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					Appendix 2.02D---Student Handout
Newsflash: Example of a Scam or Scheme
Directions: Conduct research to find an example of one of the types of scams
and schemes listed on the handout “Beware of Scams and Schemes.” You may
conduct your research with live interviews of people you know or search through
news stories in print, on TV, or online. Report your findings by filling out this
outline for an original “newsflash” using the right column. Be sure to include all
parts of a typical news story as listed in the left column.

Short, catchy title to grab       Scammer Shuffle, could you be a victim?
attention and focus on topic

Lead:                             Today, many people are getting caught up into a scam called a Payment
First sentence of article         Randomizer. This is one of the latest of the get rich quick online schemes,
                                  because all you have to do is kick back and wait. But there is a way for you
States the main idea              to avoid it…
Identifies type of
scam/scheme used
Paragraph One:                    Payment Randomizer programs are all a big scam, they tall you can make
Remaining sentences in first      money by someone else opening up the site in their browser. The site will
paragraph following lead          explain to you basically what you have to do to “make money”, and if you
                                  want to join then you just click a button. There are quite a few fees that
Identifies key people, places,    they don’t really go over though, a small start-up fee ($5-$10) that will go
and events involved in the        to a member and a fee to “upgrade”. These scams can end up costing lots of
story                             money and people spend all they have.

Paragraph Two:                    Once you click the join button, your name will be thrown into a hat
Additional details about how      basically. Every time someone else clicks on that website a member will
the scam/scheme was set up,       come up, to start out each members name is in “the hat” once. Your name
how to recognize the scam or      will be brought up once in each round, if the person decides to join that
scheme, and losses that could     startup fee will go to you, if they don’t then your name is out until the next
result                            round. The upgrade fee (not specified) is for you to pay to have a higher
                                  chance of people getting your name; you can pay to put your name in as
                                  many times as you want. Putting your name in more than once gives you a
                                  better chance to make “money”. Although there is no guarantee that you’re
                                  going to get that money for joining.
Paragraph Three:                  There are many ways to prevent this, the biggest thing you should tell
Tips on how to prevent            yourself is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There may be
yourself from falling victim to   some legitimate “online money-making websites”; there are way more fake
this scam or scheme               ones. I wouldn’t suggest using any; whatsoever, that way you don’t have to
                                  fear being scammed. This is the only way to ensure that you are in no way
                                  becoming a part of a scam. If you were to join one, it may seem legitimate
                                  at first, you may get paid, but some enough the truth will come out. A lot of
                                  dead give always of a scam are if it seems they are short with their
                                  information, if it’s a scam they don’t have any real information to give you,
                                 do some research.
Conclusion:                      Now that you know all about the Payment Randomizer, among other
A final sentence, or two, that   scams, I hope you can successfully avoid them. These scams have cost
synthesizes the main points to   people lots of money; sometimes they spend all they have trying to make
be remembered                    more. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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