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Easy Video Suite Set For January Launch


Wolfe Web Marketing, LLC and owner Matt Wolfe offer a comprehensive video software suite that makes creating, editing, and posting videos to a website easy. Even non-technical people can take advantage of the features to place great content on a marketing site.

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									Easy Video Suite Set For January Launch

Murrieta, CA, 25-JAN-2013 - Wolfe Web Marketing, LLC and owner Matt Wolfe
are pleased to announce that Easy Video Suite will be launched on January
15. The marketing firm has had early access to the specifics of the
software package and is preparing to launch an all-out campaign to get
the information before the general public.

According to Matt Wolfe, speaking to interviewers recently, "Easy Video
Suite is launching on January 15th. Only one person received early access
to it and that was me, Matt Wolfe. At, I've made sneak
peek videos, shared tips, interviewed Josh, reviewed the product, and
created bonuses for the product. My website is the number one resource
for all information about Easy Video Suite."

The creator of the video is Josh Bartlett, a seasoned marketer. Matt
Wolfe, also a marketing guru, became the first Beta tester for the
software. The package features were perfect for the applications that
Wolfe needed in his company. The Easy Video Suite software does a number
of previously complicated tasks, such as posting videos to a site so that
they can only be viewed by site members.

The list of software package features is significant. For example, EVS
has an iPhone and Android app which will allow the user to record videos
directly into EVS. This is in addition to the desktop app for PC and Mac.
Recording can be done from a camera or from the screen. Conversion of the
videos is automatic so that they appear in the best Web format. Videos
can have chapter breaks to make viewing easy. Playlists string together
multiple videos. There are social sharing buttons embedded in the videos.
Other features are useful for advanced users and novices alike.

Learn more about the features and advantages of the comprehensive
software package by visiting the web pages at
today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions
about the materials presented in this press release are encouraged to
contact Matt Wolfe at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Matt Wolfe

Company Name: Wolfe Web Marketing, LLC

Address: 25060 Hancock Avenue, Suite B103 #212, Murrieta, CA 92562

Contact Phone Number: (619) 312-4630



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