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									                      How To Make Desserts With Strawberries
Strawberries are excellent for desserts however their watery nature needs correct handling. With simply
a couple of tips, your precious berries are prepared for inclusion in your favorite recipes. Read on to find
out more.

Follow these Instructions for best results.

Find fresh berries. Strawberries won't improve once they're picked thus ensure you discover the
freshest out there. Use your nose. Fresh berries smell marvelous. Make sure the berries are plump and
firm with solely a couple of white spots. Make sure to examine for mold. Visit native growers or
groceries to search out when the berries are in season in your space.

Bring the berries home and wash them gently in cool water. If you would like to store the berries before
use, keep them in an uncovered container within the refrigerator. Once you are able to use them,
remove the green caps and make the berries dry with a towel.

Decide however the berries are going to be used. If you want to freeze them, freeze them whole in
plastic baggage or combine them with sugar and place in plastic freezer containers. Ensure they're as dry
as attainable. If you're planning to use them fresh, use the berries as soon as attainable.

Indulge your sweet tooth. There are a range of strawberry desserts to decide on from to incorporate in
your recipe. Try pies, tarts, cookies, pudding, cakes, parfaits or any range of strawberry-based treats.
The list is endless

Eat strawberries by themselves. Their taste has enough sweetness that each one will relish this fruit as
an easy standalone dessert.

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