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Link Building Packages

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Link Building Package
MOS SEO Services has considerable experience in providing link building
services for online businesses. We combine various link building tactics to
achieve top search engine rankings for our client websites. We offer customized
and affordable packages, so you can choose the best link building campaign that
suits your budget and your website requirements.

Link Building Packages          Entry    Starter    Local      Small        Business    Enterprise
                                Level      SEO                Business

PRICING - PER MONTH             $250      $500      $1000      $1500         $2000       $4000

Article marketing -            3/month   5/month   15/month   25/month      35/month    70/month
Submitting in (30) article

Press release distribution -             1/month   1/month    2/month       3/month     4/month
Submitting in 30 free Press
release websites

Blog post - Blog Post                    1/month   2/month    3/month       4/month     8/month
submissions in 15 Blog

Hub pages & Squidoo (Ezine               1/month   2/month    3/month       4/month     6/month
also) - Pages for the main

Social bookmarking               10        20         30         50            100         200

Google local listing

Yahoo local listing

Bing local listing

Power point Submission - 15         1/month   1/month      1/month        2/month     4/month
Power Point Websites

PDF Submission - Submitted          2/month   4/month      8/month        10/month    12/month
to 10 sites

Review Submissions                            1 week per   1 week per      2 weeks     3 weeks
                                                month        month        per month   per month

Forum submission                                               5             10          25

Blog commenting                                                5             10          25

Classified submission -                1          2            4              6           8
Submitting ads in 30

Local directory submission -                                   5             10          20
Submitting in Local

Total Links (per month)        53     105        211          320            425        850

Call us at 1-800-670-2809 and speak to our senior solutions manager to learn
more about our affordable SEO link building package. Let us customize on the
plan that is appropriate and will give you positive results within your budget.
We look forward to speaking with you.


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