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									Grab a Boost Mobile Promotion Code and
Get Even More Savings From an Already
Great Service
Have you heard that you can get a Boost Mobile promotion code when you sign up for
their service online? It’s true – they are currently offering several stellar deals on cell
phones and service. Considering how cheap their plans already are, some of the deals
they are offering make signing up for service almost ridiculously affordable. This is great
news for those of us who could use a break on our monthly bills!

What Sets Boost Mobile Apart From Its Competitors?

Boost Mobile is the pre-paid division of the Sprint network. They offer numerous
unlimited talk, text and web plans for a reasonable price, and have a free international
calling plan as well.

As a pre-paid phone company, there is no contract required to sign up and no
commitment needed from you to continue with their service – ever. That said, they do
offer some pretty enticing incentives to stick around. In particular, the one that really has
my attention right now is their ‘Shrinking Payments’ plan.

Shrinking Payment Plans? Did I Read That Right?

Yes, you read that right. Boost Mobile offers something they call the ‘Shrinking
Payment’ option, in which the longer you stay with their service, the less you pay.
Specifically, they reduce your bill by $5 every time you make six payments on time. This
means that over the course of 18 months, you could reduce your bill from $50 down to
only $35 a month. Pretty awesome, no?

So What Kind of Promo Codes Can I Use For Boost Mobile?

Along with cheap service and enticing incentives, Boos Mobile is also making it super
cheap and easy to get new, top of the line cell phone as well. For example, you can
currently get $50 off the HTC EVO Design 4G, a smartphone with all the bells and
whistles which is also certified by the independent UL Environment as a ‘green’ phone
which contains environmentally preferable materials to reduce your environmental
Other example offers include $30 off the Samsung Galaxy Rush, $20 off the BlackBerry
Curve 9310 and $40 off the Warp Sequent – again, all great phones with outstanding

Since Boost Mobile is a pre-paid service, it’s rather unusual that they are offering
discounts on their phones at all. Most pre-paid services require you buy the phone at
retail value since you’re not locked into a contract with the company. The fact that they
are offering real value on great phones despite being a pre-paid service sets them
further apart.

When you add in the consideration that you can get unlimited talk, text and web starting
at $50 per month (and shrinking from there as long as you make your payments on
time), it’s hard to beat Boost Mobile’s offer. So, if you’ve been looking for a great new
cell phone company, head on over to the Coupon ShoeBox and grab a Boost Mobile
discount coupon so you can start your new, cheaper service on the double!

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