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									 Law & Public Service
                  CAREER ACADEMY
Any 9th-12th grade student wishing to declare their intent to enroll into one
of the Law & Public Service Career Academy courses of study will select
one of the following Law & Public Service Majors and complete a Career
Academy application. They will then make an appointment with their
counselor to submit their completed and signed (by parent/guardian and
student) application to enroll in one or more of the Law & Public Service
career-focused Visual & Performing Arts (10 Units), Saleable Skills (10
Units) and Electives (25 Units) courses listed under the Course of Study for
their selected major. When a student progresses to the next school year,
their counselor will advise them as to the availability of elective choices
under their selected major.

COURSE OF STUDY:               Law MAJORS
     Emphasis in Pre-Law/Political Science – Paralegal Careers
     Emphasis in Pre-Law/Political Science – Lawyer, Judicial Careers

     Emphasis in Fire Department – Firefighter, Paramedic, Dispatcher
     Emphasis in Municipal Government/Infrastructure
     Emphasis in County Coroner – Mortician/Funeral Services, Non-
     Medical Support Services
     Emphasis in Journalism – Newspaper, Radio Broadcasting,
     Television Broadcasting, Television Broadcasting, Print Media,
     Electronic Media, Publishing Careers, Public Relations
     Emphasis in Library Science
     Emphasis in Military Careers – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,
     Coast Guard, National Guard
     Emphasis in Politics-Public Affairs, Local Gov’t Careers, Political
     Emphasis in Public Works and Infrastructure, Civil Service
     Emphasis in Law Enforcement – Police/Peace Officer, Correctional
     Treatment Specialist, Probation/Parole Officer, Security Industry
     Emphasis in Education – Teacher, Teaching Asst.

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