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					North Wiltshire Orienteering Club (NWO) District Event and SWOA Galoppen Rodborough and Minchinhampton Commons Monday 5 May 2008
Venue: By southern car park on Rodborough Common - grid reference SO 850 035. Dogs on lead at all times. CAR-SHARING IS ENCOURAGED IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. Entry on day only 13:10 to 15:10. Starts 13:30 to15:30. Courses close at 17:30. You may download a registration form in advance or collect & complete on the day. If you are reading this on the NWO website, the registration form is below. White to Brown plus free string course. Map 1:10000 overprinted and bagged. EMIT. Card hire fee £1 per competitor. Lost card charge £35. Seniors £9 (£2 discount for BOF National or SWOA local members ); Juniors £2.50


Courses: Punching: Fees: Terrain: Facilities: Officials:

Generally open and very runnable; some steep slopes and areas of woodland. Toilets and First Aid. Please bring your own drinks Organiser: Michael Reynolds (NWO) (01672-513617; ) Planner: Nina Stimson (NWO) Controller: Neville Baker (TVOC)


All competitors run at their own risk and must report to the download whether they finish or not.

On the day information
1 The Assembly Area is adjacent to the car park, and there you will find: Registration tent (registration / payment), EMIT tent (EMIT cards and download), String Course Start/Finish, St John’s Ambulance, Toilets. Please complete a registration form and take it, with the correct money (if possible), to the Registration tent. You will then be directed to the EMIT tent for input onto the computer, and to collect hired EMIT cards. Start times will be from 13:30 to 15:30, and will not be allocated. Courses will close at 17:30. Control descriptions will be printed on the maps, and loose control description sheets will be available at Registration. The maps will be bagged. The String Course is free - please register at the String Course tent. The start for all colour coded courses is about 200m North of the Assembly Area. Important Safety Information - parents should be aware that there is a pond beyond control 6 on the String Course - all competitors should take care when crossing roads; two crossing points will be marshalled - these crossing points are compulsory for the Orange course. - the blue and brown courses will pass close to golf fairways in use - please take care Pasque Flower. The very rare blue pasque flower grows on a steep south easterly facing slope in the west of the area. The area is marked as out-of-bounds on the map. You must not enter this area under any circumstances. Our grateful acknowledgements to NGOC for kindly allowing us to use their map, to the National Trust for permission to use the area, and to the management of Minchinhampton Old Golf course for their most helpful co-operation. All competitors run at their own risk and must report to the download whether they finish or not. Registration form follows on next page …


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To speed up your entry, and for safety and insurance purposes, please complete all sections of this form before you get to Registration including writing the names and details of ALL the competitors covered by this payment sheet below. If you own an Emit card, please take it to Registration. Number Juniors (u21) & Full-Time Students Seniors British Orienteering members (National or SWOA): Seniors Other seniors Emit Hire of electronic timing cards £2.50 £7.00 £9.00 £1.00 £ £ £ £ Total

Total to pay £

Contact Name ______________________________ Car Registration ____________________________ Contact Phone Number ________________ Once you have registered you must report back to Download even if you do not start or do not finish.
DATA PRIVACY: The personal data you give will be used by the event organisers & Emit UK only for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results for this and future events, for conducting safety checks and to validate BOF insurance cover.



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