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Monica by shitingting


									Monica Bhimwal
Brief Biography

Full name: Monica Bhimwal

Email address:

Name of school: Pathways World School

Current position/responsibility: Early Years
Coordinator and APYP Coordinator

Other relevant experience: worked as a Kindergarten
facilitator for 4 years

Other countries worked in: NA

Tell us something about your School
Brief description of current school: We are a country school, situated in the foothills of the Aravali
Hills. The school offers both day boarding and boarding options and has student representation
from over 52 nationalities across the globe. The school is in its tenth year and went through its first
PYP evaluation last year in September 2011.

Country / City: Gurgaon, India

Size of school: Has a student population of around 1100 students, and over 150 teaching faculty

IB programmes offered/planned: currently offering PYP and DP, Planning to go in for the reviewed
MYP in 2014-2015

Any other key information: In the PYP, we have around 363 students and due to the growing
numbers, the school opened two more branches two years ago, which are also in the process of
getting authorized by the IB.

What do you hope to gain from this workshop?
Through this workshop, I hope to interact with other workshop leaders and look forward to gaining
from their experiences. I also look forward to discussing and reflecting on the contextual
challenges faced by schools in India.

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