A Virgin Mobile USA Promo Code is Just What You Need to Make a Great Service Better

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					A Virgin Mobile USA Promo Code is Just
What You Need to Make a Great Service
Everyone loves saving money. If you’re in the market for a new cell phone service, a
Virgin Mobile USA promo code is just what you need to make a great service even
better. There’s a lot to love about Virgin Mobile, and being able to get a phone you’ll
truly love at a great price is just icing on the cake.

What Sets Virgin Mobile Apart From the Crowd?

Virgin Mobile offers some of the cheapest ‘Pay as You Go’ plans currently available in
the U.S. Plans start at just $35 a month and almost every single plan offered by the
company includes unlimited data and text. That’s right – UNLIMITED data and text, for
almost every plan they offer. That alone is enough to get most people knocking on their
doors. Even better, there is no contract required to sign up for service, and no credit
check either – which is a blessing for those of us who may have a less than perfect
credit history.

Choose a Cell Phone Company You’ll Love

Virgin Mobile prides itself on its outstanding customer service and on being a company
you can truly love. In fact, the company actually received an award for having the
"Highest Ranked Customer Service Performance among Non-Contract Wireless
Providers" by J.D. Power and Associates, a well-known company providing customer
satisfaction benchmarks to businesses.

True to its brand name heritage, the Virgin Mobile company is also deeply involved in
the music scene. They regularly sponsor concerts and festivals and have an awesome
music streaming channel available 24/7 for users needing a musical fix.

Current Deals Offered by Virgin Mobile USA

Virgin Mobile has a great lineup of affordable Android-powered cell phones running on
3G service from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. For example, you can
currently save 30% on the Samsung Galaxy S II, get $100 off the cost of the Triumph,
and even pick up the new HTC Evo V for a limited time for a mere $149.99. Virgin
Mobile also offers broadband services and is running a deal where you get $80 off the
cost of the Broadband 2 Go MiFi service.
As stated above, Virgin Mobile has some of the cheapest monthly plans in the industry
and while not all of their plans include unlimited data and text, even those that don’t are
still pretty good deals. For example, for a limited time, you can spend just $30 a month
and receive 1500 anytime minutes, 1500 messages and 30 megabytes of data when
you sign up online – which is significantly more for your money than you can get
through any other provider. Plus, they run on the Sprint nationwide network, so you can
count on great coverage too.

If you’ve been thinking about switching cell phone providers, Virgin Mobile should be at
the top of your prospective list. Head on over to Coupon Shoebox to grab the perfect
discount code for your new service!

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