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									                     Sunflower                  Test Date: February 1st

         Lesson 10. A Car Wash Adventure
1. scratch
2. entrance
3. vehicle
4. brakes
5. remove
6. nozzle
7. splatter                      car wash                           brake pedal

8. A nozzle is an object at the end of a pipe or a hose that sprays liquids.
9. To remove means to take off or take away.
10. A vehicle is something that takes people or things from one place to
11. The entrance is the way into something.

    scratch: To scratch something is to scrape it with something sharp. Often when
     you scratch something, it leaves a mark.
    entrance: A door can be an entrance.
    vehicle: Boats, trains, and bicycles are the types of vehicles.
    brakes: Brakes are the things that stop a vehicle’s motion. We can find the brake
     pedal on the floor of a car.
    splatter: To splatter is to scatter drops or blobs of liquid. If you dropped a jar of
     tomato sauce, it would splatter all over the floor and make a mess.

Nozzle                     splatter                             scratch

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