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					Volume 57, No. 4
                            The Gwynmercian                        Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                 May 2007

GMC unites
GMC community
              Remembers Those Lost
to express compassion for
Virginia Tech victims
            By Tara Kline ’08
        While tragic incidents such as the
Virginia Tech shootings bring shock and
sorrow to Americans, they also bring out
the best in humanity – compassion.
        Within hours of learning of the
shootings that occurred at Virginia Technical
Institute, GMC President Dr. Owens called
the GMC community together in prayer via
an email message. Included in the email,
Dr. Owens stated, “I am very conscious of
the gift of a community that reaches out
in prayer and with care in times of such
devastating loss as that experienced by the
people of Virginia Tech.”                           Tech gathered on the campus at 2:00 p.m.,         on Monday, was a solemn reminder to the
        While many individuals across               Tuesday April 17 to hold a remembrance            GMC community of the pain and suffering
the GMC campus silently prayed for the              of those lost, so did the GMC community           that the Virginia Tech community now must
victims of the shootings, the compassion            gather together, at the bell tower, in a silent   cope with.
and condolences of the GMC community                and solemn remembrance for those affected                 “I feel awful for the those students
did not conclude with soundless prayer.             by the tragedy. The bell, rung 33 times for       there,” Faith Diamico, a sophomore Human
        While the community of Virginia             the 33 individuals whose lives had been lost        See GMC REMEMBERS on p. 11

GMC Contracts
New Dining Service
                                                    Tuition to Increase Next
Saying ‘farewell’ to ten-year                       Year
servicer, Williamson Hopsitality
                                                    GMC students to
                                                                                                      office is prepared to work with students in
                                                                                                      optimizing their financial aid support. “The
Services, GMC looks to the fu-                                                                        important thing to remember,” explains Dr.
ture with hungry stomachs and
much optimism. Story, p. 2
                                                    see a 9% increase                                 Horsey, “is that as tuition rates increase, so
                                                                                                      will financial aid opportunities.”
                                                                                                              The tuition rate increase will help
   Inside This Issue:                                  By Tara Kline ’08                              to improve academic programs, provide
                                                             As prices across the nation continue     an enhanced dining service, renovate the
                                                    to slowly ascend, it is no surprise that the      dining facilities in both Waldron Hall and
   GMC Students Head to New
                                                    cost of higher education is following the         St. Bernard’s Hall, upgrade classrooms
   Orleans ..................................p.3                                                      with “Smartroom” technology, promote
                                                    upward trend, and Gywnedd-Mercy College
                                                    is certainly no exception to this inclination.    intramural programs and improve the
   Graduation Faculty Poll.......p.5                         Recently approved by the Board of        Common Hour programs.
                                                    Trustees, GMC’s tuition rate will increase                Parents and students alike can be
   New HPV Vaccine.................p.6              by approximately 9% for the upcoming              reassured that the financial increase will
                                                    2007-2008 academic year.                          not be utilized in the construction of the all-
   Summer Films.....................p.10                     The decision came as part of a           purpose Sports Complex expected, explains
                                                    benchmark process in which GMC’s current          Horsey.
   Editorial: Affordability of                      tuition rates were compared to the 2006-
   College..................................p.12    2007 tuition rates of undergraduate and

May 2007 Gwynmercian Index:
                                                    graduate private colleges and universities
                                                    in Pennsylvania. GMC placed in the lower-
                                                    third of this scale, which, according to Dr.                                Selected
GMC News...............................p. 2-3       Cheryl Horsey, Vice-President of Student
GMC Athletics.............................p. 4      Services, is lower than where the College                                   For Local
                                                    should optimally place. “We try to keep
Graduation 2007.........................p. 5
                                                    in the middle of this range so that we are                                  Award
Student Resources....................p. 6-7         able to successfully sustain the College,”
Features...................................p. 8-9   explained Dr. Horsey.                                                         See PLAYER
Entertainment............................p. 10               While the increase may pose financial                                PROFILE on
Virginia Tech Dedication...........p. 11            hardship to students already struggling with                                  p. 4
Editorials & Opinions..............p. 12            current tuition rates, GMC’s Financial Aid
                                         GMC News
Page 2                                                         Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                           May 2007

GMC Contracts New Dining Service                                                                        Admissions Department
By Tara Kline ’08                                                                                       Finds New Home and
        After careful deliberation,
GMC’s Dining Services Advisory
                                                                                                        New Blessings
Committee, consisting of faculty, staff                                                                 By Maureen Curcio ’09
and students, has decided to pursue
another dining service, replacing its
ten-year association with Williamson
Dining Services. The decision came
as part of an in-depth selection
process in which three dining services
were considered for possible future
        The new dining service,
Parkhurst Dining Services, is a
division of Eat ’n Park Hospitality
Group and has been in service since
                                                                 Photo by Ben Bowen ’08
          “We decided on Parkhurst                          Parkhurst Dining Services, recently
because it is a company that is well-versed in the                                                                Photo by Ben Bowen ’08
                                                     having switched to trans fat-free oil only, is
particular culinary habits of college students,”     already a provider of healthy, natural foods at           GMC’s Admissions Department moved
explains Dr. Cheryl Horsey, Vice President for       area colleges including Arcadia University,        into the former Annunciation Hall this past
Student Services. The contract is expected to        Philadelphia University, St. Francis University,   February in order to provide a warmer and more
commence on May 18, 2007.                            Cedar Crest College, and Bucknell University.      spacious welcome for prospective GMC students.
                                                                                                        April 2nd marked the blessing and dedication

GMC Takes Back the Night                                                                                of the convent turned admissions residence,
                                                                                                        which features many of the charming historical
                                                                                                        elements that characterize the College’s heritage.
By Chastity Wise ’08
                                                                                                        Students, faculty and staff were invited to attend
                                                                                                        the blessing and dedication this past April, after
                                                                                                        which refreshments and tours were provided.
                                                                                                                With ample space for offices and lounge
                                                                                                        areas, the brightly painted yellow building
                                                                                                        will serve as a beacon of jovial salutation
                                                                                                         for GMC visitors and members alike.

                                                                                                                    In Memory of
                                                                                                                    Sister Fran
                                                                                                                                     Sister Frances

    Stacey Roche, Kristin Book and Danielle Strype joined the Take Back the Night vigil this                                         (Photo by Ben
    passed March (Photo by Ben Bowen).                                                                                               Bowen ’08)
                                                    marches were held in Rome (1976) and in West
         GMC’s third annual “Take Back the Germany (1977), as well as in eleven towns in
Night” event attracted about 50 students, faculty, England (1977). The first known “Take Back
and staff, who gathered at St. Brigid Hall on the Night” in the United States was held in San
the chilly evening of March 28th. Sponsored Francisco, California. This march of November
by Counseling Services and Campus Ministry, 4, 1978 was organized by Women Against
in partnership with Sigma Phi Sigma, the Violence in Pornography and Media.
Psychology Club, Peer Mentoring Association               Coordinators of GMC’s “Take Back the             Sister Fran’s
and S.N.A.P., “Take Back the Night” is about Night” stressed that one of the most difficult
women and men taking a stand against sexual things for victims to do is to overcome the                    dedicated service,
violence and abuse and domestic violence. The stigma associated with violence and get help.                superlative
event began with a candlelight vigil and prayer, Participating in “Take Back the Night” offers
as participants processed to the steps of Lourdes hope to victims and greater awareness to others.         work ethic and
Library.                                            “We want everyone touched by sexual violence
         Throughout the evening, victims shared to know that healing is possible,” said Director           kindness of spirit
their stories of abuse and recovery; the supportive of Campus Ministry Christine Eberle, “and we           were a blessing to
environment encouraged others to come forward encourage anyone struggling with this issue
and speak. The main message of “Take Back the to come talk with one of the many supportive                 the GMC Community
Night” is to let young women know that they are people on campus.” The event concluded with
not alone and that talking to someone, especially prayer and an uplifting song.                            and all who knew her.
a college or pastoral counselor, can begin the            Each year the “Take Back the Night”                   Requiscat
healing process.                                    committee gathers in the fall semester to start
         The first “Reclaim the Night” took place putting this event together, along with other                     in
in Belgium, 1976, by the women attending educational and promotional components.
the International Tribunal on Crimes Against Anyone interested in participating or sharing a                      Pacem,
Women. Activists marched together holding testimonial should contact Rachelle Guido in                         Sister Fran
candles to protest the ways in which violence Counseling Services (x427) or Christine Eberle
permeates the lives of women worldwide. Other in Campus Ministry (x590).
                                             GMC News
Page 3                                                           Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                         May 2007

Students Experience Cultural Flair of New Orleans
By Tara Kline ’08
                                                                                                        Movie Marathon
                                                               city, the students were given the
                                                                                                        Raises Money for
                                                                                                        Good      Cause
                                                               opportunity to learn the intriguing
                                                               history of the city, understand and
                                                               appreciate the roots of Jazz music
                                                               and the Mardi Gras celebration,
                                                               sample New Orleans style-fare            By Tara Kline ’08
                                                               and most important, appreciate the
                                                               contributions that this energetic
                                                               city has made to American culture.
                                                                        The last five days of the
                                                               stay included detailed tours of the
                                                               French Quarter, the Mardi Gras
                                                               museum, the Historic New Orleans
                                                               Collection and Preservation Hall. On
                                                               the first day of the trip, students
  The students that traveled to New Orleans           participated in Habitat for Humanity,
  over Spring Break 2007 gather together              where they contributed to the construction
  for a shot. (Photo by Dr. Wade Luquet)              of houses for the families and individuals
                                                      who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina.
       This past Spring Break, GMC                             The study course is three credits
students, accompanied by Dr. Wade Luquet,             and required students to meet on three
associate professor of Sociology, traveled to         Sunday afternoons, in addition to the trip. For
New Orleans as part of the Sociology course,          more information about the course, please
The History and Culture of New Orleans.               contact Dr. Wade Luquet, at extension 165.
         During their six-day stay in the                                                                  Dr. Lisa McGarry, assistant professor

GMC Community Learns How to Do
                                                                                                           of the LLFA program, gets ready to
                                                                                                           watch another movie at the 2007 Movie

Tea Japanese Style                                                                                                (Photo by Ben Bowen ’08)

(Photos by Maggie Zenner ’08)
                                                                                                                This year’s movie marathon, held on
                                                                                                        March 30, raised $10,000 for the Juvenile Dia-
                                                                                                        betes Research Foundation.
                                                                                                                The event was held in the Julia Ball Au-
                                                                                                        ditorium from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Dream Girls,
                                                                                                        Rocky Balboa, We Are Marshall and Happy
                                                                                                        Feet were played throughout the night.
                                                                                                                The winner of the prize for the individ-
                                                                                                        ual with the most donations was Kalik Booker.
                                                                                                        Booker was able to raise $1,300 and won a trip
                                                                                                        to Florida.
                                                                                                                The winner of the grand prize, a cruise,
                                                                                                        was Dannielle McConaghy. Over $1,000 in
                                                                                                        door prizes were awarded to additional students
                                                                                                        throughout the night.
                                                                                                                The event was sponsored by SGA, and
                                                                                                        the committee for the event was chaired by
    Members of the GMC community learned the Japanese                                                   Megan Smakulski. Additional members of the
                                                                                                        committee were Noreen Darby, Jess Klein, Kate
    custom of drinking tea on March 22nd in JBA                                                         Goffredo, Stacey Roche, Meghan Forsyth, and
                                                                                                        Melissa Dziedzic.

     New Gen. Ed.                                     Ceremony Held to Honor Literary
   Curriculum Update                                  Achievements
       Beginning in the 2007-2008 academic
                                                      By Tara Kline ’08
year, GMC will initiate a new General Education               On April 3, GMC’s Language, Literature    previously written and were inducted in the
program for incoming first-year students:             and Fine Arts Division held a ceremony            honor society with much applause from both
Signature Courses and the First-Year Experience       to celebrate and recognize the literary           professors and students. Reading also that
(F.Y.E.). The Signature Courses are introductory      achievements of six individuals. The ceremony,    night was 1st place winner of the High School
courses in various divisions and schools:             held in Assumption Hall, included the induction   Poet Contest, Carly Feldman, 2nd place winner,
History; Language, Literature, and Fine Arts;         of three GMC students into Lambda Iota Tau,       Rebecca Hanssens-Reed and 3rd place winner,
Philosophy; Religion; Science and Technology;         an international literary honor society and the   Cara Liuzzi. The night concluded with an adapted
and Sociology. The FYE program is designed to         recognition of three outstanding high-school      poetry/percussion performance by Joanne Leva
improve student performance in academics and          poets who won the Montgomery County               and percussionist John Mosemann.
support a foundation in the GMC Mercy tradition.      Outstanding High School Poet Contest of                   “The event . . . confirms the importance
Although these will be required courses for all       2007.                                             of literature and the arts in our lives. We really
incoming first-year students, current students will           GMC juniors Tara Kline, Ken Mont and      cannot live without them!,” exclaimed Dr.
not have their academic requirements changed in       Jennifer O’Neill each read a brief abstract to    Carol Breslin, professor and chairperson of the
any way by this new General Education program.        the audience from qualifying essays they had      Language, Literature and Fine Arts Division.
                                    GMC Athletics
Page 4                                                       Gwynedd-Mercy College                                              May 2007

Track and Field Take a look at how our sports
Have Phenomenal teams did this season!
                        (statistics from 04/01/2007 and on)
Season                    Statistics Obtained from GMC’s Athletics

By Tara Kline ’08                                     Baseball:                        4/03: GMC 14, Cedar Crest 3
        The GMC Track and Field team
experienced possibly one of their most                4/01: GMC 15, Marywood 1         4/09: GMC 15, Chestnut Hill 12
outstanding years. Daniel Maha, first-year head       4/03: Rowan 5, GMC 3             4/11: GMC 17, Misericordia 12
coach, is impressed with this achievement.
“As my first year of head coach comes to an           4/09: Arcadia 4, GMC 3           4/14: Cabrini 13, GMC 10
end I can say that this program has turned            4/09: GMC 6, Arcadia 2           4/17: Kean 14, GMC 12
itself around greatly,” Maha exclaimed.
                                                      4/10: Aracadia 6, GMC 5          4/19: GMC 21, Alvernia 14
        During the indoor season, one runner
from the women’s track and field team went to the     4/11: GMC 11, Havertford 2       4/21: GMC 14, Bridgewater (Va)
ECAC Championship Meet (a first for the team),
                                                      4/13: GMC 18, Nuemann 13         11
and the outdoor track team has experienced the
same achievement as runners have brought home         4/14: GMC 9, Nuemann 2
1st place finishes from the PA Champs meets,
competed at during the end of the season.
                                                      4/14: GMC 10, Nuemann 4      Men’s Tennis
Since Maha has been coach, beginning with his         4/18: GMC 10, Rutgers-Camden 4/05: Marywood 7, GMC 2
position as assistant coach last year, the runners    6                            4/10: GMC 7, Wesley 1
have broken 13 School records. “We have great
young talent on the team now and some good            4/19: GMC 4, Eastern 2       4/13: Alvernia 7, GMC 2
new recruitments coming for next season,” Maha        4/19: GMC 6, Eastern 2
said. Explaining the runners’ steadfast dedication,
Maha explains that they work hard every day,          4/20: GMC 5, Wesley 4            Player Profile:
and some even continue their training into the        4/21: GMC 4, Wesley 3
off-season to prep for the upcoming season.
        The ultimate goal, as Maha explains,          4/21: Wesley 9, GMC 1            Santiago receives
is to one day take the inspiring athletes to
the Division III National Championships.
                                                      4/24: GMC 16, Muhlenburg 6
                                                      4/25: GMC 6, Dickinson 3         local honor
                                                                                       Senior Santiago

Are You Interested
                                                                                       Receives Local Honor

                                                                                   By Maureen Curcio ’09

in GMC Sports? Do Softball: 6, Rosemont 1
                   4/01: GMC
                                                                                                Senior guard for the Griffins’ men’s
                                                                                       basketball team, Rashid Santiago has gained
                                                                                                                      respect on GMC’s
you like to write? 4/01: GMC 8, Rosemont 0                                                                            campus through
                                                                                                                      his        influential
                                                      4/02: GMC 6, Eastern 2                                          sportsmanship
                                                      4/02: Eastern 5, GMC 0                                          and         scholarly
                                                      4/03: GMC 7, Immaculata 3                                       achievements.
                                                                                                                      Leading            the
                                                      4/03: GMC 9, Immaculata 1                                       Griffins on the
                                                      4/13: Arcadia 3, GMC 1                                          court,       Santiago
                                                                                                                      helped        GMC’s
                                                      4/13: Arcadia 3, GMC 2                                          team win two
                                                      4/14: Cedar Crest 3, GMC 0                                      PACs in the past;
                                                                                                                      in the classroom,
                                                      4/14: GMC 10, Cedar Crest 2                                     he has sustained
                                                      4/19: Delaware Valley 10, GMC                                   a 3.69 GPA as a
                                                                                       Business Administration major and has made
  Become a                                            3
                                                      4/19: GMC 9, Delaware Valley 8
                                                                                       the Dean’s List for most of his academic career.
                                                                                                Last month, Santiago added another

Sports Writer for
                                                                                       triumph to his list of achievements by being
                                                      4/20: Cabrini 5, GMC 4           selected as a member of the Philadelphia
                                                      4/20: Cabrini 8, GMC 1           Inquirer’s Winter Academic All-Area Team

                                                                                       for men’s basketball. The team, which is
                                                      4/21: Alvernia 4, GMC 1          assembled through votes cast by academic
                                                      4/21: GMC 7, Alvernia 2          institutions from the Philadelphia region,

Gwynmercian!                                          4/24: Penn State-Berks 6, GMC
                                                                                       is chosen based on academic and athletic
                                                                                       performance and awards students, who are able
                                                                                       to balance both efficiently, with this recognition.
                                                      4/24: GMC 8, Penn State-Berks             Santiago’s graduation will be a bittersweet
                                                                                       farewell for GMC’s men’s basketball team, as his
                                                      0                                record shows him to be an exceptional player and
For more information, contact                                                          teammate. Over the past four years as a Griffin,
Faculty Advisor                                                                        Santiago led the team in assists and steals;
Dr. Lisbeth Chapin at                                 GMC’s Lacrosse:                  Santiago also scored a career high of 20 points
                                                                                       against Eastern University this past November.                                      4/02: GMC 16, Arcadia 8
                      Graduation 2007
Page 5                                                     Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                      May 2007

Faculty Poll: Advice for 2007 Grads
By Ken Mont ’08
     GMC faculty offer words of
counsel to the graduating class of 2007:

                                                                                                    “Graduation entails a transition--the
                                                                                                    completion of a segment of study and goal
                                                                                                    achievement, but also a transition from
                                                   “Remember that leaving college and going         the past with all its memories, feelings,
                                                   into the real world is not for sissies. That     and images, to a future still unknown. As
 “Your        education         is         never                                                    you go forward—for each of you, I pray
                                                   is why your professors are still here. Now
 finished. Every person you meet, every                                                             for productive careers, but more impor-
                                                   that you’ve graduated, burn your note-
 situation you encounter is a learning                                                              tantly, fruitful lives. May the peace and
                                                   books and start getting an education.”
 experience. You have to be open to the lesson.”                                                    joy of heartfelt Mercy accompany you on
                                                   Dr. Jules Tasca                                  your life’s journey.”
 Felicia Barbieri, Ph.D.
                                                   Professor of English & Drama
 Professor of Chemistry                                                                             Dr. Kathleen Owens
                                                   School of Arts & Sciences
 School of Arts and Sciences                                                                        President, Gwynedd-Mercy College

                                                   “Be proud of your achievement and cel-
                                                   ebrate your accomplishments. Be sure to
  “Read a newspaper daily. Always be               thank those who supported you in this jour-     “Wherever    you      go,   go       with
  curious. Listen to music that makes you          ney, and learn from everyone you meet. You’ve   all     your       heart.    –Confucius
  happy. Have lunch with good friends              worked hard, now it’s time to follow your       Set   goals    for    all  aspects     of
  often. Remember that family and                  dream – don’t be afraid to take risks – risks   your   life  then     make   a     plan.”
  friends are more important than work.”           and challenges are part of your dream.”
                                                                                                   Mike Shaffer
  Wade Luquet                                      Mary Jo Pierantozzi                             Associate Professor
  Associate Professor                              Assistant Professor                             School of Business & Computer
  School of Arts & Sciences                        School of Education                             Information Sciences

                                   2007 GMC Graduates!
                                                           May 12, 2007

                                                    Graduation Liturgy
                  Student Resources
Page 6                                                             Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                              May 2007

 How To Stay In Shape This Summer                                                                                        Philly Highlights:
 By Maureen Curcio ’09                                                                                                    Athletics Events
         Despite the number of athletes on
                                                                                            (Photo by
                                                                                                                            By Maggie Zenner ’08
 campus, there are those who must admit they
 can’t remember the last time they touched the                                              Google)                    Spring is definitely here, which means
 treadmill in the gym; blame it on the weather                                                                it’s time to get outdoors and start moving
 or too much homework, nevertheless, keeping                                                                  around. Philly is a great city to live in and
 healthy is very important to academic and                                                                    has much to offer when it comes to outdoor
 personal success. With summer almost here,                                                                   activities and local athletic events. This
 even though it is a time to relax and stash away                Min. 0-1 Warm up with jumping                summer, many various competitions will occur
 those memories from exams week, it is also                      jacks.                                       – so come out, sweat, work hard and enjoy!
 the perfect time to stay in shape and structure a               Min. 1-2 Quick feet push-ups: Run
                                                                 in place as fast as possible for 5 sec.,     Broad        Street    Run       (May       6th)
 simple regimen to continue into the fall semester.
                                                                 then complete one push-up; repeat.                   Runners start bright and early Sunday
         According to, the ideal
                                                                 Min. 2-4 Cardio drill: jump rope.            morning at 8:30 am; this challenging 10 miler
 exercise plan is about 30 min. per day of vigorous
                                                                 Min. 4-5 Skater lunge: Stand with            begins around Broad and Fisher near Central
 physical activity; however, most students don’t
                                                                 feet hip-width apart, bend right knee        H.S Athletic Field, and ends around the Navy
 have the time or discipline to ensure this type
                                                                 90° and place behind left foot; return       Yard, down by Broad and Farragut. Some of
 of regimen is strictly kept, along with a healthy
                                                                 to start and repeat with opposite leg.       Philly’s famous sites will be passed along the
 diet. The solution is to keep a routine that is not
                                                                 Min. 5-6 Reverse crunch: Lie on back         way, including Temple Hospital, City Hall and
 so strict, but more so ideal for your schedule
                                                                 with knees bent, feet lifted and arms        the Wachovia Center. For more information, log
 and lifestyle; routines can always be revised
                                                                 at sides. Using abs, lift hips off floor;    on to
 as time goes on to make them more rigorous
 as you build muscle, stamina and control.                       lower and repeat.
                                                                 Min. 6-8 Repeat cardio drill with            Wissahickon Trail Classic (June 2nd)
         Although there is no perfect workout
                                                                 jump rope.                                          This offers either a 10k (6.2 mi) run or
 for everyone, offers a
                                                                 Min. 8-9 Mountain climber: Get               a 5k (3.1) walk. The 10k is a bit challenging,
 wide variety of simple “express” workout plans
                                                                 into full push-up position and bring         while the 5k is more of a scenic route; the trail
 that range from five to thirty minutes and target
                                                                 one knee toward chest; switch feet           takes participants through the Wissahickon
 particular problem areas as well as all around
                                                                 back and forth as quickly as possible,       Valley section of Fairmount Park. Participate
 fitness. One plan that stands out particularly
                                                                 keeping palms on floor.                      and join in with the slogan for the race, “Give
 for the busy undergrad is one designed to
                                                                 Min. 9-10 Squat jump: Stand with feet        nature a sporting chance,” by visiting http://
 target all muscle areas and improve balance
                                                                 shoulder-width apart, arms at sides. for more info.
 and coordination – plus it only takes 14 min.
 to complete and all you need is a jump rope.                    Squat down and jump explosively.
                                                                 Land softly into squat position; repeat.     The      Women’s       Triathlon       (July    8th)
                                                                 Min. 10-12 Repeat cardio drill with                  Hosted by CGI Events, this tri-battle
                                                                 jump rope.                                   starts off with a 750m swim, then a 17 mi. bike
                                                                 An important note to remember is             ride, ending with a 5k run. The swimming is a bit
                                                         that cravings for unhealthy foods as well as         awkward at first as it is located in the Schuylkill
                                                         days when you don’t want to exercise will            River, but rest assured, it is safe. The next leg of
                                                         happen; the most important key is consistency        the race continues with biking on Kelly Drive,
                                                         in keeping with the regimen as much as you           going around the Art Museum, followed with a
                                                         can, even if relapses occur. Also, keep in mind      run past Boathouse Row. If the swimming really
                                                         that prior to adopting any exercise plan or diet,    freaks you out, there is also a decathlon, where
                                                         you should consult your personal physician           it begins with a 2 mi. run instead. Come out
                                                         in order to make sure the program will               and “Tri Girl Tri!” For more info, visit http://
                                                         compliment your body and lifestyle. (Sources:
             (Photo by Google)                 ,
                                                                                                              Philly Half Marathon (September 16th)

Health Check: HPV Vaccine                                                                                            Finally, if you want to really challenge
                                                                                                              yourself, prepare for the Philly Half Marathon this
By Maureen Curcio ’09                                    Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), fall. Gwynmercian Co-Editor Maureen Curcio
        Merck’s “tell someone” commercials,              voted in favor of recommending the first vaccine, and I will be participating in this event together.
spreading awareness about the human                      Gardasil®, to prevent cervical cancer and other Come out and join or cheer us on as we tackle
papillomavirus (HPV), have caused many                   viruses that are caused by HPV. According to the 13.1 mi. course through Fairmount Park until
women to become worried about abnormal pap               the CDC, “Gardasil® protects against four HPV the finish at the top of the Art Museum steps.
tests over the past few months. Although HPV,            types, which together cause 70% of cervical
which is a sexually transmitted disease, usually         cancers and 90% of genital warts.” The FDA
clears on its own, as the commercial states,             has approved the vaccine, recommending it
                                                                                                                                                     (Photo by
“for some, cervical cancer can develop.” With            be given to females ages 9-26; the vaccine
over 100 different types and an estimated 20             is given in three shots over six months.
million American women with HPV, according                       The shot is recommended at such a
to, the CDC predicts that at least 50%           young age because the vaccine can provide the
of sexually active females will contract HPV             maximum amount of protection before sexual
in their lifetime and over 74% of new cases              activity occurs; women who have been sexually If racing isn’t for you, definitely check out
reported each year occur in 15-24 year olds.             active can also benefit from the vaccine as well, the Health & Fitness Expo, which will come
        Different types of HPV have different            but may not receive as many benefits since they to the Philadelphia Convention Center on
consequences; low risk HPV can result in benign          may have previously acquired one of the HPV Sept.14th and 15th. Come out and get fit and
cervical changes and genital warts, whereas high         types covered in the vaccine. Studies are currently healthy; more information is available at
risk HPV can lead to the development of pre-             being conducted to see if the HPV vaccination                   For
cancerous cells in the lining of the cervix, and         will benefit older women as well as males; in more info on races coming up in the Philly
possibly cervical cancer. The best way to combat         addition, research is still being conducted in order area, go to
the possibility of cervical cancer is to regularly see   to confirm how long the vaccination is effective. RacesByState.asp?State=PA&Month=6&Pa
your gynecologist and focus on early detection.          For more information on HPV, Gardasil® and ge=1 and search by month. (Source: http://
        According to the Center for Disease              cervical cancer, please visit and hpv.
Control (CDC), in June 2006, the Advisory                com. (Sources:, a s p ? S t a t e = PA & M o n t h = 6 & P a g e = 1 . )
Page 7
                    Student Resources                            Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                             May 2007

 On a College Budget:                                                                                        Internship Seekers,
 Credit Card Know-How                                                                                        Help is Here!
 By Maureen Curcio ’09                                                                                       By Tara Kline ’08
        When funds are low in college the influx
of credit card offers that stream into one’s mailbox
may seem like the perfect solution to all problems                                                                                        (Photo by
fiscal and financial. However, the threat of credit                                                                             
card debt continues to loom over students’ heads
as prices for gas, food, entertainment, technology,
tuition and books continue to rise. It’s highly
unlikely that during or after graduation that most
                                                                     (Photo by Google)
GMC students will not possess a credit card;
in fact, most adults do since that is one of the
only ways to build credit for loans in the future.
Credit cards also facilitate online purchases                                                                         For GMC students seeking internship
and provide a source of emergency money.                                                                     positions for the summer, fall or spring
The fact of the matter is that credit cards are a                                                            semesters, GMC’s Career Services has
measure of responsibility and the way in which                                                               now made the difficult hunt easier by
students use them can positively or negatively                                                               contracting, a service
influence their futures. So, in light of the fact                                                            previously unavailable to GMC students.
that summer expenses are just waiting to end up                                                                       “The initiative [for the contract],”
on your monthly bill, here are some pointers on                                                              states Stefan Perun, Career Services advisor,
how to choose the right type of card and how                                                                 “was to expand the opportunities available
                                                                     (Photo by Google)
to keep an eye on your credit report as well.                                                                to GMC students.” The website allows
        1) Be aware of fees: finance charges                   4) Avoid impulse shopping: Try to use         students to search for internships within
        (interest charges on unpaid monthly                    credit cards only for purchases on an         the professions that apply to their major or
        balances), annual fees (membership                     emergency basis, unless you are sure          educational focus. Once registered with the
        fees, usually from $20-$100), cash                     that you can pay the bill completely          site, students have the ability to narrow their
        advance fees, and late payment                         each month. For everyday items,               internships search by focusing on interests,
        fees can all increase your payments                    clothing or gifts, use a debit card instead   compensation requests and travel distance.
        exorbitantly if they are not identified                – debit cards deduct expenses from                     For information about site registration
        early at the purchase of the card.                     your checking account so you can only         or for help in constructing a resume or
        2) Pay off monthly balances completely                 spend money you already have in your          cover letter, please contact Career Services
        if possible.                                           account. (Be advised that if you do           at either 215-641-5572 or 267-448-1420.
        3) Check your credit report annually:                  spend more money than exists in your
        new federal laws now require consumer                  account, fees will be charged.)
        reporting companies to provide                         Most importantly, be credit smart; make
        consumers with copies of their credit          sure to utilize all your resources when investing
        reports every 12 mos. Credit reports           in a credit card – it is a big responsibility
        contain information on your residence,         and something that will affect your life for                 (Photo by
        how you pay bills, and financial history,      years to come. Visit for more
        among other issues; they are sold to           info on credit rights, identity theft and credit
        credit lenders and other businesses to         reports (Sources:,
        evaluate applications for insurance,
        employment, credit and renting homes.
        The FTC advises consumers to use                                                      (Photo by
                                                                                                                     Summer and no other site
        to obtain their free credit report, or call
                                                                                                                   Session Dates

                     Library Summer Hours                                                                             Session I:
                                                                                                                     5/21- 6/29
  Monday        8:30 am – 9 pm
  thru Thursday
                                                                                                                       Until 5/25)
  Friday             8:30 am – 4:30 pm

  Saturday                   10 am – 2 pm
                                                                                                                      Session II:
  Sunday                                 Closed                                                                        7/2-8/10
  Please check the online calendar for weekend closing (between
  summer sessions) and holidays (Memorial Day and July 4)                                                                Until 7/6)
Page 8                                                         Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                             May 2007

Add Friends or Delete
Job Opportunities                                     Students Spend Spring Break Helping
By Maureen Curcio ’09                                                              Others
                                                              Forget the white sand beaches, the
                                                      clear, crystalline waves, the rum and cokes
                                                                                                                      By Tara Kline ’08
                                                      and anything else that may accompany fond
                                                      memories of Spring Break. This year, nineteen
                                                      GMC students instead found themselves in the
                                                      hot and humid, underprivileged areas of Laredo,
                                                      Texas and St. Michael’s, Arizona as part of the
                                                      Alternative Spring Break program.
Some college students are addicted to sites like              The program, which has existed for
MySpace; however, their decisions to post in-         three years, is organized by campus ministry
appropriate material could lead to unemploy-          and serves to “be a mind and heart stretching
ment after graduation. (Photo by Google)              experience,” explains Christine Eberle, director
         Social networking sites have become          of Campus Ministry, “as well as a unique learning
increasingly popular not only as dating apparatus     experience.”                                        The student-staff group that traveled to Laredo,
for anyone with access to a computer, but                     The student-staff group that traveled to    Texas, pose for a shot as they say farewell to
also as online-mingling-must-haves for many           Laredo, Texas, accompanied by first-time ASB        their wonderful experience.
undergraduates across the U.S.. Particularly,         participant, Dr. Kathleen Owens, president of                 (Photo by Christine Eberle)
MySpace and Facebook have become the                  the College, volunteered in the construction of     student and staff participants that traveled to St.
given social scene tools; in fact, there is an        two houses as part of the Habitat for Humanity      Michael’s, Arizona volunteered their services at
increasing trend for those who do not subscribe       program, helped refurbish the walls of a Laredo     St. SMASE, a school designed to accommodate
to accounts on either site to be in the minority      elementary school and also helped clean a park      special education students. Additionally, the
on any given campus in North America.                 located next to the Rio Grande.                     participants helped to landscape the grounds at
Nevertheless, even though students in that                    Additionally, the group traveled through    the school.
minority may not have the “upper hand” in terms       unincorporated divisions located on the Texas-              Sean Gumbert, one of the students that
of socializing, they may have the advantage           Mexico border known as colonias. These small        participated in the school, was deeply affected
when it comes to finding a job after graduation.      divisions often lack sanitary water needed for      by the level of education that existed on the
         As these social sites become more popular,   drinking, cleaning and cooking. “The students       reservation. “At times, I find myself taking
more than just students have become aware of          were touched by the conditions in these areas,”     advantage of my education. Most of the students
their possible uses. According to an article in The   recalls Eberle. “I think they were shocked to see   at SMASE do not even know what college is.”
New York Times last year, job recruiters are now      areas that lacked even the basic necessities of             “There was a real surprise and shock at
using social networking sites to check candidates’    life.”                                              the level of poverty,” recalls Father John Collins,
backgrounds. In the past, recruiters have been                While the participants that traveled to     a staff member that assisted the students to St.
known to peruse Google for info on potential          Laredo, Texas were being exposed to the realties    Michael’s. “The students realized the intensity of
employees, but now the invasion of sites like         that many individuals along the Texas-Mexico        the challenge of working with people that have
Facebook, MySpace, Xanga and Friendster has           border must face, the participants that traveled    special needs.”
caused anxiety for some graduates. This anxiety       to St. Michael’s, Arizona were experiencing a               The trips proved to be beneficial to
is due to the fact that many students obliviously     different cultural revelation.                      both students and staff, offering a view of the
post distasteful blogs, photos and comments on                Residing for the week on Navajo Nation,     world that many of them have never before been
these sites, mistakenly thinking that these sites     the largest reservation in the United States, the   exposed to.
provide an amount of privacy that will keep them
out of trouble at school and in the career world;
however, this assumption is not true anymore.
                                                      Rocks & Gems Display
         Sites like Facebook, which provide           By Maggie Zenner ’08
privacy measures such as possessing a college         During the month of April, students and fac-
email address to obtain an account, are no            ulty were invited to visit the rock and mineral
longer presenting obstacles to employers.             display on the second floor of Keiss Hall. The
Rather, employers have found ways around              rock samples were loaned for the display from
such obstructions. For instance, companies            some of the faculty’s personal collections, in-
use employees who are recent graduates                cluding those of Dr. Paul Langer, Dr. Donna Al-
who keep their college email addresses, as            lego, Dr. Carol Breslin, and Dr. Don Duclow.
well as college interns, to conduct online
background checks using these sites.
         Even though many students post
information as a way to boost their ego with
exaggerations about their social lives that
are sometimes risqué, employers take these
decisions to post such information very seriously.
Employers see students’ accounts on these sites
as representations of their judgment and use
them to see if students’ behaviors and lifestyles
fit in with the company’s ethics. Ultimately, a
decision to keep such accounts and to continue
posting inappropriate information may lead
some students to find themselves unemployed
by graduation time. Wary students should
reevaluate the content on their accounts at these
sites, readjust their privacy settings, or simply
delete their accounts as a safe measure to protect
themselves online. (Source: For Some, Online
Persona Undermines a Resume; New York Times)
Page 9
                                                             Features           Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                                               May 2007

Photo Poll: Mother’s Day                                                                                                                                   Race For the Cure
By Maggie Zenner ’08                                                                                                                         Reaches 24th Anniversary
       With Mother’s Day a few weeks away,                                                                                                               By Maureen Curcio ’09
GMC students express what they admire most
about their mothers in honor of the holiday.

                                                             Caitlin Medwid ’09:
                                                             “We enjoy coffee time
                                                             together while watching

                                                                                                                                                          (Photo by
                                                                                                                                                    The Komen Foundation’s Race for the
               Mike Mintzer: “I love my mom                                                                                                 Cure Series is turning 24 this May, as participants
               working at Gwynedd because I                                                                                                 across the country get ready once again to tie
               get to see her every day.”                                                                                                   their laces and wear their numbers with pride.
                                                                                                                                            The Foundation’s Race Series, which is heralded
                                                                                                                                            as having over a million participants since
                                                                                                                                            2005, uses the funds for research and breast
                                                                                                                                            cancer awareness. The Foundation’s history
                                                                                                                                            with the race began in 1983 in Dallas, TX,
                                                                                                                                            with 800 runners. Since then, race locations
                                                                                                                                            and participants have grown to extraordinary
                                                                                                                                            numbers – including the establishment of
                                                                                                                                            two races in foreign countries by 2002.

                                                                  Joe Bamberski ’07: “Whenever I
                                                                  am stressed out at school, I can
                                                                  call her and she makes me feel                                                          (Photo by
                                                                                                                                                    The Philadelphia affiliate’s 5K (3.1 mi.)
                                                                                                                                            race, which can be completed as a walk or a run,
                                                                                                                                            begins at the traditional start area at Eakins Oval,
                                                                                                                                            in front of the Art Museum. The race will be
                                                                                                                                            held on Mother’s Day, May 13th, at 8:30AM.
                                                                                                                                            The Foundation also holds other races across
                                                                                                                                            the country throughout the season, as well as the
                                                                                                                                            Susan G. Komen for the Cure National Race,
                                                                                                                                            which is held in Washington, D.C. on June 2nd.
                                                                                                                                            Interested participants for the Philadelphia Race
               Stephanie Paine ’09: “My                                                                                                     for the Cure can register in person at the Sheraton
               mom is my best friend.”                                                                                                      Philadelphia on May 11th or 12th, or on the day
                                                                                                                                            of the race at Eakins Oval from 6:30-8AM; the
                                                                                                                                            cost for registration is $30 before race day and
                                                                                                                                            $35 on race day. Participants interested in the
                                                                                                                                            national race can register online via the Komen
                                                                                                                                            Foundation’s website at
                                                                                                                                            Those interested in volunteering for either race
                                                                                                                                            should also visit the Komen Foundation site for
                                           The Gwynmercian Staff                                                                            further information. (Source:
                                                  Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437                                                                                Come Support
 Volume 57, No. 4                                                                                                       May 2007                    GMC’s Voices of Gwynedd
                                                                                                                                                  at the Philly Race for the Cure
 Editors................................................................................................Maureen Curcio & Tara Kline

 Staff Photographers...........................................................................Ben Bowen & Maggie Zenner

 Writers........................................................................Ken Mont, Chastity Wise, & Maggie Zenner

 Advisor...............................................................................................................Dr. Lisbeth Chapin

 The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the same as those of the College or                                                     (Photo by
 the student body. Comments, questions and letters to the editors are welcome. Letters should be                                                         May 13th @ 7AM
 signed by the writer;names may be witheld. Address letters to Dr. Chapin, 116 Connelly Faculty                                                          Art Museum Steps
 Center, or email
Page 10
                            Entertainment                     Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                      May 2007

Summer Films Feature Action,                                                                     April Showers Bring
                                                                                                           May Music
Comedy & Animation                                                                                            By Maureen Curcio ’09
By Maureen Curcio ’09
                                                                                                 Linkin Park is
        This summer’s movie       medley will                                                    set to release
provide, as usual, a plethora of blockbusters                                                    their third
that boast the classic Hollywood elements:                                                       album, Min-
stars, sex, violence, comedy – and most of                                                       utes to Mid-
them, happy endings. Although these films                                                        night, on May
are the usual Hollywood concoctions and                                                          14th (Photo by
do not serve as art by any means, they do                                                        Google).
serve to entertain their audiences and do so
with a multitude of high tech special effects.
                                                                                                          As spring sets in during the next few
Spider Man 3 (May 4 ) – Spidey’s returned for
                       th                                                                        weeks, so will the sultry tones and emphatic beats
another adventure in New York City; however,                                                     of some of music’s premier artists for 2007. Rock,
this time the enemy is not so easily stopped                                                     rap, country, alternative, and soft rock included,
– Peter Parker’s dark side is revealed and                                                       this May’s profusion of song is sure to harmonize
causes problems for the arachnid-man. Tobey                                                      with any music lover’s upcoming summer plans.
Maguire recalls his role as the comic book                                                                Starting off early this May, Mike Jones’
superhero and finds that there is more than one                                                  sophomore album, The American Dream, will
enemy for the man in blue and red to ensnare.                                                    be released on the 8th. Bun B, Slim Thug and
                                                                                                 Letoya Luckett, among others,were featured in
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (May        Tobey Maguire stars as Peter Parker in      the Houston rapper’s first single on the album,
25th) – Captain Jack is back again this summer       the third Spiderman film out in early May   entitled “Mr. Jones.” Although the single fell off
for another high-seas journey in the islands of      (Photo by Google).                          the Billboard Hot 100 from #92, other promising
the Caribbean. The story picks up right where                                                    tracks include “My 64,” featuring Snoop Dogg and
the last Pirates movie ended with its cliffhanger:                                               “Tender Loving,” featuring Bobby Brown and T.I.
Jack is on the brink of death as he and a sea                                                             The month of May also lends itself to the
monster battle it out to the death, but the story                                                release of Linkin Park’s latest album, entitled
just begins there. Captain Barbarossa returns                                                    Minutes to Midnight. The Southern California
from the dead, and Will and Elizabeth will take                                                  based band is set to release its third album on
an unforgettable journey to save Jack in the                                                     the 14th; the album strays away from the band’s
end; Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey                                                        former metal-based sound and is now a mix of
Rush and Keira Knightley resume their roles                                                      punk, classic rock and hip-hop beats. The band
with Chow Yun-Fat joining the buccaneer cast.                                                    also intends to releases a CD/DVD version of
                                                                                                 the album, which will feature MP3 versions of
Knocked Up (June 1st) – Starring Grey’s                                                          the tracks, various videos and a documentary.
Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl and The 40-Year-                                                                Rufus Wainwright’s fifth album, debuting
Old Virgin’s Seth Rogen, this film chronicles                                                    on the 15th, is entitled Release the Stars and
the unexpected results of a one-night stand                                                      looks to be a hit for the Canadian-American
and an oddly matched couple’s attempt to                                                         songwriter. Wainwright’s operatic harmonies
form a lasting love connection in nine months.                                                   and instrumental accompaniments, combined
                                                                                                 with socially controversial lyrics, continue to
Live Free or Die Hard (June 27th) – Bruce Willis                                                 push his career to the top of the popera genre. His
carries on his action-superstar legacy as cop John                                               first single from the album, “Going to a Town,”
McClane in the fourth part of the Die Hard series.                                               was released on April 3rd and ended up becoming
This time, the gritty New York cop takes on a hi-                                                one of his fastest selling tracks online via iTunes.
tech mastermind as one of the most destructive                                                            Celine Dion will even out the month
acts of technological terrorism threatens to Jack, Will and Elizabeth are back for an-           with her French language album, D’Elles, on
cripple the U.S. citizenry. The film also stars other swashbuckling adventure as the Pirates     the 22nd. Dion’s music features lyrics written
Accepted’s Justin Long as Willis’ right hand man. series continues with At World’s End at the    by ten prominent writers from Quebec and
                                                   end of May (Photo by Google).                 France, including her first single off the album,
Transformers (July 4 ) – Based on the 1980s
                        th                                                                       “Et S’il N’en Restait Qu’une (Je Serais Celle-
cartoon, director Michael Bay presents the                                                       là),” which reached #2 on the Quebec BDS
story of an intergalactic battle whose effects                                                   Francophone Chart in April. A TV special
cause destruction on Earth. Starring Shia                                                        from Los Angeles has also been planned for
LeBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Bernie Mac and                                                           late May with various guest appearances.
John Voight, the film chronicles the dark battle                                                          Make sure to check out these
between the Decepticons and Autobots, but                                                        other releases throughout May as well:
the one who may decide Earth’s fate is the last                                                  May 8th
person the world would expect to call its hero.                                                  Mario – Go
                                                                                                 DJ Encore – Unique
Bourne Ultimatum (August 3rd) – Another                                                          May 15th
installation of the Bourne series hits the screen                                                Gretchen Wilson – One of the Boys
this summer as well. Matt Damon is back                                                          Megadeth – United Abominations
as Jason Bourne as he tries to reveal more                                                       May 22nd
information about the secrets of his past –                                                      The Bravery – The Sun and the Moon
Moscow, Paris and London stage the scenes of                                                     Maroon 5 – It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
this European-trekking thriller; plus, there’s a The world will again face a possible arma-      Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain
deadly assassin on his tail and a car chase too. geddon with the 1980s inspired Transformers,    Three 6 Mafia – Last 2 Walk
(Source: AOL Moviephone)                          which debuts on July 4th (Photo by Google).    (Source:
             VTU Remembrance
Page 11                                                 Gwynedd-Mercy College                                May 2007

   Loving God, we tenderly commend the community of Virginia Tech
   to your steadfast love and mercy. May those who were lost in time
   today be found now in the peace of eternal rest and in the joy of
   your everlasting love. May those who grieve find solace in your ten-
   der compassion and find comfort in the presence and the prayers of
   the many who care and who cry with them in their loss. May those
   called to lead and serve the community be filled with the grace and
   power of the Spirit through this time of travail. May the blessing of
   Easter peace and the grace of Easter hold and heal the darkness of
   this great tragedy. We pray in the name of the Risen Jesus. Amen!

GMC Remembers
continued from pg. 1
Resources major at GMC, stated.
                                                            Always in Memory:
                                                        Ross Abdallah Alameddine        G.V. Loganathan
         Not surprisingly, Diamico’s feelings are
not uncommon on the GMC campus. Dan Craig,
                                                        Christopher James Bishop     Partahi Lumbantoruan
a senior English Pre-Law student at GMC,
stated, “I feel remorse for the people who lost
their lives. There are no perfect solutions to this         Brian Roy Bluhm          Lauren Ashley McCain
problem . . .it is, unfortunately, a harsh reality we
must face.”                                              Ryan Christopher Clark      Daniel Patrick O’Neil
         Students who felt sorrow for the Virginia
Tech community were able to offer their
                                                          Austin Michelle Cloyd          J. Ortiz-Ortiz
condolences and prayer at the common liturgy
on Wednesday, April 18th. Additionally, the GMC
community visibly displayed their support for            Jocelyne Couture-Nowak      Minal Hiralal Panchal
the Virginia Tech community on Friday, April
20th by wearing orange and maroon, the Virginia             Kevin P. Granata         Daniel Alejandro Perez
Tech colors, in part of “Hokie Hope Day,” a
nationwide remembrance of the incident.
                                                        Matthew Gregory Gwaltney      Erin Nicole Peterson
         “I expect that just about everyone in our
campus community was touched by this tragedy,
which impacts our community in a variety                Caitlin Millar Hammaren     Michael Steven Pohle, Jr.
of ways,” Dr. Owens stated after the week of
remembrance had passed.                                 Jeremy Michael Herbstritt     Julia Kathleen Pryde
         While the Virginia Tech shootings
sorrowed many members of the GMC community,
                                                               Rachel Hill             Mary Karen Read
many individuals also admitted that they were
concerned about campus safety. “It scares me
to think that the same thing could happen to               Emily Jane Hilscher       Reema Joseph Samaha
our school,” stated Danielle, a junior nursing
student.                                                    Jarrett Lee Lane        Waleed Mohamed Shaalan
            Addressing the mounting concerns
of campus safety, Dr. Owens reassured the
                                                        Matthew Joseph La Porte     Leslie Geraldine Sherman
community that GMC is committed to promoting
and sustaining a secure campus environment.
“We continuously review and update our safety/                Henry J. Lee            Maxine Shelly Turner
crisis response policies and procedures, and these
recent tragic events remind us of the importance             Liviu Librescu               Nicole White
of continuous review,” stated Dr. Owens.
        Editorials & Opinions
Page 12                                                           Gwynedd-Mercy College                                                           May 2007

 Editorial: Drinking Delays for Adults?
 By Maureen Curcio ’09                                                                                                T    !
                                                                                                                  D EN OFF
        At the age of 18, when teenagers are
legally considered adults in the U.S., various
                                                                                                                TU ND-
                                                                                                               S U
rights are bestowed upon America’s youth.                                                                       SO
These rights allow those who have reached that
age to vote, apply for a passport without parental
consent, sue or be sued, serve on a jury, get
tattooed, smoke, buy fireworks, marry, divorce,
own land, buy a house, apply for a mortgage, be                                                            Governmental inducements aside, there are other
tried as an adult in a court of law and serve in                                                           reasons that the 21-year drinking age is now
the military, among other privileges. However,                                                             negligent. For example, according to potsdam.
there is one freedom that is not granted: the right                                                        edu, the U.S. has the strictest drinking laws in
to legally consume alcohol; that right is reserved                                                         western civilization as well as the most drinking
for those who reach the heralded age of 21.                                                                problems related to its youth – an obvious
        So, legally, a man or woman of 18 can                                                              connection. The issue with drinking is not at
sacrifice his/her life for his/her country or vote                                                         what age it is consumed; it is the issue of proper
on who will become the next leader of our              Banning alcohol and characterizing it as            safety. If safe drinking practices are taught at an
nation, but it would be 100% illegal for that same     the “forbidden fruit” for young adults has          early age and drinking is not the “forbidden fruit”
person to have a drink with his/her family or          helped fuel alcohol abuse since Congress            in society, young people will come to respect
friends on a relaxing Saturday evening. Doesn’t        passed a law in 1984 setting the legal drink-       the use of alcohol. Europe, as well as countries
this sound just a bit illogical and archaic?           ing age at 21 (Photo by Google).                    like Canada, prove that such revelations help
        The National Minimum Drinking Age Act          to, the 1984 national law required the issues of drunk-driving and alcohol abuse.
of 1984, a law that was passed in post-Prohibition     states to raise the drinking age to 21 indefinitely         Ultimately, the U.S. government would
America, established the drinking age at 21;           within 2 years or lose a portion of their federal better serve its citizens if it allowed those
between 1933, when Prohibition ended, and 1984,        funding for highways. So, basically, the national who are legally considered adults not to be
when the law was passed, states determined the         government coerced state legislatures into raising treated like children; raising the drinking age
drinking ages in their respective areas. According     the drinking age for money – sound like a bribe? is a logical step toward progress in the U.S.

Editorial: Is College Becoming Unreasonable for
the Average American?
By Tara Kline ’08                                                                                                   Let
         College is a magnificent learning
experience. Throughout the past few decades, it
has served to challenge students intellectually,
                                                                                                               your voice be
emotionally and spiritually; now, it has challenged
them financially in an unreasonable manner.
         According to a recent study that
                                                                                                               heard across
appeared in USA Today, the average student of
a four-year college can expect to graduate with
approximately $20,000 in debt, a $7,000 increase
from ten years ago. While this number is low
compared to the $100,000 of debt that some
students in the law and medical fields accrue, it is
still no small matter and can have a large impact
on the financial lives of many college graduates.
         Posing the question that many students
have pondered, I ask: when did college become
such an unaffordable expense? And are we                            (Photo by Google)
students not investing enough with our endless
hours of studying, reading and preparing? When         to consolidate loans and lock in at a lower rate.
applying for jobs in the modern workforce, are
we forced to prove to our potential employers
                                                       Actions such as these will no doubt have a massive
                                                       financial impact on American college students.                  Become a
that not only have we worked hard and dedicated
ourselves to becoming potential employees, but
                                                               Besides consolidating loans, there is
                                                       unfortunately not much that a college graduate can           Gwynmercian
also that we are willing to put our life on hold
for ten years as we pay off our college debts?
                                                       do to amend this mounting situation – that task is
                                                       up to our government. Perhaps one day, the U.S.               Staff Member...
         Now I realize that college obviously          government decision-makers will open their eyes
cannot be free of charge; if it were, a bachelor’s     and discover before them the financial burdens that
degree would ultimately turn into the equivalent
of a high school diploma, which, when applying
                                                       are being placed on the average college graduate;
                                                       then, and only then, will college once again            We are looking for writers
for a job in corporate America, does not equate
to much. Nevertheless, should we really be
                                                       become affordable for the average American.
                                                       ( S o u r c e : h t t p : / / w w w. u s a t o d a y.   and photographers for the
coerced into at least ten years of debt after
we graduate? (And that’s not even taking into
account the notion of graduate school, which
when added up can easily push that pre-existing
                                                                               Check out mobilize.
                                                                               org’s “Guess the Debt,”               academic year!
debt to completely unreasonable limits.)                                       campaign to learn more                   For more details,
         Apparently, our government feels so.                                  about the rising costs of
Recently, the U.S. government locked a 6.8%                                    higher education (Photo              contact Dr. Lisbeth Chapin
interest rate on federally approved student loans,                             by                       at
such as the Stafford Loan, removing the ability

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