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          Exam Name: HP Secure Prescription Printing
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         Question: 1
What is the most common method of obtaining a fraudulent prescription, according to the National
Association of Chain Drug Stores?

A. altering a handwritten prescription
B. doctor shopping
C. stealing a preprinted prescription pad
D. retrieving prescriptions from the garbage

                                                                            Answer: B

         Question: 2
How does the United States Government encourage the use of electronic medical records (EMRs)?

A. by providing tax breaks for facilities that use EMR systems
B. by providing financial incentives to facilities under the economic stimulus package
C. by directing Medicare patients to facilities with EMR systems
D. by certifying only facilities using EMR systems

                                                                            Answer: B

         Question: 3
Where does the healthcare industry rank in the amount of paper used by an industry?

A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. fourth

                                                                            Answer: A

         Question: 4
Which processes does e-prescribing involve?

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A. Facsimile
B. direct computer-to-computer transfer of data
C. emailing
D. prescription encryption

                                                                             Answer: B

         Question: 5
What are key business drivers in the healthcare industry? (Select two.)

A. containing costs
B. complying with insurance company paperwork
C. reducing the number of medical errors
D. providing healthcare for the uninsured
E. aging clinical staffs

                                                                           Answer: A,C

         Question: 6
Which statement is true about e-prescribing?

A. It is widely used.
B. E-prescribing programs can only be purchased with EMR software.
C. E-prescribing reduces the number of prescriptions doctors prescribe.
D. There are DEA and government incentives to use e-prescribing.

                                                                             Answer: D

         Question: 7
What is one reason for the continued use of paper prescriptions?

A. The elderly tend not to have home computers.
B. People shop around for the pharmacy with the least expensive drugs.
C. Mail-order drug companies require paper prescriptions.
D. Patients are not satisfied unless they leave the doctor's office with a paper prescription in hand.

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                                                                               Answer: B

         Question: 8
Why is there an expected increase in the number of prescriptions written over the next few years?

A. There will be more drugs to prescribe.
B. Drugs will be less expensive, so insurance companies will encourage doctors to prescribe to keep
costs down.
C. The baby boomers will be aging and older people use more drugs.
D. Certain drugs that are considered illegal will be made legal for medicinal purposes.

                                                                               Answer: B

         Question: 9
By 2015, what percentage of prescription prescribing must be electronic in order to qualify under the
Meaningful Use rules of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services?

A. 60%
B. 70%
C. 80%
D. 90%

                                                                               Answer: C

         Question: 10
Which classification scheme does the Drug Enforcement Agency's drug schedule use?

A. classifies drugs based on their potential for abuse
B. classifies drugs based on their cost
C. classifies drugs based on their efficacy in treating disease
D. classifies drugs based on the availability of their component ingredients

                                                                               Answer: A

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                CODE: HP2-B71
          Exam Name: HP Secure Prescription Printing
                      Solutions Sales


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