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					Honda City model in 1996, published in 1981, but withdrew two years
later, in 1994, the product was the back plate. Nine countries and sales
in 45 countries around the world, including India, the production pattern
from is done. Three more than in 45 countries since its launch in mid-
2009, Honda sold 1.2 million units.

Ensures excellent performance automatic three 1.5-liter four-cylinder I-
VTEC Engine Volume 1,497 CC and innovation gasoline engine (four valves
per cylinder). Bharat Stage IV emission standards Euro IV and E10 high
level of need. Engine promises to provide a unique powerful and fuel
light emission. The combination of the smooth operation of the car's rear
axle McPherson and torsion bar provides a comfortable distance.

There are three variants of Honda City in India. All versions have the
same engine type and engine capacity, but the only difference is the
gearbox. Variant of maximum power, maximum torque of 118 horsepower to
the speed of rotation of 146 nm per minute, a speed of 6600 RPM and 4600
production. MPH 170km at high speed until smooth and powerful
acceleration has a car in just 10 seconds, 0-100mph.

To set the steering wheel remote control and automatic transmission
version is almost guaranteed to holds. Smooth and surprisingly advanced
EFI technology I-VTEC offers improved performance and fuel efficiency,
one of the Urban and Freeway provides mileage of 14 kmpl which the car
fuel mileage, more efficient, and create 17 kmpl its segment.

Colors in India - urban titanium metallic, metallic blue sapphire white
tafoca, narrative seokgoeun, black crystal pearl, bold beige metallic,
polished metal and red pearl habanaro. Price depending on the model of
Honda City and Colour paints an important competition between Rs 10.87
8.61 Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna and Maruti SX4.

Wing grille doors and windows, one of the safety features of this car,
especially in order to avoid the impact of the collision of pedestrians
loaded, innovative pedestrian protection features. Honda of security,
such as anti-lock electronic brake force distribution and braking system
(ABS) (EBD), active head restraints, SRS airbags, G-CON body hardwearing
and survival space belt pretensioners sicurezza.Das automatically verfügt
glatte, kraftvolle beautiful in hohen Geschwindigkeiten service
Beschleunigung zu 170km 10 Sekunden per Stunde Ladies nur spielt 0 ~
100mph Weaver auch.

Version of DES Automatikgetriebes kommt MIT stick-shift - Steuerung
interrupted wiederum praktisch garantiert. Seinem classified alongside
von uns die die glatte ladies ladies überraschend fortgeschritten I-VTEC
EFI-MIT Technologie bietet bessere Leistung höhere Kraftstoffeffizienz
Stadt ladies Autobahn Laufleistung anbieten Laufleistung 14 kmpl gibt 17
kmpl die macht der alongside effizientesten fuel cars können.

Die Farben, Indien - city titanmetallic Tiefen blauen SAPHIR weißen
tafoca narrative seokgoeun metal, Crystal Black Pearl, Pet beige
metallic, pearl red poliertem Metall ladies do habanaro. Der Preis liegt
zwischen Honda City Lacke ladies Lacke 10.87 8.61 Rupien Je nach model,
Ron, I'm afraid Seine wichtigsten Konkurrenten Ford Fiesta, Hyundai
Verna, Maruti SX4 ladies.

Of the city der dieses Sicherheits - Features auto IST MIT innovativen
Fußgängerschutz speziell Flugel, TUR Kühlergrill ladies
Windschutzscheibe, die Auswirkungen Kollision von der zu Fußgängern
vermeiden geladen. Honda City Sicherheits - Features of andere prevent
Bremssystem (ABS) MIT elektronischer Bremskraftverteilung (EBD), aktive
Kopfstützen, SRS airbags, G-CON Körper trittfest ladies Überlebensraum
Sicherheitsgurt Gurtstraffer.

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