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A free guide to earn money writing reviews. There is a great demand for quality writers, especially those who can write quality reviews. You can use your writing skills and this guide takes you through a step by step process using completely free and ethical methods.
It is an ideal way of raising some extra money in these difficult economic times and can be done in the evening for an hour, or, by someone who needs the flexibility of working at home.

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      How To Earn Money
       Writing Reviews
      Step By Step Free Method To Success
                                 Enda McLarnon

If you would like to earn money writing reviews, then please read this detailed
step by step method to discover the right way of doing this. A sample review is
included along with a three step process to be up and earning money within one
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   Where Do You Find The Reviews To Write? ........................................................... 3

   How to Get Started Writing Article Reviews ............................................................ 3

   What Length Will The Review Articles Have to Be?................................................ 4

      How Much Can You Earn From Writing Reviews? .............................................. 4

      How to Produce Review Articles Quickly? ........................................................... 5

      Sample Product Review ......................................................................................... 6

   Key to Getting Your Article Approved ..................................................................... 9

   Where Do You Find Information To Write A Product Review? ............................... 9

      Summary So Far .................................................................................................... 9

   Picking A Place to Write Product Reviews ............................................................. 10

   Signing Up for iWriter – Simple and Easy .............................................................. 11

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How to Earn Money Writing Reviews Quickly


I am going to tell you how to earn money writing reviews quickly and I promise that
you will be amazed at how quickly your earnings will add up. This is a perfect system
for those that either do not want to or can not build a website and are starting out with
no money. It is a completely free method that works quickly. I know because I use
this method every day and it just works.

Where Do You Find The Reviews To Write?

There are hundreds of Internet Marketers and website owners who are busy building
websites. Most of them need good quality articles completed and a huge majority of
them actually outsource these articles. They simply don't have time to write these and
prefer to have them written for them. There are many thousands of these requests.

                             “That is where you come in.”

If you have the time and can write a good quality article that reviews some type of
product or service then you can write that article and get paid for it. All you need to
get started is the following basic requirements:

How to Get Started Writing Article Reviews

      An email account
      A Paypal account
      Signing up to a writing article service

You need an email account, a Paypal account to get paid and an article service to give
you the work.

The good news is that all of these are completely free. I will show you what I use and
you can simply follow along. Before that I will show you what a good article should
look like.
What Length Will The Review Articles Have to Be?

Writers request different length of articles anything from as little as 150 words to
1000 words.

      150 words is about ten sentences and less than half an A4 page
      300 words is about twenty sentences and around half an A4 page
      500 words is about a full A4 page
      700 words is about one and a half A4 pages
      1000 words is about two A4 pages

Hopefully you can now see how quick and easy this is to do. When you first start
writing reviews it can take a little time but the more you write the faster you become.
I have listed below how long it takes me to complete a good quality article.

      150 words - 10 minutes
      300 words - 20 minutes
      500 words - 30 minutes
      700 words - 40 minutes
      1000 words - 50 minutes

This time includes finding information on the product and writing the article.

How Much Can You Earn From Writing Reviews?

How long is a piece of string? Depending on how much spare time you have, you can
then earn money by writing the reviews, and as much as you want.

Personally I write ten articles a week for different people and earn an average of $80 a
week, so around $8 an article for about 30 minutes works. In a year that works out at
around $4,000 for one hour’s work every evening Monday to Friday.
 Pretty simple isn't it? Spend two hours an evening and that goes up
 to $8,000 which would make the car payments or even the mortgage
                         payments or one heck of a holiday!

How to Produce Review Articles Quickly?

I have a template that I use which I will share with you and it is just very simple. This
is what it looks like:


A simple introduction to the product

Product Description

Just insert a couple of lines here that give a description of the product.

Product Specification

Again this is just a simple list of the actual technical specification

Product Features

In this section outline the main features

Product Benefits

In this section outline the main benefits


Insert 4 or 5 good things about the product


Insert 1 or 2 minor weaknesses in the product (Make sure they are small things as the
person requesting the article is trying to sell it)
You want this section to show that the review is honest but nothing that will put the
customer off.


Just wrap up the product review here with a recommendation to buy
Sample Product Review

Here is an example of a product review that I did. You will see how very simple it is
to do.

There are some simple rules that you do have to follow. Never EVER just copy or cut
and paste other people's work as the article will be rejected.

All writing services use something called Copyscape and if you use existing content
the article will get rejected. If you persist then your account gets banned. It is so
simple to write things in your own words that this should never be a problem.

Check out my example below on a Germination Station with Heat Mat

The Hydrofarm CK64050 Germination Station with Heat Mat is simply a perfect
solution for those who want to grow seeds successfully time after time. This simple
but effective system ensures that seeds will grow by applying a gentle heat and by
creating the necessary moisture that young seedlings need to grow.

It is a compact and lightweight portable system that can be used when close to any
supply source. This station offers great benefits to a whole range of people who enjoy

Product Description

There are many germination stations available in the market today. The reason that
this one is special is because it operates like a mini greenhouse. Not only that but it
comes with everything you need for indoor use.

Many of these seedling units fail to control the perfect germination temperature and
they also struggle to manitain the right level of humidity. The success to growing any
seeds is the right combination of warmth, humidity and light.

The Hydrofarm measures 11” x 22” making it ideal for most window ledges and
comes with a full set of instructions.

Product Specification

Waterproof heat mat
Watertight growing tray
72 seedling inserts
17 watt power
Full set of working instructions

Product Features
The Hydrofarm CK64050 Germination Station with Heat Mat comes with a lot of
really good features which include:

Plastic tub and pots
Really speeds up the germination rates
Is superb at controlling not only the correct temperature, but also the humidity which
is vital
Very good for starting tomatoes, peppers, squash, lettuce and even coffee

Product Benefits

The reason I like the Hydrofarm CK64050 Germination Station with Heat Mat is that
it allows me to start my planting season early. That is a big advantage for any
gardener to get your gardening season off to a flying start.
This unit makes a great gift for any keen gardener. They will truly appreciate the fact
that this germination unit gives them a head start to produce strong growing and
healthy plants.

The Hyrdrofarm station is a great asset for those who have or are thinking about
starting an herb garden. Many people who completed reviews stated that this unit was
perfect for achieving this task.

Another really positive benefit is that although the heat mat provides warmth, it will
not over heat, and as such is safe to leave connected even when you are not at home. I
am sure you will agree that is critical to have as a safety feature.

These are just some of the many benefits that come with owning a Hydrofarm
germination station.


Excellent heat and moisture control
Good value for money
Detailed Instructions
Compact and light


A few people said that the lid was too low
Very good for seedlings but not cloning


In summary I would recommend the Hydrofarm CK64050 Germination Station with
Heat Mat as it is an excellent gardening product and a great one to have if you are a
keen gardener.

Other buyers at Amazon agree with me and it gets great reviews there as well.

The above example is just over 500 words and took about 20 minutes to write.
Key to Getting Your Article Approved

    1. Use good grammar and zero spelling mistakes
    2. Stay on topic
    3. No waffle
    4. Write quality unique content

Where Do You Find Information To Write A Product Review?

Again it is very simple to find all the information that you need. Almost every product
sold is on Amazon. I always go there first and 99% of the time I can complete my
article. Use both the information from the manufacturer and the actual customer
reviews and then write it in the style that I showed you above.

If I don't find it there I go to the manufacturer's website and get it there. If I still can't
find it I just type the product into Google and read what I find and re-write it.

If you are doing a film review or a book review you can also find the information by
looking at the above websites.

Summary So Far

Let's take a quick breath and see where we are.

    1. You need an email address, a Paypal account and a writing service.
    2. I have shown you how to quickly and easily write a review and what you have
        the potential to earn
    3. Now let's look at what I believe to be the easiest and best writing service out
        there and why
Picking A Place to Write Product Reviews

There are quite literally hundreds of websites where you can go and write reviews and
I have tried many of them. The only one I use is a service called iWriter and I shall
first explain why.

As I said, there are many services where you can bid for writing jobs. The problem
with almost all of them is the number of writers like you wanting to do work. The
problem with that is competition. The American dollar is of higher value in some
countries than in others. For example in many third world countries a single dollar is
worth a lot.

What happens then is that English speaking and writing people will write articles for
only a couple of dollars. I don't know about you but if I spend time writing a high
quality article, then I want paid a decent amount of money.

      I also want to pick the articles I want to write about
      I also want to be 100% sure that I get paid

That is why after writing at many sites there is only one I write at now because it ticks
all these boxes. It is iWriter and I am going to take you through it now.
Signing Up for iWriter – Simple and Easy

You sign up for free and create an account which you can then log into with a user
name and password. This will take you to the Homepage and on there you will find
two videos that walk you through how to use the site.

There is one for people who want article written called "Tutorial for Clients" and the
one you should watch called "Tutorial for Writers."

The video lasts about 9 minutes and gives an excellent explanation. Click here to
watch it now.

In summary it takes you through the quickest and easiest method of writing articles
that will earn you money that I know.

Once in there and when you have signed up, you click on Write Content and you will
see the lists of articles waiting to be written, and how much each article is worth.

Types of Writers

There are three types of writers at iWriter

      Standard
      Elite
      Premium

When you first start you will be a standard writer. You automatically move up the
writing ranks when you submit good articles, get good approval rates and have been
on the site for a few weeks. Premium writers have a 4.0 or higher star rating and Elite
writers have a 4.6 or higher star rating.
Honestly don't worry about this when you are getting started. You will quickly move
to Elite by doing good quality articles and the good news is that you then get paid
even more for your articles.

I am an Elite writer and I became one in under a month. Premium writers get paid
double the amount for an article and Elite writers get paid four times the amount per

You want to be Elite and you can be easily, by writing good quality articles like the
example I showed you above, which as you now know is not difficult to do.

All you need to do is now pick the review you want to write and get started. Always
look for a requestor who has high approval rates.

Here is what the article requests look like.

You can see from this that there are many different types of article that you can write
about including many reviews. The time to complete is the time when you start
writing an article that the system allows you.

If you don’t finish it at that time, then it will be put back into the queue. That has
never happened to me as I can write any article in well under an hour.
How Do You Get Paid For Your Reviews

iWriter pays you via Paypal either weekly, every two weeks, every month of the 5th,
or every month on the 25th.

You can select which you prefer. Weekly payments are sent on a Tuesday, bi-weekly
every other Wednesday and Monthly depending on which date you picked.

I like end of the month payments as that is when I need my money the most.

You can also set the minimum amount that you want paid at.

Summary of How to Earn Money Writing Reviews

So now you have a comprehensive guide on how to earn money writing reviews
quickly. May I wish you every success with your review writing?

Did you find those tips on earning money writing reviews useful? You can now get
started yourself simply by signing up at iWriter for free and starting get paid right into
your bank account.

Financial Disclaimer

It is impossible to predict with any accuracy what a particular individual can earn as
there are so many contributing factors. It will depend on how many articles you write,
how many get approved and following the rules of the article service website which
you should read in detail.

There are terms and conditions of any website and it is very important to understand

The examples that I have given you are a demonstration of what I have achieved but
clearly this does not mean that you can. You could earn less and you could also earn
more and that is only determied as explained in the paragraph above.

Throughout the construction of this article, every effort has been made to ensure the
highest amount of accuracy and effectiveness for the techniques suggested by the
author. The author of this report expressly disclaims any liability arising from any
strategy, technique or advice presented in this report.

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