EmploymentCrossing.com Shows that there are Plenty of High-skilled Jobs as Questions Arise Over Type and Number of Jobs Created by tomomartin12


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									EmploymentCrossing.com Shows that there are Plenty of High-skilled Jobs as
Questions Arise Over Type and Number of Jobs Created
In spite of concerns over the low number and low quality of jobs being created in the country,
data from EmploymentCrossing shows that there are plenty of hitech and well-paying jobs
being created.
Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) November 06, 2012 -- As Americans head into polling booths today, over the last two
days there have been questions over not just how many but what kind of jobs have been created over the last
four years. President Obama boasts of creating 5.4 million private sector jobs over the last 27 months. Public
Sector job losses would have abated if Senate Republicans hadn’t filibustered the American Jobs Act Last
October. At least two million jobs would have been saved or created according to the Center for American

So what are these private sector jobs? News site Business Insider in an article posted on Monday says that the
jobs recovery has been built on temp help, waiters and bartenders. The site reports that the 1.1 million new jobs
in these industries account for the 30 percent growth shown in payrolls seen since January 2009.

The New York Post in an article titled “Obamanomics = never enough jobs” says that at the rate at which jobs
are being created according to the October jobs report, it will take over 11 years to close the “jobs gap”. The
paper says that the recovery has not yet created enough jobs to make up for what was lost in the recession.

But jobs data from EmploymentCrossing.com shows that not only are there plenty of jobs in the country but
also jobs for highly-skilled Americans. The site has been able to track down 2 million job openings. Although
hospitality jobs account for a big chunk of the jobs with over 140,000 available nationwide, there are also many
jobs in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. There are over 245,000 IT jobs available
making it one of the largest skilled job openings on the site. Engineering jobs with 160,000 openings and
accounting jobs with 72,000 positions available top out the top 15 categories on the site. The site also has
tracked down over 22,000 jobs that pay over $100K.

About EmploymentCrossing:

EmploymentCrossing is part of the Employment Research Institute, which is one of the most powerful and
comprehensive organizations dedicated to helping professionals find jobs for enhancing their careers.
Employment Research Institute consists of more than 120 industry-specific and more than 120 location-specific
job boards which consolidates every job opening it can find in one convenient location. The website also offers
a seventy two-hour free trial to new members.

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