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                                                              October 2005

"No one can give you wisdom. You must discover it for                    I intimately understand dark nights….I have lived through
yourself, on the journey through life, which no one can                  ….grief, death, separation, illness, anger, fear….often letting
take for you." Sun Bear                                                  them flow over me like a river waters surging to the sea. I
                                                                         have wondered if I would cease to exist in the darkness. In
Editor’s Comments……                                                      those times, I often turned to my journal…to the comfort of
I don’t believe anything in life…is coincidence. I tend to look at       words….reaching within…letting flow the deepest and darkest
everything from the most inconsequential daily “happening” to            of my thoughts/emotions onto paper…. reconciling them
the major events defining my life as a part of the greater               through the very act of acknowledgment.        I would like to
experience of personal growth. I don’t analyze everything….              believe…that my dark nights will come no more…but they will,
but as those who know me well can tell you…I analyze a lot of            growth is perpetual…without it…there is no reason to exist.
them….and often, the analysis is deeper than it needs
be….one of my most human flaws.                                          I reached for an old journal…curled up in a chair on the
                                                                         porch… watched the birds and butterflies and squirrels. Then
So of course…as I perused a bookstore last week …and                     with a sigh, I determinedly opened the cover, and began to
happened upon a tome entitled “Dark Nights of the Soul” …it              read. As twilight waned to velvet night…I closed the journal
had to be synchronicity. I mean…not too long ago…I had                   staring into the starry sky…and I smiled….realizing, just how
started a poem of the same title!                                        rich I am…how part of my treasure has come…from the Dark
                                                                         Nights of My Soul. May you all find the riches buried within
I have read many self help and/or spiritual books…maybe way              your own dark nights.
too many…but I maintain that anything…giving me insight into
myself…both action and reaction…is worthy of my time. I                  Adonai
definitely do not take them all to heart…some just flat out do
not fit ….my intuitive beliefs…my lifestyle…but each has given           One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a
me a tidbit of wisdom that I can mull over…and either choose             trip to the country with the express purpose of showing him
to assimilate or discard.                                                how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights
                                                                         on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.
Dark night of the soul…is a term taken from the poetic writings          On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, "How
of Saint John of the Cross, a 16 Century Spanish Carmelite               was the trip?" ”It was great, Dad.” "Did you see how poor
mystic….describing “a spiritual phenomenon that comes from               people live?" the father asked. “Oh yeah," said the son. So,
single or multiple episodes that is named as a second Divine             tell me, what did you learn from the trip" asked the father. The
purgation to sear off the imperfections that infect a soul. The          son answered: "I saw that we have one dog and they had four.
subject feels spiritually, as if the shadow of Hell passes over          We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and
them.” Now that is a mouthful of deep words….that I translate            they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns
as….there has to be darkness in your life to define the                  in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio
light...and together, they lead us into the levels of spiritual          reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. We
awakening that eventually lead to spiritual maturing.                    have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that
                                                                         go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they
Physicians often label dark nights as depression or anxiety.             serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have
The terms seem too simplistic and clinical for something that            walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to
makes us question the very meaning of life. They would rather            protect them." The boy's father was speechless. Then his son
slap down a prescription or send you to a shrink…and say                 added, "Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are."
there now…all solved...get over it.
                                                                         October Book Selections: Please do not request books that
Dante spoke of dark nights in Inferno, finding himself in a              have not been offered though Florida Support newsletters.
                                                                         ♦ Dark Nights of the Soul
thick, wild, rough forest ….that filled him with fear each time he       ♦ The Prophet
later though about it. Emily Dickinson described it as a minor           ♦ Machinery of Death: The Reality of America's Death Penalty
key in music, a refreshing alternative to the brighter major key.        Regime
Jonah met his dark night in the belly of a whale. Countless              ♦ Living History
poets, writers and artists…have chronicled their dark nights             ♦ Profiles in Character
and some of their best works…through their media. Dark                   ♦ Lee Hammond's Big Book of Drawing
nights do not always end happily with a brilliant personal               ♦ Realms Of Fantasy Magazine
discovery…but they do transform the very soul. In the end, we
win…gaining by growing through the challenge of the                      What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
darkness.                                                                compared to what lies within us.-- William Morrow

                                                                 Florida Support

"What is narrative therapy?"                                                 How do we thicken these plots? We do so through a process of
                                                                             telling and re-telling these alternate preferred stories, and
If narrative therapy had one slogan, it would be: "The person is             listening to others re-tell these stories in ways which
never the problem; the problem is the problem." Narrative                    acknowledge and support us. When another person notices
therapy involves exploring the shaping moments of a person's                 certain qualities in us, or certain purposes, values, or
life, the turning-points, the key relationships, and those                   commitments which fit with the alternate story we are
particular memories not dimmed by time. Focus is drawn to the                interested in, then this will often help to thicken those plots.
intentions, dreams, and values that have guided a person's life,
despite the set-backs. Oftentimes, the process brings back                   If we were to consult with a narrative therapist, he or she would
stories that have been overlooked - surprising stories that                  ask me questions that would encourage me to re-engage with
speak of forgotten competence and heroism.                                   my own history around the themes relevant to the alternate
                                                                             story I am most interested in. This re-engagement might very
Narrative therapy proposes that people use certain stories                   well involve some of the people who have been most influential
about themselves like the lens on a camera. These stories                    in my life in relation to this preferred story.
have the effect of filtering a person's experience and thereby
selecting what information gets focused in or focused out.                     EXERCISE - REWRITE YOUR HISTORY AND RESTORE
These stories shape people's perspectives of their lives,                                        YOUR LIFE
histories, and futures. Despite information to the contrary,
these stories of identity can be remarkably stable. Narrative                1. If we were to ask your favorite grandparent, relative, or
therapy provides a means to refocus the lens on this camera                  teacher, what are your most outstanding qualities or what they
and help reshape a person's stories and life.                                like best about you, what would they tell us?

As people, we are inescapably meaning-makers. We have an                     2. Tell us about a long-term problem which you had or
experience and then attach meaning to it. Since time                         currently have (nothing serious like drug addiction, unless it is
immemorial, and the days around the campfire, we have been                   chocolate). Your problem could be very simple like fear of
telling stories. Stories are our most familiar means of                      driving to a strange place when you have only a map to guide
communicating the meaning we find in our experiences.                        you, or fear of speaking to strangers, or believing you can not
Narrative therapy is interested in the stories we live by - those            "do math." My example: I believed that I was not good at
stories we carry with us about who we are and what is most                   "directions," either giving them or finding places with a map.
important to us. Narrative therapy involves unearthing these
stories, understanding them, and re-telling them.                            3. Explain how the problem has benefitted you. My example: I
                                                                             did not feel I needed to give directions, because I was "not
Narrative Therapy is the source referred to as Narrative Space.              good" at it.
It is not necessary to go to a narrative therapist in order to find
narrative space in their life. Narrative space refers to the space           4. Explain the ways in which this problem has had negative
that opens up in our lives when we realize that there are many               effects on your life. My example: I did not go to unfamiliar
new options and possibilities available to us. We are talking                places; I panicked easily on unfamiliar roads, assuming I was
about stories, the stories that constitute our lives. It is never            or soon would be lost. (You should give several more
possible for one story to completely define any person,                      examples of the negative effects--take your time.)
because we are more complicated than that. However one
story can be very influential in defining who we are. It is called           5. Would you really like to be rid of this problem? Why?
the dominant story. For example, it is possible for someone to
live out a story of him or herself as a failure, or a bad parent, or         6. Tell us about a "unique outcome" when this problem was not
a drug addict. This dominant story is called problem saturated.              as strong, or when it was completely eliminated. My example: I
It can be so pervasive and influential that it becomes difficult to          flew from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and rented a car at the
notice anything that does not fit in within that story. If we do             airport to drive to my interview. I got a map and directions from
notice it, we may consider it irrelevant. If we are living out a             the rental agent. While going down the New Jersey turnpike, I
story of self as a failure, we may not consider it important when            began to think I must have missed the exit. Rather than
we succeed at something. Instead, we may simply get tense                    panicking, I consciously chose to stay calm and wait for the
and worried, waiting for the other shoe to drop, or for the next             next exit. It was the one I was looking for. I followed the rest of
failure.                                                                     the directions without any problems. I concluded that New
                                                                             Jersey was much better than Pennsylvania at marking roads; I
By discovering narrative space, a door opens up to an                        also concluded that with both a map and verbal directions, I
alternate story, a sub-plot, another way of looking at self. This            could become good at following and also giving directions. My
other story may be unclear if the dominant story is powerfully               other conclusion was that before I panic on a strange road
defining self. The plot of the alternate story may not be well               thinking I have missed the turn, I should be patient a little
expressed or understood. It is a thin plot. If we really prefer one          longer because usually I have not, usually I just have not been
of these alternate stories, and want to bring such a story                   trusting myself enough.
forward as more influential in life, then it is necessary for the
plot of that story to be thickened making it more prominent and              7. What evidence is there to support this "alternative" story?
defining of our life and of who we are as a person.                          What would a close friend or family member tell us about you,
                                                                             if we told them about your new ability to overcome your
In the example of a dominant story as a failure: if we prefer a              problem, what would they say they saw in you in the past,
story of self as a survivor, then we need to bring forward                   which might allow them to predict your success in overcoming
examples of times when we survived difficulties in life. These               your problem? My example: Friends might say that in the past,
examples, in order to constitute a true plot, would have to have             typically I have not panicked in any situation, and am usually
occurred at various times in the past. We need to establish                  able to figure out a solution to my problems. My uncle might
links or common themes that would tie these events together.                 recall the time I consulted a map and directed us to our

                                                                 Florida Support

destination, when we had taken a wrong turn and become lost                  questions like, "Who am I?", "Where am I going?", "Does life
once in the city.                                                            have meaning?", etc. I certainly encourage everyone to
                                                                             engage in this kind of deep reflective analysis. That being said,
8. Who among your present friends and family, would say they                 I would like to encourage us all to journal beyond the scope of
could already see, or that they would support, this new                      mere self-reflection. I am not suggesting an either or approach,
behavior of yours which is overcoming your old problem? My                   but rather a both/and. We begin with self-analysis and then,
uncle; my sister.                                                            through clarification, we can turn our attention to affecting the
                                                                             world around us.
9. How might you enlist the support of these friends/family
members in your continuing success in overcoming your                        After wading through a myriad of books on journaling, I have
problem? My example: By reminding my mother when she                         found that the overwhelming focus has been on "Self."
worries about me traveling, that I have been successful in the               Suggestions and topics such as,"finding the real you" and
past, and that I have prepared well for the trip and taken all               "writing about yourself" are typical self-centered topics that
precautions for traveling.                                                   often seem to have little follow-up to them. What good does it
                                                                             do for any of us to journal our way into self-realization if we
Journaling is considered a form of narrative therapy. Journaling             then fail to take it to the world around us? This brings me to the
is different than is keeping a personal diary. It is, the keeping of         topic of this month's newsletter, "Redemptive Living."
a spiritual diary. Whereas a personal diary records events and
our feelings about them, journaling is done to help us gain
insight into ourselves so that we can grow as persons. In the                I began thinking about this in great detail after reading a heart
1980's, a distinguished scholar, Ira Progoff, developed a step-              breaking book by Thomas Debaggio, Losing My Mind: An
by-step procedure for journaling so that one could get in touch              Intimate Look at Life with Alzheimer's (Free Press, 2003). It's a
with his/her inner person. Better self-knowledge, it is believed,            very well written book in a journaling style that combines self-
can help one discover and overcome anxieties and                             reflection and words of redemption for the reader. Debaggio
misperceptions about oneself and/or life. This, in turn, can help            gives us a glimpse into the inner world of his torment as he
one improve satisfaction with life, inter-personal relationships,            begins the nightmare journey into the world of this crippling
and one's ability to function in his/her everyday life.                      disease. What you find in his self-analysis is an admonition for
                                                                             the reader to never again take for granted even the simple
"Research suggests that when people write about emotional                    things in life.
upheavals in their lives, improvements in physical and                       The last line, pertaining to how we will be remembered by
psychological health can result," said James W. Pennebaker,                  friends and loved ones, gets to the heart of this month's
chair of the department of Psychology at the University of                   newsletter. Think of the impact our written words can have on
Texas at Austin, who has discovered the link between                         generations to come. When I speak to older people about the
expressive writing and health benefits. Writing reduces stress               value of journaling, insofar as they can leave a piece of
by helping people to acknowledge an experience, Pennebaker                   themselves behind, I try to convey the kind of positive impact it
said. It also enables them to put together the pieces of an                  can have. Throughout the book Debaggio is challenging the
event and understand what happened.                                          reader to seek wisdom and to pay close attention to the finer
                                                                             details of life. This wisdom comes from the cost of a man who
Creative expressions such as poetry also help people to                      is losing his ability to reflect on these things. What a wonderful
capture moments and channel their feelings.                                  gift Thomas Debaggio has given to the world. An
                                                                             autobiographical yet redemptive work that could help change
When journaling, people should experiment to see what kind of                the lives of so many. The question we all need to keep in mind,
writing works best for them. Here are some suggestions from                  is how our own lives can be used to effect positive change in
Pennebaker:                                                                  those around us. I look at journaling as an excellent
                                                                             opportunity to develop character and integrity. Yes, of course
_Promise yourself that you will write for a minimum of 15                    this begins with self-analysis, but as I look deep into my soul
minutes a day for at least three or four consecutive days.                   and assess who I am, I continually ask questions regarding the
_Once you begin writing, write continuously. Don't worry about               kind of person I will be remembered as and whether or not I
spelling or grammar. If you run out of things to write about, just           am contributing to the cultivation of the part of the world I have
repeat what you have already written.                                        been given.

Write about:                                                                 If we keep in mind the people to whom we are accountable and
_Something that you are thinking or worrying about too much                  to whom we are responsible, journaling takes on a new
_Something that you are dreaming about                                       perspective. We begin to see that it's not only about "me," but
_Something that you feel is affecting your life in an unhealthy              about others. Redemptive journaling enables us to give of
way                                                                          ourselves to greater things and to other's needs. In my own
_Something that you have been avoiding for days, weeks or                    opinion, it boils down to gaining wisdom, and in wisdom we find
years                                                                        the source of virtue and goodness that makes our lives fuller. If
                                                                             we wish to be remembered fondly and with affection and to be
Journaling as a Tool to Redemptive Living                                    remembered as virtuous people of character, we have the
Excerpts from David L. Russell, PhD                                          maximum opportunity to use our skills and love for journaling to
                                                                             help accomplish this goal. Of course, it will take more than
The main focus for most of us when it comes to journaling is                 mere words to change our lives. Putting the things we learn
self-reflection or self-analysis. No surprise here since the                 through self-analysis to use is a necessity. You've heard the
starting point is always with the individual. Regardless of                  old cliché "talk is cheap"? How true it is. Seeking truth and
whether you're a journaler or not, everyone should be actively               wisdom as we journal our journeys will keep us on the road to
involved in a healthy dose of self-analysis. It certainly doesn't            redemptive living.
take a PhD in Philosophy to ask those sixty-four dollar

                                                              Florida Support

Ramadan                                                                   month and the year. Like all Islamic months, Ramadan, the 9th
                                                                          lunar month, begins after sighting Crescent, and not the birth of
Every year in the month of Ramadan, all Muslims fast from first           the new moon. All healthy Muslim adult including homemakers,
light until sundown, abstaining from food, drink, and sexual              school-going kids around the age of 13, factory workers,
relations. Those who are sick, elderly, or on a journey, and              businessmen and others among them will be fasting. Muslim
omen who are pregnant or nursing are permitted to break the               get up very early to take their sahoor, a pre-dawn meal before
fast and make up an equal number of days later in the year. If            starting their fast. At the completion of
they are physically unable to do this, they must feed a needy             month of Fasting, Muslims all over the
person for every day missed.                                              world celebrate their holiday of Eidul-Fitr.
Children begin to fast (and to                                            It is a true thanksgiving for a Muslim
observe the prayer) from puberty,                                         believer for having the opportunity to
although many start earlier.                                              obey Allah (the God Almighty) by
Although the fast is most beneficial                                      observing Fasting. It is celebrated on the 1st day of 10th lunar
to the health, it is regarded                                             month, Shawwaal. The holiday begins with Muslims putting on
principally as a method of self                                           their best preferably new clothes and going to the Eid
purification. By cutting oneself off                                      congregation. Eid congregations are very large gathering of
from worldly comforts, even for a                                         Muslim men, women and children across the world.
short time, a fasting person gains                                        Afterwards, people greet each other with hugs and
true sympathy with those who go                                           handshakes. The children receive gifts. After the congregation,
hungry as well as growth in one's spiritual life.                         Muslims visit each other at their homes and hold lunches or
                                                                          dinners for family and friends.
1.5 billion Muslims of the world celebrate their holiest month of
Ramadan every year. Ramadan is the 9th month in the lunar
year. During this month, healthy Muslim adults observe Fasting            Florida Support wishes all Muslims a blessed and prosperous
during the daylight hours. Muslim Fasting is a total abstention           Ramadan and a happy Eidul-Fitr.
from eating, drinking, and sexual relations from dawn to dusk
for 29 or 30 days of the month of Ramadan. Also, avoiding
immoral behavior and anger and showing compassion is part
of the requirements of the fasting. The purpose of fasting is
manifold. Allah (the God Almighty) mentioned in the Holy Book
of the Muslims, Quran, that the fasting is prescribed for the
believers as it was prescribed for the people before them, so
that they may acquire self control and God-consciousness.
Therefore, the purpose of the fasting is to develop God-                  Behold, We revealed the Qur'an on the Night of Power. If only
consciousness, self-control, improvement of health by reducing            you knew what the Night of Power is. That one night surpasses
or eliminating impurities from the body, and to become aware              a thousand months, for the angels and the Spirit [Gabriel]
of the plight of the poor, hungry, and the sick. Ramadan is a             descend to the earth, bearing divine inspiration by the
month of spiritual consciousness and high sense of social                 permission of their Lord. That night is the night of peace until
responsibility. The fulfillment of one's obligations during the           the crack of dawn. -Qur'an, Al-Qadr, Surah 97:1-5
month is rewarded by 70 times. Fasting is one of the 5 pillars
of Islam including Announcement of Faith, Salaat (praying 5
times a day), Zakaat (the right of the poor on the wealth of the          "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real
financially able), Fasting during the month of Ramadan, and               tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." – Plato
Hajj (once a life time pilgrimage to Kaaba).

It is an obligation on every adult and healthy Muslim to fast
during the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is also                 "Mothers must protect the lives they have helped to bring
the month in which the Holy Quran was sent down from 7th                  into the world."
level of heaven to the 1st level, from where it was revealed to
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in piecemeal basis                   --Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders
                               over a period of 23 years. It is a
                                                                          Every child is subject to the seeds each adult
                               very joyous occasion for the
                                                                          plants in his/her mind. If we plant praise and
                               Muslims of the world. Muslims
                                                                          "you can do it", the child will grow up with
                               fast during the day and pray
                                                                          certain predictable behavior patterns. If we
                               and read Quran during the part
                                                                          plant ideas that there's something wrong with
                               of the night. There is a special
                                                                          you or you're good for nothing, the child will
                               night called the Night of Power,
                                                                          grow up with predictable behavior patterns. We
                               which is mentioned in the
                                                                          need to honor and respect the mothers who protect the
Quran, as a night of mercy and light and worshiping during this
                                                                          children and plant positive seeds for their growth. Great Spirit,
night is better than 1,000 months. During this night Quran was
                                                                          bless each mother and give her courage and faith.
sent to the 1st level of heaven. Allah (the God Almighty) send
down special angels during this night to pray for the mercy of
Allah (the God Almighty) and salvation for the believers.
                                                                          Give your life for that cup of divine wisdom. How can you
Unlike common calendar, which is Solar based, Islamic                     succeed without endurance and patience? To wait for the sake
calendar is Lunar based. It does not mean that Muslims                    of that cup is no hardship. Show patience, for patience is the
worship moon. It is simply another way to count days of the               key to joy. -Rumi, "Mathnawi"

                                                                                Florida Support
                                                                                This and That

                             Silje’s Corner                                                 I have purchased several book on drawing and this one is by far the
                                                                                            best one. I've always "dabbled" with drawing and recently decided to
                               In the late 1980s, Sting strongly supported                  take it seriously. This book made my drawings go from basic to
                               environmentalism and humanitarian movements,                 drawings with depth. The colored pencil section is a big bonus for
                               including Amnesty International. With long-time              those like me who have yet to enter the world of color. Really a must
                               girlfriend Trudie Styler and a Kayapó Indian leader          have for your drawing library. If you get only one book, let it be this
                               in Brazil, he founded the Rainforest Foundation to           one.
                               help save the rainforests. His support for these
                               causes continues to this day. Sting reached a
                               pinnacle of success in 1994. 2002 was a year of
                                                                                            Machinery of Death: The Reality of America's Death
                               awards for Sting. He won a Golden Globe Award.               Penalty Regime by David Dow
Late in the year, it was announced that The Police would be inducted into the               Thurgood Marshall said that the more people learned
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His autobiography                                               about the death penalty, the more they'd be against it. It's
Broken Music was published in October 2003. Sting                                           racist, unfair to poor people and the mentally retarded,
married actress Frances Tomelty, a Catholic from                                            and far too often ends horribly in the state sanctioned
Northern Ireland. The couple had two children before                                        murder of innocents. And no one, no matter how much
they divorced in 1984. Soon after, Sting began living
with actress Trudie Styler, but the two did not marry
                                                                                            they're paid, likes to be involved with death itself. In Machinery of
until 1992. Sting and Trudie have four children.                                            Death, death penalty lawyer David R. Dow and writer Mark Dow bring
Although Sting also owns properties in England and                                          together diverse views from lawyers, wardens, victims' families,
Malibu, California, he currently calls Tuscany, Italy                                       executioners and inmates to show how America's death penalty
his home. It is unclear whether he was serious or                                           system actually works, and what it does to those who come in contact
not when he referred to himself as manic-depressive.                                        with it. Arguing that the more we know about the system the more we'll
He has written a song entitled "Lithium Sunset"                                             oppose it, the book offers harrowing story after story of racist juries and
which appears to refer to lithium carbonate, a
treatment for the disorder. According to some
                                                                                            unjust rulings, of backward judges and public defenders, and of
reports, he did this because he wanted to help                                              families facing the ultimate decision. Together, these intimate and
people who really have this disease. In an interview given by Sting, he also                shocking writings show that in practice, the death penalty is impossible
referred to what he believed was the natural occurrence of lithium in the brain             to administer in a fair, workable manner. This is the first death penalty
when one views a sunset, but this may have been a confusion with endorphins.                book to look beyond innocence and morality, arguing against executing
Although Sting was long reputed to be a devotee of tantric sex, he has more                 even the guilty people. Machinery of Death is a crucial link in the fiery
recently claimed that it was an interview prank, or a dinner-party joke that took on        public debate over the meaning and usefulness of this deeply flawed
a life of its own. Sting was also the inspiration for the comic book character John
Constantine (from Hellblazer). In early 2005, Sting proclaimed that he admires
Hinduism, wants to spend a lot more time in India and that he loves Indian
culture. His words in an interview are:In a sense I am more of a Hindu... I like the                                Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hindu religion more than anything else at the moment I have become addicted to                                       As with most books written by politicians while
India ... I would want to spend the rest of my life discovering your beautiful                                      in office (or at least aiming for one), Living
country                                                                                                             History is, first and foremost, safe. There are
                                                                                                                    interesting observations and anecdotes, the
                      Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore                                                       writing is engaging, and there is enough inside
                      When it comes to spiritual growth, we humans are                                              scoop to appeal to those looking for a bit of
                      solar-seeking beings; eager for the bright lights of                                          gossip, but there are no bombshells here and it
                      clarity and the bliss of illumination. Paradoxically,                                         is doubtful the book will change many minds
                      we all need to walk through the shadow of the                         about this polarizing figure. This does not mean the work is without
                      dark night in order to discover a life worth living,                  merit, however, for Hillary Clinton has much to say about her
                      according to psychotherapist and spiritual                            experience as first lady, which is the primary focus of the book. Those
                      commentator Thomas Moore. Unlike depression,                          interested in these experiences and her commentary on them will find
                      which is more of an emotional state, Moore calls                      the book worth reading. Beginning with a brief outline of her childhood,
the dark night a slow transformation process, which is fueled by a                          college years, introduction to politics, and her courtship with Bill
profound period of doubt, disorientation and questioning. Ultimately, a                     Clinton, Clinton covers a wide variety of topics: life on the campaign
journey into the dark night will reshape the very meaning of your life.                     trail, her troubled tenure as leader of the President's Task Force on
As a self-proclaimed "lunar type," Moore is comfortable leading his                         National Health Care Reform, meeting with foreign leaders, and her
clients and readers into the shadows, where ambiguities and mysteries                       work on human rights, to name a few. By necessity, she also
lurk around every corner. He describes the dark night journey in                            addresses the various scandals that plagued the administration,
stages, starting with feeling distant from your life even as you continue                   though she does not go into great detail about each one; rather, she
to go through the motions. The second phase is "liminality," meaning                        seems content to simply state her case and move on without trying to
living on the threshold between the known self and the unknown self.                        settle too many old scores. Along the way, she offers many apologies,
This is perhaps the most uncomfortable phase as the dark night may                          though perhaps not the kind some would expect. She does not shy
"take you away from the cultivation and persona you have developed                          away from her "vast right-wing conspiracy" comment, for instance,
in your education and from family learning," he explains. After dwelling                    though she does wish that she had expressed herself differently. In all,
in this murky darkness, there's a stage of "re-incorporation," in which                     Living History is an informative book that goes a long way toward
one integrates the profound inner transitions into daily life. Like a tour                  humanizing one of the most recognizable, women of our age.
guide to the underworld, Moore leads readers through all these
phases, offering tools and rituals for making the journey more tolerable                    Profiles in Character by Jeb Bush, Brian Yablonski
or at least more meaningful.                                                                 This is an inspiring book and blueprint for restoring the values of
                                                                                            American culture that we hold so dear. What makes this book
 The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran                                                               especially interesting is that Jeb Bush co-authored it before being
In a distant, timeless place, a mysterious prophet walks the                                elected Governor of Florida and he has followed through with the
sands. At the moment of his departure, he wishes to offer                                   principles expressed throughout this book. I found it uplifting, and it
the people gifts but possesses nothing. The people gather                                   gives me hope that we can make a difference to our country by
round, each asks a question of the heart, and the man's                                     showing character and electing those politicians who also have it.
wisdom is his gift. It is Gibran's gift to us, as well, for Gibran's prophet
is rivaled in his wisdom only by the founders of the world's great                          Realms Of Fantasy
religions. On the most basic topics--marriage, children, friendship,                        Covers fantasy, Arthurian sagas, ancient myths,
work, pleasure--his words have a power and lucidity that in another era                     contemporary fantasy, and features fantasy artists, movie
would surely have provoked the description "divinely inspired." Free of                     reviews, new computer games, board, card, and role-
dogma, free of power structures and metaphysics, consider these                             playing games
poetic, moving aphorisms a 20th-century supplement to all sacred
traditions--as millions of other readers already have.
              Lee Hammond's Big Book of Drawing by Lee Hammond

                                                             Florida Support
                                                              Legal Eagle

Full versions of the legal cases cited in this section are               nolo contendere and Alford pleas on the moral grounds that
available at no charge to inmates.                                       they undermine public confidence in the accuracy and fairness
                                                                         of the criminal justice system, sending some people to jail who
North Carolina v. Alford (1970) was a case decided by the                are unrepentant or innocent; and that they dodge the "morality
Supreme Court of the United States affirming on a 5-3 vote               play" aspect of a criminal trial, in which upright civilization is
that a defendant may plead guilty to a crime while still                 vindicated and the community sees that the guilty are
protesting his innocence. This type of plea has become known             punished.
as an Alford plea, differing slightly from the nolo contendere
plea in which the defendant agrees to being sentenced for the            In Tennard, the United States Supreme Court addressed
crime, but does not admit guilt.                                         whether the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the U.S.
                                                                         Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Court had        failed to
Henry Alford was indicted for first-degree murder in North               properly understand the full import of the Eighth Amendment
Carolina in December 1963. His attorney interviewed several              when they permitted the screening of mitigating evidence. As
witnesses who led him to believe Alford was guilty, and that             the Supreme Court explained: We established that the
Alford would probably be convicted in a trial. The attorney              meaning of relevance is no different in the context of mitigating
recommended Alford plead guilty to the lesser charge of                  evidence introduced in a capital sentencing proceeding than in
second-degree murder in order to face a lesser sentence, but             any other context, and thus the general evidentiary standard
left the decision to Alford. Before the plea was entered, the            and tendency to make the existence of any fact that is of
court heard sworn testimony from three witnesses. There were             consequence to the determination of the action more probable
no eyewitnesses to the murder, but witnesses did swear that              or less probable than it would be without the evidence applied.
Alford had taken his gun from his house and declared he was              [Citation]. We quoted approvingly from a dissenting opinion in
going to kill the victim, and upon returning, stated that he had         the state court: Relevant mitigating evidence is evidence which
killed the victim. Alford pled guilty to second-degree murder,           tends logically to prove or disprove some fact or circumstance
but declared to the court that he was in fact innocent, and was          which a factfinder could reasonably deem to have mitigating
only pleading guilty to avoid the death penalty, which might             value. [Citation]. Thus, a State cannot bar the consideration of
have been applied had he been convicted of first-degree                  . . . evidence if the sentencer could reasonably find that it
murder.                                                                  warrants a sentence of less than death.[Citation].
                                                                         Once this low threshold for relevance is met, the Eighth
The judge sentenced Alford to the maximum second-degree                  Amendment requires that the jury be able to consider and give
murder penalty of 30 years in prison. Alford appealed on the             effect to a capital defendant`s mitigating evidence. [Citations}.
constitutional ground that his plea was "the product of fear and         Tennard v. Dretke, 124 S.Ct. at 2570.
coercion", in violation of his constitutional rights. A federal
appeals court had ruled that "Alford's guilty plea was                   On March 1, 2005, in Roper v. Simmons, 125 S.Ct. 1183
involuntary because its principal motivation was fear of the             (2005), the United States Supreme Court declared: The
death penalty", and the court should have rejected the guilty            differences between juvenile and adult offenders are too
plea.                                                                    marked and well understood to risk allowing a youthful person
                                                                         to receive the death penalty despite insufficient culpability. An
Justice Byron White wrote that the Court had accepted the                unacceptable likelihood exists that the brutality or cold-blooded
case for review because some states only authorized                      nature of any particular crime would overpower mitigating
Conviction for a crime "where guilt is shown", including by              arguments based on youth as a matter of course, even where
means of a guilty plea that included an actual admission of              the juvenile offender’s objective immaturity, vulnerability, and
guilt; but "others have concluded that they should not 'force            lack of true depravity should require a sentence less severe
any defense on a defendant in a criminal case,' particularly             than death. In some cases a defendant`s youth may even
when advancement of the defense might 'end in disaster....'",            be counted against him. In this very case, as we noted
and therefore would accept a guilty plea in Alford's                     above, the prosecutor argued Simmons` youth was
circumstances.                                                           aggravating rather than mitigating. 2005 U.S. LEXIS 2200 at
                                                                         *39-40 (emphasis added). Accordingly, the Supreme Court
White wrote that courts must accept whatever plea a defendant            concluded that the Eighth Amendment precluded reliance upon
chooses to enter, as long as the defendant is competently                criminal acts committed before the age of eighteen from
represented by counsel; the plea is intelligently chosen; and            serving as a basis for the imposition of a death sentence.
"the record before the judge contains strong evidence of actual          Three general differences between juveniles under 18 and
guilt". Faced with "grim alternatives", the defendant's best             adults      demonstrate that juvenile offenders cannot with
choice of action may be to plead guilty to the crime, White              reliability be classified among the worst offenders. First, as any
wrote, and the courts must accept the defendant's choice                 parent knows and as the scientific and sociological studies
made in his own interests.                                               respondent and his amici cite tend to confirm, A[a] lack of
                                                                         maturity and an underdeveloped sense of responsibility are
In the dissent, Justice William Brennan stated that capital              found in youth more often than in adults and are more
punishment in the United States was unconstitutional — this              understandable among the young. These qualities often result
was effectively the case between 1967 and 1976 — and wrote               in impetuous and ill-considered actions and decisions.
that the actual effect of this unconstitutional threat to Alford         [Citation] In recognition of the comparative immaturity and
was to induce a guilty plea. He concluded the plea should have           irresponsibility of juveniles, almost every State prohibits those
been vacated and Alford should have been retried, writing:               under 18 years of age from voting, serving on juries, or
                                                                         marrying without parental consent. The second area of
...the facts set out in the majority opinion demonstrate that            difference is that juveniles are more vulnerable or susceptible
Alford was "so gripped by fear of the death penalty" that his            to negative influences and outside pressures, including peer
decision to plead guilty was not voluntary but was "the product          pressure. [Citation] This is explained in part by the prevailing
of duress as much so as choice reflecting physical constraint."          circumstance that juveniles have less control, or less
(footnotes removed) Some critics have spoken out against the             experience with control, over their own environment. The third

                                                                 Florida Support
                                                                  Legal Eagle

broad difference is that the character of a juvenile is not as well          prove in the penalty phase. We also hold, however, that
formed as that of an adult. These differences render suspect                 a judge does depart from the essential requirements of
any conclusion that a juvenile falls among the worst offenders.              law by requiring a majority of jurors to agree that a
From a moral standpoint it would be misguided to equate the                  particular aggravator applies. Such a requirement
failings of a minor with those of an adult, for a greater
possibility exists that a minor`s character deficiencies will be
                                                                             imposes a substantive burden on the state not contained
reformed. 2005 U.S. LEXIS 2200 at *32-35. As the Supreme                     in the statute and not required by Ring.
Court in Roper v. Simmons also explained: Capital punishment
must be limited to those offenders who commit a narrow
category of most serious crime and whose culpability makes
them the most deserving of execution. [Citation} This principle              Recantation by a witness called on behalf of the
is implemented throughout the capital sentencing process.                    prosecution does not necessarily entitle a defendant to a
States must give narrow and precise definition to the                        new trial. Brown v. State, 381 So. 2d 690 (Fla. 1980),
aggravating factors that can result in a capital sentence. 2005              cert. denied, 449 U.S. 1118, 101 S.Ct. 931, 66 L.Ed. 2d
U.S. LEXIS 2200 at *31.                                                      847 (1981); Bell v. State, 90 So. 2d 704 (Fla. 1956). In
                                                                             determining whether a new trial is warranted due to
Decision by the United States Supreme Court in Rompilla v.
                                                                             recantation of a witness’s testimony, a trial judge is to
Beard, 125 S.Ct. 2456 (2005) In Rompilla, the Supreme Court                  examine all the circumstances of the case, including the
held: The notion that defense counsel must obtain information                testimony of the witnesses submitted on the motion for
that the State has and will use against the defendant is not                 the new trial. Bell. “Moreover, recanting testimony is
simply a matter of common sense. As the District Court points                exceedingly unreliable, and it is the duty of the court to
out, the American Bar Association Standards for Criminal                     deny a new trial where it is not satisfied that such
Justice in circulation at the time of Rompilla's trial describes the         testimony is true. Especially is this true where the
obligation in terms no one could misunderstand in the                        recantation involves a confession of perjury.” Id. at 705
circumstances of a case like this one: "It is the duty of the                (quoting Henderson v. State, 135 Fla. 548, 561, 185 So.
lawyer to conduct a prompt investigation of the
circumstances of the case and to explore all avenues
                                                                             625, 630 (1938) (Brown, J., concurring specially)). Only
leading to facts relevant to the merits of the case and the                  when it appears that, on a new trial, the witness’s
penalty in the event of conviction. The investigation should                 testimony will change to such an extent as to render
always include efforts to secure information in the possession               probable a different verdict will a new trial be granted. Id.
of the prosecution and law enforcement authorities.

Court has not yet forged a majority view about whether
                                                                             Florida Supreme Court Urges Legislature to
Ring applies in Florida; and if it does, what changes to                     Institute Unanimous Juries
Florida’s sentencing scheme it requires. See, e.g.,
Windom v. State, 886 So. 2d 915, 936-38 (Fla. 2004)                           In a recent opinion addressing several procedural issues
(Cantero, J., specially concurring) (explaining the post-                    regarding the state's capital punishment law, the Florida
Ring jurisprudence of the Court and the lack of                              Supreme Court urged state legislators to require capital jurors
consensus about whether Ring applies in Florida). Cf.                        to be unanimous in recommending death sentences or at least
                                                                             in deciding what aggravating factors support a death sentence.
Johnson v. State, 904 So. 2d 400 (Fla. 2005) (holding                        "The bottom line is that Florida is now the only state in the
that Ring does not apply retroactively in Florida). That                     country that allows the death penalty to be imposed even
uncertainty has left trial judges groping for answers. This                  though the penalty-phase jury may determine by a mere
case is an example. The Second District Court of Appeal                      majority vote both whether aggravators exist and whether to
certified to us two questions of great public importance:                    recommend the death penalty. . . . The requirement of a
(1) Does a trial court depart from the essential                             unanimous verdict can only assist the capital sentencing jury in
requirements of law, in a death penalty case, by                             reaching such a reasoned decision," wrote Justice Raoul
requiring the state to provide pre-guilt or prepenalty                       Cantero for the court.
phase notice of aggravating factors? (2) Does a trial
                                                                             Cantero also noted that many scholars and courts, including
court depart from the essential requirements of law, in                      the U.S. Supreme Court, have concluded that unanimous
a death penalty case, by using a penalty phase special                       verdicts are important to the death sentencing process.
verdict form that details the jurors’ determination                          Currently in Florida, only judges can impose death sentences,
concerning aggravating factors found by the jury?                            but they are required by law to give great weight to
-3-                                                                          recommendations from juries. It takes a vote of 7-5 or greater
State v. Steele, 872 So. 2d 364, 365 (Fla. 2d DCA                            to recommend death in a first-degree murder case. The only
2004). We have jurisdiction. See art. V, § 3(b)(4), Fla.                     alternative is life in prison without parole. (Associated Press,
Const. For the reasons that follow, we answer “no” to the                    October 12, 2005). In a 7-2 decision in Ring v. Arizona, the
first question and “yes” to the second. We hold that                         U.S. Supreme Court held that a defendant has the right to
                                                                             have a jury determine beyond a reasonable doubt that at least
under current law, a trial judge presiding over a case in                    one aggravating factor exists to make him eligible for the death
which the death penalty is possible does not depart from                     penalty.
the essential requirements of law by requiring the State
to provide pretrial notice of the aggravators it intends to

                                                                Florida Support
                                                          Spotlight on New Zealand

                             New Zealand or Aotearoa, the                   The population of New Zealand is mostly of European descent,
                             Land of the Long White Cloud, is               with the indigenous Māaori as the largest minority. New
                             a country of two large islands and             Zealand has been inhabited since at least 1000 by Polynesian
                             many smaller islands in the                    Maoris. The first European to visit was the Dutch navigator
                             south-western Pacific Ocean.                   Abel Tasman, who stopped there during his voyage of
                             Among South Pacific nations,                   1642/43. New Zealand was charted by Capt. James Cook on
                             New Zealand has the largest and                his three voyages (1769-78). Between 1792 and 1840, sealing,
                             most industrialized economy and                whaling, and trading led to European settlement. In a series of
is second only to Papua New Guinea in population. New                       intertribal wars between 1815 and 1840, tens of thousands of
Zealand is notable for its isolation, being separated from                  Maoris died. In 1840 the first settlement was made at
Australia on the northwest by the Tasman Sea, some 2,000 km                 Wellington by a group sent by the New Zealand Company,
wide. The closest neighbors to the north are New Caledonia,                 founded by Edward Gibbon Wakefield. In that year the Treaty
Fiji and Tonga. New Zealand sits squarely in the 'roaring                   of Waitangi guaranteed to the Maoris the full possession of
forties' latitude, which means a prevailing and continual wind              their land in exchange for their recognition of British
blows over the country from west to east; this can range from a             sovereignty. But as European settlement increased, Maori
gentle breeze in summer to a buffeting, roof-stripping gale in              opposition to land settlement resulted in continuing conflict
winter. Temperatures are a few degrees cooler in the South                  from 1860 to 1872. Originally part of Australia, New Zealand
Island, and both islands receive snow in winter. Winter falls in            became a separate colony in 1840. Assuming complete self-
the months of June through August and summer from                           government In 1907.
December through February. New Zealand's climate is
maritime, rather than continental, which means the weather                                                     Maori Customs
can change with amazing rapidity and consequence.                                                              (Maori carving of Ngatoro-I-
                                                                                                               Rangi,      Tohunga    (High
The North Island is known for its active volcanic mountains and                                                Priest) of the Arawa People)
its hot springs. The country's longest river (the Waikato) and
largest lake (Taupo) are both on the North Island. On the                                                       Whanau or extended family,
South Island, the massive Southern Alps extend almost the                                                       this includes any relative, no
length of the island, and in the southwest are beautiful fjords.                                                matter how distant. The
The largest areas of virgin forest are in the southern and                                                      whole        whanau        are
northern extremities of the South Island. The only real native                                                  responsible for raising the
mammals in New Zealand are two kinds of forest-dwelling                     children, not just the parents. The concept has more to do with
bats. Large oyster beds are found in the Foveaux Strait                     social relationship and friendship than genetics and bloodlines,
between Stewart Island and the South Island. Extensive areas                and is often difficult for pakeha or non-Māaori to properly
of New Zealand have been set aside as national parks.                       comprehend. The concept is similar to the clans of Scotland.
                                                                            While the Whanau is the smallest social unit, Hapu or village or
                       The Tuatara is the sole survivor of a group          settlement and iwi or tribe are larger subdivisions.
                      of reptiles that have existed for 200 million
                                                                            Tapu, sometimes translated as sacredness or holiness. Things
                      years. It is found only on some small
                                                                            or places that are tapu should not be interfered with.
                      islands of New Zealand. The Tuatara looks
                      like a lizard, but it is not. Compared to             Meeting, with discussion and debate where all viewpoints are
                      other reptiles, it has a very strong skull, a         heard and considered before a decision is made.
                      primitive backbone and strangely-shaped               Apart from place names, many Māaori words have also been
                      ribs. It starts breeding only after it is 20          taken up into New Zealand English language.
                      years old. And it feeds on almost anything            The word whanau, family, means to give birth. "We are bound
it can find, including spiders, beetles, earthworms, even birds             to our whanau, our family, by birth." The word hapu, extended
eggs and chicks. The Tuatara remains in a burrow for most of                family group, means to become pregnant. The hapu is made
the day. The Tuatara's most fascinating feature is its third or             up of family groups bound together by marriage. The word for
pineal "eye". This occurs in many species of lizard too.                    tribe, the word iwi, also means bones.
Externally, it looks like a tiny spot on top of the animal's head.
There is a cluster of light-sensitive cells situated on top of its
                                                                            New Zealand has been a leader in progressive social
brain, just below a small hole in the skull. This third "eye"               legislation. It was the first country to grant (1893) women the
probably serves to regulate the tuatara's exposure to the sun               right to vote. A comprehensive social security system was
and so regulate its body temperature
                                                                            begun in 1898 with the enactment of an old age pension law.
The "kiwi" is a flightless New                                              Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, although industry
Zealand bird. The kiwi ) is                                                 employs more people. The agricultural sector has diversified
unusual in two respects.
                                                                            from a reliance on sheep raising to such additional enterprises
First, it is the only bird in the
                                                                            as dairying, forestry, and horticulture. The principal exports are
world that has its nostrils at                                              wool, meat, dairy products, fish, fruit, and timber products.
the end of its beak. Second,                                                Small amounts of coal, gold, iron, and natural gas are also
the female kiwi has the
                                                                            produced. Food processing is the largest manufacturing
largest egg, in proportion to
                                                                            industry; and there is a variety of small light-manufacturing
its body size, of any bird in                                               industries. Beginning in the 1980s, New Zealand transformed
the world. Kiwi are about                                                   its highly protected and regulated economy into one that was
the same size as chickens,
                                                                            much more privatized, market oriented, and deregulated.
but their eggs are almost as big as those of ostriches.

                                                            Florida Support
                                                             This and That

1. Sentiment (7)
4. Predominant (9)
9. Cure all (7)
13. Short sleep (3)
14. Young swans (7)
16. Earnest (7)
17. Publish (5)
18. Percussion instrument
19. Notable display (9)
20. Live (5)
21. Puzzling (9)
23. Spooky (5)
24. Instructed(7)
27. Units of time (7)
30. Sand hill (4)
31. Positioned (6)
33. Body of water (5)
36. Stringed instrument (5)
38. Angry dispute (7)
40. Copious (5)
42. Musical study (5)
43. Slope (7)
44. Coconut meat (5)
45. Attain (7)
46. Angry (5)
47. Footwear (5)
48. Everlasting (7)
49. Snares (5)
50. Larceny (5)
51. Hypothesis (6)
53. Folio (4)
55. Core (7)
59. Recount (7)
61. Smooth fabric (5)
62. Provisional (9)
65. Stage whisper (5)
67. Intrepid (9)
69. Part of the Stone Age
70. Used to control a horse
71. Entourage (7)
72. Japanese art of paper
folding (7)
73. Singing pair (3)
74. Responses (7)
75. Close observer (9)
76. Direction finder (7)
Down                          37. Large musical group (9)
1. Unpleasant (9)             39. Wondrous (7)
2. Urge (7)                   40. Astonishment (9)
3. Origin (9)                 41. Line of troops (7)        1. AMP ABECYG DTJ ECHECEAJ: ABJ VCEIJTGJ DCQ
4. Forestalled (9)            51. Book of synonyms (9)
5. Hazards (5)                52. Reserve (9)               BVKDC GAVLEQEAW; DCQ E'K CPA GVTJ DRPVA ABJ
6. Gathered together (8)      54. Fiscal (9)
7. Affected (9)               56. Disapproval (9)
8. Kind of syrup (7)          57. Sapient (9)               VCEIJTGJ. - DSRJTA JECGAJEC
9. Demonstrated (9)           58. Not guilty (8)
10. Callow (5)                60. Dried grapes (7)          2. LA'I AMX UQDLXI AMVA MVDX OXVNNH GXXE OWEELEJ
11. Pillow (7)                61. Calms (7)
12. Alarm (5)                 63. Hawaiian greeting (5)
15. Ostler (5)                64. Spiny anteater (7)        AMLEJI LE VUXOLBV XDXO ILEBX AMXH KXOX LEDXEAXP.
22. Written agreements (9)    65. Main artery (5)
25. Expiation (9)             66. Result (5)                AMXH IMQK HQW KMVA AQ PQ, MQK AQ PQ LA, MQK AQ
26. Perilous (9)              68. Brusque (5)
28. Nominee (9)
29. Spangles (7)              It is impossible to go
                                                            TXXN VGQWA LA, VEP MQK AQ NQQC MQK HQW TXXN
32. Ship's master (7)         through life without trust:
34. Count (9)                 that is to be imprisoned in   VGQWA LA. - VEPH KVOMQN
35. Skidded (7)               the worst cell of all,
36. Court game (9)            oneself.-Graham Greene

                                                                 Florida Support
                                                                  This and That

A little boy wanted $100.00 very badly and prayed for                        are furnishing the room for use by friends and family of
weeks, but nothing happened. Then he decided to write                        Death Row inmates for $5.00 per night, we request that
God a letter requesting the $100.00. When the postal                         the room be cleaned (trash taken out, bathroom
authorities received the letter to God, USA, they decided                    sanitized, floors cleaned, furniture dusted, linens
to send it to the President. The president was so                            washed, bed remade, etc.) and left ready for the next
amused that he instructed his secretary to send the little                   visitor, before returning the key to the Hotel Manager.
boy a $5.00 bill. The president thought this would appear                    Basic cleaning supplies have been furnished by Florida
to be a lot of money to a little boy. The little boy was                     Support, though we ask that visitors either replace the
delighted with the $5.00 bill and sat down to write a                        cleaning items that they use, or donate to the fund to
thank-you note to God, which read: Dear God: Thank                           replace them.
you very much for sending the money. However, I
noticed that for some reason you sent it through                             We also request that visitors please also provide
Washington, DC., and those dumb-asses deducted                               approximate arrival time so that the key can be made
$95.00 in taxes                                                              available, as the office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
                                                                             Monday through Friday.
A man had 50 yard line tickets for the Super Bowl. As he sits
down, a man comes down and asked the man if anyone is                        Hotel rules apply to our visitors, and can be found
sitting in the seat next to him.
                                                                             posted on the door in the room.
“No", he said, "the seat is empty".
                                                                             The room available through advanced reservations. A
 "This is incredible", said the man. "Who in their right mind                25% deposit is required. For information, reservation or
would have a seat like this for the Super Bowl , the biggest                 deposit arrangements please email afua@woh.rr.com or
sport event in the world, and not use it ?"                                  brittaigel@yahoo.com.

Somberly, the man says, "Well... the seat actually belongs to                But there is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No
me. I was supposed to come here with my wife, but she                        one can avoid them. But it's better to lose some of the
passed away. This is the first Super Bowl we have not been                   battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be
together since we got married in 1967."                                      defeated without ever knowing what you're fighting for
“Oh I'm sorry to hear that. That's terrible. But couldn't you find
                                                                             -- Paulo Coelho
someone else - a friend or relative or even a neighbor to take
the seat?"

The man shakes his head, "No. They're all at her funeral."

                     Florida Support Room

Florida Support’s “home base” room is located in the
Magnolia Inn in downtown Starke. The room is a work in
progress. Both previous guests and Florida Support are
continually adding to the room to make it comfortable
and homey. Basic amenities provided include:

►Private Bathroom
►Double Bed
►Bed Linens
►Coffee Pot
►Toaster Oven
►Basic dishes and cooking utensils
►Cable Television
►Alarm Clock
►Iron and Ironing Board
►Vacuum Cleaner                                                              1. TWO THINGS ARE INFINITE: THE UNIVERSE AND HUMAN
►Coin Operated Washer and Dryer on Property                                  STUPIDITY; AND I'M NOT SURE ABOUT THE UNIVERSE.ALBERT
Visitors must provide their own towels and personal care                     2. IT'S THE MOVIES THAT HAVE REALLY BEEN RUNNING THINGS
items.                                                                       IN AMERICA EVER SINCE THEY WERE INVENTED. THEY SHOW
                                                                             YOU WHAT TO DO, HOW TO DO IT, HOW TO FEEL ABOUT IT, AND
                                                                             HOW TO LOOK HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT. ANDY WARHOL
The Magnolia is not a motel, but rather a hotel for long
term tenants, therefore, there are no additional rooms
available. There is also no maid service. Because we


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