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					              Ashish Arora
Contact details: Cell (647) 618-4170 -; Email: Address: 248 Broadview Avenue, Ontario M4M2G7

Resume Highlights
 Fall 2010, MBA graduate from University of New Brunswick, Saint John Canada GPA 3.8
 Corporate Finance Professional with L.L.B / Chartered Accountant/ B.Com (Honors) & CGA Level 4
 Worked over 5 years doing financial analysis, industry research on publically available databases, industry benchmarking, financial
   performance analysis, financial projections, sensitivity analysis, due diligence and as an audit clerk (requirement for CA trainee)
   and handled many audits including the internal audits, statutory audits, tax audits, risk assessment and operational audit
 Sound understanding of corporate finance theories and demonstrated the same in practice
 Studied and worked in diverse cultures including India, France, Canada, London and have an understanding of ethics in
   multicultural settings
 Delivered results while working in strict deadlines and excellent team player skills
 Demonstrated public speaking and people management skills at work
 Trained in London by Standards and Poor on credit rating model
 Trained in London by Price Waterhouse Coopers on Transfer Pricing risk assessment and control measures
 Expert command over Microsoft Office and worked extensively on Excel, Word and PowerPoint

     Improved the Funds Flow Forecasting model in GE Energy, France making an impact of USD 16.8 MM
     Identified and got rectified an error in the ERP system query result used in GE Energy, France
     Worked closely with GE Money Tax directors/controllers and Transfer Pricing leaders on various projects.
     Delivered presentation at the GE Money EMEA region Senior Management Tax meeting in London (CEO, Jeffrey Immelt’s Board
     Assisted GE Money business Transfer Pricing leader to defend the audit in Korea and navigated the Transfer Pricing adjustments
      resulting in reduction of 70-80% disallowance to 30%.
     Helped GE Money business to develop process & risk assessment for related party transaction documentation. Included risk
      assessment of existing documentation and potential risk for entities without documentation.
     Proactively involved in discussion with GE Money tax managers and the transfer pricing leaders to decide documentation approach
      for new type of flows.
     Led discussions with stakeholders and helped document global intercompany flows for new projects. Resulted in 35% tax saving
      on USD 130m within US region and 22.5% tax saving on USD 60m within EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

    EDUCATION                                                                                                     Over 22 Years

Masters in Business Administration (Post-Graduate Program in Management for Executives)                      [Sep’08 – Oct’10]
University of New Brunswick, Saint John, Canada

         Major in International Business and Finance

L.L.B, Delhi University, India                                                                               [Jul’04 – Jun’ 07]
       Member of Bar Council of India

Chartered Accountant (CA), Institute of Chartered Accountants of India                                              [May 2004]

Certified General Accountant level 4 candidate

B.Com (Honors), Delhi University, India                                                                             [May 2002]

    WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                  Over 5 years
GE Energy Products France SNC, France                                                                     [Jan’10 – July’10]
Internship: Finance & Treasury Operations

     Funds Flow Forecasting Process Improvement, for 0.5 Billion USD disbursements per quarter
     Energy Industry research and competitive analysis
     Constructed a financial model to forecast the expenditure after developing an understanding of the systems in place & its
     Constructed a financial model for the payroll expenses forecast
     Net Impact Forecasting accuracy increased by EUR 4.9 MM and USD 9.1 MM
     Bridging gap between the cross functional teams in finance like Controllership, Sourcing, FP&A, Treasury and the I.T to connect
      the missing links
     Process Mapping and suggesting improvements by being observant and analysing details

                              Address: 248 Broadview Avenue, Ontario M4M2G7, Canada
   Mission was to get the forecasting numbers closer to the actual disbursements by plucking out the loopholes

Deloitte                                                                                                  [Aug’07 – Sep’08]
Deputy Manager

   Advising multi-national clients and helping them doing financial performance benchmarking
   Vetting the inter-company agreements and confidential documents per the requirements of the assignment
   Conducting research for Industry Analysis using various databases for publically available information
   Financial modelling to analyse the financial statements on various platforms and for different purposes
   Analysis of the financial performance of the entire group and to benchmark the financial performance globally
   Extensive, complex ratio analysis for benchmarking the results both on stand alone basis and as a member of the group
   Analyse companies’ internal documents including annual results/reports and write reports
   Financial due diligence investigations of companies (Marks & Spenser) for mergers & acquisition
   Research potential buyers/investors from both sides of the transaction and follow up with the market trends
   Involved in Head Quarter Cost Liquidation studies for GE US Head Quarter and the European HQ by doing the functional
    interviews with functional managers in the US, Australia and Europe.
   Research areas include share prices and the company’s ability to pay back debts
   Research the adequate capital structure of the group and to make suggestions on the thin capitalization rules framed by OECD
   Assist in developing business by preparing client presentations and help market new services
   Assist to research and structure transactions, price and suggest improvements
   Represented clients in the capacity of a lawyer in front of the IRS and successfully navigated the complete TP audit, single
   Understanding and hands-on work experience on the OECD guidelines and TP laws across the globe including the Americas, the
    EMEA region, Asia, and Australia.
   Worked on multiple databases including Osiris, Oriana, Compustat, Prowess and Amadeus.
   Analysis of significant intercompany flows and discussion with the corporate clients
   Variance Analysis and functional Analysis of the group financial structure

General Electric Corporation (“GE”)                                                                         [May’06 – Aug’07]
Senior Officer, India Centre of Excellence
Specialized in Transfer Pricing and valuation of the inter company flows on a global level

Diverse experience in various Intercompany transactions and flows within the financial services arm of GE
 Trained by the Standard and Poor’s on the credit rating model and financial analysis
 Transfer pricing report and advisory services for GE Money entities throughout the world. Conducting functional interviews and
    defending audits at different jurisdictions across the globe.
 Due diligence for various purposes for GE entities as part of the In-house team
 Responsible for all intercompany flows within GE Money with aspects of planning, analysing, justifying, documenting,
    operations, and financial flows
 Member of the core team for Transfer Pricing, the unique team in India for the GE entities world wide
 Covered Intercompany loan flows to value the correct and arms length value of the transaction
 Analysed and handled the complete GE Money Head Quarter Cost Liquidation study with the financial analysis at the corporate
    level and with discussions with the stakeholders based in the US and Dublin
 Assisted the managers to decide the documentation of the new flows for various projects within the business.
 Helped the business setting the goals for the documentation; Coordinated with tax managers and the business lead to set out the
    work plan.

Reported to the Global Transfer Pricing Leader based in Dublin, Ireland
    Global Documents
           Head Quarter Cost Liquidation Study
            o   GE MONEY Global HQ Cost Liquidation Study (Stamford & Dublin)
       New Zealand GE Money Transfer Pricing Documents
       Flows Covered
           Loan Transactions, Commitment Fees, Charge for Management Fees, High Value Consultancy Services, I.T. Services,
            Administrative Services, Customer Support Services

S.S. Kothari Mehta & Co., Chartered Accountants, New Delhi India                                          [July’04 – May’06]
Manager, Management Consultancy Division
Specialized in: Corporate Finance and Valuation Consultant

   Client handling: Worked with management to understand the business & Industry to look for opportunities
   Financial Statement Analysis and understand the current operations with the help of Ratio(s) and Benchmarking Industry
   Financial modeling on excel including preparing financial projections for the stakeholders
   Prepared marketing material/report for IPO positioning and attracting Private equity
   Report Drafting and discussing issues with the client
   Highlight Issues and deliver presentation to client to discuss the areas of Improvement

                             Address: 248 Broadview Avenue, Ontario M4M2G7, Canada

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