Top Pharmacovigilance System Migration Challenges

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					Top Pharmacovigilance
   System Migration
                                                 Poorly defined scope

  Inability to assess
and address data quality

                                               Inadequate testing

Lack of support from
business community

                           Absence of Methodology

            Argus Safety
                                                  Inexperienced team

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Description: With the advancement of technology and the high cost of maintaining legacy safety and pharmacovigilance systems, organizations are forced to migrate to the latest technologies, such as Argus Safety, that offer the most beneficial and relevant features. Compliance and business risks associated with safety data and the real potential for migration error (mapping errors, different dictionary maintenance practices, and MedDRA/WHO coding inconsistencies) introduces significant challenges, or an opportunity to excel. This infographic exhibits the top system migration challenges that companies should consider when choosing a system and implementation vendor.