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									Himachal Pradesh Tourist Attractions – Dalhousie Tour to
Explore the Charisma of Hill Station
Dalhousie is a town located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and it is in the chamba district. It is
one of the beautiful exotic hill stations too. There are many number of tourist places to be seen
in Dalhousie for any kind of tourist. You can be on your honeymoon, or might come for
sightseeing or for adventure; you will find this and more here. The weather of the Dalhousie is
very pleasant throughout the year. Dalhousie offers breathtaking marvelous view of the
mountains and rice field. Gifted with natural beauty, it attracts number of visitors from each and
every corner of the world. The beauty of Dalhousie robs every tourist’s hearts; it is a picturesque
beauty for photography, mesmerizing view for nature lover, temples, churches to explore the
past and many more. Once in your life you must visit Himachal Pradesh Tourist Attractions.

Dalhousie is a beautiful hill station to visit and relax. This picturesque place houses the colonial-
era buildings. The town is covered with pine tree slopes, separated with paths and beautiful
treks altogether it makes Dalhousie an ideal place for short walks. The Dalhousie town serves
as a gateway to Chamba valley. The ideal time to visit is Dalhousie is between the months of
June to July. Dalhousie is one of the very tourist friendly areas. Winter season is very chilly and
the temperature is very less and it is between 10-1degree c. Honeymooners can enjoy the
snowfall during this season. Summer is very pleasant you can experience the normal
temperature. It is the best time for a nature walk and sightseeing. Monsoons are very attractive
with mild tolerant showers. It is better to avoid planning tour to Himachal Pradesh Tourist
Attractions during the monsoon season. Some of the prime attractions of the Dalhousie are
Satdhara, Kalatop, Bakrota Hills, Churches, Jandri Ghats, and Subhash Baoli.

The Satdhara is filled with enchanting scenery. It is one of the most visited tourist spot in
Dalhousie. This is a refreshing stream of rivulets. This is situated on the way to Panjpulla. This
beautiful place is with lush green surroundings and charming climatic conditions, it is the place
that has got significance among tourists. Reason being, these seven springs are known for their
therapeutic values.

This location presents a panoramic view of the mesmerizing landscape of the surrounding
areas. It’s really a cherishing view of the nearby hills covered with evergreen pine trees and the
green fields. The small Kalatop Sanctuary has a variety of wildlife including Deer, Ibex, Bears
and Leopards.

Bakrota Hills
Bakrota hills are very famous among visitors to this hill station. Bakrota Hills are considered very
well for trekking enthusiasts. One can have a mesmerizing view of the snow capped Himalayan
mountain peaks. Every year thousands of visitors visiting Himachal Pradesh Tourist Attractions,
the Bakrota Hill place offers very refreshing experience to the tourists. Dalhousie enjoys heavy
snowfall during winter and then Bakrota Hills begin the white charm of snow.

This beautiful Dalhousie hill town also has some ancient churches. St. Andrew's Church offers
you natural beauty around it and this Church attracts every visitor on the tour to Dalhousie. The
St. Andrews church is founded in the year 1909, ST. Patrick Church is the biggest church in the
town. ST. Francis Church is another famous Catholic Church of this region, which presents a
beautiful example of the intricate stone and glass work architecture.

Jandri Ghats
Jandhri Ghat Enfolds an Elegant Palace In The Midst Of Tall Pine Trees. This is the most visited
places in Dalhousie. This Ghat houses a beautiful palace, streams and several wonderful
visiting spots. Whenever you are planning a tour to Himachal Pradesh Tourist Attractions include
this beautiful place in your list.

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