Second Anecdotal Record

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					                       ANECDOTAL RECORD FORM

Goal for this observation:
Social Development._____________________________________

Setting: Art Center________________________
Date/Day: 10-18-11_______________________
Time of day: 10AM_______________________
Basic activity: Drawing____________________
Focus Child: Isabella M.___________________
Others involved: 4 more children____________

Anecdote: Five children were gathered on a table with the teacher.
ECE professional (Mrs. Monica): Write your name Daydania .
Iris (Child 1): Mrs. Monica, I am done. (Gives her drawing to the teacher.)
ECE professional: Thanks Iris, you can go and play now. (Teacher writes
“exercise wheel” after seeing a picture in a small photo album she got on
the table.) ECE professional shows the album to Saya (Child 2) and asks
ECE professional: Which wheel are you drawing? (Saya does not respond
but keeps drawing.)
ECE professional: Which wheel did you draw?
Adrian (Child 3): Bicycle wheel.
ECE professional: Which wheel did you draw Wilfreddy (Child 4)
Wilfreddy (Child 4): A car wheel.
ECE professional: Thank you Wilfreddy, you did awesome.

Interpretation/Reflection: I chose to describe this incident because I
wanted to record data from the interactions between the children and the
ECE professional. It was very exciting to see the children working
together sharing materials to make their drawings and interacting with the
ECE professional. I would like to see more interactions between the
children and the ECE professional in different learning centers in order for
me to determine in which areas their social skills needs reinforcement and
eventually create a learning prescription for each children.

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