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					Secure Motorcycle Garden Sheds

Secure Sheds for motorbikes

More motorbikes and scooters are stolen each year than cars. Around 50,000 motorbikes are
stolen each year in the Ireland. Don't give thieves an easy ride - put your bike in a secure
Centurion Motorcycle Shed-garage! Protect your bike from the weather, vandals and theft by
choosing a Centurion Motorbike Shed-garage!

Chose your building from our complete range as any shed-garage can be adapted for the needs
of a motorcyclist. The full range of finishes are available including spar, rockstone, red brick,
buff brick, brown brick and deep red brick so you can choose what looks best next to your

Our motorcycle shed-garage range comes with an Apex pitched roof but Flat versions are
available. Appropriate sizes start from around 6ft by 10ft with a secure 4ft wide steel door, but if
you want to have the space to work on your bike and store your accessories, we would suggest
choosing one of our concrete sheds typically associated with housing a car such as 8ft wide by


Motorcycle Shed-Garage Security Options

There are a host of security options for your shed-garage that you should consider including
laminated glass in the windows, extra locking points on your door and even extra secure roof
sheets to prevent the most determined burglar wheeling your bike off into the back of his van.

Our motorcycle sheds aren't exclusively bought by motorcyclists as these Apex roofed stores
are ideal for storing all of those things overflowing from the house that would often be stored in
a less secure timber shed-garage.

Secure Motorcycle Garden Sheds

What do you get

    - 10 year structural guarantee, giving you peace of mind.
    - Centurion delivery and installation, using a modern vehicle fleet and installed by fully
trained erectors to ensure the highest standards.
    - Centurion's fibre cement ridge minimises condensation. Most other manufacturers use a
flat steel capping with a potential condensation risk
    - Preservative treated timber fascias for attractive appearance
    - Sand and cement fillet to internal perimeter walls helps prevent water entering beneath
    - Spar aggregate finished concrete panels, made in our automated plant for consistent
quality. With steel reinforcement for greater strength, mastic sealed on the inside. The Spar
finish is designed to blend in with most local environments.
    - White, polyester powder-coated galvanised steel door. 0.812 (2'8") wide featuring 3
point locking with 10,000 different key combinations for increased security.
    - Steel roof trusses for increased strength, factory primed
    - The best materials - For example our glavanised steel bolts don't bend during installation
as they're 1/3 thicker than most competitors' providing longer life, greater strength and stability.


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