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									                  Collection Title: Press Releases – Clippings                           Individual Who Prepared this Form: Andrea Glauber
                  Subseries (if applicable): Deaths-Students, Faculty, & Alumni                               Date Prepared: June 30, 2006
                                                                                                                     Updated: July 14, 2009

                  Location and Container Description: Located in a manila folder labeled “Press Releases-Clippings: Deaths-Students,
                  Faculty, & Alumni” within a tan box labeled “Press Releases - Clippings”

                  Scope and Content: 2 copies of each article, no originals

   Box         Date         Type                      Item                        Author             Publication               Notes

  Press      1/18/1990   Article and   “Fred L. Wolsiefer, 63, Dies; Was                          Hunterdon County      Obituary discusses
Releases –               Photograph         HCHS Superintendent”                                     Democrat          Fred Wolsiefer’s life
Clippings                                                                                                                   and death
    “        9/15/2005     Article      “Readington Girl, 17, Dies After      Conor Greene,       Hunterdon County
                                        Collision on Rt. 22,” talks about                            Democrat
                                          the death of HCRHS student
                                                  Lauren Moore
    “        9/15/2005   Article w/       “Obituaries: Barbara Bowen,                             Hunterdon County      Died September 9th
                          Picture       Counselor, College-Admissions                                Democrat           2005 in her home at
                                                     Expert”                                                                  age 56
    “        1/17/2006     Article      “Mother, Daughter killed in Pa.                             Courier News
                                       car crash,” talks about the death of
                                        HCRHS student Chelsea Makara
                                         and her mother Susan Makara
    “        1/17/2006   Newspaper     Obituaries of Chelsea Makara and                             Courier News
                          Obituary                Susan Makara
    “        3/9/2006     Article w/    “Watchung Cop Killed on Duty”         Chad Weihrauch     Bridgewater Courier     Killed cop, Matt
                         photograph                                                                    News                  Matthew J.
                                                                                                                        Melchinondia was
                                                                                                                        part of the Class of
    “        4/19/2007    Article w/      “Central Grad Dies At Tech”          Blair Barbieri     Hunterdon County      HC Class of 2002,
                         Photograph                                                                  Democrat            fifth year at Tech
                                                                                                                       majoring in biological
“   4/24/2007    Article w/    “Hundreds pay respect to slain Va.   Brandon Lausch      Courier News      Talks about funeral
                Photograph              Tech student”
“   4/26/2007   Article w/ 2      “Mike Pohle: Friend, Hero:         Blair Barbieri   Hunterdon County    HC Class of 2002,
                photographs      Thousands Mourn Local Man                               Democrat        Football and Lacrosse
                                   Slain At Virginia Tech”                                                 player at Central

    4/26/2007     Article          “Scholarship Honors Tech                           Hunterdon County   Information about the
                                            Victim”                                      Democrat         new scholarship and
                                                                                                         how to donate to fund
“   5/8/2007      Article       “Hunterdon Eager to honor VT        Brandon Lausch      Courier News       Information about
                                          victim”                                                          raising money and
                                                                                                             donating to the
                                                                                                             Michael Pohle
                                                                                                         Memorial Scholarship
“    4/13/08    Article w/ 8      “Year of Tears, Memories:         Brandon Lausch      Courier News      Virgina Tech: One
                photographs     Family of Va. Tech Victim Still                                                Year Later

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