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									May 2004 Newsletter
Corvette Club of Texas
P.O. Box 36022
Dallas, Texas 75235-1022

               Visit our Web Site at:   “Save the Wave”

                                                        1                                     Corvetter
                            THE CORVETTER
Monthly Membership Meetings are Every Third Friday of the Month, 7:30 p.m. at Our Sponsor
Friendly Chevrolet, 2754 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas.

                      CORVETTE CLUB OF TEXAS
                   2004 OFFICERS, BOARD AND STAFF

President              Joe Carrion        972-491-0355
Vice President         Carol Factor       817-329-0693
Treasurer              Mitch Factor       817-329-0693
Secretary              POSITION OPEN
NCCC Governor          Gary Frederick 972-416-7555   

                               BOARD MEMBERS
Phillip Schilt         06-04             972-359-0864
Phil Schilt            12-04             972-393-9117
Dennis Bertwell        03-05             817-788-0477
Jim Adams              08-05             972-608-0139
Paul Wolter            12-05             817-478-6096

                                 STAFF CHAIRPERSONS
Activities            Ben Loflin      817-267-2112
Charities Coordinator Mary Wolter     817-478-6096
Club Merchandise      Mary Wolter     817-478-4096
Historian             Ken Bradley     214-348-0775
Membership            Mary Wolter     817-478-6096
Newsletter            Paul & Mary Wolter 817-478-6096
Property              Mary Wolter      817-478-6096
Photographer          James & Joann Powdrill    972-625-6479
Raffle                Jackie Arbogast 972-727-6875
Webmaster             Philip Schilt   972-359-0864

                    NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM
Ambassador        James Powdrill 972-625-6479

                                            2                                    Corvetter
Volume 48, Issue Number 5             Internet Address: May 2004

                                                           May starts off with a fun event the Laps for
                                                           Charity at TMS that is being hosted by Paul and
                                                           Mary Wolter on this coming Saturday evening
                                                           May 8th. See flyer in this newsletter for the

                                                           Bob and Paula Mischel have picked the date of
                                                           Sunday, May 23 to host a drive and eat to
                                                           Granbury. The club will get to see their new log
                                                           cabin home on the lake and also, assemble the 40
                                                           welcome packages for the Speedway Children
                                                           Charity organization to give to all of the IRL
Joe and Gail Carrion’s New Silver Z06 In Georgetown        drivers at the June 10th driver meeting at TMS. I
                                                           encourage everyone to attend at least one of these
.                                                          fun filled events.
                                                           I will be out of town for our May meeting. Ben
Good News!!! Our Website has been updated and              and Billie Loflin and will be joining Gail and
looks great and has lots of features. A big thanks         myself for the Circle City Corvette club run from
to our young Phil Schilt for all of the hard work          Dothan, Alabama to Panama City Beach, Florida
and effort that went into putting it together. It is       where we will have fun in the sun.
greatly appreciated.
                                                           Many of you are aware this is the last newsletter
A special thanks to Michael Cox our former Web             that will be published by Paul and Mary Wolter.
Master for all of his past support and the hosting         I’d like to thank Paul and Mary for their past
of the Web Site.                                           support in publishing the newsletter and their
                                                           continual dedication and service to the club. Thank
April has been a busy month with two overnight             you for all you do for the club.
trips that were very successful and lots of fun. See
the newsletter for additional information about the        Congratulations to Jim Adams for accepting the
trips. Thanks to Ben & Billie and Mel for hosting          task as the new publisher of our newsletter.
the trips.

                                                           Thanks…and as always “Save the Wave “

                                                           Joe Carrion

                                                       3                                            Corvetter
                                           NCM NEWS

New Changes to the Engineering Exhibit Area

 As part of the C5/C6 Birthday Bash, new changes that have been recently made to the Engineering
 exhibit area of the Museum were unveiled and presented. NCM Facilities Manager, Bob Hellmann along
 with the help and support of Ken Brown and Rodney Jurben – GM Engineering/Design staff members,
 created the display area that gives guests an educational in-depth look at the new C6 and its design.
 Cutaways of the interior, convertible top, console and head lamp, and a demonstration video and display
 of the magnetic ride feature bring to life the newly renovated area. More information on the newly
 designed Engineering area will be available in the upcoming issue of our Member Magazine –
 America’s Sports Car, or visit online event coverage at:

 Historic Flint Brick’s Offered as “Show Giveaways”

 Thanks to Chevrolet Dealers like Tom Hendricks of Buds Chevrolet, the Historic Flint Brick fundraiser
 is getting an extra boost. Tom is offering the Flint bricks as special show giveaways for folks attending
 “Buds Corvette Cruise-In” on May 8 and entering a special drawing. A Flint brick sample will be on
 display along with brochures promoting the program. The NCM greatly appreciates their support and
 would like to take this time to offer a sample brick and flyers to any other dealers or clubs hosting shows
 in the coming months. Please contact Connie Russell at to find out more
 or call us at: (800) 53-VETTE. More information on our Historic Flint Brick Fundraising Program can
 be found by visiting the NCM website at:

 10th Anniversary Celebration Registration Opens!

 Registration for the 10th Anniversary Corvette Celebration opened via the NCM website on March 31.
  You may have received our commemorative postcard announcing the exciting event plans, and we hope
 you can join us as we welcome everyone home for a “Celebration of Friendship” – September 2-5. All
 non- members registering for the event will receive a one-year Individual Membership as part of their
 registration fee. A special $10 registration will be offered to current NCM members, and Lifetime
 members will be admitted free – but must pre-register to participate. Parades, entertainment, road
 tours, grand opening videos, an outdoor movie, commemorative 10th Anniversary keepsakes, the
 Corvette Hall of Fame Induction and the drawings for the 2005 Corvette and the last C5
 Commemorative Coupe are all part of the activities planned! Join us as we celebrate 10 years of the
 National Corvette Museum and recognize our members and supporters who are helping us continue the
 mission. Registration will open via our website at:

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                               Boerne Corvette Car Show and Bluebonnet Run

                                                   April 17-18, 2004
                                                  By Dennis Bertwell
Boerne is a small town in the heart of Hill Country in Texas approximately 50 miles northwest of San Antonio. It is a
wonderful town with a rich history and a population of 7000 residents. A beautiful river area, quaint downtown with
unique shops and a town square park are highlights of the town. Boerne has been host to several car shows over the past
year as car enthusiasts from San Antonio and the Hill Country enjoy coming to the area.

                                                                  The Car Show planned for this weekend included several
                                                                  cars from the Texas Corvette Association, a Corvette club
                                                                  in San Antonio, as well as other cars entered from around
                                                                  Texas. The car show included a large number of
                                                                  Corvettes from C-1’s to C-5’s, and other types of cars
                                                                  from antique’s to hot rods. Approximately 400 cars were
                                                                  entered in the show, mostly parked in and around the town
                                                                  square park, for viewers to enjoy.

                                                                  Five cars from CCT made plans to be in Boerne for this
                                                                  weekend’s activities. Ben and Billie Loflin acted as hosts
                                                                  since they own a second home in the town of Boerne.
                                                                  This worked out well as a central gathering and planning
                                                                  location for our group from CCT. Ben even had a
                                                                  dedicated “corvette wash area” that Carol Factor made use
of to wash their car, and ended up missing the photo shoot in
downtown Boerne! The other participants from CCT
included Dennis and Patti Bertwell, Mitch and Carol Factor,
James and Joanne Powdrill and Paul and Mary Wolter. Ben
and Billy went to Boerne on Thursday, Mitch and Carol and
James and Joanne went on Friday, and Dennis and Patti and
Paul and Mary went “early” on Saturday.

The Loflins, Factors and Powdrills met and had dinner
together Friday night at the Kendall Inn.

The Bertwells and Wolters met at 4:30 AM in south Ft.
Worth to begin our trip to the Boerne area. We had an easy
drive with two brief stops and made it to Ben and Billie’s
                                                                 house by shortly after 9:00 AM. There, we met up with the
                                                                 Factors and Powdrills, had some coffee and rolls, and
                                                                 planned our day’s activities.

                                                                 The men spent a good portion of the day looking at
                                                                 Corvette’s and various automobiles on display at the car
                                                                 show while the ladies spent time at the shops in Boerne.
                                                                 There were a large variety of cars and trucks on display.
                                                                 One of the most “unusual” cars was a rare 1911 Ford
                                                                 Model T Lizzy Runabout with a “Mother-in-Law” seat.
                                                                 (Can anyone guess where the seat was located?). We all
                                                                 met together for a nice lunch and after more car viewing in
                                                                 the afternoon, we went back to the Loflin home for a brief
                                                                 relaxation period. Later that afternoon, we went on a five-
                                                                 car caravan tour through the Boerne rural area with some
                                                                 back-roads that provided nice scenery and an enjoyable late
                                                                 afternoon drive.

                                                             5                                                  Corvetter
Saturday night, we drove our cars to dine at a restaurant in
Welfare, Texas (population 10). It was a fabulous meal and
great outdoor table setting near a garden. The tables were
set with linen table settings with Rose petals sprinkled
across the table. It was especially interesting watching Paul
get several glasses of water poured on his shoulder and arm
as the young table attendant lost control of the drink tray as
he was leaning over Paul’s back. But, it was just water, and
Paul was a good sport about it because it was his Birthday,
and in celebration for that day, the restaurant provided a full
chocolate birthday cake (Mary requested) brought to our
table for all 10 of us to share.

The next morning we met early at a Wal-mart parking lot in
Boerne for the gathering of Corvette’s planning to go on a
Bluebonnet Run and Picnic. Texas Corvette Association out of San Antonio sponsored the event and we had an
opportunity to meet some nice folks from that club who treated us with good hospitality. We truly enjoyed visiting with
the members and exchanging information.

                                                                  Thirty (30) cars, including five from CCT, were in the
                                                                  caravan and after a nice drive of approximately an hour and
                                                                  a half, we stopped at the LBJ Park in Stonewall for an
                                                                  outdoor cookout lunch. We saw several Bison and
                                                                  Longhorn Steer’s in the acreage surrounding the park and
                                                                  enjoyed a nice lunch including grilled hamburgers while we
                                                                  talked about cars.

                                                                  After lunch, we lined up the cars for a scenic drive through
                                                                  the Willow City Loop. This is one of the most beautiful
                                                                  drives in all of Hill Country on any given day, however,
                                                                  when you add in the gorgeous view’s that were magnified
                                                                  by the wild flowers, it was fabulous. People who had been
                                                                  through the Willow City Loop during the spring before this
                                                                  year were commenting that this was the best year for
                                                      Bluebonnets ever with views and vistas like never seen
before. The route took us through a lot of private ranch land and we crossed 34 cattle crossings and went
through several clear water creek crossings. Most of the cars on the road trip were C5s, some C4s and two
nicely restored C2 midyear coupes accompanied us.

After that drive, it was time to say our goodbye to Ben
and Billie who stayed an extra day in Boerne. The
remaining four cars headed north toward the DFW
area in the mid-afternoon.

After a nice uneventful drive back to the area, we
made one final stop just south of Ft. Worth at a Red
Lobster Restaurant for dinner, after which we went
our separate ways home.

It was a fun weekend for the couples that had an
opportunity to participate doing what we like to do
most………drive a corvette, eat, see cars and shop.

                                                              6                                                   Corvetter
                                         Corvette Club of Texas
                                   April 16, 2004 Membership Meeting
                              Friendly Chevrolet, Stemmons Freeway, Dallas

The meeting was called to order by club president, Joe Carrion, at 7:35 PM.

After a welcome, Joe introduced two visitors, Rod Stallings and Lou Jalbor representing the newly formed
Texas Chapter of Christian Rodders and Racing Association. They addressed an upcoming special event that
they wanted to make the CCT membership aware of occurring on May 1 st called a “Bear the Burden Run” with
the proceeds from the event going to a specific children’s home in the area. Brochures were made available to
CCT members at the meeting.

The club secretary read the minutes from the CCT Board Meeting held on Monday, April 12th.

Joe Carrion gave the Treasurers report in absence of the Treasurer who was out of town at the Boerne Corvette
Trip. They were approved as read.

Gary Frederick gave the Governor’s report and he described several upcoming races and autocross events
coming up in the near future. These can be found in the event calendar. He mentioned a new points system and
some of the results of past winners with very few points separating first and second place overall. The point of
this comment was to re-enforce the importance of the points for serious racers.

Mary Wolter made a membership report and mentioned that window flags, both U.S. and CCT, are available for
sale for our cars. Then, Mary described an upcoming charity event for the upcoming IRL race in June were we
were offered an opportunity to make up some “Welcome Baskets” for the 37 IRL drivers that will be
participating. She said that most of the basket contents would be donated so the club cost could be minimal,
however, we could include our club logo on the basket to get additional exposure at TMS. She asked if CCT
members would be interested in participating and got a positive response. Jackie Arbogast made a motion to
provide these welcome baskets with an expense not to exceed $500.00. Patty Callander seconded the motion
and after a brief discussion, the motion was voted on and passed by the membership.

There was no NCM update available, as James Powdrill was also in Boerne.

The Activity Report was made and a schedule of upcoming events is posted in the events calendar.

Old Business –
      - An updated version of the new web site can be seen online at

       -   Verification was made that we now have a parking spot for the club trailer at Paul and Mary
           Wolter’s property in Everman, TX and that the trailer needed some maintenance and clean up.

New Business –
     - CCT Roundup coming October 9-10. We need more participation from members than we have had
         in past years. Carol Factor is the Roundup Chairperson and will be looking for volunteers to be on
         support and work committees soon.
     - The CCT club secretary has resigned effective with this meeting. Joe Carrion asked for nominations
         or a volunteer until we could find a replacement but got neither.
     - A discussion from a member regarding how we can get more members and participation was held.
         A suggestion was to discuss this at the next Board Meeting. Also suggested that we conduct more
         club activities specifically designed for exposure for the club. (Homecoming parades, car shows
                                                       7                                             Corvetter
       -   where we can participate and hang our banner, etc.) Also more members want business cards to pass
           out to perspective guests.
       -   Donna and Marvin Snyder reported that they accepted a medallion from the NCCC Awards Banquet
           on behalf of CCT. Donna said that CCT members should participate more in all functions sponsored
           by NCCC throughout the region. She said it is hard to ask other clubs to join our Autocross event
           when we do not send people to participate in their events.

The Raffle was held by Jackie Arbogast for donate gifts.

Joe Carrion adjourned the meeting at 8:55 PM. The after meeting dinner was hosted by Gary and Donna
Frederick at Papasitos.

                             U.S. & TEXAS AND CCT PARADE FLAGS

CCT now has parade flags available for yo ur corvettes when driving in parades. We have window flags
available for:

              FLAG                       COST EACH            COST FOR TWO

              U.S.                            $5                      $8
              CCT                             $11
              CCT Replacement                 $10

                                                           For those that placed your order for the flag cadies
                                                           we have great news….. they finally came in.
                                                           The next time CCT participates in a parade, car
                                                           show, etc., let’s fly our flags proudly!!!

                                                           The flags shown on the four cars in the picture are
                                                           window mounted CCT logo flags.

                                                       8                                               Corvetter
                             R700 Transmission Installation In My ‘78 Pace
                                                   By Charles M. Whitaker
NOTE: The following article is in response to an email inquiry about installing an R700 transmission into a 1964 corvette. Several
years ago I remembered that CCT member Charles Whitaker had successfully installed an R700 transmission in his 1978 corvette, so I
forwarded the inquiry along to Charles, and he was nice enough to respond with the following advice.

Rick, - As Paul said, I replaced the 3-speed 350 automatic transmission in my 1978 Corvette Pace Car with a 700-R4
overdrive transmission and I can say that it improved the performance of my car immensely. The first gear is lower than
the one in the 3-speed automatic so it should get off the line quicker and the 0.7 overdrive improved the gasoline mileage
by 1.4X. At the time of the transmission change, I was getting 10 mpg regularly and after the change the mileage
increased to 14 mpg. Of course the increased gasoline mileage means that there is less heat in the engine because the
engine is burning less fuel and that makes the engine and passenger compartment cooler so the air conditioner works
better. The reduced rpm of the engine at cruise speed means less engine noise and vibration and I can, for the first time,
hear my exhaust as I drive and it sure makes a pretty sound! At 70 mph my engine rpm dropped from 3,500 to 2,350 as
read on the Corvette tachometer with a 3.55:1 rear end and P255/60R15 tires. Those numbers are not an exact 0.7 ratio
so either the 3,500 rpm is a little high or the 2,350 rpm is a little low. All in all it has been a very good experience, but it
was a lot of hard work and I mean a lot of hard work! I have read in the books that the 700R4 is actually lighter than my
old transmission so that is another advantage.

I don't know what technical information you have and I am not familiar with the specifications for a 64 roadster so I can't
give you specific information for your transmission change, but I will tell you about my experience. I purchased a late
mode 700R4 transmission from a junk yard and had it rebuilt by a professional transmission man who was a good friend
so the cost for the rebuilt transmission was limited to the price I paid for the core transmission ($350), cost of the parts
($329), and a $100 token rebuild fee. He specified the late model transmission because it would have the big pump shaft,
the updated internal hard parts, and something that I remember to be an extra servo in one of the rear corners of the
transmission. He rebuilt the transmission with a valve body modified for Corvette operation so it would stay in 4th gear
above 80 mph (I can't remember the exact speed) without downshifting. The other costs included the filler tube, dip stick,
TPI cable, transmission rubber mount, transmission fluid, and a $92 charge for shortening my drive shaft and new U-
joints at Drive Shaft King. I had to fabricate the cross member rear bracket (cut plate steel, bend, weld, and drill holes)
where the transmission mount attaches, remove and weld the parking brake pulley mount to clear the U-joint, and make a
shift cable mount that I made from a new Camero part that I modified to the 700-R4 pan bolt pattern. I had to reshape the
oil cooling lines since they go into the 700-R4 at a different
angle and I had to modify my dual exhaust pipes to clear the
rear corners of the transmission. Since I replaced the
exhaust system it was a little easier working with new clean
steel pipe and I dimpled both pipes at the rear corners of the
transmission. I did the removal and installation myself and it
required about a month of my time. Another friend who runs                                                                     a
transmission shop loaned me a handful of nylon speedometer
gears and I selected one using my GPS to calibrate the
speedometer. The total cost was $871, which includes an
exhaust pipe mount that fits between the transmission rubber
mount and the transmission that I also had to modify, but
that amount doesn't include the new exhaust system. I was
lucky in that the flex plate used with my 3-speed 350                               1978 Corvette Pace Car
automatic transmission fit the 700-R4 transmission torque
converter bolt pattern and I can't remember if that was
because they had the same hole pattern or if it had a second set of holes. I believe that it was the same hole pattern and if
you have the powerglide transmission they are different from the 700-R4. I used an article in a Hot Rod magazine for
some information about the exchange, but it wasn't extremely detailed. It did give the length to shorten the drive shaft and
that definitely helped. It didn't tell about the TPI cable, the cooling tubes, the exhaust system, or the parking brake cable.

If you have any questions that aren't internal to the transmission I will be glad to try to answer them; however, I am not
available to help you with the installation. I inserted a picture of my Corvette jus for fun and I hope you enjoy seeing it.
Good Luck!
                                                                9                                                     Corvetter

                                                        Our Corvette Club of Texas Representative is Tommy
                                                        Gallatin. When you need to replace your corvette for a
                                                        new C6 be sure and give Tommy a call at 214-920-1910
                                                        for an excellent price. Don’t forget to contact Tommy
                                                        when you are upgrading that tired SUV or family car for
                                                        a new one! In addition to his regular work schedule,
                                                        John is always at the dealership during our monthly
                                                        Friday night membership meeting. We also want to
                                                        thank our sponsor Friendly Chevrolet and Tommy for
                                                        providing the great sandwiches, cookies, chips and
                                                        drinks for our monthly membership meetings.

                                     GOVERNOR’S REPORT

The 2004 NCCC Convention hosted by the Desert Corvette Association in Las Vegas on June 5th – 11th date is
closing in fast. If you have not already done so, be sure and make your room reservations at the Star Dust host
Hotel. A group from our region is planning a caravan to Las Vegas and the departure and return details are
provided below, courteously of Sheryl Surdick.

Convention starts Saturday with the “Millard Does Vegas”. Sunday evening will have “Save the Wave Rave
Night” and prizes will be awarded to the top three Clubs with the best-decorated tables. Monday will be an
adult pool party and in the evening will be the costume party with awards. Tuesday will be the “Gilligan’s
Island Pools ide Reception”. Wednesday evening is free night, so you are on your own. Thursday is the Route
66 Bash and Friday collimates with the banquet.

The competition events for both low and high speed plus bracket and record drags will be held at the Las Vegas
Motor Speedway. The car show will be at the Stardust Pavilion.

Due to state laws no raffle tickets will be sold at the convention site, thus all tickets for the raffle car must be
purchased by May 21st .

The National Governor’s meeting is this coming weekend, May 7 – 8th in St. Louis Missouri

It’s not too early to be thinking about the 2005 Convention, which will be held in Minnesota with the
autocrosses and drags held at the Brainerd Raceway.

                                                         10                                              Corvetter
                     CARAVAN TO 2004 CONVENTION IN LAS VEGAS

Departure Trip
Day 1 total mileage for first day approximately 651 miles from Dallas.

Thursday June 3rd meet at Texas Motor Speedway at 5am. Have full tank of gas and empty bladder. PLEASE

Highway 287 to Childress and Amarillo after Amarillo will take 40 to Albuquerque.

First stop will be Childress exit Ave F NW at Alsups/Exxon for fuel and food, approximately 253 miles.

Second stop Amarillo (arrive at 12 noon) exit number 60 for food and fuel, meet up with Oklahoma bunch
approximately 368 miles. BE PREPARED TO LEAVE OUT AT 1PM.

Third stop Santa Rosa exit number 277 for fuel, approximately 171 miles.

Fourth stop Albuquerque exit number 167 for food, fuel and sleep, approximately 117 miles. The hotel is the
Days Inn East, phone 505-294-3297.

Day 2 total mileage approximately 556 miles.

Friday June 5th leave at 6 am, have a full tank of gas and empty bladder.

Start out on highway 40

First stop Joseph City exit number 277 for fuel, approximately 244 miles.

Second stop Kingman exit number 50 for fuel approximately 227 miles.

After Kingman we will get on Highway 93 for 83.4 miles, then take I-515 for 14.3 miles, then take exit 70 on
to US 95 (Boulder Hwy) for .8 miles, turn right on Desert Inn Road for 4 miles, turn right on Paradise Rd for .2
miles then left onto Convention Center Dr. for .5 miles and THEN WE ARE AT THE STARDUST.

Return Trip
Day 1 Friday June 11 leave out at 6 am have an empty bladder and enough gas to go 85 miles.

First stop Kingman exit number 55 for fuel, approximately 85 miles.

Second stop Joseph City exit number 227 for food and fuel, approximately 227 miles.

Third stop Albuquerque exit number 167 for food, fuel and sleep, approximately 244 miles. Will be staying at
same hotel as on way out.

Day 2 Saturday June 12 leave out at 6 am have a full tank of gas and empty bladder.

First stop Amarillo exit number 60 for food and fuel, approximately 288 miles.

Second stop Childress exit Ave F NW, Alsups/Exxon for fuel and food.
Third stop home.
                                                        11                                           Corvetter

The next CCT monthly board meeting will be 7:30 PM Monday, May 10th at Friendly Chevrolet in the Sales
Meeting Room. To be able to effectively address all items of importance that the monthly board meetings will
continue to be held on Monday evenings until further notice, the week before the membership meeting . The
Board meetings and are open to all CCT members, and members are encouraged to attend and be a part of
planning and providing direction for the club in 2004.

                               MEMBERSHIP REPORT

Our April membership meeting brought us 2 visitors. We welcome new members Skip & Helen Bednarczyk
who drive a 2000 cv. Look for their profile in the upcoming newsletter. Please give them a warm welcome at
the next meeting. Add their names and email address to your address book.

              Skip & Helen Bednarczyk     email address is:

                           2004 NCCC EVENTCALENDAR

See the NCCC Event Calendar located at for entry forms and
additional information on the following NCCC events.

              Date                                Event                        Location

       May 7, 8                    National Governor’s Meeting                 St. Louis
       May 15, 16                  Longhorn CC (7 events)                      Waco
       May 29, 30                  OCCC & CCOC (RD, ETD, MTD, 6 LS)            Oklahoma City
       June 5 – 11                 NCCC Convention                             Las Vegas
       July 3, 4                   Mid Coast CC (4 events)                     Waco
       August 20, 21               OCCC & CCOC (11 LS, RFR)                    Oklahoma City
       September 4, 5              Tejas/Tin Hall Toys (14 events)             Waco
       September 10, 11            National Governor’s Meeting                 St. Louis
       September 18, 19            SJCC (TBD)                                  TBD
       September 25, 26            Cowtown Vetts (6 events)                    Ft. Worth -TMS
       October 9-10                CCT (7events)                               Sherman -Grayson Cty AP
       October 23, 24              CCO (14 events)                             Oklahoma City
       November 12, 13             National Governor’s Meeting                 St. Louis

                                                     12                                           Corvetter
                                              LAPS FOR
                                  SPEEDWAY CHILDREN’S CHARITY
                                    6:00 PM Saturday, May 8th, 2004
Paul and Mary Wolter are hosting an event for the Corvette Club of Texas and Cowtown Vettes members and
their friends on Saturday afternoon May 8th , 2004 to participate in the Laps for Charity at Texas Motor

We will meet at the TMS Lone Star Tower Condo 701 for dinner at 6:00 P.M. Everyone is requested to bring a
dish(s) to share and their own drinks. We will provide the meat.

You can drive your corvette (or your suburban, etc.) 3 laps around the track (following a TMS pace car) for
only $25.00. If the three laps are not enough for you or your spouse wants to drive, just get in line again and
another $25 will get you back on the track for another 3 laps. After your laps be sure to have your picture taken
with your corvette in the winner’s circle. The picture fee is $10.00. Your pictures will be ready that evening after a small

We will also be selling raffle tickets for $5.00 each for a chance to win free drives. The money collected will be used to
purchase the Speedway Children’s Charity Laps for the raffle ticket winners.

After you have finished your drive around the racetrack, you are all invited to come back up to the condo. You can
compare your driving experience with others while we eat, drink and watch the Vipers, Porsches, Camaros, trucks, limos,
etc go around the track!

Please RSVP to Paul & Mary Wolter by Thursday May 6th . TMS Condo number is #701.
817-478-6096 Home
817-296-1958 Cell
817-491-7284 Condo
                                                             13                                                 Corvetter
                                  THE BOERNE CAR SHOW

                                                By Carol Factor

The trip to the Boerne Car Show the weekend of April 16th was a memorable experience! Mitch and I and
James and Joanne Powdrill arrived in Boerne and met our hosts, Ben and Billie Loflin at their home. We all
went out to dinner with the Loflin’s to the “Limestone Grill” in the Kendall Inn, which is also a very nice bed
and breakfast. The food was great and we enjoyed the small town ambiance.

Paul and Mary Wolter and Dennis and Patty Bertwell arrived early in Boerne on Saturday morning and we all
headed down town to the Car Show. The show was well attended and had over 200 cars entered. Of course, the
shopping in Boerne was entertaining too!

                                                        It rained lightly off and on that afternoon but not
                                                        enough to ruin the day being outside. By the time we
                                                        had dinner that night at the Welfare Café, it had cleared
                                                        off enough that sitting outside on the patio to have our
                                                        dinner was delightful and cool. What a great place!
                                                        Where else can you eat a gourmet dinner in the country
                                                        while watching the cows and goats roam the pasture
                                                        behind you.

                                                          The next morning, we headed to Wal-Mart and met up
                                                          with the San Antonio Corvette Club for the Bluebonnet
                                                          Run. We had no idea what a treat this was going to be!
                                                          We drove to LBJ State Park where the chef prepared
                                                          burgers for all of us. There were 36 Corvettes in our
                                                          caravan! Afterwards, we drove over to the famous
Willow City Loop traveling down many back roads and over more tha n 35 cattle guards. We arrived at the
breathtaking views of field after field of bluebonnets. I’ve never seen that many in one area. They say this year
was one of the “bluest” ever!

After taking in the scenery, we headed back for Dallas
that afternoon. I hope next year more of our club
members will mark their calendars so they can be sure to
go on the next hill country trip to Boerne. Many thanks
to Ben and Billie Loflin for hosting a wonderful trip!

                                                       14                                             Corvetter
                               2004 CCT ACTIVITIES CALENDAR

Month                   Drive/Eat                 Socials/Charity          Other Events


February                                          Mardi Gras Parade
                                                  Feb 21st

March                   Ken & Jeanette
                        Bradley – See Flyer

April                   Boerne Car Show           Adam Petty Track         Red Poppy Festival Parade
                        Poppy Festival            Walk at TMS April 3rd    & Car Show, Georgetown
                        Mitch & Carol Factor      Paul & Mary Wolter       Mel Roggenbuck
                        Ben & Billie Loflin                                April 24 – 25th
May                     May 8th Speedway          May 23- Drive & Eat
                        Children’s Charity Laps   Host Bob & Paula
                        Paul & Mary Wolter        Mischel- also to
                                                  assemble buckets
June                    Ben & Billie Loflin

July                    Carl & Jackie Arbogast                             4th of July Parade with
                                                                           Cowtown Vettes in F.W.

August                  James & Joann

September                                                                  Practice autocross at
                                                                           Grayson County Airport,
October                                                                    Eureka Springs.
                                                                           Oct 9/10 CCT Roundup
                                                                           2004 at Grayson AP

December                Festival of Lights        CCT Christmas Party      Prestonwood Christmas
                        Natchitoches, La          Dec 4th                  Program
                        Dec 11th


Quarter                                           Maintainer
January 16Thru April 16,2004                      Paul & Mary Wolter
April 16th –July 16th                             Joe & Paulette Wagner
July 16th-October 15th                            John & Patty Callander
October 15th-January 21,2005

                                                    15                                                 Corvetter
          What Would Ever Make a ZO6 Owner Jealous of Non-ZO6 Owner?

                                         By Philip Schilt (The Young One)

Well, I have decided to take a stab at writing articles. I imagine both of my parents jaws are dropping since I
took the same English classes in College enough times they joke that English was my second language. I
decided to write some technical articles to share all the fun experiences I have had racing.

For this month I have chosen to write about my experience with Twilight Sentinel lights. The Twilight Sentinel
lights are the automatic lights which use a sensor to detect low light to automatically turn on the headlights.
This feature is not available on a ZO6. My first corvette was a 2001 Convertible loaded with every feature
including the Twilight Sentinel lights. Ever since, I bought the ZO6 I missed the feature. Call me lazy, but I
liked it. Early last year while surfing the (as I do too often my wife claims is “the other
woman”) a member had a write up with how to add them to a ZO6.

According to his instructions all that was needed was a Tech 2 to reprogram the BCM (Body Control Module)
adding in option T82 Twilight Sentinel Lights. So a quick trip to the dealer was in order I thought. Upon
reprogramming, low and behold there was the Twilight Sentinel option in the Options menu. I was excited it
worked and thought I had twilight sentinel lights. As I pulled away, I was under an overhang that was dark
enough to pop-up the lights, so I figured once I pulled away they would drop back down, boy was I wrong. So
now I had Twilight Sentinel lights that kept the headlights on all the time. Now I had a unique feature.

So, I pulled the codes (which I will write about how to do next month), and look it up and it says Ambient
Sensor Low Voltage. So I take it back in for service, and they are nice enough to look at it. After a day of
troubleshooting it we couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work and decide to unload the reprogram.

Once again I am without Twilight lights, and think the quest is over. Well some time goes by and next year
imagine this….. I was surfing the again, and see someone talking about adding them on a
ZO6 with step-by-step instructions.

The problem is believe it or not, starting in February 2002 Chevrolet may or may not have put the sensor in, but
left the wiring in place. Now for the $25,000 question! When do you think my car was produced? You guessed
it….. February 2002!

Furthermore, the sensor is only $12. Wow, I know I can handle that little inconvenience by using the loose
change lying in my desk drawer! So now I go to the dealership, and order part # 12450121 to install. The
installation is incredibly easy as well since the sensor installs in the defroster vent. After installing the sensor I
drive the “Now Twilight Sentinel Lights equipped vette” back to the dealership to hook up a tech 2 again and
try the reprogram.

This time it works like a champ, and I am now enjoying my laziness with my automatic lights. For further
information regarding the installation of this feature and adding low tire pressure sensors to a C5 refer to the
following website

Thank you for taking the time to read this hope you enjoyed it because I look back now and find this quite
humorous, as well as typical Chevrolet…

                                                           16                                                Corvetter
                              CCT APPAREL FOR SALE

      TAN OR BLACK VISORS $9                CCT WINDOW FLAGS $11
                                            REPLACEMENT FLAGS $10

STATIC CLINGS LARGE $ 6 SMALL $1     U.S. or TEXAS FLAG $5 ea. or Two for $8

            TEXAS SHIRT $35                 LONG OR SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT $28

                                               17                              Corvetter
                                  CCT APPAREL FOR SALE



                 The Corvette Club of Texas would like to extend our sincere condolences to
                 Joe Carrion and his family on the recent death of Joe's father. Our thoughts
                 and Prayers are with you all.....death is such a timely reminder for us all to
                 enjoy the moment of the day and the day's ahead. We are fortunate to have our
                 club family, our beautiful cars and the opportunity to enjoy both.

                                        POPPY FESTIVAL

We have included some pictures taken at the May 22nd and 23rd Poppy Festival car show and parade conducted
again this year in Georgetown, Texas. All the CCT members that participated had an excellent time, dodged a
lot of rain, but managed to stay somewhat dry.

Joann’s (and James) Powdrill’s 1998 Pace Car          Ben & Billie Loflin Trying Out The Small Park Bench!

                                                     18                                           Corvetter
                                            CHARITY REPORT

Our next charity event with the Speedway Children’s Charity will be May 8th from 6 to 10 PM. Information on
the event is provided in the flyer in this newsletter. We have also invited the Cowtown Vette Club members to
come play with us. Come out and participate in this unique experience that allows you to drive your corvette,
suburban, motorcycle, or family car 3 laps around the 1 ½ mile race track with 23 degrees of banking on the
turns. And most important….all funds donated are given to local metroplex charities benefiting children. In
2003 Speedway Children’s Charity raised $450,000 and gave it to 143 local charities at the Speedway
Christmas tree lighting ceremony the first Thursday in December. This will be repeated again in December
2004, and the event is open to the public.

I would like to thank Jackie Arbogast, Patty Callander, Gail Carrion, Jan Farrow and Joan Powdrill for
volunteering to be on the committee for getting over 40 Welcome Baskets together on behalf of the Speedway
Children’s Charity. We will be presenting the Welcome Baskets to 40 IRL Driver teams on June 10th. The
baskets will consist of donated items, plus a welcome note from Ft. Worth mayor Mike Moncrief and an
invitation to attend the October 14th , 2004 gala hosted by the Children’s Speedway Charity in the Speedway
Club. Bob and Paula Mischel have invited the club members to assemble the baskets Sunday afternoon, May
23rd at their new log cabin home in Granbury. See the flyer in the newsletter for the details. We will need all
the club members to help participate with the production process for this event.

                                        ACTIVITIES REPORT

Congratulation's go to Mel Roggenbuck, pilot/owner of white lightening, on a job well done in putting together
the poppy fest run this past weekend.

April was a busy month for the Corvette Club of Texas. Five of our magnificent corvettes left on a Friday,
April 23rd and headed for the quaint little community of George town, TX. We were undeterred by omnibus
looking thunderclouds and a national weather report indicating heavy rains were coming our way and expected
to continue thru Saturday with an 80% chance of occurrence. Also some heavy rains would be accompanied by
strong winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. We had every reason not to make this trip.

Our cars were sparkling as usual and we feel the same way about rain on our vehicles as we do about
fingerprints, both really pi-- us off. Don't touch!! However, this was for a worthwhile cause and we forged
ahead under less than desirable conditions. The longhorn corvette club was very appreciative of our 5 cars
being there.

While making the room reservations this year, Billie and I befriended "Doris" who is in the front office. She is a
ray of constant sunshine and is a delight to be around. I would guess her to be in her 60's or early 70's and she
loves people. She marveled about the corvettes in town and how beautiful they are and she always makes
arrangements to be off during the parade so she could go see them. Billie was driving our car again this year
and we invited "Doris" to join Billie as a passenger. We would take the top off so she would be as visible as
possible for her friends to see her and exchange waves. She was excited; she acted like she could not believe
this was happening to her. Unfortunately the weatherman was correct this time and the parade was cancelled.
In alpha order, the participants were Carl & Jackie Arbogast, Joe& Gail carrion, Be n & Billie Loflin, James &
Joann Powdrill and Mel with significant other [Nancy] Roggenbuck.

The cars were positioned for judging rain or shine on main street which had been blocked off. Out of CCT's 5
vehicles present for judging, 4 won awards. You know who spoiled a possible near perfect record, darn it !! My
                                                       19                                              Corvetter
beloved red corvette coupe is going to driven by a new owner, if I don't get on the stick and come up with some
wins. The weekend was a bitter/sweet experience. Joe's father passed away, Jackie got sick, Mel got sick and
Billie was not feeling good [walk softly]. On the plus side it was a great& fun time, lot's of happy folks, good
food, many shop's and vendors. Weather did not drop any hail and the reservations were not messed up, even
though I did handle them!

Remember!!! May the 8th. at TMS, the laps for charity.[ Paul and Mary handling the particulars…See the
flyer in this newsletter for event details.]

Also, very important! Bob and Paula Mischel are planning a drive and eat in Granbury on May 23rd
along with preparation of baskets for the 40 IRL drivers in the June 2004 TMS race. This to be done at
their new & beautiful log home.[Bob & Paula handling particular's]

........has anyone not read "the corvette driver's creed?" If you want a copy of this true as life narrative, let me
know [it's author is unknown]

                           NCCC SOUTHWEST REGION CLUBS


   TULSA VETTE SET                                            SOONER CORVETTES


   CEN-TEX CORVETTE CLUB                                      MID-COAST CORVETTE CLUB

   CORVETTE CLUB OF TEXAS                                     SUN CITIES CORVETTE CLUB

   COWTOWN VETTES                                             TEJAS VETTES

   LONGHORN CORVETTE CLUB                                     TEXAS OUTLAWS CORVETTE CLUB
   MIDTEX CORVETTE CLUB                                       TIN HALL TOYS


        Month                                         Host
        January 16                                    Joe & Gail Carrion
        February 20                                   Ben & Billie Loflin
        March 19                                      Ken & Jeanette Bradley
        April 16                                      Gary & Donna Frederick
        May 21                                        Larry & Sally McGlaun
        June 18                                       John & Patty Callander
        July 16                                       Carl & Jackie Arbogast
        August 20                                     Dennis & Patti Bertwell
        September 17                                  Phil & Karen Metcalf
        October 22                                    Marvin & Donna Snyder
        November 19                                   Michael & Debbie Cox

                                                         20                                              Corvetter
                                              Lake Granbury
                                            Sunday, May 23rd 2004
What: Sunday Afternoon at Lake Granbury
       Kite flying competition
       Picnic (Hot Dogs/bratwurst and soft drinks provided) bring a dish to share
       Driver gift basket construction for June IRL Indy Car race

         Kite Flying and Picnic:     Bentwater marina pavilion on Lake Granbury
         Gift basket construction:   At the Mischel Cabin – 2110 Hideaway Bay Ct.
                                     Cabin Phone: 817-573-4514

When: Sunday, May 23rd at 1:00 PM the Caravan will depart from Benbrook. We will
            meet at the Albertson grocery at southwest corner of Hwy 377 and I20.
            Cell: 214-284-3482

Please RSVP by May 21 to Paula or Bob at 972-596-2984 or .
                                                      21                            Corvetter
                                    2004 SPECIAL EVENTS

                            CAR SHOWS, SWAP MEETS/AUCTIONS & RACING

May 8           Speedway Children’s Charity Laps at Texas Motor Speedway, 6:00 PM Condo 701

May 14 – 16     Lone Star Classic XV, Texas Motor Speedway

May 14 – 16     Carls Corner Swap Meet, Exit 374, Carls Corner, TX 1-254-799-0392

May 14 – 16     Mineral Wells Swap Meet, Mineral Wells Airport, 9 miles West of City, 940-328-1964 Gary Seigler

May 23          Drive and Eat to Assemble IRL Welcome Baskets at Bob & Paula Mischel’s log cabin home in

Jun 4 – 5       Dallas Swap Meet, Texas Motorplex, Ennis 254-751-7958

June 5          Hot Rod Power Tour, Departs Ft. Worth, TX for Green Bay, WI 877-413-6515

June 5          3rd Annual Cherokee Strip Corvette Show, Ponca City, Ok

Jun 5 – 11      NCCC Convention, Star Dust Casino, Las Vegas, NV

June 11- 13     Lone Star Region/Traders Village, 2602 Mayfield Road Grand Prairie, Ken Olmstead 817-545-0115

June 24 – 27    Bloomington Corvettes Expo, St. Charles, IL

June 26         Jim Bowie Days Car Show, Pelham Park, Bowie, TX (call 940-872-6851 or 940-872-2761)

July 25 – 29    NCRS National Convention, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

August 14       Corvettes at the Diamond, Round Rock

August 14 – 15 15th Annual Yellow Rose Classic, Amon G. Carter Jr. Exhibit Hall

August 20 –22 HEB Cruisers Rock & Roll Weekend, Marriot Solona @ Hwy 114 at the Kirkwood exit, approx 2 miles
              east of Roanoke, south on Kirkwood 1/8 mile, turn left on Village Circle,5 Village Circle, Westlake 817-
              451-3069 or 817-605-7778

August 27 – 29 Corvettes at Carlisle, Carlisle, PA 717-243-7855

TBD             Cowtown Vettes 3rd Annual All Corvette Show

July 31-Aug 8 Hot August Nights Classic Car Show, Las Vegas

Sept17 – 19     Southwest Swap Meet @ the Ballpark, Randol Mill & Ballpark Way, Arlington 972-596-2377

Sep 17 – 19     Wichita Corvette Roundup, Wichita Falls

Sept 24 – 26    Lone Star Region/Traders Village, 2602 Mayfield Road, Grand Prairie, Ken Olmstead 817-545-0115

Oct 1 – 3       Good Guys Car Show, Texas Motor Speedway

Oct 1 – 3       Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend, Eureka Springs, AR
                                                           22                                               Corvetter
Nov 4 - 6        Texas NCRS 2004 Regional Meet, ’53 – ’89 Corvette Judging and Show in Waco, TX

July 17-22       NCRS National Convention, Park City, Utah

Oct 20 – 2 2     Texas NCRS 2005 Regional Meet, ’53 – ’89 Corvette Judging and Show in Waco, Tx

NCCC Southwest Region Events
See NCCC Event Calendar at

May 7, 8             National Governor’s Meeting                St. Louis
May 15, 16           Longhorn CC (7 events)                     Waco
May 29, 30           OCCC & CCOC (RD, ETD, MTD, 6 LS)           Oklahoma City
June 5 – 11          NCCC Convention                            Las Vegas
July 3, 4            Mid Coast CC (4 events)                    Waco
August 20, 21        OCCC & CCOC (11 LS, RFR)                   Oklahoma City
September 4, 5       Tejas/Tin Hall Toys (14 events)            Waco)
September 10, 11     National Governor’s Meeting                St. Louis
September 18, 19     SJCC       (TBD)                           TBD
September 25, 26     Cowtown Vetts (6 events)                   Ft. Worth -Texas Motor Speedway
October 9-10         CCT (7events)                              Sherman -Grayson County Airport
October 23, 24       CCO (14 events)                            Oklahoma City
November 12, 13      National Governor’s Meeting                St. Louis

Texas Motor Speedway Racing – Ft. Worth 817-215-8500 (Qualifying is the day preceding each

JUNE 10-12, 2004
June 10 Qualifying Night - Trucks & IRL IndyCar Series
June 11 O’Reilly 400k - NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
June 12 Bombardier 500k - Indy Racing League IndyCar Series

OCTOBER 15-17, 2004
Oct 15 The Dallas Morning News Pole Day - Trucks & IRL
Oct 16 Silverado 350k - NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
Oct 16 Texas 100 - Indy Racing League Infiniti Pro Series
Oct 17 Chevy 500k - Indy Racing League IndyCar Series

Texas Raceway – Kennedale 817-483-0356/483-8410

Sep 19           Fall Muscle Car Challenge West, Gates open @ 9 AM Entry $25 817-483-0356

Texas Motorplex Racing – Ennis

TBA              O’Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals

Oct 31           Texas Muscle Car Club Challenge XXVII Entry $30 972-878-2641, Gates open @ 8 AM

Weekly & Monthly Events:
Note: Prior to attending any of the following events, please ensure that event is being held at location given on date
provided. Sponsor has option to reschedule event date and location. Weekend cruises at Restaurants are typically hosted
during the summer months only.

Every Wednesday         Test-N-Tune, April - October, Texas Raceway, Kennedale 817-483-0536

Every Thursday          Street Night Drags, April - October, Texas Raceway, Kennedale 817-483-0356

                                                           23                                                Corvetter
Every Thursday     Cruise at Sammy Walker’s Bar-B-Que on Dalrock Rd, one block South of Hwy 66, 7 pm, Hosted
                   by the Rowlett Cruise Knights and Rods & Relics, Rockwall

Every Friday       Buz Post Fun-N-Grudge, Texas Raceway, Kennedale 817-483-0536

Every Saturday     ET Points Racing, Texas Raceway, Kennedale 817-483-0536

1st Saturday       Show & Shine Hosted by Vought Car Club, April 6th thru Oct 2nd at 5 -9 PM, $10 Auto Entry
                   Fee, Sonic Drive In, I-20 & Greater Southwest Hiway, Grand Prairie 972-723-1506

1st Saturday       Pals & Gals Classic Cruisers, Burger Box, 7700 Glenview Dr, Richland Hills, TX 76180, March
                   thru October 5:30 – 8:30 PM, $6 Registration, Contact Bill Trussell, 817-222-0556 or Rickey
                   Dickey, 817-428-0865.

1st Saturday       North Texas Mustang Club Cruise @ Cracker Barrel, 35E @ Fox Avenue Exit, 889 South
                   Stemmons Freeway, West Side Frontage Rd,5:00 – 8:30 PM, Lewisville

1st Saturday       Extreme Corvettes Cruise Night 5 – 9 PM @ Ezs Brick Oven, NW corner 190 & Coit, Pla no

2nd Saturday       Cruisers Club of Cedar Hill Car Show @ Whataburger, FM 1382 & 67 in Cedar Hill, Bobby
                   Knight at 972-291-3837

2nd Saturday       The Camaro and Firebird Car Club and Chuck’s Lewisville location, 2267 I-35, north of Vista
                   Ridge Mall, registration 5-7 PM, awards 8:30PM, $10 entry fee

2nd Saturday       Late Great Chevy’s of Dallas 13th Annual Cruise Night 2003 in Old Downtown Carrollton on
                   Broadway, 6 – 9 PM, Open to All Models$5 entry fee, April 12h – October 11th ,

3rd Saturday       Christian Classic Cruisers and North Hills Mall, Loop 820 & Hwy 26, April and October shows 5
                   – 9 PM, May through September shows 6 – 9 PM. $10 to register 817-379-5484 or 817-944-

                                      2004 CCT MEETINGS

Corvette Club of Texas (CCT) Monthly Membership Meetings are Every Third Friday of the Month,
7:30 p.m. at Friendly Chevrolet, 2754 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas. All Visitors and Corvette
Owners are Welcome.

Following each CCT monthly membership meeting, a CCT after club social event is hosted by a CCT
Member(s), starting at approximately 8:30 p.m.

CCT monthly board meetings are conducted on Monday evening on the week of the monthly
membership meeting beginning at 7:00 p.m. The board meetings are open to all CCT members.

                                                     24                                               Corvetter
Sun                   Mon                  Tue   Wed              Thu               Fri                    Sat
                                                                                                           Centex NCCC Event
                                                                                                           in Waco
                                                                                                           Pate Swap Meet @

2                     3                    4     5                6                 7                      8
Centex NCCC Event                                Happy B-Day      National Day of   National Governor’s    Laps for Speedway
in Waco                                          Paul Deen         Prayer           Meeting in St. Louis   Children’s Charity
Pate Swap Meet @                                                                                           Event hosted by Paul
TMS                                                                                                        & Mary Wolter
                                                 Cinco de Mayo                                             National Governor’s
                                                                                                           Meeting in St. Louis
9                     10                   11    12               13                14                     15
Mothers Day           7:30 PM CCT Baord          Happy B-Day                                               Longhorn CC
                      Meeting @ Friendly         Mel Roggenbuck                                            NCCC Event in
                      Chevrolet                                                                            Waco
                                                                                                           Armed Forces Day

16                    17                   18    19               20                21                     22
Longhorn CC           Happy B-Day                                                   7:30 PM CCT
NCCC Event in         Keith Amendson                                                Membership Meeting
Waco                                                                                @ Friendly Chevrolet

23Assemble IRL        24                   25    26               27                28                     29
Welcome Baskets at                               Happy B-Day                                               OCCC & CCOC
Bob & Paula                                      Lee Crowley                                               NCCC Event in
Mischel’s log cabin                                                                                        Oklahoma City
home in Grandbury

30 OCCC & CCOC        31
NCCC Event in OC      Memorial Day
Happy B-Day

Joann Powdrill

                                                         25                                                            Corvetter
Sun                Mon                    Tue               Wed               Thu               Fri                    Sat
                                          1                 2                 3                 4                      5
                                                                                                                       NCCC Convention
                                                                                                                       in Las Vegas

6                  7                      8                 9                 10                11                     12
NCCC Convention    NCCC Convention        NCCC Convention   NCCC Convention   NCCC Convention   NCCC Convention
in Las Vegas       in Las Vegas           in Las Vegas      in Las Vegas      in Las Vegas      in Las Vegas

13                 14                     15                16                17                18                     19
Happy B-Day        7:30 PM CCT Board                                          Happy B-Day       7:30 PM CCT
Stephanie Schilt   of Directors Meeting                                       Joe Wagner        Membership Meeting
                   @ Friendly Chevrolet                                                         @ Friendly Chevrolet
                    Flag Day

20                 21                     22                23                24                25                     26
                                                                                                                       Happy B-Day
Fathers Day                                                                                                            Phil Schilt

27                 28                     29                30
Happy B-Day
Lisa Long

                                                                   26                                                            Corvetter

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