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					…write a business letter
Business letters are different from personal letters. They need to be laid
out in a particular way and to use a more formal style of language. Since a
business letter is usually from or to an organisation, it must be written
correctly: it will create the wrong impression if it has errors in it.
As with any type of communication you need to think about:
                      its purpose. Why are you writing the letter? What
                      information do you need to get across? Is the
                       information sensitive?
                        your audience. Who is going to receive the letter?
                       What do they know already? How will the information
                      affect them?

Tips on writing business letters                             You may write
                                                             business letters as
Prepare                                                      part of your current
                                                             job, in your personal
• Collect together all relevant details and
                                                             life or in a future
                                                             job. You may need to
•   Write notes first on what you need to say.               write your own
                                                             business letter to
                                                             apply for a promotion
•   Structure the information clearly for the reader.        or make a complaint.
                                                             People are more
                                                             likely to take you
• Use the 'house style' of your organisation to lay          seriously if your
out the letter.                                              letter is well written.

•   Use paragraphs.
•   Use short, clear sentences.


•   Proofread your work.
• Check spellings in a dictionary, with the spell-
checker or with another person.
               Here's an example of a business letter.           COMPANY NAME
                                                                 AND ADDRESS go
                                                                 here. They can also go
                                        The Furniture Store      against the left margin.
                                                 Long Lane       Don't put your own
                                                   Townley       name at the top!
                                                   BR4 6HJ       Put the DATE here, or
                                                                 against the left margin
                                                 13 June 20..
Mr L. Garner                                                     Put here the name and
58 Home Grove                                                    address of the person to
Townley                                                          whom you are writing.
BR 3 9LK
                                                                 Dear Mr Garner/Sir
Dear Mr Garner
.                                                                SUBJECT, if appropriate
Thank you for your letter of 12 June, regarding the sofa         First sentence refers to
supplied by this company.                                        previous correspondence

I am enclosing a copy of the contract, which you signed. It      Use short sentences and
states that we would supply the sofa in natural linen.           clear paragraphs.
Additional loose covers need to be ordered separately.           Paragraphs should either have
                                                                 a line between them or be
I hope this clarifies the situation. Please let me know if you   indented.
would like me order additional loose covers. I have
enclosed a catalogue which gives details of our extensive        Final paragraph
Yours sincerely                                                  Yours sincerely

                                                                 Signature and your
Darron Kilter
Administration Department                                        Your position or
 If it’s the first time you have     Dear Sir
 corresponded with the person,       Yours faithfully
                                                                 INITIAL CAPITALS
                                                                 CAPITAL 'Y' small 'f'
 If you have had previous            Dear Mr Garner
                                                                 INITIAL CAPITALS
 correspondence or have
                                     Yours sincerely
 spoken, use:                                                    CAPITAL 'Y' small 's'

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