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									Making That Brown Package Stand-out

                                   Workers at UPS and the USPS (United States Postal Service) see the
                                   same old thing every day. If you could ask them, they would probably
                                   complain of the pain the color brown brings them on a daily basis.

                                   Christmas trees make them cry because their eyes are drawn to the
                                   trunk. Save them this holiday season from red-eyed, sleepless nights
                                   and add some creativity to your packaging ideas.

Don’t be satisfied with boring brown and find a new way to send things. Use the same boxes; only
decorate them in the proper attire before you let them out into the cold, hard shipping world.

Print a Map

One unique idea is to print off, or buy a map of the United States. Wrap the box in it—being anal about
tapping it everywhere so it doesn’t catch on another box and rip.

Take a neon colored marker and circle your home town on that map. Grab a thick, red marker and place
an X where it’s going on the map—like on a treasure map.

Draw a “hyphened” line in an arc from your home town to the destination and draw a plane along the
arc. Another Creative idea is to print out Google Map directions to walk from one location to another.

Using grease

Put grease on your hands and hold the box as if you were going to take it to the car. Leave them there
until the grease soaks in and stains it.

When the package arrives, the box will show a soiled set of directions to walk from your house to theirs
and 2 greasy handprints to prove that you did it. Although the idea of you walking is completely
ridiculous, the thought might get a good laugh out of the recipient.

Even if you’re not sending it across the country, you can get a smaller state, or city map printed. At the
other end, you can do the same with a world map for international travel.

In the vein of international travel, find out the stigma about the country’s customs department. Some
packages will be picked through or stolen entirely because of the poverty level of the workers.
Priest’s approach

Many packages a year don’t make it to their intended destinations because of customs departments. A
good deterrent for this behavior is to take a “priest’s approach” to sending packages.

The priest’s approach is to cover the box in pictures of religious characters important to the major
religion of the country. Of course don’t choose images that would be disrespectful or insulting in any

Pop art

Find popular art and put it on the package. For
Christian dominated countries, pictures of the saints
will be more than sufficient.

Although the 10 commandments don’t mean enough
to keep them from stealing packages, pictures of
religious items make them superstitious that they’re
stealing from a priest. When you address the
packages to Brother So and So, coming from Sister
Jane-Doe, that belief is only fortified.

Your package is much more likely to arrive this way. It doesn’t matter how you decorate the box, just
make it more interesting than a boring brown box.

Packsize is a packaging company that encourages the more economical use of earth’s materials. Packsize
has created a packaging machine that makes a custom-sized box to fit your shipping materials perfectly.

The fewer materials used to make and fill the box with air bags means you waste natural resources in
the environment. These machines help increase eco-friendly production in today’s industrialized world.

Photo credit: Flood, Osamukaneko

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