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AZ of St Joseph s School - St Joseph s Catholic School_ The Strand by linxiaoqin


									            St Joseph’s School
                  Fryer Street, North Ward

Quality Catholic Education Since 1873

 St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
Dear Parents

Welcome to St Joseph’s school community in the Mary Help of Christian Parish.

St Joseph’s is a systemic Catholic Primary School in the Townsville Diocese. We recognise each
child as being unique and formed in the image of God. We are a school community which fosters
a friendly, trusting collaboration between principal, teachers, parish priest and parents for the on
going development of each child.

St Joseph’s is a Catholic school committed to an education that is centred on Christ and Christian

Having chosen St Joseph’s for the education of your child it is presumed that you wish the school
to assist you in your personal duty to give your child an upbringing based on these values.

We invite you to continue your fundamental role as first educator of your children. We look
forward to your active co-operation with the school and its educational efforts, utilising the
structures offered for parental involvement to ensure that the school remains faithful to
Christian principles of education.

We are pleased to share with you in this important time in your life and that of your child. We
pray that God will bless our time together at St Joseph’s. We wish you and your family a very hap-
py and rewarding association with our St Joseph’s community of learners.

Yours sincerely in Christ

Fr Mick Peters                              Patrick Dempsey
Administrator                               Principal
Mary Help of Christians Parish              St Joseph’s School

                            St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
            St Joseph’s Catholic School, The Strand
                 Mary Help of Christians Parish
                Years Prep to 7—Coeducational
      LOCATION:                        Fryer Street, North Ward

      POSTAL ADDRESS:                  Box 5082 MC

                                       Townsville 4810

      TELEPHONE:                       (07) 4772 1973

      FACSIMILE:                       (07) 4771 3595



      AFTER SCHOOL CARE:               (07) 4772 5547

      AFTER SCHOOL CARE HOURS:         6:30 am—8:30 am

                                       2:50 pm—6:00 pm

      PARISH PRIEST:                   Father Mick Peters

                                       (07) 4721 3765

      PRINCIPAL:                       Patrick Dempsey

      ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL (APRE):      Nicole Van Ingen

      SCHOOL HOURS:                    8:30 am—2:50 pm

      OFFICE HOURS:                    8:15 am—3:30 pm

                   St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
Our History
In 1872, Townsville was still only an infant settlement when St Joseph’s Church was built on the Strand. It
stood on a site midway between the present St Patrick’s College on the Strand and the Sisters of Mercy
Chapel in Fryer Street. The first Parish Priest , Rev. Fr Connelly applied to Mother Mary Mackillop, foundress
of the Sisters of St Joseph, for teachers to help him staff a school for the children of Catholic settlers in
Townsville. The sisters opened a school and like the church, it was dedicated to St Joseph.
Some five years later this community of nuns who responded so well to local needs was recalled to
In 1878, a request was made to Brisbane for the Sisters of Mercy to reopen the school. This was achieved in
1879. In those early years the sisters had to support themselves and pay lay teachers as well. They managed
this by providing music tuition for children and adults alike.
Floods as early as 1892 and as recent as 1999 have played a major part in the building and rebuilding of the
current school. Cyclones too have left their mark. St Joseph’s is a continuing story of building and refurbish-
ment as it strives to meet the needs of an expanding population and in particular the need to assist families
in the education of their children.
Today St Joseph’s School is in a state of growth, with major building work being done to allow the school to
become two-streamed . This will allow St Joseph’s to provide up-to-date, air-conditioned facilities.

Mission Statement
At St Joseph’s The Strand we are a family of students, staff, parents and friends dedicated to the education
of our children under guidance from the Catholic Church.
We undertake to identify and recognise each child’s God given gifts and are committed to their optimum
The school teaches the Gospel of Jesus expressing itself in prayer, liturgy and lived Christian values.
As a school community we strive to reflect these qualities in caring, respectful, co-operative and responsible

                              St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
Staff 2010
  Principal                    Mr Patrick Dempsey
  APRE                         Mrs Nicole Van Ingen
  Finance Secretary            Mrs Wendy Hjorth
  Secretary                    Mrs Lorelle Webley
  School Chaplain              Mrs Trish Bell
  Safe Persons                 Mrs Marion Krewinkel
                               Mrs Jan Oram
                               Mr John Roberts
  CTD Teacher                  Mrs Gail Woodward

  Prep L                       Mrs Linda Jones
                               Mrs Lisa Macdonald
  Prep M                       Mrs Marion Krewinkel
  1R                           Mrs Michelle Rich
  1W                           Mrs Gail Woodward
                               Ms Annette Jaxon
  2/3C                         Mrs Natalie Cox
  2/3H                         Mrs Helen Ciranni
  2/3M                         Mrs Madelyne Mannington
  4L                           Mrs Paula Lalor
  4R                           Mr John Roberts
  5O                           Mrs Jan Oram
  5S                           Ms Tessa Sewell
  6/7M                         Mr Anthony Meekin
  6/7S                         Ms Glenda Scrase

  SWD Teacher                  Mrs Kathryn Sadler
  Learning Support             Mrs Violetta Partlett
  Prep L Assistants            Mrs Juanita Vaudrey
  Prep M Assistant             Mrs Donna Bloxsom
                               Mrs Monique Fazel
  SWD Teacher Aide             Mrs Jan Keating
  Indigenous Teacher Aide      Ms Tracey McConnachie
  Librarian                    Mrs Belinda Walker
  Librarian Teacher Aide       Mrs Gloria Hennessey
  LOTE Teacher                 Mrs May Ito
  Tuckshop Convenor            Mrs Sandy Sadd
  Uniform Shop                 Mrs Carmen Thorman
  After School Care            Mrs Coralie Balderson
  Playgroup Co-Ordinator       Ms Tracey McConnachie
  Groundsperson                Mr Wilf Karnoll
  Cleaners                     Mrs Doris Murphy
                               Mrs Donna Low

                        St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
2011 School Fees
Diocesan Tuition Fees
          One Child                                      $1128 per year
          Second Child                                   $564 per year
          Third Child                                    $224 per year
          Fourth and Subsequent Children at no cost

For Holders of Health Care Cards
           One Child                                     $338 per year
           Two Children                                  $508 per year
           Three Children                                $576 per year
           Fourth and Subsequent Children at no cost

School Based Levies
           Building Fund Levy—Family                      $451 per family per year
           (This contributes to loan repayments and major building refurbishments)
           Cleaning and Maintenance Levy—Family           $347 per family per year
           (This contributes to cleaning, general maintenance and upkeep of school grounds)
           Resource Levy Prep-Year 7                      $472 per child per year

           Instrumental Music Program for students from Year 2 to Year 7 ONLY
                 (To be advised)
           Swimming Classes: TBA and to be charged in the term applicable
           Interschool Sports: Per child per term payable when applicable (Years 5 to 7)

Voluntary Levies—Per Family
           School Library Fund                           $30
           P & F Levy—per term                           $20
           Diocesan Levy per year                        $10

                             St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
Girls Day Uniform
      Dress                 Check Dress
      OR Blouse &           Check Blouse
      Skort                 Royal Blue Skort
      Hat                   Royal Blue School Hat
      Footwear              Black School Shoes and White Socks
                            (Black Joggers, Brown/Black Sandals also acceptable)

Girls Sports Uniform
       Shirt                School Shirt
       Shorts               Royal Blue Skort or Unisex Sports Shorts
       Hat                  As per Day Uniform
       Footwear             Sports Shoes and White Socks
                            (Black or White Joggers)

Boys Day Uniform
     Shirt                  Check Shirt
     Shorts                 Royal Blue
     Hat                    Royal Blue School Hat
     Footwear               Black School Shoes and White Socks
                            (Black Joggers, Brown/Black Sandals also acceptable)

Boys Sports Uniform
     Shirt                  School Shirt
     Shorts                 As per Day Uniform or Unisex Sports Shorts
     Hat                    As per Day Uniform
     Footwear               Sports Shoes and White Socks
                            (Black or White Joggers)

School Shirt—Girls and Boys
     Royal blue/white with collar and printed crest

School Shirt—Prep
     Royal blue/white with school inscription

The school uniform can be purchased from the School Uniform Shop including track suit top,
scrunchies and Red Robin socks.

                             St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
School Rules
St Joseph’s School is a family. As the school badge illustrates, this school family bases its living and learning
on Jesus Christ and the way he lived.

At St Joseph’s School

I will respect my own and other people’s right to fairness, peace and happiness by:
       Speaking to others in a positive and friendly manner at all times
       Keeping my hands, feet and objects to myself
       Accepting others for who they are regardless of how different they are
        from me

I will respect the property that belongs to me and others by:
       Taking responsibility for my own personal possessions
       Returning property that belongs to others the way I found it
       Treating school property in a manner so it can be used later by others

I will play and behave in a way that is safe to me and to others by:
      Playing well with other children
      Playing and staying in the school grounds
      Staying outside of classrooms when a teacher is not present
      Walking along all paved and concreted areas
      Following teachers’ directions at all times
      Wearing a hat. No hat means restricted play.

I am proud to be a student of St Joseph’s School. I will demonstrate this by:
     Wearing my school uniform correctly and with pride
     Doing the best I can in all school activities
     Keeping the environment safe and clean for the benefit of everyone
     Taking responsibility for my behaviour

School Calendar 2010
Term 1
     Wednesday 27 January—Thursday 1 April

Term 2
     Tuesday 13 April—Friday 25 June

Term 3
     Monday 12 July—Friday 17 September

Term 4
     Monday 4 October—Friday 3 December

                               St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
A-Z of St Joseph’s School
Sickness: If children are absent from school through sickness, please telephone the office or send a note
with the child upon return.
School Grounds: Should parents need to take their child from the school grounds during school hours they
must come to the office to inform the school and the child will come to the office to be collected.

Children occasionally have minor injuries from their play. They are usually tended to on the playground or
sent to the office for care and attention to their injuries. Under certain circumstances, emergency numbers
(please keep up to date) will be contacted and emergency measures taken by the Principal or nominee.
School and Office Staff have First Aid qualifications. Any serious accident/injury is immediately treated and
parents contacted.

After School Care
After School Care is available for all children attending St Joseph’s. It is a fully planned and supervised care
program from 6:30am until the start of the school day and the close of school until 6:00pm daily during the
school year. Vacation care is also available during the holidays. Enrolment is on a casual, part-time or full
time basis with all arrangements to be made through the coordinator.

The Queensland Ambulance Service will attend to pupils at school if it is considered necessary.

Arrival and Departure Times
Children should not be in the school grounds before 8:00am and should be collected by 3:10pm. All
children are expected to be at school in time to start activities with their class members. If your child is late,
accompany them to the office, complete the sign-in sheet, collect the ‘Late Pass’ and escort them to their
class. Latecomers can disrupt morning prayers, children’s learnings etc. Punctuality is a sign of respect and
courtesy for others.
The class roll is completed electronically in the morning and in the afternoon by the class teacher. The office
staff print an Evacuation Roll each day when class rolls have been completed in the morning. Late arrivals
and early departures are adjusted by the office on this Evacuation Roll with signing in and out by parents.

Each week the school community gathers for prayer, presentation
of achievement awards, acknowledgment of birthdays and
announcement of notices concerning special events. The assembly
takes various forms and class groups are on rotation to be in the
spotlight. Parents are welcome to attend our assemblies, which are
held on Wednesday mornings at 8:30am.

Assessment and Reporting
Teachers undertake ongoing assessment throughout the school
year. Written reports are prepared at the end of each semester. Parent-teacher interviews are conducted at
the end of first and third terms, however parents are welcome to make an appointment with individual
teachers at any stage throughout the year.

                               St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
A-Z of St Joseph’s School
An interhouse Athletics Carnival is held annually during third term of the school year. St Joseph’s has three
sports houses—Blue Benjamin, Red Ryan and Yellow Faulkner. All children participate in the carnival.

Book Club
Children are given the opportunity of participating in the Book Club. Order forms are issued to students
approximately one week prior to collection day. Late orders cannot be accepted.

Children in Years 4-7 participate in one school camp a year.

The key learning areas of the curriculum at St Joseph’s are:
     Religion
     English
     Mathematics
     Study of Society and the Environment
     Science
     Health and Physical Education
     The Arts
     Languages Other Than English
     Technology
Specialist teachers are employed to facilitate some areas in Music, LOTE and HPE. An instrumental music
provides lessons which are conducted during the school day by music tutors with a variety of musical
instruments. The cost of these lessons is not included in the school fees.

Dental Clinic
A screening service only will be provided to our school and parents will be notified of their child’s treatment
needs. You will then be able to seek private dental treatment or take your child to a designated oral health
facility, within a specified time frame.

For enrolment to occur, an interview must take place between the Principal and the parents of the
prospective student. An Application for Enrolment form is to be fully completed.

                Birthdate                          Eligible for Prep in              Eligible for Year 1 in
Child born 1 July 2004—30 June 2005                        2010                              2011
Child born 1 July 2005—30 June 2006                        2011                              2012
Child born 1 July 2006—30 June 2007                        2012                              2013
Child born 1 July 2007—30 June 2008                        2013                              2014

For proof of age a birth certificate is required for all new enrolments. This is a legal requirement and must
be obtained prior to enrolment. On transferring from another school, any relevant documents and written
information are appreciated e.g. report cards, guidance reports.
School families are required to support the religious goals and comply with the procedures of the school.

                              St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
A-Z of St Joseph’s School
Every class participates in excursions outside the school throughout the year. Parents will receive details
and a permission slip will be issued prior to each excursion.

Family Records
It is important the school maintains up-to-date records. Parents are asked to notify the school about any
changes of address, telephone number, child’s health or any other rel-
evant details. Information on file is regarded as confidential.

First Aid
A teacher or staff member will administer first aid treatment if it is
deemed necessary. Ambulance or medical treatment will also be
sought if the injury appears serious. Every effort is made to contact
parents in the event of a serious injury or is a child is ill and needs to
be sent home.
No medication or pills may be administered by the staff unless the parent/caregiver completes a written
authority using a medical form available at the school office.

Head Lice
If head lice are found, live lice must be treated. Once the hair has been treated the child may return to
school. Treatment should continue until all signs of lice have disappeared. It is a good idea to check your
child’s hair on a regular basis. Should you find evidence of lice or eggs, we would appreciate you contacting
the school as this assists us in preventing a large outbreak.

Homework may be given to reinforce what is taught during the day or to revise work. Homework is a shared
responsibility of teachers, parents and students. At the Parent/Teacher Evening, details of homework
requirements for each year level will be discussed.

Infectious Diseases

          Disease                                               Exclusion
Chicken Pox                Exclude until fully recovered or at least 5 days after the eruption first appears.
Measles                    Exclude for at least 4 days from the first appearance of the rash.
Mumps                      Exclude for 9 days or until the swelling goes down.
School Sores               Exclude until the day after the treatment has commenced. The sores must be
(Impetigo)                 covered.
Hepatitis A                Exclude until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery but not before 7 days
                           after the onset of jaundice.
Ringworm, Scabies          Exclude until the day after treatment has commenced.
Conjunctivitis             Exclude until discharge from the eyes has ceased.
Whooping Cough             Exclude for 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment.

                              St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
A-Z of St Joseph’s School
Interschool Sports
St Joseph’s currently participates in the Townsville and District  In-
terschool Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals. We also enter
teams in the interschool sporting events on Friday afternoons.

If parents wish to see teachers regarding their child, they are encouraged
to make an appointment out of school hours. In the first instance, the
child’s teacher is the one to approach but any major issue or concern
should be made to the Principal. If parents call during school hours to see
children or teachers, they must check at the office first.

Please label every item your child brings to school—all clothing including hat, jumper, shoes, swimmers,
towel etc, school books, school bag, lunch box and drink bottle.

Leaving the School Grounds
Once children arrive at school they are not permitted to leave until after dismissal time. If children are
leaving early, they must be collected from the School Office, not from the classroom. In the case of children
who leave the school grounds without permission, police co-operation will be sought for their return.

The library caters for all students at St Joseph’s. Children are given the opportunity to borrow once a week
during a class visit.

Lost Property
All lost property is placed daily in the Lost Property Bin. All students
should look first at this location when searching for lost articles. At the
conclusion of each term, unclaimed and unnamed articles are given to
the St Vincent de Paul Store.

Weekly newsletters are the school’s regular communication with families
and are distributed each Thursday to the eldest in the family. They
should be read carefully, information and dates noted, and replies if any
returned to the school as requested.

Parking space is available in Oxley and Fryer Streets with short term drop-off zones or longer parking times.
The amount of parking near St Joseph’s is quite limited. Extra care must be given by parents at drop-off and
pick-up times. The correct following of road rules is requested for the safety of children and other

                               St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
A-Z of St Joseph’s School
Parents and Friends Association
St Joseph’s Parents and Friends Association holds its meeting the first Wednesday of each month
alternately between evenings and mornings except during vacation periods. Everyone is most welcome to
attend. The Association exists to:
     Form a link between the parents and friends of the school and staff
     Provide a forum by which to discuss matters of interest pertaining to the school
     Foster school community
The Association is under the umbrella of the Queensland Diocesan Parents and Friends Association. All
parents/carers of St Joseph’s are automatically members of the association.

St Joseph’s School is in the Parish of Mary Help of Christians which is in the care of Father Mick Peters.

Religious Education
Our Religious Education Program follows that prescribed by the Diocesan
Education Council and approved by the Bishop of Townsville, Bishop
Michael Putney.
The school recognizes the important role of parents. With them teachers
share in the task of imparting Christian values of love and reverence for
God, concern for the welfare and understanding of others, joy in giving ra-
ther than receiving, of unselfishness and honesty, the love of beauty and
the desire for knowledge to the students.
Prayer, formal as well as structured personal prayer, is part of our school life. School masses and liturgies
are held to celebrate special events such as the opening and closing of the school year and special liturgical
events. Whilst we recognise the importance of imparting knowledge, we are strongly committed to leading
students to know God as a friend who always loves and cares. This is done through our personal witness to
each other as members of our school community and extending this to all who come into our school.

Parent and teacher evenings are arranged at the beginning of Term 1. An oral report is presented at the end
of Term 1 and Term3 with a written report at the end of Semester 1 and 2. Teachers will be pleased to
make an appointment to discuss your child’s progress at any time.

The Sacramental preparation of students is a Parish program. Parents will be informed through the Parish
and School Newsletters when the programs are running. An invitation is extended to all Catholic students.
Sacrament of Reconciliation—Year 3 and above
Sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation—Year 4 and above

School Board
St Joseph’s School Board is a policy making team who have an awareness of the shared ministry in the
Church’s educational mission, and who together formulate policies that give direction to the school and
promote its distinctive identity. These policies are based on Gospel values.
The Board is guided by the constitution approved by the Bishop and bylaws endorsed by the Catholic Ed-
ucation Office of Townsville.

                              St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook
A-Z of St Joseph’s School
School Hours
School Commences 8:30am
School Concludes 2:50pm
Prep—Year 3        Morning Recess 10:30am—11:10am
                   Lunch Break 12:50pm—1:10pm
Year 4—Year 7 Morning Recess 10:30am—10:50am
                   Lunch Break 12:50pm—1:30pm
Early arrival/late collection of pupils poses a threat to their safety and well-
being. Children should not be in the school grounds more than half an hour before school and 20 minutes
after class dismissal time. Teacher supervision of pupils commences at 8:00am and concludes at 3:10pm.

Secondary Schooling
We encourage families to continue their children’s schooling in the Christian environment provided by
Catholic High Schools. These Catholic High Schools include St Margaret Mary’s College, Hermit Park (girls
only), Ignatius Park College, Cranbrook (boys only), St Patrick’s College, North Ward (girls only—day and
boarding), Ryan Catholic College, Kirwan (P-12 Co-educational) and St Anthony’s Catholic College, Deeragun
(P-12 Co-educational).

Telephone Messages
We would appreciate telephone calls to teachers being restricted to before or after school or lunch times. In
an emergency the School Secretary will pass on a message to a pupil. Pupils will not be called to the phone
to receive messages. Our phone number is 4772 1973.

St Joseph’s Tuckshop operates daily and provides healthy foods at each recess break. All lunches are to be
ordered at the start of the school day and picked up from the tuckshop at break times. Prep children are
only allowed to pre-order food at each break. Full details of the menu and prices are provided regularly
through the school newsletter.

Students are required to wear their formal uniform on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and their
sports uniform on Tuesdays and Fridays. Students’ general appearance and presentation is a reflection on
themselves and our school. It is important the students maintain a neat, tidy appearance at all times. This is
assisted through a standard approach to such things as tidy hair, long hair tied back from the face, one
stud/sleeper in each ear, one watch, one necklace if it has a religious symbol and wearing correct uniform.
This assists in maintaining good hygiene and meeting health and safety standards.

                              St Joseph’s The Strand — School Handbook

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