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					Banking Jobs in India
With the recession and its aftermath many parents and students alike what their chosen career is going to be all about. The banking career in India is something that has a vast amount of opportunities and makes a real lucrative choice for the person. The entry into a banking job will open up great vistas for you. You will not only be well paid, but well paid for your entire working life as it offers immense job security. The status and power that is associated with a banking career is another thing that you can look forward to in large measure. Although people do perceive that these jobs are open to economics and commerce majors this is not so. Any graduate can pursue a career in banking based on the various job openings advertised regularly. There are job opportunities for graduates as well as professionals such as MBAs and CAs and CFAs alike. If you want to get into the public sector banking domain then appearance and selection at the all India level exam is mandatory. At the same time there are several job openings in the private banking sector too. With the new face of banking things are changing and this has opened up more job opportunities that require specific expertise such as technology. This has further increased the scope of banking related jobs. Banks are also diversifying their portfolios and this includes things such as insurance, housing and forex which again open up more vacancies. The things that banks look for in individuals are good communication skills and customer service. They also want people who have great interpersonal skills and can build up rapport. A person looking for a banking job must be good with numbers and be able to analyze complex data efficiently. Once you get a job in the banking sector you can grow vertically as well as laterally into other departments. If you want to join a foreign bank at a higher level than you do need special educational qualifications as well as the requisite skill. Banks require staff in large numbers be they at the entry level and the interface of the bank and the customer or at the supervisory level. There are several back end and support functions also in banks. The pay package and perks that a bank employee is expected to get are the best. An inexperienced graduate will get a starting salary of about 6 to 8 thousand and that does not include perks. MBAs or managerial cadre will fetch as much as 30,000 per month. There are ample training opportunities and the chance to learn new skills and take on different and varied job roles in a bank. With the opening up of the corporate sector there are different types of banks the nationalized, public sector and the private sector banks plus the foreign and multinational banks. Hence, if you are looking for long term career opportunities than the banking sector it is for you.