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MS4100-TD 说明书

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					DIY5000 User Manual
I. Introduction
DIY5000 applies advanced proximity technology. Every ID card has exclusive number, make it easy to use and keep high security. DIY 5000 is able to hold 1 master card and 250 user cards。Master card is able to unlock DIY 5000 and add or delete user cards. User cards can only unlock DIY 5000. Once the master card are set, you can add or delete the user cards whenever you want. II.

Electronic Parameter
Supply Voltage: Standby Current:
Operating Current: 6 VDC (4 pieces of 1.5V AAA batteries, ) less than 20uA less than 200mA -20 ℃ --- +75 ℃ less than 85% 1 pcs 250 pcs ID card(TK4100 or TM4001)

Operating Temperature: Operating Humidity:
Quantity of master card: Quantity of user card : Card type :

Outside Handle Inside Handle


Lock Latch J1----EKey Button Signal Light Read Card Area Back Cover J2----Setup Button

Outside Handle III.



Ope ration
1. Reset
Function: Reset the DIY 5000, all the master and user cards will be removed. Steps: 1) Remove the inside handle back cover. 2) Press the setup button (J2) on the battery box,then it will emit a long sound “Bi-----” and the green and blue light flash 3) Keep pressing the setup button 5 seconds 4) Then it will emit a sound „Bi---‟, Reset Ok.

① Take Off Back Cover


Press Setup Button


③ blue & Green light flash Flashing

④ Keep Pressing Setup Button 5 seconds


Set Master Card

Steps: 1) Remove the inside handle back cover. 2) Press the setup button (J2), then it will emit a sound “Bi--” and the green and blue light flash. 3) Release the setup button. 4) Take a ID card that will become master card to close the read card area。 5) If success, the ID card becomes master card and emit a sound “B--”.

③ Read Master ② Press Setup Card Button and release Notice: Every DIY5000 can only set a master card. If lose a mater card, please follow the steps to set a new mater card and the previous mater card will be deleted. For security, please Do not use master card for day-to-day operation. Add some user cards for day-to-day operation is recommended. 3. Add/Delete user cards one by one Steps: 1) Put the master card to the read card area twice. It will emit a long sounds “Bi------”. Then the green and blue light will flash. It indicates that it can add or delete user cards. 2) take an ID card to close to the read card area. 3) A. If the card is a user card, it will emit 2 sounds „Bi---Bi---‟ and the blue light turns on. Then the card is deleted. B. If the card has not been added before, it will emit a sound „Bi---‟ and the green light turns on. Then the card becomes a user card. 4) If want to add or delete other cards, please repeat the steps 2) and 3). 5) If wand to exit, please read the master card again or wait for 6 seconds, it will exit the mode automatically.

① Take Off Back Cover

① Read Master Card

② Read Master Card again

③ Read an ID card

④ Read Master Card, Exit.

4. Lock, Unlock, Lock Inside and Trouble Solution Unlock: 1) At outdoor, users can use master or user card to unlock DIY 5000.

① Read Valid Card


② Turn Around Handle

2) At indoor, users can turn around the handle anytime to unlock DIY 5000

Turn Around Handle Lock: DIY 5000 will lock automatically in 3 seconds later after it unlocks .

5. Keep Unlocking (not available now)
DIY 5000 can keep unlocking that no need the valid card. Only turns around the inside handle until it can not turn back, then it will keep unlocking. 6.

Low Power Alarm
If the batteries voltage is lower than 4.4V, DIY 5000 will emit 5 sounds of “B-- B-- B-- B-- B--” while unlocking. It mentions users to replace batteries. It can still unlock 50 times at least at low power state


Electronic Key (EKey)

LOCK EKey connector

Electronic Key
EKey connector Signal light Setup/Open Button

Function: when the battery power is low or the electronic part is broken, use the Electronic Key for spare to open the lock. Steps: 1) Insert the Electronic Key into the lock. 2) Press the “Setup/Open Button” of the Electronic Key. If the EKey match the lock, the lock will open. 3) Keep pressing the “Setup/Open Button”, turn around the handle, then the lock can be opened. 4) After opening the door, please take off the EKey.

① Insert EKey

② Press Setup/Open Button

8. How to pairing the EKey and Lock(Encode EKey) Every EKey have to be Encoded by the lock before using. After Encoded, the EKey and the lock get pairing. Steps: 1) Take off back cove. 2) Insert the EKey into the lock. 3) Press the EKey Button (J1) in the PCB of battery box, the red light in the outside handle will turn on. Press the “Setup/Open Button” of the Ekey, if the Ekey encoded successfully, the red light will turn off. 4) Take off the Ekey.

① Insert EKey

② Press J1(EKey

③ Press Setup/Open Button

Note: 1. If you lost master or user card, You have to create a new master card to re-issue new user card. 2. All the cards can be reused for 100000 times.


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