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					January 25th, 2013                                                                                     Published by: Sandy Neumann

We Rock the Net.
                                                                 …and we dropped the ball
  The advertising techniques you choose will make or
                                                                 on our advertising techniques.
  break your business. Don't be forgotten. Apply these
  four advertising techniques, get inspired, and win!

                                                                 My advertising techniques fail…
Advertising Techniques that
GET REMEMBERED.                                                  See, one advertising technique was to mail our sphere of
What is THE WORST thing that can
                                                                 …former customers, our friends, family members, etc…
happen when your advertising techniques
fails??                                                          every couple of months.
                                                                 (at least once a quarter)

The worst thing in marketing…                                    But one day we realized that our most loyal fans
…is to be forgotten.                                             had not heard from us in almost A YEAR.

Even to be overlooked                                            And what happened?
is devastating to your business.                                 We started hearing that people WE KNEW
It’s NOT enough to blend in.                                     …people on OUR mailing list
                                                                 had purchased a home
What stands out gets remembered and talked about. What           withoutus.
blends in gets forgotten.

                                                                 If you’ve ever been there, you know it’s a gut-churning
Hey, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?                           pit-in-your-stomach feeling of disappointment
I remember not too long ago, our real estate business was        …and embarrassment.
going well.
Full pipeline…
                                                                 It’s not that they didn’t like you…
Several properties under contract…
                                                                 Nope. They simply forgot to call you.

We were busy..
                                                                 To anyone outside of real estate, that might sound fishy.
Home inspections,       short      sale   paperwork,   showing

January 25th, 2013                                                                                    Published by: Sandy Neumann

(Your friends and family forgot you sold real estate for a
living?)                                                         ‘draft a letter soon’
Well, not really.                                                OR
                                                                 ‘I’d better order stamps today’
They just got caught up in the moment                            OR
…driving around neighborhoods on a Sunday afternoon              ‘next two evenings we’ll have an envelope-stuffing party’
and then they called a yard sign.

                                                                 Pretty soon our advertising techniques became habit.
Maybe they were hoping to deal directly with the seller,         And we started receiving phone calls, emails, and fan mail
or just ask a few questions.                                     from our sphere.
But they found themselves quickly propelled
into a real estate transaction.                                  “Got your letter–how was your trip?”
They went from searching homes to picking curtains.              “thanks for calling, Chad!”

All the while your full-color glossy postcards                   Two-way communication turned into a solid, lasting
                                                                 relationship with our customers
sat neatly stacked in the corner of your office.
                                                                 and resulted in repeat business and referrals.

NEVER again.
                                                                 But keep in mind that you are not the ONLY one mailing your
I quickly assumed the role of Marketing Director for my small
                                                                 So you’ve got to use advertising techniques that stand out.
I made a decision to treat my position with the same weight I
gave to previous corporate roles.
Even though I set my own hours…
and sometimes folded laundry in between calls…

My advertising techniques get new

First step was to choose from the MANY advertising
and select one or two that I KNEW
we could do consistently
and could easily afford.
                                                                 The most important advertising technique, by far, is
Second step was to cancel expensive advertising techniques       consistency.
that                                                             We’ve run many campaigns to new prospects who said they
weren’t yielding the results we desired.                         received a flurry of materials.
(If you’re not tracking, how will you decide?)                   …but we were the only ones who kept contacting them day
                                                                 after day after day.

Finally, I put mailing deadlines on a calendar that I actually
look at every day.                                               Here are a few tips:
It served as a visual reminder to myself to:                          • Don’t be a perfectionist. DONE is better than perfect.

January 25th, 2013                                                                           Published by: Sandy Neumann

   • Try different advertising techniques and pick ONE you
     really enjoy.
   • Piggyback activities to keep materials stocked. (Always    PS -
     pick up supplies on your way home from the bank.)
                                                                Which ad was your fave??
Once you’ve mastered consistency                                (I’m taking a vote!)
and your chosen advertising technique                           Leave your comment below..
is now part of your normal routine
…whether it be direct mail, an email autoresponder series, or

You can work on becoming memorable and influential.
(since you’ve already proven that you’re not going away.)

Simple advertising techniques to
work and re-work:
  1. Narrow Your Niche. (historic San Marco)
  2. Create Your Identity…around that niche(“I sell
     bungalows to people who don’t mind small closets and
     have a flair for eccentric design and active, social
  3. Be Yourself…in your marketing materials. (You’ll attract
     people who like you and will be loyal to you.)
  4. Tell Them What To Do. (Want your prospects to drop
     you a line, or visit your web site? Say so!

Don’t be afraid to be too specific or too narrow with your
niche. When you start to feel uncomfortable (because your
target market is so small) you hit a breakthrough in your
advertising technique.
You’ll discover your identity, start releasing genuine
personality in your marketing, and you’ll eventually lose
that salesman posture. Your prospects will see you as a
normal, trustworthy professional who has exactly what they
are looking for.
…And they won’t hesitate to tell all THEIR friends and family
about you too!

I’ll leave you with this
…as you run off to start your new campaign!
It’s a little video to provide some artistic inspiration.
My favorite is #6…

Enjoy the hilarious ads…
But don’t forget to watch for things that make these ads

To Your Success,


Description: The advertising techniques you choose will make or break your business. Don't be forgotten. Apply these four advertising techniques, get inspired, and win!