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                                               T R ULAT IVES 41,Classifieds
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                                          4 1 U TH
  4 U
                                                                           ES ION IS                 SU N IS YOU
   YO                                      Y O                           R      T   ES            RE T  O
                                                                                                                                                                                  REVERSE MORTGAGES. Senior
             1. Cars                                    15. Pets                              23. Miscellaneous                       OLD GUITARS WANTED. Fender,
                                                                                                                                      Gibson, Gretsch, Martin. 1930-1960s.
                                                                                                                                                                                  homeowners. No payments until you
                                                                                                                                                                                  permanently leave your residence.
DONATE A CAR TODAY TO HELP                                                               PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT,                        Top cash paid. 1-800-401-0440.              Government insured, no qualifying.
                                              COCKER SPANIEL RESCUE
children and their families suffering                                                    service, or business to 1.8 MILLION                                       CAD-38-1T      Call Frank Costa, 1-800-974-4846 x
                                                    OF NEW ENGLAND
from cancer. Free towing. Tax deduct-                                                    HOUSEHOLDS throughout New                    REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL. Get a               229. Continental Funding, Stoughton,
                                           Has all ages and colors available,
ible. Children’s Cancer Fund of                                                          England. Reach 4 million potential           4-room, all-digital satellite system in-    MA.
                                           neutered. All shots. Adopt fee req.
America, Inc. 1-800-                                                      readers quickly and inexpensively            stalled for free and programming start-                                BNE-38-1T
                                           Save a life; adopt a Rescue Cocker.
469-8593.                                                                                with great results. Use the Buy New          ing under $20. Free digital video re-       $$CASH$$ Immediate cash for
                                           Call 603-547-3363 or visit:
                           NANI-38-1T                                                    England Classified Ad Network by             corders to new clients. So call now, 1-     structured settlements, annuities,
DONATE A CAR – help children fight-                                                      calling this paper at 603-352-5250.          800-795-3579.                               lawsuits, inheritances, mortgage notes
ing diabetes. Fast, free towing. Call 7                                                  Ask for Mitchell. Do they work? You                                       CAD-38-1T      & cash flow. J.G. Wentworth #1.
                                            GREYHOUNDS FOR ADOPTION!
days/week. Non-runners OK. Tax de-                                                       are reading one of our ads now!              $$CASH$$ Immediate cash for struc-          1-800-794-7310.
                                          Make a Fast Friend. Several sweet
ductible. Call Juvenile Diabetes Re-                                                                               BNE-13-TF          tured settlements, annuities, lawsuits,                                BNE-38-1T
                                          ex-racers waiting for good homes.
search Foundation, 1-800-578-0408.                                                                      –––––                         inheritances, mortgage notes & cash         $$$ACCESS LAWSUIT cash now.
                                          Call 603-398-2300.
                           NANI-38-1T                                                                                                 flows. J.G. Wentworth #1. 1-800-794-        Injury lawsuit dragging? Need $500-
FREE REMOVAL of unwanted junk                               –––––
                                                                                             HELP THEM                                7310.
                                                                                                                                                                                  $500,000++ within 48 hours. Call 1-
cars. No title? No keys? No problems.      DOBERMAN RESCUE UNLIMITED                                                                                                              877-386-3692,
Serving CT, RI, NH & MA. Call for fast
removal today. 617-799-5444.
                                          Has many wonderful Dobermans
                                          looking for homes. Please call
                                                                                             CALL HOME                                ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from
                                                                                                                                      home. Medical, business, para-

                           BNE-38-1T      978-454-9791 or visit our Web site at
                                                                                         Help our deployed soldiers call home         legal, computers, criminal justice. Job
                                                                                                                                      placement assistance. Compu-
                                                                                                                                                                                   31. Upcoming Events
                                                                                         by sending them telephone calling
       2. Classic Cars                                                      C-27-TF
                                                                                         cards. One old cell phone = one 250-         ter available. Financial aid if
                                                                                         minute calling card; a $40 cash do-          qualified. Call 800-494-3586.                         32. Heating
FOR SALE: 1931 FORD MODEL A                                                              nation = one 1200-minute calling   
Sedan. Completely restored, $13,000.           NORTHEAST ROTTWEILER
                                                                                         card.                                                                     CAD-38-1T
                                                          RESCUE                                                                                                                   ]
Contact Ken at 603-352-7183.
                                          Has Rottweilers of all ages for
                                                                                                   $CASH FOR GOLD$. We buy gold,                    33. Cordwood/Firewood
                              *38-2T                                                                                    C-50-13T      silver & platinum. Get cash now. High-
                                          adoption. Temperament tested,
                                                                                                           –––––                      est payouts. Satisfaction guaranteed.             PAQUETTE & SONS
 3. Trucks, 4X4's, Vans                   spayed/neutered, vaccinated.
                                                                                         FOR SALE: DINING TABLE with 2                888-245-4517.                                         FIREWOOD
                                                                                         leaves; Casio keyboard, new speaker/                                      CAD-38-1T
2001 TOYOTA SIENNA VAN. 57,000                                              C-52-TF                                                                                                            Green
                                                                                         woffer system; child’s car; wicker furni-    HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. Fast, af-
miles, 1 owner, excellent condition,                        –––––
                                                                                         ture set, much more. 603-336-7779.           fordable, accredited. Free brochure.
$9500. 603-352-3273.                        WANT A NEW FELINE FRIEND?
                                                                                                                                      Call now. 1-800-532-6546, Ext. 532.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Also Seasoned
                               *38-2T         Cats and kittens of all kinds
                                             available for a reasonable fee.
                                                                                         INVICTA PRO DIVER WATCH. Re-                               Delivery Charges
1999 MINIVAN – MERCURY Villager.                                                         serve collection, Swiss 26 jewel certi-                                   CAD-38-1T
A Nissan Quest under Mercury name.                      603-532-9444
                                                                                         fied Chronometer, 2-tone blue, box,          POST OFFICE NOW HIRING. Avg.                          May Apply
Good gas mileage, runs great, excel-
                                                                                         papers, warranty, $500. 603-532-5711.        $20/hr. $57K/yr. including fed. ben-                (603) 357-9628
lent quality, loaded, $2900. 603-239-                                                                                      *38-2T     efits, OT, placed by Ad Source, not aff.
7234.                                                       –––––                                                                                                                                              X-48-TF
                                                                                         USER-FRIENDLY PICNIC TABLE. 6-               w/USPS who hires. 1-866-483-1057.
                               *39-2T     2 1/2-YEAR-OLD MALE German Shep-
1998 GMC SIERRA. 4WD, Extended            herd. Good with kids and cats, intelli-
                                                                                         foot table, 8-foot top, P.T. legs, 2x6
                                                                                                                                      VEGAS BABY – FREE. 3 days, 2
                                                                                                                                                                   CAD-38-1T                  34. Coins
                                                                                         construction, 2x10 seats, $175. Deliv-
Cab with third door, power locks and      gent, and energetic, to good home.
                                                                                         ery $25. 603-357-3040.       nights. Pay nothing – high roller treat-
                                          Kathy, 603-585-7747, leave message.
windows, AC, tonneau cover, trailer
hitch, $2800. 603-352-5156.                                                   *38-2T
                                                                                         furniture.                                   ment. Las Vegas – 5 Star resort. Call        35. Home Furnishings
                                                                                                                           *39-2T     1-800-897-3554.
                               *39-2T                                                                                                                              CAD-38-1T      KING-SIZED WATER BED. Excellent
                                            16. Office Equipment                         RINNAI FAN-TYPE UNVENTED pro-
                                                                                         pane gas heaters. Fast, safe heat. 603-      STEEL BUILDINGS: 5 only. 2) 25x32,          condition, unassembled, $100, located
4. Auto Parts/Accessories                                                                924-4328.                                    3) 30x40. Must move. Selling for bal-       in Marlborough. Call 603-313-9429.
                                             HUNDREDS OF                                                                   *39-2T     ance owed/free delivery. 1-800-411-
                                                                                                                                      5869, x53.
 5. Motorcycles/Bikes/ATV's                                                              REACH OVER 30 MILLION HOMES                                                              OAK DINING TABLE, 6 CHAIRS, 2

                                              PRE-OWNED                                  with one buy. Advertise in NANI for
                                                                                         only $2795 per week. For information,
                                                                                                                                      NEED A LOAN? No credit - bad credit
                                                                                                                                                                                  leaves, china, dry sink, $2500, mov-
                                                                                                                                                                                  ing; miscellaneous furniture. 918-289-
Yamaha PW-80. 3-speed automatic,          Desks, filing cabinets, credenzas,             visit                   - bankruptcy - repossession - personal      1760 (cell). Keene. Call this Wednes-
runs great, $950. 603-313-6995.           flat files, tables, work benches,                                          NANI-38-1T       loans - auto loans - consolidation loans    day – Friday only.
                             *39-2T       office chairs, side chairs, and more.          FREE DIRECTV 4 room system.                  available. “We have been helping                                            *39-2T
2004 YAMAHA V/STAR Silverado.              ALL AT HUGE SAVINGS!                          All 265+ channels free 4 months. In-         people with credit problems since
Low miles, some extras, $5500. 603-                Visit Us Today:                       cludes movie channels. 95 HD chan-           1991.” Call 1-800-654-1816.                        36. Jobs Wanted
903-0698.                                     David J. Houston Co., LLC                  nels. Ends soon, ask how. Packages                                        CAD-38-1T
                             *41-4T        45 Hadley Rd., Jaffrey, NH 03452              start $29.99. Free DVR/HD. 1-800-620-
WANTED: JAPANESE motorcycles -                       603-532-4237                        0058.                                                   24. Antiques                            37. Help Wanted
Kawasaki, 1970-1980, Z1-900, KZ900,                                                                                  NANI-38-1T
KZ1000, H2-750, H1-500, S1-250, S2-
250, S2-350, S3-400. Cash paid. 1-
                                             Open Mon. – Fri. 9-5; Sat. 9-2
                                                                                         FREE DIRECTV 4 room system.
                                                                                         All 265+ channels free 4 months. In-
                                                                                                                                      SINGLE ITEMS/complete estates: Art-
                                                                                                                                      works, Americana, furniture, ceram-
                                                                                                                                      ics, firearms, orientalia, silver, adver-
                                                                                         cludes movie channels. 95 HD chan-
800-772-1142, 1-310-721-0726.
                                                                                                                                      tising, Native American, folk art, sculp-                Local
                         CAD-38-1T           17. NASCAR Tickets                          nels. Ends soon, ask how. Packages
                                                                                         start $29.99. Free DVR/HD. 1-800-973-        tures, jewelry, maritime, rugs, gold.                  We Train
                                                                                                                                      Top $$ paid. 888-260-8050 or 207-
        6. Appliances                                                                    9044.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Help Yourself
                                                      18. Music                                                      NANI-38-1T
                                                                                                                                                                                       While Helping Others!
                                                                                         AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Train for
  7. Power Equipment                      FOR SALE: PV PA SYSTEM. With 15-               high paying aviation maintenance ca-                                                            1-800-258-1815
                                          inch speakers and tweeters. To re-             reer. FAA approved program. Finan-                25. Lost & Found                   
                                          place, cost $1400; selling for $900.           cial aid if qualified – job placement                                                                                 *40-26T
     8. Campers/RV's                      Telephone 603-563-8743.                        assistance. Call Aviation Institute of       LOST & FOUND ADS ARE FREE!                                 –––––
                                                                                         Maintenance, 888-349-5387.                   Reach more than 39,000 households
MOBILE HOME. 2002 Breckenridge
                                          CLARINET, FLUTE, VIOLIN, trumpet,                                          NANI-38-1T       by clipping the coupon in this week's            TPI Employment
park model, 41-feet long, 3 tip outs,                                                    ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from                   paper.
                                          trombone, amplifier, Fender guitar, $69
additional room, screened porch, plus
                                          each. Cello, upright bass, saxophone,          home. Medical, business, paralegal,                                       C-51-TF                 Services
extras. Call 802-365-7005.                                                               computers,         criminal     justice.
                                          French horn, drums, $185 each. Tuba,                                                           26. Pools And Spas
                                          baritone horn, Hammond organ, others           Job placement assistance. Computer                                                            53 Marlboro St., Keene
                                          4 sale. 1-516-377-7907.                        available.       Financial      aid     if
    9. Sporting Goods                                                BNE-38-1T           qualified. Call 800-510-0784.
                                                                                                                                      STOP SWIMMING IN CHLORINE.                            603-352-4155
                                                                                                                                      Non-chemical pool/spa purifiers are
                                                                                                                                                          Current Openings
                                                                                                                                      the healthy & eco-friendly alternative
  10. Snow Equipment                        19. Lawn And Garden                                                      NANI-38-1T
                                                                                                                                      to harsh chemicals. More info. @                       Inspectors
                                                                                         GET A NEW COMPUTER. Brand name
                                                                                                                             or 1-800-               Maintenance Mechanic
                                                                                         laptops & desktops. Bad or no credit –
                                                 BARK MULCH                                                                           6PURIFY. 10% disc. + free shipping w/
           11. Boats                                                                     no problem. Smallest weekly payments
                                                                                         avail. It’s yours now. 1-800-804-7475.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Canning Line Production
                                             TREEHUGGER FARMS                                                                                                   CAD-38-1T
                                                                                                                     NANI-38-1T                                                     Asst. Manager in Fast Food
  12. Training/Lessons                           Forest Blend                            HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. Fast, af-                          27. Auctions                           Surface Grinder Opr.
                                                  Wholesale Prices                       fordable & accredited. Free brochure.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Speech Lang. Pathologist
      RIDING LESSONS                               5-Yard Specials                       Call now. 1-800-532-6546, Ext. 412.
                                                                                                                                            -                                          Occupational Therapist
       RIDER FITNESS                                Fast Delivery                                          28. Thrift Shops                         Physical Therapist
                                               Stump Grinding Available                                              NANI-38-1T
          CLASSES                                   603-399-8454                         MEMORY FOAM THERAPEUTIC                                                                          Switchboard Opr.
      72 X 160 INSIDE ARENA                                         X-27-TF              NASA Visco mattresses wholesale. T-           29. Moving/Yard Sales                             Haas Vert. Mill Opr.
    TRAINING, SALES, CLINICS                            –––––                            $299; F-$349; Q-$399; K-$499;                                                             Propane/Oil Burner Technician
  PILATES – YOGA – AEROBICS                                                              Adjustables-$799. Free delivery,
Children & adults. Enjoy riding in          SCREENED                                     25 year warranty, 60 night trial.                 30. Financial Ser.                             ASK ABOUT OUR
our bright & beautiful Cover-all                                                         1-800-ATSLEEP, 1-800-287-5337.                                                                 $50 GASOLINE BONUS
arena. Tried & true classical prin-
ciples with patience & kindness for
                                          LOAM “SPECIAL”                       
                                                                                                                                      $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT cash now.
                                                                                                                                      As seen on TV. Injury lawsuit                              –––––

all disciplines & all levels. Day &                14 Yards Delivered                    VEGAS BABY – FREE. Get away 3                dragging? Need $500-$500,000++
evening exercise classes for rid-                Within 20 Miles – $270                  days, 2 nights. Pay nothing – high roller    within 24/hrs. after approval? Com-           FULL-TIME
ers. Come visit & Join the fun.           Fitzwilliam, Troy, Richmond – $225             treatment. Las Vegas – 5 Star resort.        pare our lower rates. Apply now. 1-
  Langwood Farm, Langdon, NH                   603-585-9600 Or                           Must call now. 1-888-245-4470.               866-386-3692.                                   MIDDLE
            603-835-2423                                                                                             NANI-38-1T                                 NANI-38-1T                      603-242-3660                             A NEW COMPUTER NOW. Brand                    $$CASH$$ Immediate cash for                    SCHOOL
                            X-14-TF                                       X-27-TF        name. Bad or no credit – no problem.         structured settlements, annuities,

    13. Steel Buildings                           20. Computers
                                                                                         Smallest weekly payments avail. Call
                                                                                         now 800-804-5010.
                                                                                                                                      lawsuits, inheritances, mortgage notes
                                                                                                                                      & cash flows. J.G. Wentworth #1.
                                                                                                                     NANI-38-1T       1-800-794-7310.                                 Teaching Position
                                          GET A NEW COMPUTER. Brand name                 DIRECTV SATELLITE Television, free                                     NANI-38-1T
        14. Livestock                     laptops & desktops. Bad or no credit –         equipment, free 4 room installation,         ARE YOU DROWNING IN DEBT? Fi-                       Available At
                                          no problem. Smallest weekly payments           free HD or DVR receiver upgrade. Pack-       nancially stressed out? We can save          Trinity Christian School
                                          avail. It’s yours now. 1-800-932-3721.         ages from $29.99/mo. Call Direct Sat.        you thousands & stop the harassment.
      HORSE                                                          NANI-38-1T          TV for details. 1-800-380-8939.              Get help now with a free consultation.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Send Resume To:
                                                                                                                                                                                         Trinity Christian School
                                          A NEW COMPUTER NOW. Brand                                                  NANI-38-1T       Call 1-888-246-2304.
   GROOMING AND                           name. Bad or no credit – no problem.           GIGANTIC MIRRORS: Jobsite                                              NANI-38-1T
                                                                                                                                                                                            100 Maple Avenue
                                                                                                                                                                                             Keene, NH 03431
                                          Smallest weekly payments avail. Call           leftovers. 48”x100”x1/4” (15), $99/each.     $$$ GET LAWSUIT CASH NOW –
    EXERCISING                            now 1-800-640-0656.                            72”x100”x1/4” (11), $145/each.               Oasis Legal Finance #1. See us on TV.
      I Will Come To You                                             NANI-38-1T          72”x50”x1/4” w/1” bevel, $115/each.          Fastest cash advances on injury cases
     And Do All The Work!!                                                               84”x60” w/1” bevel, $135/each. Free          – within 24/hrs. Owe nothing if you
        Mane To De-Tail                            21. Kidswear                          delivery. Installation available. A & J      lose your case. Apply free. Call now 1-
        603-399-9046 Or                                                                  Wholesale, 800-473-0619.                     866-353-9959.                                                                                           NANI-38-1T                                 NANI-38-1T
                          *39-4T                22. TV’s/Stereos                         T-SHIRTS. Custom printed, $4.50,             TOO MANY BILLS? Pay off your debts
              –––––                                                                      heavyweight, "Fruit of the Loom"; hats,      up to 50-80% off. One low af-
 USED ENGLISH/WESTERN                                                                    $2.75; mugs & more. Free catalog. 1-         fordable monthly payment. 98% ap-
       SADDLES                                                                           800-242-2374. Berg Enterprises. 40.          proval rate. 1-866-608-BILL (2455).
                                                                                                                     BNE-38-1T        Visit
      FOR HORSES                                                                                                                                                NANI-38-1T
Ponies, donkeys, and mules start-
ing at $50. Driving harnesses: horse,
cob, and pony sizes. Other tack.
Trades. Need used tack, any kind,
any condition. HORSE HAVEN SAD-
DLERY, 543 Old Keene Rd., Wal-
pole, NH. 603-756-4348.
                                                       40. Services                           46. Health/Fitness
AUTO TECHNICIAN WANTED                                                                                                                    54. Industrial Space
      Swanzey Truck & Auto                         SWANZEY OIL                           VIAGRA CIALIS. Save $400, 40
           Is Expanding
   Full-Time Position Available                 Furnace Service And Repair               pills – $99. That’s right... save $400.             FOR LEASE
                                                24-Hour Emergency Delivery               40 pills – $99. Free prescription. Low-
       Import And Domestic
        Experience Needed                      Home Heating Oil • Kerosene               est prices. Order now. 1-888-942-2262.               OR RENT
                                             Propane – Cooking And Appliance                                     300 Feet to 3000 Feet
    Salary Commensurate With
                                                    Automatic Delivery                                               NANI-38-1T                 Industrial Space
    Experience And Efficiency!
                                                Family Owned And Operated                ONLINE PHARMACY. Buy Soma,
        Call Peter Or David                                                                                                                      Route 12 South
                                                       603-357-5400                      Ultram, Fioricet, Prozac, Buspar,
  For Appointment, 603-355-2401                                                                                                                    Many Uses
                                                                     C-48-13T            90 qty., $51.99. 180 qty., $84.99.
                            *39-3T                                                                                                              Only $590/Month
                                                          –––––                          Price includes prescription. We
                                                                                         will match any competitor’s                            603-381-6333
  HELP WANTED:                                 WEDDING D.J.                              price. 1-866-376-5747, PhoneMedi
                                              M.C./VOCALIST                                                           BNE-38-1T
                                                                                         SAVE $400/40 PILLS – $99. Free
                                                                                                                                        55. Land/Home Packages
                                                Lively, Fun Entertainer                  prescriptions. Lowest prices. Order
   WORKERS WANTED                              Great Sound/Great Price
           For 33-Year-Old
                                                                                         now. 888-942-2262. www.wesaveon
                                                                                                                                           56. Apts. For Rent
                                                      Book Now
           Autistic Female                                                                                            CAD-38-1T
              Will Train
          Call 603-499-6686                   Any Function – Karaoke Inc.
                                                                                                  47. Childcare                          57. Vacation Rentals
                                  *39-2T                                      *41-5T
                                                              –––––                                                                   VEGAS BABY – FREE. 3 days, 2 nights.
                 –––––                                                                                                                Pay nothing – 5 Star resort. Las Vegas
SECRET SHOPPERS needed                        ERRANDS PLUS +                                    48. Real Estate                       – Tahiti Village. Call now. 888-704-6946.
immediately for store evaluations.                                                                                                                                  NANI-38-1T
Local stores, restaurants & theaters.                Corporate And                       3 BR, 2 BA FORECLOSURE. Only
                                                                                                                                      LAKE WINNIPESAUKEE – Weirs
Training provided, flexible hours. As-                                                   $48,900. Bank owned. Call for listings
                                                                                                                                      Beach, NH. Channel waterfront cot-
signments available now. 1-800-585-                     Domestic                         & info. 800-279-1604.
                                                                                                                                      tages. 1, 2, 3 BR w/fully appointed kitch-
9024, ext. 6262.                                                                                                     NANI-38-1T
                                                     Errand Service                                                                   ens. Sandy beach, dock space. Walk to
                            NANI-38-1T                                                   BUY HUD HOMES FROM $199/MO.
                                                                                                                                      everything. Pets welcome. 1-603-366-
$$$HELP WANTED$$$ EARN extra                                 Keene                       Payments from $199/mo. Financing
                                                                                                                                      4673. www.channelcottages.
income assembling CD cases from                        603-381-7587                      referrals available. For listings & info.
home. No experience necessary. Call                                                      800-508-8178 Ext. 1276.
our live operators now. 1-800-267-                                                                                   NANI-38-1T
                                                                     C-48-13T                                                         VEGAS BABY – FREE. 3 days, 2 nights.
3944, Ext. 104. www.easywork-                                                            HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED?
                                                           –––––                                                                      Pay nothing – 5 Star resort. Las Vegas, unavailable (MD, WI,                                                       Contact Woodford Bros., Inc. for
                                                                                                                                      Tahiti Village. Call now. 1-888-704-
SD, ND).
                                                ROSE CASTLE                              straightening, leveling, foundation, and
                                                                                         wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-
AWESOME CAREER. Government                    Lawn And Property Maintenance              BARN,            www.woodfordbros.
postal jobs. $17.80 to $59 hour entry          Lawn Care, Rubbish Removal
                                                        Lot Clearing
                                                                                         com; MAHIC#155877; CTHIS
                                                                                         #571557; RICRB#22078.
                                                                                                                                       58. Commercial Space
level. No experience required/now hir-
ing. Green Card O.K. Call 1-800-370-               Scrap Metal Hauling                                                BNE-38-1T
0146, ext. 102. Closed Sundays.                       Snow Removal                       NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS:                    59. Roommates Wanted
                            NANI-38-1T                   And More                        Easy to finish log cabin shell, 1.7 acres,
GOVERNMENT JOBS. $12-$48/hr.                       Call John Or Scott At                 $89,900. 2-acre to 5-acre waterfront
Paid training, full benefits. Call for in-        313-4516 Or 313-5463                   homesites from $99,900. Mountain                        60. Condos
formation on current hiring positions in                                 *38-2T          Homesites. $29,900-$89,900. 828-
homeland security, wildlife, clerical,                     –––––                         247-9966.
and professional. 1-800-320-9353                                                                                      BNE-38-1T

                            NANI-38-1T                     DJ                            N.C.: FARM & mansion: 135 ac.,
                                                                                         6300sf, 5 bedroom, 5 bath, unbeliev-
                                                                                         able estate in hills between Raleigh &
pay $20/hour or $57K annually                                                            Virginia. Kerr Lake nearby: $1.6M; We’ll
                                                                                         fly you here. Pics: 919-693-8984;
including federal benefits and
OT. Placed by adSource, not aff. w/              Great Rates                   
USPS who hires. 1-866-574-4781.                                                                                       BNE-38-1T
                            NANI-38-1T                                                   NC MOUNTAINS. New log cabin shell
ed. Earn $3500-$5000 weekly working
                                                603-756-3186                             w/covered porch, large deck w/2.2 acs.
                                                                                         $99,900. Acreage available w/stunning
from home! Guaranteed paychecks.                                                         views & mountain streams. 1-828-652-
No experience necessary. Positions                                                       8700.
available today. Register online now.
                                                    41. Remodeling
                            NANI-38-1T                                                         49. Building Lots
ASSEMBLE MAGNETS & crafts from                    AFFORDABLE
home. Year-round work. Excellent pay.
No experience. Top US company. Glue               REMODELING                                50. Houses For Rent
gun, painting, jewelry & more. Toll free
                                                        We Do Siding,
1-866-844-5091. Not available in MD.
                                                        Decks, Roofs,                         51. Mobile Homes
                                                      Windows, Doors,
                                                     Kitchens And Baths
$5000 weekly processing company re-
                                                            Rick                           WE FINANCE MOBILE/
funds online. Guaranteed paychecks.
No experience needed. Positions avail-                 603-762-1657                      MANUFACTURED HOMES
able today. Register online now.                                              *39-4T
                                                                                         We will finance mobile/manufac-
                                                                                         tured homes that are situated in a
                            NANI-38-1T              42. Advertising                      park, or finance a mobile/ manufac-
                                             PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT,                       tured home on your own land. Feel
gas money. Up to $150/day. Under-
                                             service, or business to 1.8 MILLION         right at home with Monadnock Com-
cover shoppers needed to judge retail
                                             HOUSEHOLDS throughout New En-               munity Bank in Peterborough and
and dining establishments. Exp. not
                                             gland. Reach 4 million potential            Winchendon.
req. 800-742-6941.
                                             readers quickly and inexpensively                         Call Us At
                                             with great results. Use the Buy New                    1-888-924-1250
CAN YOU DIG IT? Heavy equipment
                                             England Classified Ad Network by                   Equal Housing Lender
school. 3 wk. training program. Back-
                                             calling this paper at 603-352-5250.                     Member FDIC
hoes, bulldozers, trackhoes. Local job
                                             Ask for Mitchell. Do they work? You                                     X-21-TF
placement asst. Start digging dirt now.
                                             are reading one of our ads now!
Toll free 866-362-6497.
                             CAD-38-1T                                 BNE-13-TF                52. Timeshares
$150 daily. Get paid to shop pt/ft. Call               43. Wanted                             TIMESHARE:
now, 800-690-1272.

                             CAD-38-1T              WANTED:                                     ARUBA
to pose as customer, evaluate ser-             TOP $ FOR ANTIQUE                                 Devi Dutch Village
vices of local stores, restaurants &                                                                  Week 12
                                               Pocket Watches, Wrist Watches
theaters. Flexible hours, no experi-                                                          Large 1-Bedroom Condo
                                                         Jewelry, Coins
ence necessary, training provided. 1-                                                          22 Years Left On Lease
                                                    Photos And Silverware
800-585-9024, Ext. 6750.                                                                               $5000
                                              Also Appraisal And Consignment
                             CAD-38-1T                                                              603-352-6342
                                                   Antiques At Colony Mill
                                                      603-358-6343 (Shop)
    38. Business Opp.                                   Or 731-0429 (C)
                                                                                         BUY TIMESHARE RESALES. Save
                                                                                         60-80% off retail. Best resorts
        START YOUR                                             –––––
                                                                                         & seasons. Call for free time-
       OWN BUSINESS!                         LOOKING TO BUY A GOOD, USED
                                                                                         share magazine. 1-800-639-5319.
Start your own business right from           wood stove or pellet stove. Also look-
the privacy of your home!                    ing for aluminum fishing boat. 603-
• Three incredible making money              517-1680 (cell).
                                             USED BOOKS. Buying 1 box or large
                                                                                                      53. Land
• No selling, inventory, or shipping!
• No computer necessary!                     collections. Will pick up. Call Betsey at
Go online now to find out how easy           603-336-5225.
it really is!!          BUYING GOLD, DIAMONDS, silver,                   Take Over Payments!
                               *38-1T        platinum jewelry. Watches, coins, furs,             10 Pretty And
                –––––                        collectibles and antiques. House calls
                                             by appointment. Call Gold Exchange.             Remote Wooded Acres
assembling angel pins in the                 1-888-745-8360.                                   Up In The Country
comfort of your own home. No                                              BNE-38-1T             $262.18 Monthly
experience required. Call 813-425-
4348 or 813-425-4361 or visit                   44. Crafters Wanted                                207-942-0058                                                                                                         *38-1T
                          NANI-38-1T                                                                      –––––
                                               45. Building Supplies                     TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN acreage. 2
earn $800/day? Vending route, 30                                                         acre beautiful homesite, million $ view.
machines + candy. $9995. 1-800-807-                                                      Secluded, utilities, overlooking Ten-
6485.                                                                                    nessee River. Close to marina, schools,
                          CAD-38-1T                                                      shopping. $59,900. Low down, owner
                                                                                         financing. 330-699-1585.
           39. Paving                                                                                               NANI-38-1T
                                                                                         LAND LIQUIDATION SALE: Maine
                                                                                         lakefront (Bar Harbor area). 3.9 acres,
                                                                                         389’ lake frontage, only $59,900. Guar-
                                                                                         anteed buildable. Owner financing.
                                                                                         Lowest price on the lake. L&S Realty,
                                                                                         TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN acreage. 2
                                                                                         acre beautiful homesite. Million $ view.
                                                                                         Secluded, utilities, overlooking Ten-
                                                                                         nessee River, close to marina, schools,
                                                                                         shopping. $49,900, low down, owner
                                                                                         financing. 330-699-1585.



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