiction disease from layman to professional.       begun accessing their SCHIP allotments to          Representatives, and Competition Advocate
   Provide for more research aimed at better         cover kids at poverty levels far below Wash-       General of the Navy. And Central Missourians
treatment and more appropriate outcome stud-         ington’s current or past eligibility levels.       too, know him well: for four consecutive years
                                                     Correcting this technicality is the top prior-     he traveled to their neighborhood—my con-
                                                     ity for our delegation as we near the end of       gressional district—to counsel and assist small
   Today, so many of our society’s ills can be       the 105th Congress and we plan to push for
traced directly to addiction disease. Let us all                                                        businesses about the requirements of the fed-
                                                     legislative action in the next few weeks to        eral contracts.
not only be acutely aware of the tremendous          pass this non-controversial measure.                  A graduate of the University of Kansas, he
amount of work that needs to be done in ad-            This bipartisan, bicameral initiative rep-       completed his MBA degree at the University of
dressing addiction disease, but also of the          resents a thoughtful, carefully-crafted re-        North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also at-
enormous opportunity and possibility to en-          sponse to the unintended consequences of           tended the Industrial College of the Armed
hance all of our lives if we will make the effort.   SCHIP and brings much-needed assistance to         Forces and Carnegie Mellon University’s Pro-
                                                     children currently at-risk. Rather than sim-
                                                                                                        gram for Executives. His personal decorations
                                                     ply changing the effective date included in
INTRODUCTION   OF  BIPARTISAN                        the BBA, our initiative includes strong            include the Legion of Merit (three awards), the
  LEGISLATION TO ENSURE WASH-                        maintenance of effort language as well as in-      Meritorious Service Medal (two awards), Joint
  INGTON STATE USES ITS SHARE                        centives for our state to find those 90,000 un-    Service Commendation Medal, and the Navy
  OF   THE  STATE   CHILDREN’S                       insured kids because we feel strongly that         Commendation Medal (two awards). Married
  HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM                           they receive the health coverage for which         to the former Pam Ross of Leavenworth, Kan-
  FOR COVERAGE OF ADDITIONAL                         they are eligible.                                 sas, the Sullivan’s have one son, Brian.
  CHILDREN UNDER THE MEDICAID                          We respectfully request that you join our           The Department of the Navy, Congress, and
  PROGRAM                                            efforts to move it through the legislative         the American people have been defended and
                                                     process. We look forward to working with           well served by this dedicated naval officer for
                                                     you during the remaining days of this Con-         over 31 years. Rear Admiral Mike Sullivan will
          HON. JIM McDERMOTT                         gress to ensure that Washington’s SCHIP            long be remembered for his leadership, serv-
                OF WASHINGTON                        funds are used to increase the health of our       ice and dedication. I am proud to call him my
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   children, not wasted due to an unintended          friend. Let me wish him, his wife Pam, and
       Wednesday, September 16, 1998                 technical oversight.                               their son Brian our very best as they begin a
                                                       Thank you for your cooperation in this ef-       new chapter in their life together.
   Mr. McDERMOTT. Mr. Speaker, the entire
                                                     fort and please do not hesitate to contact us
Washington State Delegation today introduced         if we can provide you with additional infor-
legislation that would allow our state to partici-   mation.                                            A SALUTE TO DR. BILLY TAYLOR,
pate in the State Children’s Health Insurance              Sincerely,                                    ONE OF THE GREATEST MUSI-
Program (SCHIP). The legislation we crafted              Slade   Gorton,    U.S.   Senator;   Jim        CIANS OF JAZZ
represents the culmination of more than a                  McDermott, Member of Congress;
year’s worth of effort to ensure Congressional             George Nethercutt, Member of Con-
action on this issue.                                      gress; Patty Murray, U.S. Senator;                   HON. JOHN CONYERS, JR.
                                                           Jack Metcalf, Member of Congress;                             OF MICHIGAN
   I ask that you exercise your leadership of
                                                           Norm Dicks, Member of Congress; Rick            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
the Congressional majority to expedite the                 White, Member of Congress; Linda
passage of this measure in a non-controver-                                                                    Wednesday, September 16, 1998
                                                           Smith, Member of Congress; Adam
sial manner.                                               Smith, Member of Congress; Jennifer            Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to
   To illustrate the vigor of our Delegation’s             Dunn, Member of Congress; Doc                honor Dr. Billy Taylor—one of the greatest pia-
commitment to advancing this issue, I have at-             Hastings, Member of Congress.                nists ever, who has touched the lives of many
                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                               E1737
during his fifty years plus in jazz, not only as     fellow coaches as Coach of the Year six             Wendelin’s ministry that Catholics from all cor-
a pianist, composer, author, activist, teacher,      times. Though Carl is acknowledged for his          ners on the city answer the call to celebrate at
lecturer, and actor, but also as a radio and tel-    coaching ability, his teaching successes have       the little church on Columbus Avenue.
evision personality. Though Dr. Billy Taylor is      often been overlooked. He made his mark on             Cleveland’s strong tradition of Catholic edu-
seventy-seven years old, he’s more than              the Calumet High School curriculum by insti-        cation continues at Saint Wendelin’s under the
young at heart. His current schedule is chock        tuting a Life Management course and influ-          direction of Ursuline Sisters with their oper-
full of performances while he also serves on         enced nearly every student that attended the        ation of Urban Community School. Saint
the faculty at the University of Massachusetts,      Calumet High School by teaching this class,         Wendelin’s facilities serve as a second home
where he received one of fifteen other honor-        as well as Health, annually. This legacy, more      to the 300 students of Urban Community.
ary doctorates. His series Jazz at the Kennedy       than any coaching award, is what will live as       Saint Wendelin’s also serves as the head-
Center, an ongoing series of demonstrations-         Carl’s greatest achievement. Indeed, his dedi-      quarters for Heartbeats, Inc., a ministry oper-
discussions of the history of jazz, is wonderful.    cation and caring is represented through his        ated by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary,
He hosts intimate sessions of performance            four Teacher of the Year Awards, as well as         supporting women from third world countries.
and conversation which enables participants to       his Inland Steel Teacher of the Year Award.            My fellow colleagues, please join me in hon-
gain insight into jazz by hearing the music,            Carl was always a dedicated and caring           oring the parish community of Saint Wendelin
memories and unique philosophies of some of          coach and teacher. Though he spent must             Church and its pastor, Rev. Jerome Lajack, as
the greatest musicians jazz has produced.            time and effort on his players and students,        they celebrate mass with Bishop Anthony Pilla
   In 1971, Billy Taylor became the first African    this did not diminish his devotion to his wife,     in commemoration of 95 years in service to
American to lead a band on a talk show when          Margie, and their daughter, Karen. His profes-      God. A community bound by its faith, the be-
he fronted an ensemble of all-stars on the           sional success was complemented by an even          lievers of Saint Wendelin’s are committed to
David Frost Show for four years. I know from         more rewarding family life. Now that he has         doing justice, both in the church’s surrounding
personal experience, that aside from being a         retired, Carl plans to spend much of his time       neighborhoods and the world beyond. Let us
stupendous musician, he’s also an incredible         with Margie and Karen, who now works for            pray that Saint Wendelin parish continues as
human being. He has great respect for other          NASA. He also, he continues to serve as a           a beacon of Christian charity as we enter into
people, and has a wonderful aura of niceness         member of the National Association of Basket-       the next millenium.
and gentility.                                       ball Coaches, the Indiana Basketball Coaches
   Dr. Taylor founded Jazzmobile, which brings       Association, as an instructor and local basket-
free performances to hundreds of thousands           ball camps, and as a teacher at Purdue Uni-              A TRIBUTE TO JOSEPH M.
of people. His awards include two Peabodys,          versity Calumet.                                         GOMES—‘‘MR. SAN PABLO’’
an Emmy, and the first Certificate of Recogni-          Mr. Speaker, I ask that you and my other
tion given by the U.S. Congressional Arts            distinguished colleagues join me in commend-                  HON. GEORGE MILLER
Caucus and it is with immense pleasure that          ing Carl Traicoff for his lifetime of dedication,                   OF CALIFORNIA
in this tribute I join the ranks of those saluting   service, and leadership to the students and            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
the great Dr. Billy Taylor.                          faculty of Calumet High School, as well as the
                                                     people of Northwest Indiana. Carl’s efforts as            Wednesday, September 16, 1998
                                                     an educator and a basketball coach blended             Mr. MILLER of California. Mr. Speaker, I
    TRIBUTE TO CARL TRAICOFF                         together to help kids make the most of their        rise today to invite my colleagues to join me
                                                     potential and earn their success in the world.      in celebrating the life of a truly remarkable in-
        HON. PETER J. VISCLOSKY                      Northwest Indiana’s community has certainly         dividual, Mr. Joseph M. Gomes. I know of no
                   OF INDIANA                        been rewarded by the true service and un-           other person who has had such an all encom-
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   compromising dedication displayed by Carl           passing influence on his community. Joe’s
                                                     Traicoff.                                           name is synonymous with the city he rep-
      Wednesday, September 16, 1998                                                                      resents, and he cannot be denied the moniker,
   Mr. VISCLOSKY. Mr. Speaker, it is with the                                                            ‘‘Mr. San Pablo’’.
greatest pleasure that I pay tribute to one of         IN HONOR OF SAINT WENDELIN                           Joe has made San Pablo his home for the
the leading citizens of Indiana’s First Congres-                 PARISH                                  greater part of 70 years. It is where he and his
sional District, Mr. Carl Traicoff, of Highland,                                                         lovely wife, Mary, chose to settle and raise
Indiana. After serving as one of Northwest In-               HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                     their family. Joe spent 35 years with American
diana’s most distinguished, compassionate,                               OF OHIO                         Standard and another 9 years with Phoenix
and dedicated teachers for twenty-seven                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                  Iron Works, before ending one career to pur-
years, Carl announced his retirement on Sat-                                                             sue another. In 1980, Joe was elected to his
urday, August 22, 1998.                                    Wednesday, September 16, 1998                 first term on the San Pablo City Council, and
   A 1956 graduate of Lew Wallace High                  Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to       a life of public service was born. Over the past
School in Gary, Carl enrolled as a student at        extend my best wishes to the parish commu-          two decades, Joe’s leadership on the Council
Kansas State University, which he attended           nity of Saint Wendelin Church as they cele-         has guided San Pablo through a trans-
for one year. In 1958, he transferred to Cul-        brate their ninety-fifth year in Cleveland’s Ohio   formation from a small, isolated community to
ver-Stockton University where, in 1960, he           City neighborhood. For almost a century, Saint      a thriving urban city—a city which celebrates
earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical         Wendelin’s has served as a spiritual refuge,        its cultural diversity, neighborhood spirit and
Education and Health. Carl continued his edu-        opening its doors to any soul in search of          livability.
cation at Northeast Missouri, now Truman             peace.                                                 But Joe is not content to simply fulfill the
State, earning a Master’s degree in Physical            Originally serving the Slovak community of       role of elected official. His commitment ex-
Education, Health, and Administration. While         Cleveland’s near west side, the ministry of         tends to active participation in virtually every
attending graduate school, Carl also worked          Saint Wendelin’s began in 1903. It was on           local club or organization, from the Chamber
as a girls basketball coach, beginning his long      May 3rd of that year that the community re-         of Commerce, the Exchange Club, the Eagles
and distinguished coaching career.                   ceived permission to found Saint Wendelin           and the Moose Lodge to the Salesian Boys &
   From 1960 through 1966, he served as a            Parish. A small church was soon erected, and        Girls Club and the Brookside Community
basketball coach at the high schools of              on December 6, 1903, Father Koudelka cele-          Health Clinic. Joe’s work has always been led
Louistown, Clarence, and Centralia. In 1966,         brated Saint Wendelin’s first mass. Not long        by his heart, his concern and caring for all
he moved back to Indiana’s First Congres-            after, the Sisters of Notre Dame established        members of his community. Through his self-
sional District and began teaching and coach-        Saint Wendelin’s School. The order would            less service and tireless involvement, Joe has
ing at Calumet High School, in unincorporated        continue to provide quality Catholic education      personally touched the life of each and every
Calumet Township, Lake County, Indiana. As           for the next seventy years.                         resident of San Pablo.
Calumet High School’s coach, Carl posted 417            In 1925, the current church and school com-         I am personally honored to call Joe Gomes
wins, for a career total of 477 wins. Indeed,        plex was dedicated. Non-territorial, Saint          a friend and a mentor. On behalf of the United
along with these wins, his teams won four            Wendelin’s welcomes all believers to join in        States House of Representatives, I would like
Sectional Titles, and he was honored by his          worship. It is a testament to the Saint             to salute him and his work.
E1738                            CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                         September 16, 1998
50TH BIRTHDAY OF THE VERNON                       Year’s parties at the old ‘‘Johnny Hynnes           This post is deeply involved in civil affairs
  HILL AMERICAN LEGION POST                       Ballroom’’? How many can remember the             coupled with the welfare of our own commu-
  NO. 435                                         Past Commanders’ banquets that graduated          nity and state. In 1969, an issue of deep con-
                                                  from an upstairs loft at Alaries Tower House      cern to all our citizens was automobile in-
                                                  on the Cherry Valley/Worcester Line, to the       surance. Does that have a a familiar ring? In
       HON. JAMES P. McGOVERN                     Towncrest on Lake Avenue, to Jimmy                this very room a forum was held to inform
             OF MASSACHUSETTS                     O’Day’s Edgemere Lodge? How many present          our members and all our citizens about a
                                                  can recall the sumptuous steak dinner ar-         new form of auto insurance. One of the pan-
                                                  ranged by Tim Mara and the late Ed Piliski        elists who was proposing the system was a
       Wednesday, September 16, 1998              at Thompson’s Lodge in Westboro? Everyone         young State Representative from Brookline
                                                  present at the banquet marveled at the deal       who went on to some degree of fame and no-
   Mr. MCGOVERN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today        our two chairman had arranged—until they          toriety, Michael Dukakis.
in honor of the 50th year that the Vernon Hill    got the bill that almost bankrupted our mea-        And what American Legion Post in the
American Legion Post has served the commu-        ger treasury.                                     world had its own basketball and softball
nity and honored our veterans in Worcester.         Who among us can forget the first New           leagues where everyone who played had to be
To commemorate this event, I would like to        Year’s Eve party held in these quarters be-       a member? Shea’s Tavern, Leavitt Drugs,
enter into the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD the his-      fore we had tile on the floor? We danced on       Old Timers, The Associates, and the
tory of Post No. 435 as recounted by Past         the cement floor and had black legs for a         Livewires were all winners. Does anyone re-
                                                  week. A great time was had by all on that         member the classic confrontation in a gym
Commander, John F. O’Connor. This post of
                                                  first occasion in our own hall, the first of      not far from here between the late Past Com-
the American Legion has a unique history, and     many great times in this room.                    mander Bob Bruso and a young Priest, Fa-
I believe that Mr. O’Connor’s account clearly       The state convention in 1948 was held in        ther Ed Tinsley, now the Vicar General of
shows that the group of men and women in-         Worcester, a rather huge affair at the            the Diocese of Worcester?
volved with the Vernon Hill Post are true         time . . . World War I veterans joined by           Even when we didn’t have much of a treas-
American heroes.                                  World War II veterans just blending into ci-      ury, the post sponsored a team in the Gehrig-
   The text of his history follows.               vilian life. Who can forget the huge parade in    Ruth League which continues to this day.
                                                  downtown Worcester featuring superlative          This late Jim Spaulding and child welfare
  In the fall of 1947, a group of young veter-    marching bands and handsome Governor,             chairman, the late Past Commander Ed Cove
ans were standing in front of Joe’s Spa,          Maurice Tobin, in a Panama suit? The new          put together the finest charitable program of
across the street from Vernon Hill Park, get-     Post Vernon Hill, now about 30 strong,            an American Legion Post anywhere. In addi-
ting ready to start a touch football game.        marched in the back of the host delegation        tion to baseball, our post has an unparalled
There, they were approached to attend a           behind a huge banner that read ‘‘Worcester’s      record in the area of programs for our youth.
meeting at 9 Ames Street at the home of           Baby Post, Vernon Hill American Legion            The scholarship program has aided innumer-
long-time legionnaire, James B. Lawless, to       #435, watch us grow’’. How prophetic. John        able sons and daughters of Post members to
discuss forming an American Legion Post on        McDavitt, a navy veteran, now residing in         secure education at the colleagiate level.
Vernon Hill.                                      Brookfield, was dressed as an infant, albeit      The Boys State Chairman Past Commander
  Somewhat reluctantly, the young veterans        smoking a cigar and possessing a can of the       John F. O’Connor and many members have
gave up their touch football game and             beverage of moderation, pushed in a baby          participated in the mock trial at the con-
walked to the Lawless home two blocks             carriage by his ‘‘father’’, the late Bill Wall,   vocation of Boys State.
away, and signed the request to the Worces-       and his ‘‘mother’’ Connie Brosnihan, now re-        Who could ever forget the ‘‘Minstrel Show’’
ter County Commander, Bill Blanchard, for         siding in Enfield, Connecticut.                   assisted by the late Bob Brady and the spon-
permission to create the Vernon Hill Post           In 1966, a bright young navy veteran            taneous with of the Past Commander, the
American Legion. He denied the initial re-        brought what many older, more experienced,        late James Spaulding. These various musical
quest because Worcester already had 16            more mature members thought was a prepos-         delights features many talents, now de-
American Legion Posts, more than an ade-          terous proposition to construct a hospital in     parted, included John ‘‘Blue Eyes’’ Mahoney.
quate number. Commander Blanchard sent            Vietnam to honor the boys and girls of            In recent years, we were entertained by our
word that if the Vernon Hill Veterans want-       Worcester County who lost their lives in this     Vernon Hill Legionaries, led by Past Com-
ed to join, there were plenty of nearby posts     faraway conflict. In 1967, after much effort      mander Howard Harvey. Who can’t reflect on
to accommodate them. In typical Vernon            and preparation by the initiator of the           the many occasions that our talented, dedi-
Hill fashion, the group of reluctant joiners      project, the day arrived when all of the          cated choristers, George Handley, Mike
now became determined to have their own           ‘‘Doubting Thomases’’ became firm believers       Donovan, Pat Carmody and our own little
post.                                             in Past Commander Frank Carroll. We be-           girl now grown to a young lady, Kristen
  Mr. Lawless, a World War I veteran, with        came such believers that if Frank said Pope       Carlstrom, enthralled us and the always full-
Edward F. Wall, presented the Post’s case be-     John Paul II is expected to attend tonight’s      capacity audiences?
fore the Worcester County Council meeting         affair, we would keep an eye on the door.           Our own St. Patrick Day ‘‘Hooleys’’ were
in Upton. Their persuasiveness and persist-         Who could ever forget this fabulous ex-         always great affairs. Does anyone here re-
ence paid off, and a charter was granted in       travaganza? General Westmoreland, the com-        member the Irish Tenor, Tom Riley? The
the Spring of 1948 to the Vernon Hill Post        missioner of baseball, General Eckerett, and      fabulous corned beef and cabbage meals put
American Legion #435.                             Under Secretary of State Katzenbach drank         out mainly by Chet Mills and and the late
  That was the inauspicious debut of what is      coffee in the kitchen right in these quarters     Dick Mitchell were something?
now the second largest American Legion            with Jim Donahue and many other dig-                Speaking of food, does anyone remember
Post in Worcester County, numbering almost        nitaries. At the bar, the late Gordon McCrea      the sumptuous meals of Duffy Caterers and
600 members in the fiftieth year of its exist-    told stories about his football days at           his Harvard beets? How many can remember
ence.                                             Gaskill Field. Who among us doesn’t have an       the wonderful evenings of superb music of
  The Post needed quarters, but we also           avid memory of the affair at the Memorial         Townsmen and the gifted Janie Morin, fresh
needed a treasury to pay the rent. Ed Wall,       Auditorium? Present were the celebrities on       from her appearance at Fenway Park in 1967?
and another member, the late Chester G.           stage with Marilyn Mayes. There was secu-         Down through the years we also had some
Trembowicz, the only ones that were work-         rity everywhere, and the pride of our mem-        superb Italian and Polish nights.
ing at the time, lent the Post the money to       bership was unmistakable. This humani-              What veteran’s organization holds its own
rent our first quarters in a vacant store at 35   tarian gesture to assist Dr. Turpin of Project    Memorial Mass and breakfast honoring its
Granite Street for $35 a month. Finally hav-      Concern to construct a hospital in the Cen-       deceased members? Recently, the Mass
ing a ‘‘Home’’, the Post started to raise         tral Highlands of Vietnam was motivated by        breakfast have been held right here in these
funds. A bar was constructed with a can of        an American Legion Post in Worcester led by       quarters with great success and numbers.
beer selling for 20 cents. A ping-pong table      its imaginative, fearless, persistent, young      Citizens of Worcester who have made a con-
was installed in the cellar and one of the        Commander, Frank Carroll.                         tribution to the well-being of our community
first television sets in the neighborhood was       The vast number of volunteers, plus the or-     are honored with an award each year. The
purchased with proceeds from a minstrel           ganizational genius called Frank Carroll,         award is now highly coveted and respected in
show. A huge safe (still being used today)        made the project a huge success. The Vernon       this city.
which almost caused the demise of member          Hill Post American Legion was brought into          The Vernon Hill Post was the first group of
Billy Reynolds, was donated from its old          the spotlight and our post became the most        any sort to go on record in favor of the con-
home on Lamartine Street to Granite Street.       recognizable and envied Veteran’s organiza-       struction of the Worcester Civic Center, now
In 1951, the Vernon Hill Post purchased a         tion in the entire state.                         known as the Centrum. Where would Worces-
home at 154 Vernon Street for the sum of            This organization is also extremely active      ter be if we didn’t have the Centrum now?
$16,500. The Post continued to grow in its        in youth and community affairs. The post’s        The Vernon Hill Post was also the first to
new home that featured what the late Joe          generosity to all who are deprived and unfor-     endorse the connecting highway from down-
Fitzgerald called the ‘‘Chinese room.’’           tunate is well known, but its finest hour is      town Worcester to the Massachusetts Turn-
  As the post grew and prospered, so did its      its magnanimous support of the blind chil-        pike in Millbury, a vital link to the eco-
social functions. Who can forget the New          dren in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.                nomic well-being of our city.
                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                               E1739
  This last December 11th, over 200 senior          Colorado farmers have been. Mr. Speaker, the         istration to regulate the U.S. Postal Service as
citizens who ordinarily wouldn’t have a joy-        Wenger Farm has left a lasting legacy for their      it would for any private business. This is wel-
ous Christmas season were our guests here           family, and all of their friends and neighbors in    come legislation for the over 2,000 postal em-
for the 20th year. Howard Harvey and his
                                                    Yuma County. I salute them, and all of the           ployees in the State of Vermont, and the hun-
chorus, the chefs, the waitresses and waiters,
the people who contribute their talents, time       good people who worked to preserve that leg-         dreds of thousands in the country.
and resources, are to be commended for their        acy. We all have a lot to gain from preserving          This bill is supported by the American Post-
charity and concern.                                our history and preserving the farming way of        al Workers Union, the National Association of
  On occasions, the boys at Nazareth Home           life.                                                Lettercarriers, the Mailhanders (Laborers Inter-
in Leicester have been the guests of the Post                                                            national), and the Rural Lettercarriers Associa-
at the circus, the Red Sox, and the Celtics?                                                             tion—every union that represents our postal
Our Honor Guard, especially Bud Hall, has               TRIBUTE TO ANGELO CATANI                         employees. We should listen to our postal
always been present at parades, funerals and
other functions. Our antique fire truck is al-
                                                                                                         workers who desire the full protection of
ways at the disposal of children of this re-
                                                                HON. CLIFF STEARNS                       OSHA.
gion.                                                                 OF FLORIDA                            Mr. Speaker, OHSA is a vital piece of our
  When you mention names, you run the risk             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   social contract. It was passed in response to
of neglecting someone who has made a siz-                                                                unsafe working conditions that were found
able contribution to this Post. None the less,
                                                            Wednesday, September 16, 1998
                                                                                                         throughout the United States, and it has pre-
we would be remiss if we didn’t name some              Mr. STEARNS. Mr. Speaker, I wanted to             vented countless injuries and fatalities on the
men who have passed on who have made this           take this opportunity to say a few words about       job. Now, 27 years after the passage of the
a great Post. They must be looking down             Angelo Catani, a fellow Floridian, who will be
from their heavenly perch with pride; the
                                                                                                         Occupational Health and Safety Act, we
                                                    retiring next month.                                 should continue our commitment that every
founder, James B. Lawless, Past Command-
ers, John C. Wall, Chester C. Trembowitz,
                                                       Angelo distinguished himself in a variety of      worker in America has the right to a safe
Raymond Jermyn, Robert Bruso, Albert                positions throughout his 30 plus years of serv-      workplace.
Spring, James Spaulding, George Naum, Ed            ice, including his initial employment with the          What we have before us today is legislation
Cove, Bob Coakley, Ed Bulleus, and Red              American Machine & Foundry, where he was             that says to many of the federal government’s
Cochran. We have come a long way in the             responsible for installation of the hydraulic lift   most valued employees—those who process
last five decades from that initial gathering       system on the Titan missile program.                 and deliver the mail and keep our country on
on Ames Street!                                        He followed up that position by joining Gen-
  We are now the second largest in member-
                                                                                                         the move: We honor your work and we will
                                                    eral Electric Co. where for the next 12 years        protect you from workplace hazards.
ship of any American Legion Post in Worces-
ter County. However, by all standards and
                                                    he was involved in engineering programs such            Mr. Speaker, every American deserves the
criteria, the Vernon Hill Post is universally       as the update of the Possidon fired control          full benefits of an OSHA compliant workplace.
recognized and acclaimed as the finest, most        systems, Launch Complex-34 propellant trans-         I urge strong support for our nation’s hard
active contributing veteran’s organization          fer system at Kennedy Space Center and the           working postal employees. Pass this legisla-
anywhere. One of our own Past Commanders,           Saturn V, S–IVB stage support equipment.             tion for them, for the people who love them,
Byron McCluskey, was a Department Past                 Following a successful career at General          and for the country that employs them.
Commander, bringing great honor to this             Electric, Mr. Catani joined Aerojet Ordnance
post.                                               Company as Vice President, Ammunition and
  This night should serve as a tribute to a                                                              RECOGNIZING THE ACHIEVEMENTS
great many men who have worked together
                                                    was responsible for the development of
to make this occasion possible. The coopera-        Aerojet’s 25mm ammunition programs. In                OF THE MISSISSIPPI BAND OF
tion that has made this evening a success           1983, he joined Olin as Vice President and            CHOCTAW INDIANS
has been the hallmark of this group over the        General Manager of its Defense Production
years.                                              operation. Subsequently, in 1987 he was also                 HON. JOHN T. DOOLITTLE
  In the Preamble to the American Legion            appointed President of the Ordnance Division;                        OF CALIFORNIA
Constitution, it says ‘‘that we must con-           then in 1993 was elected to the position of
secrate and sanctify our comradeship by our                                                                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                    Corporate Vice President, of the Olin Corpora-
devotion to mutual helpfulness’’. May we al-                                                                     Wednesday, September 16, 1998
ways continue to look after our fellow
                                                    tion; and, finally, in 1997 he was elected Vice
human beings with care, concern and com-            President of PRIMEX Technologies, Inc.                  Mr. DOOLITTLE. Mr. Speaker, as a member
passion.                                               Among his many other accomplishments,             of the House Resources Committee, I have
  ‘‘Happy Fiftieth Birthday, Vernon Hill            Mr. Catani was an active member of the Asso-         worked to advance and strengthen tribal self-
Post #435.’’                                        ciation of the United States Army (AUSA), and        governments and promote private enterprise
                                                    the National Defense Industrial Association          on our Nation’s reservations. One tribe that
                                                    (INDIA). In 1997, Mr. Catani was inducted into       has been a national leader in exercising its
    TRIBUTE TO THE LEGACY OF                        the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame.           self-determination to build a strong tribal gov-
          WENGER FARM                                  Mr. Catani also serves with distinction on        ernment and reservation-based economy is
                                                    the Board of Trustees at the University of           the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.
           HON. BOB SCHAFFER                        Tampa, and is Chairman of the Tampa Bay                 Through the vision of Chief Phillip Martin,
                 OF COLORADO                        Watch Foundation. I wish Angelo and his wife,        the Tribe used its sovereignty to develop a
   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                  Paige, all the best as they look forward to their    tribal economy to foster a highly responsive
                                                    years of retirement, in which they will split        approach to providing traditional government
       Wednesday, September 16, 1998                their time between Florida and their home in         services on the reservation. When Chief Mar-
   Mr. BOB SCHAFFER of Colorado. Mr.                Durango, Colorado.                                   tin became leader of the Tribe, he knew that
Speaker, I rise today to acknowledge the his-                                                            the tribal government had to assume respon-
tory and legacy of one of Colorado’s oldest                                                              sibility of government functions rather than
historic farms, the Wenger Farm, and to pay            POSTAL EMPLOYEES SAFETY                           they rely on the Bureau of Indian Affairs to
tribute to all of those that worked to create,             ENHANCEMENT ACT                               take care of its members.
operate and protect it. Patented in 1894, the                                                               Dramatic gains have occurred during the
                                                                       SPEECH OF
land has been in the family ever since. At the                                                           past 20 years on the Choctaw Reservation.
Colorado State Fair, the Wenger family re-                   HON. BERNARD SANDERS                        The average educational level of adult tribal
ceived the Centennial Farm Award in recogni-                          OF VERMONT                         members has jumped from sixth grade in the
tion of their history with the land. Located near      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   1970s to twelfth grade today. Life expectancy
Yuma, Colorado the farm was homesteaded                                                                  has also increased by nearly twenty years,
by Fred Wenger. Bob Wenger and his wife                     Monday, September 14, 1998                   and infant mortality has declined substantially.
Kathryn took over the farm after Bob served           Mr. SANDERS. Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong         Through the efforts of the Choctaw Housing
an illustrious duty to his country in the Marine    support of the Postal Employees Safety En-           Authority, housing for tribal members has risen
Corps in World War II. Now their son Dick           hancement Act and in support of safe work-           above substantial levels.
continues to operate the farm where he raises       places across our nation.                               The tribal members of the Choctaw Tribe
cattle and grows corn. The Wengers are fine           This important legislation extends the ability     have worked extremely hard to achieve their
examples of what good stewards of the land          of the Occupational Safety and Health Admin-         vastly improved living standard. The innovative
E1740                              CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                            September 16, 1998
approach to eradicating poverty on the res-         tion reauthorizes the Low Income Home En-          provisions of the Low Income Home Energy
ervation by reaching out to private businesses      ergy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) through           Assistance Act regarding the release of contin-
to invest in the tribe has been very successful     fiscal year 2001, and authorizes $1.1 billion in   gency funds, since the Act does not define
for the Choctaws.                                   funding for fiscal year 2000. The legislation      ‘‘natural disaster’’ or ‘‘emergency.’’ The bill de-
   I commend Chief Martin for believing in his      also extends the authorization for the Presi-      fines these terms in order to expedite the fu-
tribe and taking the risk to develop the enter-     dent to release contingency funds to meet the      ture release of contingency funds.
prises on the Choctaw Reservation. The res-         additional home energy assistance needs of
                                                                                                          The Committee on Commerce has jurisdic-
toration of the Choctaw Indian tribe is a great     one or more States arising from a natural dis-
                                                                                                       tion over the Low Income Home Energy As-
American success story of self-reliance and         aster or other emergency. The LIHEAP pro-
                                                                                                       sistance Act of 1981. As indicated in the ex-
sheer determination that we all can be proud.       gram is a State block grant program that pro-
                                                                                                       change of correspondence in the report filed
                                                    vides assistance to 4.3 million low income
                                                                                                       by the Committee on Education and the Work-
                                                    households to help families pay their heating
       HUMAN SERVICES                                                                                  force, the Committee on Commerce waived
                                                    and cooling bills. It is a sound program and
  REAUTHORIZATION ACT OF 1998                                                                          referral of the legislation reported by the Com-
                                                    should be reauthorized.
                                                                                                       mittee on Education and the Workforce, H.R.
                                                       On the whole, the legislation does not make
                   SPEECH OF                                                                           4271, the Community Services Block Grant
                                                    significant changes to the LIHEAP program.
                                                                                                       Amendments of 1998, in order to expedite
             HON. TOM BLILEY                        However, the bill does make one improvement
                                                                                                       floor consideration. However, that does not
                  OF VIRGINIA                       to the program, by clarifying the circumstances
                                                                                                       constitute a waiver of jurisdication. The ex-
                                                    under which the President can release contin-
                                                    gency funds to meet the additional needs aris-     change of letters also commemorates that the
        Monday, September 14, 1998                  ing from a natural disaster or emergency.          Committee on Education and the Workforce
  Mr. BLILEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support        There have been problems releasing emer-           will support a request by the Committee on
of S. 2206, the ‘‘Community Opportunities, Ac-      gency LIHEAP funds in the past. For example,       Commerce for conferees in the event there is
countability, and Training and Educational          after ice storms in New England earlier this       a conference.
Services Act of 1998.’’ Title III of the legisla-   year the President was constrained by the            I urge my colleagues to support S. 2206.
                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                             E1741
  SENATE COMMITTEE MEETINGS                       9:30 a.m.                                               velopment and trade promotion for Na-
                                                    Commerce, Science, and Transportation                 tive Americans.
  Title IV of Senate Resolution 4,                     Business meeting, to consider pending                                            SR–485
agreed to by the Senate on February 4,                   calendar business.
1977, calls for establishment of a sys-                                                  SR–253                      SEPTEMBER 25
                                                    Energy and Natural Resources                    9:30 a.m.
tem for a computerized schedule of all
                                                       Business meeting, to consider pending          Governmental Affairs
meetings and hearings of Senate com-                     calendar business.                           Permanent Subcommittee on Investiga-
mittees, subcommittees, joint commit-                                                    SD–366            tions
tees, and committees of conference.                 Environment and Public Works                         To continue hearings to examine the
This title requires all such committees                Business meeting, to consider pending               safety of food imports, focusing on leg-
to notify the Office of the Senate Daily                 calendar business.                                islative, administrative and regulatory
                                                                                         SD–406            remedies.
Digest—designated by the Rules Com-
                                                    Labor and Human Resources                                                               SD–342
mittee—of the time, place, and purpose                 Business meeting, to consider pending
of the meetings, when scheduled, and                     calendar business.                                        SEPTEMBER 29
any cancellations or changes in the                                                      SD–430     10:00 a.m.
meetings as they occur.                           10:00 a.m.                                          Armed Services
                                                    Governmental Affairs                                To hold hearings to examine the status
  As an additional procedure along                  International Security, Proliferation and              of United States military forces and
with the computerization of this infor-                  Federal Services Subcommittee                     their ability to successfully execute
mation, the Office of the Senate Daily                 To resume hearings on information secu-             the National Military Strategy.
Digest will prepare this information for                 rity issues.                                                                      SH–216
printing in the Extensions of Remarks                                                    SD–342
section of the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD               10:30 a.m.                                                        SEPTEMBER 30
                                                    Foreign Relations                               9:30 a.m.
on Monday and Wednesday of each
                                                       To hold hearings on the nominations of         Indian Affairs
week.                                                    Richard Henry Jones, of Nebraska, to            Business meeting, to mark up S. 1870, to
 Meetings scheduled for Thursday,                        be Ambassador to the Republic of                  provide the National Indian Gaming
September 17, 1998, may be found in the                  Kazakhstan, and Robert Patrick John               Commission with resources to monitor
                                                         Finn, of New York, to be Ambassador               and regulate certain Indian gaming op-
Daily Digest of today’s RECORD.
                                                         to the Republic of Tajikistan.                    erations, H.R. 1805, to establish restric-
                                                                                         SD–419            tions related to gaming on and use of
        MEETINGS SCHEDULED                        2:00 p.m.                                                land held in trust for the United Au-
                                                    Commerce, Science, and Transportation                  burn Indian Community of the Auburn
                 SEPTEMBER 22                       Science, Technology, and Space Sub-                    Rancheria of California, and H.R. 1833,
                                                         committee                                         to provide for further self-governance
9:00 a.m.
                                                       To hold hearings to examine United                  by Indian tribes; to be followed by
  Environment and Public Works
                                                         States commercial space launch indus-             hearings on S. 2010, to provide for busi-
     To hold hearings on S. 2470, to direct the
                                                         try activities.                                   ness development and trade promotion
       Secretary of the Interior to make tech-
                                                                                         SR–253            for Native Americans.
       nical corrections to a map relating to
                                                  2:30 p.m.                                                                                   SR–485
       the Coastal Barrier Resources System.
                                        SD–406      Environment and Public Works
                                                    Transportation and Infrastructure Sub-                            OCTOBER 1
10:00 a.m.
  Commerce, Science, and Transportation                  committee                                  2:30 p.m.
     To hold hearings on the nominations of            To hold hearings on the proposed consoli-      Energy and Natural Resources
       Sylvia De Leon, of Texas, Linwood Hol-            dation of the Patent and Trademark           Forests and Public Land Management Sub-
       ton, of Virginia, and Amy M. Rosen, of            Office.                                           committee
       New Jersey, each to be a Member of the                                            SD–406          To hold oversight hearings on the Forest
       Reform Board (AMTRAK).                                                                              Service cabin fees.
                                        SR–253                    SEPTEMBER 24                                                             SD–366
  Veterans’ Affairs                               9:30 a.m.
     To hold hearings to examine the quality        Governmental Affairs                                              OCTOBER 6
       of care in the VA health care system.        Permanent Subcommittee on Investiga-            9:30 a.m.
                                        SR–418           tions                                        Veterans’ Affairs
2:00 p.m.                                              To resume hearings to examine the safe-           To hold joint hearings with the House
  Judiciary                                              ty of food imports, focusing on legisla-          Committee on Veterans Affairs on the
  Antitrust, Business Rights, and Competi-               tive, administrative and regulatory               legislative recommendations of the
       tion Subcommittee                                 remedies.                                         American Legion.
     To hold hearings to examine issues with                                              SD–342                             345 Cannon Building
       regard to the BP/Amoco merger.             10:00 a.m.
                                        SD–226      Energy and Natural Resources
                                                       To hold oversight hearings to examine                    CANCELLATIONS
               SEPTEMBER 23                              recent Midwest electricity price spikes.
9:00 a.m.                                                                                 SD–366                   SEPTEMBER 24
  Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry            2:00 p.m.                                         2:00 p.m.
     To hold hearings to examine public and         Indian Affairs                                    Energy and Natural Resources
       private forestry issues.                        To hold hearings on H.R. 1805, to amend        National Parks, Historic Preservation, and
                                      SR–328A            the Auburn Indian Restoration act to              Recreation Subcommittee
  Indian Affairs                                         establish restrictions related to gam-          To hold hearings on S. 1372, to provide
     To hold hearings on H.R. 1833, to provide           ing on and use of land held in trust for          for the protection of farmland at the
       for further self-governance by Indian             the United Auburn Indian Community                Point Reyes National Seashore in Cali-
       tribes.                                           of the Auburn Rancheria of California,            fornia.
                                        SD–562           and S. 2010, to provide for business de-                                         SD–366

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