october board meeting minutes by pengxuebo


									October Board Meeting Minutes (10/9/12)

Program Committee Update (Nick)
   September program survey had good results
   Something to consider for future program planning: 30% of membership are
   anciliary HR professionals
   Holiday Luncheon: $500 sponsor secured; magician/ventriloquist secured; volunteer
   questionnaire sent, need to resend
   Some RFPs returned for 2013 programs

Diversity Committee Update (Ben)
   - Transitioning duties to Christine Kulp Keyser
   - Also received good feedback from September chapter meeting
   - Working Deborah on 3rd Call to Action workshop sponsored by Harrisburg

   -   Membership Committee Update (Alison)
       14 new members (8 in the last week!)
   -   402 current members, 80 new members this year, 315 are national SHRM
   -   Proceeding with visa gift card drawing for membership drive
   -   September Social Event: 21 attended from HRPCPA; next event 2/12 – working
       on venue.

College Relations Committee Update (Cathy)
   - 3 members volunteered to be student mentors (one is Patty Jarvis)

Legal and Legislative Committee Update (Brian)
   - 10/18 student visit to the Hill is ready to go
   - Pursuing Angela Thomas to present “Whistle Blower” topic at January chapter
   - Looking to attend CREDC legislative breakfast again.
   - Exploring platform for “ask the attorney” thru eblast

Professional Development Committee Update (Carrie)
   - CEBS Final fall session 11/19
   - 1 applicant for cont education reimbursement
   - 15 members have expressed interest in PHR/SPHR study group. Expect to need
       10 facilitators, working on location and times.
   - Budgeting $305 for individual study materials

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