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									5 Resume MUSTS!

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Always proofread!

I understand that you’re a busy person. Hey, we all are.
You might be busy, but that isn’t an excuse not to
proofread your resume at least twice before sending it
off to impressionable employers. For instance, if you fail
to proofread, you might find instead of “public relations,”
you listed a completely different industry on your
Keep it simple.
This is a multi-part rule:

First, keep the language simple. You might be a rocket
scientist waiting to impress the world with your jargon, but
the HR manager reading your resume isn’t. List
qualifications in industry-wide, simple terms.

Second, keep the flow simple and well organized. There
are so many nifty templates out there, but you’re better off
with a clear flow that doesn’t assault the eyes. Your resume
is one in a million (seriously), so it shouldn’t be hard to
Attach it first.

Nothing makes an applicant seem more scattered
than an email without the actual resume attached. A
great way to avoid this now-you-have-to-send-
another-email-with-the-attachment faux pas is to
attach the resume first, type the email, and finally
enter the address before sending.
Tell the truth.

Without preaching the 10 Commandments, make sure
your resume offers the facts first. Be honest about
responsibilities, positions, and length of employment
while emphasizing cold, hard facts. Quantifiable
accomplishments (“increased sales by 500 percent”)
are gold while descriptive ones (“enthusiastically
helped sales staff frequently”) are just fluff.
Ditch the reference list.

Unless the employer is actually asking for a reference,
do not include references. Not only are references a
waste of precious resume real estate, but you’re also
running the risk of an employer calling one of your
references whenever they want. It could be today, it
could be three months from now. That means your
references have no means to prepare themselves for
the call.
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