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									Learn How You Can Make Dependable Income From Home With The Help Of
Empower Network Co Op

25-JAN-2013 - Empower Network Co Op and Joshua Drake, team leader, are
pleased to announce a website and plan for putting together dependable
and honest income. In the past, these two features of income did not
always go together. Dependable income might not be achievable through
morally appropriate means, while honest income might not meet the type of
high needs and standards that support a desirable lifestyle.

During a discussion with an interviewer recently, team leader, Joshua
Drake explained, "My explanatory video uses the image of a group of
mountain climbers, roped together and working their way up a mountain.
The image of the mountain represents the goal of dependable income,
particularly passive income that can be reached with the reliance on and
help of other people who are also climbing toward the top."

A variety of ways are presented on the related website, linked to a
private page, in which team members can use tools, classes, instructional
materials, and team support to reach individual goals. A step-by-step
plan is presented, which consists of three basic tricks or techniques.
These tips are not complicated. One success story describes two
individuals path from zero income to $4M in a few months.

Joshua Drake, Empower Network Co Op team leader, offers tools that team
members can utilize in seeking dependable income. Logos for blogs or
images for Facebook are available. These tools help to define a brand.
There are easy to place videos, more than thirty of them, which are
useful when creating links to a website or blog.

Choosing the path to dependable and honest income is an individualized
process. However, the techniques offered by Drake's team are widely

Learn more regarding Empower Network Co Op and how it is effective in
facilitating income goals of individuals by visiting the website found at
http://www.joshuadrake.com/aiop today. Members of the press and others
who have further questions about the details included in this specific
press notice should contact Joshua Drake at the location specified below.

Contact Person Name: Joshua Drake, Team Leader

Company Name: Empower Network Co Op

Email: info@joshuadrake.com

Website: http://www.joshuadrake.com/aiop

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