Employee Termination/Departure (from company) Checklist Template by avylcohen


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									            Employee Departure Checklist
Employee Name: ____________________________________________

Position: ____________________         Department: __________________

Superior: _____________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________________

1 - Human Resources
_____ Notify Human Resources or your superior: As soon as you terminate an
employee or are aware of and/or receive a letter from an employee that notifies you of the
employee's intention to terminate employment, notify your Human Resources office. Be
sure that the person who is in charge of this area circulates both an internal and external
letter to inform all of the departure and/or that there will be a change of individual
responsible for the role or position the former employee held.

_____ Official Notice: If an employee tells you of their intention to leave your
employment, ask them to write a letter that states their resignation and their termination
date. (We request a minimum of two weeks notice, when possible and desirable.)

2 - Permissions Termination
_____Notify Your Network Administrator: As soon as you know that an employee is
leaving, notify your Network Administrator or other appropriate staff person of the date
and time on which to terminate the employee's access to computer and telephone systems.
Make arrangements for how these accounts will be routed to ascertain that your
organization will not lose contact with clients and customers. Have this person also
circulate a standardized letter that the individual is no longer working for the company
and to eliminate his/her email address from their address book.

3 - Return of Company Property

_____ Return of company property: Exiting employees are required to turn in all
company books and materials, keys, ID badges, computers, cell phones and any other
company-owned items. Typically a company should have a record/list of all items an
employee has in their possession, if this is the case, you should refer to this list and use it
as a exiting checklist. I also suggest that companies always produce a document for all
(valuable) items given to
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