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					  DOROTHY MATTHIESSEN                                      2011 HALL OF FAME

HILARY BARTE                                                          JORDAN BREWER

STEVE JOHNSON                                        MEN’S 4.0 SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

                                                           The Whole S tory…Almost
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               Introduction.................................................................1        Senior Grand Prix Masters
               Special People.............................................................2              Championships .................................................. 18
               Annual Meeting ..........................................................2            Desert Circuit .............................................. 18
               Service Awards ..........................................................3            National Championships .................................... 19
               LA84 Foundation/NJTL ..........................................3                      Final Thoughts .................................................. 20, 21
               Jr. Team Tennis .........................................................4            2011 Results
               Junior Competition ..................................................4                   109th Southern California Junior
               National Showings ....................................................4                     Sectional Championships
               Competition Training Centers....................... 6                                    31st K-Swiss Summer Grand Prix
               Pete Brown “First Serve”.....................................6                              Masters Championships
               College & University                                                                     14th Prince Doubles Grand Prix
                    Scholarship Seminars .........................................6                        Masters Championships
               K-Swiss Summer Grand Prix ..............................7                                25th Central Coast Grand Prix
               Intercollegiate Play ..................................................7                    Masters Championships
               Tennis On Campus ..................................................8                     7 Desert Cities Grand Prix
               Diversity & Inclusion ...............................................9                      Masters Championships
               League Tennis.......................................................... 10               29th Junior Satellite
               WTT Recreational League Nationals .......... 11                                             Masters Championships
               San Diego District Tennis Association ........ 12                                        Novice Jamboree
               Youth Tennis San Diego .............................. 12                                 125th Open Sectional Championships/
               Orange County Community                                                                     Farmers Classic Men’s Wild Card
                    Tennis Association........................................... 13                       Tournament
               Inland Empire .......................................................... 15              125th Senior Sectional Championships
               Seniors......................................................................... 16      29th Senior Grand Prix
               ITF Cups & Individual Successes .................... 16                                         Masters Championships
               Super Senior North-South                                                                 25 NTRP Sectional Championships
                    Challenge Cup ................................................... 17                15th Wheelchair Sectional Championships

                                                     The Whole Story…Almost
                                                                    Mark Winters
                                                                                                          Wednesday, July 27th was special for
P     reparing a Year In Review is a gargan-
      tuan project. It’s not just the writing, but
assembling the entire Southern California
                                                                                                       Cathie Anderson, Sinclair Bill, Gordon Davis,
                                                                                                       Tina Karwasky, King Lambert, Hank Leicht-
Tennis Association twelve-month story,                                                                 fried, Lenny Lindborg, Judy Louie, George
and the necessary supporting photos. But,                                                              Sarantos and the late Robin Willner. The
just in case any individual accomplishment                                                             members of the third Southern California
or activity has slipped through the seine,                                                             Tennis Association Senior Hall of Fame
the 2011 production has been titled, “The                                                              induction class were honored at a luncheon
Whole Story…Almost.”                                                                                   that took place at the James West Center
   Greg Hickey probably has last year’s An-                                                            on the UCLA campus during the Farmers
nual Meeting marked as a “Day To Rem-                                                                  Classic, presented by Mercedes-Benz.
ember” on his calendar. The first Monday                                                                   Bill, Karwasky, Lambert and Louie were un-
in March, he became the new SCTA Pres-                                                                 able to attend the celebration. As a result
ident, after having previously served as                                                               Eli Wooten, Bill’s son, accepted her award.
the organization’s Treasurer. A Pricewater-                                                            Ben Gaither did the same for Karwasky, and
houseCoopers partner, beginning in 1983                                                                Kimberly Smith, Lambert’s daughter, col-
and lasting until 2010, Hickey is adept                                                                lected his trophy.
with numbers as is evident in his updating                                                                Anderson, Davis, Leichtfried, Lindborg
the SCTA’s bookkeeping practices, and                    SCTA President Greg Hickey with his           and Sarantos attended and were delighted
his involvement with the Farmers Classic,                 daughter Jordan and Billie Jean King         with the recognition. Willner, a one-of-a-
presented by Mercedes-Benz.                                  Photos Cheryl Jones and Cynthia Lum       kind individual, was there in spirit. Louie
   As a junior, he was a member of the                Jean King. Bill Dwyre, the former Los Angeles    extended her regrets for missing a grand
storied Pasadena Foothill Tennis Patrons Pro-         Times Sports Editor and now an appreciated      afternoon.
gram, and during his time at USC, he dom-             columnist with the newspaper, served as the        A member of the SCTA Board, Lesley

  Franklin Johnson               Kathy May Fritz             Hugh Stewart and Billy Martin         Dorothy Head Knode             Dick Leach
inated intramural tennis competition. Thanks      Master of Ceremonies, and his recollections         Waite, who covers the San Diego District
to Jordan and Tori, his daughters’ partic-        of those feted made the evening memorable.          Tennis Association for the section’s News
ipation in junior tennis, he has a consummate        The same can be said of the stories              publication, called attention to the San Di-
understanding of the game in the section.         offered by each of the honorees. Many of            ego Tennis Hall of Fame induction, which
   Every two years, the Hall of Fame has          those in the 16th induction class developed         included Harper Ink, Sr., Angel Lopez,
an induction. Held August 5th at the Four         their games at public parks (As Dick                Gretchen Magers, Bobby Riggs and Valerie
Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, the 2011 affair   Leach said, “We are parkies…”). Dwyre               Ziegenfuss at Morley Field’s Balboa Tennis
honored Pat Canning Todd (who was unable          introduced King, saying, “She changed               Club in late August. Thanks were extended
to attend), Dorothy Head Knode, Hugh              tennis forever.” After receiving a standing         to Larry Belinsky, an SDDTA Board member,
Stewart, Dick Leach, Kathy May Fritz, Billy       ovation, King admitted, “Where does one             whose dedicated vision and effort made the
Martin, Franklin (Frank) Johnson and Billie       start? Tonight is like coming back to family.       proceedings stellar.
                                                   I could tell stories about everyone in the
                                                      She did, but the best comment was made
                                                   by Head Knode, who said in a note to the
                                                   SCTA following the ceremony, “Many thanks
                                                   for one of the happiest, most thrilling eve-
                                                   nings of my life. So many people were in-
                                                   volved in achieving perfection…”
                                                      Dan Dickenson, Elliott and Adrienne
                                                   Horwitch, Danny and Jeri McKenna and
                                                   Stuart Weitzman, made a special evening
   Cathie Anderson          Eli Wooten accepted    even more so by providing meaningful                   Gordon Davis        Ben Gaither accepted
                                for Sinclair Bill  contributions to support the event.                                         for Tina Karwasky

                                                                                                                2011 YEAR IN REVIEW              1
  Kimberly Smith accepted                   Hank Leichtfried                        Lenny Lindborg                           George Sarantos
     for King Lambert

        Harper Ink, Sr.             Angel Lopez                Gretchen Magers              Bobby Riggs                   Valerie Ziegenfuss
                                                                Photo Mike Loomis

                                                        Special People
D     uring the year, a number of individuals forever amongst the greatest US Open
      who are part of the section’s unrivaled champions.”
tennis history were honored. On Satur-           At the International Tennis Federation
day night of Labor Day Weekend, Rich- Annual General Meeting, Franklin Johnson,
ard (Pancho) Gonzalez, the epitome of a an ITF Board member between 2005 and
professional tennis laborer, became the 21st 2011, was made an Honorary Life Counselor.
player to be named to the US Open Court As USTA Board member Bill Kellogg said,
of Champions (an honor                                     “Congratulations on your ap-
that recognizes the greatest                               pointment. It is an honor that is
singles champions in the                                   richly deserved, given the time
tournament’s history). USTA                                and effort you have put in to
Chairman of the Board and                                  furthering the goals of the ITF.
President Jon Vegosen, said                                Great going.”
of Gonzalez, who passed                                       Carolyn Nichols, the Chair of
away in 1995 at 67, “Pancho                                the Senior International Com-
Gonzalez was not only a                                    petition Committee, received
great champion but also a                                  the Seniors’ Service Award, at
true pioneer in the sport            Carolyn Nichols       the USTA Annual Meeting. The
of tennis. He has served and will continue recognition is bestowed for the willingness,
                                                                                                                   Pancho Gonzalez
to serve as a role model for generations of cooperation and participation, either in play
                                                                                                     Image courtesy of the Fernberger Photo Collection
Americans, especially Hispanic-American ath- or organizational work, for the betterment                International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum,
letes, and I’m proud that his name will live of senior competition.                                                Newport, Rhode Island

                                                       Annual Meeting
A     t the Southern California Tennis Association’s Annual Meeting, the following were recognized:

            Allen Fox                                           The Bellamys                                              Bruce Foxworth
      Lifetime Achievement                                     Family Of The Year                                         Curt Condon Spirit
                                                               Photos Cynthia Lum

                                                           Service Awards

                                                                                                                                  Ryan DePuit
       Barry Horowitz                          Adam Steinberg                            Calif Trinh                           Tennis On Campus
       Junior Competition                      Tennis On Campus                        Tennis On Campus                      Club Of The Year-UCSB

           Don Bly                              Teresa Brown                           Wanda Marine                           Delores Simmons
           Diversity                               Diversity                             Diversity                                 Diversity

                              Judy Tarre                             Patty Yoo                            Christen Bartelt
                            Community Tennis                      High School Tennis                        League Tennis

                                                    LA84 FOUNDATION/NJTL

M      elanie Bischoff reported that for the
       26th consecutive year the LA84 Foun-
dation funded the NJTL Program. As a result,
youngsters between the ages of 8 and 17
received tennis instruction at 135
locations in the Southland during
the summer. Along with six-weeks
of lessons, those taking part,
many from economically disad-
vantaged areas, received an NJTL
                                                                             Al Erby with youngsters in his LA84 Foundation/NJTL program
tee-shirt, a Certificate of Partic-
ipation, along with opportunities to at-
tend a Special Activity Day and Champ-
ionship Tournament. Some also had a
chance to attend the Farmers Classic,
held at the Los Angeles Tennis Center-
UCLA in July. As Bischoff said, “A
sincere thanks is extended to the LA84
Foundation. Without its support the
SCTA would not be able to offer NJTL at
so many sites during the summer as well      Sam Querrey with LA84 Foundation President,
as the Year-Round Program.”                      Anita DeFrantz and Melanie Bischoff

                                                                                                                2011 YEAR IN REVIEW                  3
                                                              JR. TEAM TENNIS

L   ast spring, Ken Grassel replaced Jeff
    Benito and became responsible for
the Jr. Team Tennis Program. A player
and tournament director who had spent
10 years as a USTA official; he brought
a wealth of tennis experience to the
position. Grassel offered, “I have always
enjoyed working junior tournaments
and when the opportunity came up for
the Jr. Team Tennis Program, I truly felt
                                           Ken Grassel                   Southern California won the Gar Glenney Cup.
it would be great for me.”
   His first Gar Glenney Cup, the annual    that made the competition so thrilling and cited about working and playing together.
Southern California versus Northern Cali- memorable,” he said. “The camaraderie Southern California won 42-30, but given all
fornia battle for Jr. TeamTennis supremacy, and sportsmanship was truly outstanding. I that took place, the victory was just the icing
was better than great. “I must say it was went into the event hoping that everyone on the cake.”
the teamwork of the three age divisions would have a great experience, and be ex-

                                                      JUNIOR COMPETITION

D     arren Potkey, Manager-Junior Compe-
      tition, reported that the 109th Southern
California Junior Sectional Championships,
                                                   played. The highlights, at the largest junior
                                                   tournament in the world, were the repeat
                                                   singles victories by Dennis Mkrtchian in the
                                                                                                         Annually, during the tournament, the Junior
                                                                                                         Awards Banquet is held at Los Caballeros
                                                                                                         Racquet & Sports Club. Those honored for
presented by Farmers Classic, as it does           Boys’ 18, and Elizabeth Profit in the Girls’ 16       the 2010 season included:
each year, set records — with 2,246 matches        divisions.
    Evelyn Houseman Lifetime Sportsmanship        Most Improved Player
     Daniel Kosakowski and Lorraine Guillermo      Sahak Bazrganian and Tory Parravi
    Player of the Year                            Triple Crown Winners
     Gage Brymer and Gabrielle Andrews             Sangeet Sridhar and Jada Hart
                            Age Group Sportsmanship Awards:
     Nicolas Cummins and Joanna Smith-18s       Henry Gordon and Tracy Van-14s
     Tyler Pham and Sarah Stadfelt-16s          Timothy Sah and Ena Shibahara-12s
                                Leo Hibi and Claire Liu-10s                                                      Junior Award Winners

                                                      NATIONAL SHOWINGS

I  f there is a national tournament
   and if Southern California juniors
weren’t part of the highlight package
                                                                                                                  national Spring Championships played
                                                                                                                  at Carson. Andrews was a Girls’ 18
                                                                                                                  doubles champion with Taylor Town-
it would be a surprise. Local players                                                                             send of Boca Raton, Florida. Nikko
were stars at the National Clay Court                                                                             Madregallejo was a Boys’ 16 finalist.
Championships with Alexios Halebian,                                                                              Robbie Bellamy/Garcia won the 16
who turned pro in June, and Gabrielle                                                                             doubles, and Joesph Di Giulio, who
Andrews claiming the Boys’ and Girls’                                                                             teamed with Spencer Papa of Edmond,
18 titles. Connor Hance was the Boys’                                                                             Oklahoma, lost to his SoCal mates.
12 champion. Gregory Garcia/Thomas               Alexios Halebian                  Marcos Giron and               Yuki Chiang, the Girls’ 16 singles win-
                                                 Photo Mark Winters                 David Doehring
Pura were the Boys’ 16 doubles fi-                                                                                  ner, was the doubles champion with
nalists. Emma Higuchi, who played with                                                                             Alexis Pereira.
Maddie Pothoff of Tucson, was a Girls’                                                                                Running his consecutive match win
14 doubles finalist, and Kayla Day was                                                                              streak to 18, Giron was the Boys’18
a Girls’ 12 finalist.                                                                                               Easter Bowl titlist, and the first player
   Marcos Giron and Gabrielle Andrews                                                                              since Sam Querrey, in 2005, to
were 18s winners at the International                                                                              score a Carson-Palm Springs tour-
Tennis Federation tournament in                                                                                    nament double. Andrews was a Girls’
Claremont. David Doehring was a fi-                                                                                 18 Easter Bowl finalist, but won the
nalist to Giron, and Lauren Marker was                                                                             doubles, playing again with “Tay Tay”
a Girls’ 18 doubles finalist with Dasha                                                                             Townsend. Gage Brymer was the
Ivanova of Beaverton, Oregon.                                                                                      Boys’ 16 winner. Garcia and Jonathan
   Giron continued his winning ways,         Gabrielle Andrews and                    Nicole Gibbs                 Poon claimed the doubles. Ernesto
                                               Taylor Townsend               Photo Stanford Sports Information
taking the Boys’ 18 title at the Inter-        Photo cameraworkusa                                                Escobedo added his name to an
illustrious list by capturing the Boys’
14 Easter Bowl title. He was also a
doubles finalist with Eduardo Nava.
Emma Higuchi and Amber Park were
Girls’ 14 doubles finalists.
    During the summer, Nicole Gibbs,
a Stanford sophomore, was a National
Girls’ 18 finalist. The All-American
from Santa Monica was also a Girls’ 18
finalist in 2010. Garcia/Di Giulio were
                                                      Gage Brymer                 Connor Hance                         Maze Cup Team
National Boys’ 16 doubles finalists.                  Photo David Kenas
Alyssa Smith was a National Girls’ 16
finalist. Kalman Boyd, who played with
Crews Enochs of Marietta, Georgia,
was a National Boys’ 14 doubles finalist.
Kayla Day and Michaela Gordon of
Los Altos Hills were National Girls’ 12
finalists. Riley McQuaid was the National
Girls’12 Sportsmanship Award winner.
    In the fall, Smith and Dominique
Schaefer traveled to Florida for the               Christina Makarova                      Yuki Chiang
                                                    Photo cameraworkusa                  Photo Cynthia Lum
Eddie Herr International Junior Cham-
pionships. Smith was a Girls’ 16 finalist
in the singles and doubles with Dasha
Ivanova of Beaverton, Oregon. Schaefer
won both the Girls’ 12 singles and the                                                                                      Dominique Schaefer
                                                                                                                                Photo Rob Varela
doubles teaming with Anna Bright of
Boca Raton, Florida. The division dom-
inance continued when Claire Liu claim-
ed the Girls’ 12 Orange Bowl title.
    At the majors, the best result was                  Claire Liu                     Gregory Garcia and
realized by Andrews, who was                        Photo                  Robbie Bellamy
a US Open Girls’ doubles finalist
with Townsend. Gibbs was an
Open singles and doubles semi-
finalist with Kyle McPhillips of
Willoughby, Ohio. Giron was
a Roland Garros singles and
doubles quarterfinalist with Hal-                                                                                             Krista Hardebeck
ebian. Halebian also made the                                                                                                Photo cameraworkusa
last eight in singles in New York.
Christina Makarova turned 15 on              Kayla Day                      16 Intersectional Champions
May 29 , which was a very good
birth date because that was when
the Junior Girls’ competition be-
gan in Paris. Had her birthday
been a day later, she would have
been ineligible to participate.
Krista Hardebeck played her way
to the third round at Wimbledon.
    Potkey called attention to
the fact that the section’s 16s                                       Nike Junior Tour team Ryan Peus, Kenadi                    Alyssa Smith
Intersectional team, playing on                                         Hance, Ryan Seggerman, Coach Erik                     Photo David Bro for
                                            Riley McQuaid                    Kortland and Eduardo Nava                       Orange County Register
clay in conditions where the heat
index for the week reached 110                      Zonal teams finished first through fifth place. Tennis and Fitness at the Stockdale Country
degrees, downed Southern 7-2 in the final. The 12s Zonal teams dominated play, finishing Club, in Bakersfield where the event was
Team members were Robbie Bellamy, Ashley the competition as the winner and finalist.”                     held, noted, “Darren (Potkey) was his stellar
Dai, Gregory Garcia, Abraham Hewko, Sivan              Speaking of domination, Southern Cali- self, not missing even the smallest detail. At
Krems, Jana McCord, Ciro Riccardi and fornia, which has only lost once against the awards ceremony, after the matches,
Alyssa Smith. Brett Masi, the men’s coach at North California in the annual Maze Cup he thanked every player, coach, referee,
University of San Diego, provided the group competition between the sections best 18 dignitary and spectator by name. He did it off
with positive direction.                            and 16 performers was victorious in the the top of his head with no notes. I think he
    Similarly noteworthy, as Potkey said, “The 16 38th encounter. Hank Pfister, Director of could have spelled all their names, given you
                                                                                                                 2011 YEAR IN REVIEW               5
their phone numbers and addresses too,                                                              final where he lost. Ryan Seggerman won
if we had asked him. All (team captain                                                              the Boys’ 12 consolation singles. Thanks
Jim) Buck and I did was hand the kids the                                                           to these outstanding performances, Sou-
balls and point to the court.”                                                                      thern California, under the direction of
   Kenadi Hance was the Girls’ 14 win-                                                              Erik Kortland, easily won best team
ner, and Ryan Peus captured the Girls’ 12                                                           honors, which is given to the section
title at the Nike Junior Tour US Masters                                                            with the best-combined results. Hance,
Championships, held in Boca Raton, Flor-                                                            Peus and Nava, representing the US,
ida. Eduardo Nava, who defeated the           Southern California teams were the 12s Zonal          participated in the Nike Junior Tour In-
top Boys’ 14 seed, played his way to the                  winner and finalist.                       ternational Masters in December.

                                            Competition Training Centers
T     he Competition Training Centers
      (CTC), as Ai Takamori Malawy, who
works with Darren Potkey, pointed out,
                                                                                                  Hank Lloyd-Orange County
                                                                                                  Eric Mann-San Diego
                                                                                                  Mark McCampbell-Santa Barbara/Ventura
is part of the Player Development effort.                                                         County
The program brings the top twenty 13 &                                                            Gary Victor-North LA/ San Fernando
Under players, from specific geographic                                                           The CTC Team Cup, held at the Claremont
areas, together to practice and compete.                                                          Club and Biszantz Family Tennis Center in
The coaches responsible for organizing                                                            June, concluded with San Diego defeating
the program include:                                                                              Orange County 21-9 in the final. Friedman
Vasile Beches-LA/South Bay                                                                        and his staff at the Claremont Club were
Barry Friedman-San Gabriel Valley                    San Diego was the 2011 winner.               praised for hosting a first rate event.

                                              Pete Brown “First Serve”
O     nce again, the Pete Brown “First Serve” Boys’ High
      School Team Tennis Tournament was held in the
spring. The following schools were victorious:
  Westminster d. La Quinta 4-2
  Valencia d. Buckley 5-1
  Simi Valley d. El Segundo 5-1
  Corona del Mar d. El Dorado 3-3 (40-31)
The Girls’ version of the tournament took place in the
fall with trophies going to:                                        Westminster High School                 El Segundo and Simi Valley
                                                                                                                   High Schools
  El Dorado d. Corona del Mar 5-1                            d. Mater Dei 4-2
  Rowland d. West 6-0

                                  Tri-City Christian High School                                         Martin Luther King High School

                                        COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY SEMINARS

S   outhern California is the only section in the country to have established and held College & University Scholarship Seminars in the
    spring and fall for more than 30 years. At these gatherings, which are free and do not require a reservation, individuals looking to play
intercollegiate tennis, along with their parents and coaches, receive step-by-step “How To…” tips concerning the way to go about gaining the
interest of coaches across the country.
                                               The spring sessions are listed below:

April 11th (Wednesday)                                April 12th (Thursday)                           April 18th (Wednesday)
Barnes Tennis Ce nter                                 MountainGate Country Club                       Sunset Hills Country Club
in San Diego at 6:30 p.m.                             in Los Angeles at 7:00 p.m.                     in Thousand Oaks at 6:30 p.m.
Contact: Kerry Blum                                   Contact: Doug Doss                              Contact: Paul Steele
(619) 221-9000                                        (310) 476-2291                                  (805) 497-4314

                                                                                                              For more details about the
                                                                                                              College & University Seminar
                                                                                                              Program, contact Mark Winters
April 19th (Thursday)                                 April 25th (Wednesday)                                  at (310) 208-3838 Ext. 231
Seal Beach Tennis Center                              Upland Tennis Club
in Seal Beach at 6:30 p.m.                            in Upland at 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Seal Beach Tennis Center                     Contact: Steve Futchko
(562) 598-8624                                        (909) 985-2725

                                             K-SWISS SUMMER GRAND PRIX

F   or 31 years, Martha Katsu-
    frakis has been the over-
seeing backbone of the K-Swiss
                                                                                                                   to participate in the Masters
                                                                                                                   Championships held at the Lake-
                                                                                                                   wood Tennis Center.
Summer Grand Prix. The 42-                                                                                            Alec Adamson, with 1,100
tournament circuit ran from                                                                                        points in Boys’ 18 play and Ena
June 1st to August 31st. At the                                                                                    Shibahara, who collected 1,200
end of the competition, the                                                                                        in Girls’ 16 competition, became
top eight point winners in            Alec Adamson earned 1,100             Ena Shibahara collected 1,200          members of the prestigious K-
each age division were invited          points in Boys’ 18 play.            points in Girls’ 16 competition.       Swiss 1000 Point Club.

                                                 INTERCOLLEGIATE PLAY

T   his year’s Hall of Fame induction fea-
    tured a UCLA-USC sharing of sorts. The
Bruins had Franklin (Frank) Johnson and Billy
                                                                                                          On the women’s side, Stanford took full
                                                                                                       advantage of playing on its home courts.
                                                                                                       Stacey Tan was a finalist in the singles, and
Martin join the storied group. The Trojans                                                             Hilary Barte, for the second year in a row,
matched their cross-town rivals with Dick                                                              was the NCAA Women’s doubles champion.
Leach and Hugh Stewart taking their place                                                                 Division I All-American honors were earn-
among the section’s luminaries.                                                                        ed by Johnson (who was also the Campbell/
  On the courts in 2011, the story was all                                                             Intercollegiate Tennis Association Player of
USC. Peter Smith, who is becoming almost                             USC                               the Year), Tan and Barte (a member of the
                                                                 Photo Dan Avila
supernatural when it comes to preparing his                                                            Campbell/ITA Doubles Team of the Year),
men’s team to compete, collected another        “Steve, amazingly and incredibly, just refused         along with Kaitlyn Christian of USC, Nicole
NCAA Team trophy with the help of Daniel        to lose. He was down 4-2 30-40 in the round           Gibbs of Stanford and Raymond Sarmiento
                                                                                                      of USC, along with Bradley Klahn and Ryan
                                                                                                      Thacher of Stanford, who were NCAA
                                                                                                      doubles finalists.
                                                                                                         The talent of local players was also evident
                                                                                                      as Erik Elliott of UCSD earned Division II All-
                                                                                                      American honors. The Division III level All-
                                                                                                      American were: Kellen Alberstone of Bow-
                                                                                                      doin (the ITA Women’s National Division III
                                                                                                      Player of the Year), Jordan Brewer of Amherst
   Hilary Barte          Bradley Klahn and        Stacey Tan             Jordan Brewer
 Photo Stanford Sports     Ryan Thacher
                                                                                                      (who was the Women’s Division III NCAA
      Information                                                                                     Doubles champion), Austin Chafetz of Am-
Nguyen, who won the deciding match in           of 16, and just hung in there. His desire and         herst, Andrew Giuffrida of Cal Lutheran,
a 4-3 victory over previously undefeated        his ability to seize the moment were so               Hailey Hogan of Johns Hopkins, Erich Koenig
University of Virginia. (Nguyen’s “magic” was   impressive. It is his greatness.”                     of UCSC (the ITA National Men’s Division
seen again when he teamed with Jacqueline
Cako of ASU to win the critical match in
the 4-3 victory the US scored over France
in the December final of the Master’U BNP
Paribas in Rouen.) The three-peat triumph
was the third in the school’s history, which
had accomplished the improbable task in
1995-98 and 1962-64.The applause didn’t
end there thanks to Steve Johnson who won                                          Daniel Nguyen                             Steve Johnson
the NCAA Men’s singles title. As Smith said,     Kristin Strimple                   Photo Dan Avila                          Photo Dan Avila

                                                                                                                2011 YEAR IN REVIEW               7
III Player To Watch), Alex Lane of CMS
and Cameron Spearman of Redlands.
    As good as Southern Californians were
in other NCAA divisions, they were equally
successful in NAIA competition. Chris
Freeman of Embry-Riddle, the Ward-
Ballinger Award winner at the National
Championships (for performance, lead-
ership and sportsmanship), was not only
the Sun Conference Player of the Year,               Hailey Hogan              Kaitlyn Christian         Erik Elliott             Chris Freeman
but also an All-American on the court
and in the classroom. Jordan Kimura
of Concordia and Kristin Strimple of
Point Loma Nazarene were NAIA All-
Americans, and both were Daktronics-
NAIA Scholar-Athletes. Natalie McNall
of Azusa Pacific was another who earned
All-American status. David Goodman of
Azusa Pacific University was named the
Wilson Women’s Assistant Coach of the                  Andrew Giuffrida                Alex Lane              Natalie McNall              Scott Davis
Year Award.
    Community College All-Americans in-                   Scott Davis of Stanford was one of the the doubles title. Christian and Sabrina
cluded: Trevor Campbell of Glendale, Moises 2011 ITA Hall of Fame honorees. Bill Scanlon, Santamaria, the sophomore/freshman USC
Cardenas of Pierce, Krystal Hansard of Santa a member of the SCTA Board of Directors, duo, won the ITA National Indoor Doubles
Monica, Sasha Hedberg of Ventura, Nakieta was named to the Trinity University Athletics Championships. Freeman showing that he is
Hein of Saddleback, Torsten Keil-Long of Hall of Fame.                                                    always formidable, even early in the season,
Cypress, Sean Levesque of Ventura and                     Last fall, at the Riviera Women’s All-Amer- was a singles finalist at the ITA National Small
Derek Siddiqui of Cerritos. Alex Sar-kissian ican Tennis Championships, Nicole Gibbs, College Championships.
of Glendale and Katerina Mozolyuk of Santa who is from Santa Monica, must have felt like                     Others who qualified by winning the singles
Monica were All-Americans and members of she was playing on her home courts because at their respective Regional Championships,
the ITA All-Stars.                                     she teamed with Mallory Burdette to win were: Cardenas, Lane and Ava Sadeghi of
                                                                                                          Vassar, along with the doubles tandem, Devon
                                                                                                          Sousa/Austin West of UCSD.
                                                                                                             Danny Harrington of UCLA sports infor-
                                                                                                          mation writing about the 55th Southern
                                                                                                          California Intercollegiate Championships said
                                                                                                          “Playing on his home courts, sophomore
                                                                                                          men’s tennis player Clay Thompson posted a
                                                                                                          straight-set victory in the singles final at the
                                                                                                          at UCLA’s Los Angeles Tennis Center.
                                                             Jordan Kimura                 Raymond           “The third-seeded Thompson, who did not
        Kellen                                                                            Sarmiento
                                                                                                          drop a set in five matches during the tourn-
                                                                                                          ament, took home the title after notching a
                                                                                                          7-5, 6-4 win over unseeded Patrick Kawka of
                                                                                                          BYU. He becomes the first UCLA player to
                                                                                                          win the singles championship at the Southern
                                                                                                          California Intercollegiates since 2006, when
                                                                                                          Michael Look defeated teammate Mathieu
                                                                                                          Dehaine in the final that year.
                                                                                                             “It marks the end to an impressive week
                                                                                                          for Thompson, who also reached the doubles
       Sabrina              Bill Scanlon                   Cameron                 Clay Thompson          final with teammate Alex Brigham. The Bruin
    Santamaria       Photo Trinity University Sports       Spearman             Photo Danny Harrington,
   Photo USC Sports           Information                                        UCLA Sports Information  duo came up just short, falling to USC’s
      Information                                                                                         Emilio Gomez and Yannick Hanfmann, 8-4.”
                                                         TENNIS ON CAMPUS

I t is one of the fastest growing tennis pro-
  grams in the USTA’s stable of offerings,
and if you look at Linda Milan’s workload it is
                                                       “UCLA won the National Championship
                                                    in Cary, North Carolina. With the victory
                                                    (which actually took place at Duke’s indoor
                                                                                                        was the 2010 champion. The University of
                                                                                                        California, San Diego was also in the spot-
                                                                                                        light after claiming the Spring Invitational
easy to see why.                                    facility because of rain)… the Bruins became        Championship title in Tucson.”
  As she explained, “April turned out to be         the second Pac 12 team to capture the                  Having what Milan called “A dream run…”,
a most memorable month for Southern                 prestigious title in the history of the event,      UCLA defeated University of Central Florida,
California Tennis On Campus.                        which began in 2000. University of California       27-21 in the semifinals. In the final, they
handed University of Florida, only
its second loss of the year, winning
   In Arizona, UCSD, which was
looking to “three-peat”, marched
through opponents as did Cal
Poly San Luis Obispo, a first time
competitor. In the All-Southern
California final, the three-in-a-row
was achieved with a 23-18 victory
over a feisty opponent. The title                   UCLA won the title.                                 University of California San Diego
                                                     Photos cameraworkusa
earned UCSD a spot in the 2012
National Campus Championship.
   Other section TOC teams also performed
                                                 LA in the Section Championship, finished
                                                 fifth. The University of California Irvine, a late
                                                                                                        As good as these results
                                                                                                      were, Michael Hui was an-    “April
impressively on the national level. University
of California Santa Barbara, a finalist to UC-
                                                 substitute for USC, which had to withdraw,
                                                 was the Bronze Bracket winner.
                                                                                                      other of the Tennis On
                                                                                                      Campus spotlight stories.
                                                                                                      After helping UCLA win    out to be
                                                                                                      the National Champ-
                                                                                                      ionship, he earned an       a most
                                                                                                      opportunity to play
                                                                                                      under Billy Martin guid-
                                                                                                      ance on the men’s team.    month”
                                                                                                        For information concerning Tennis On
                                                                                                      Campus, the exciting club team program
                                                                               Michael Hui            that is growing by leaps and bounds, contact
                                                                                                      Linda Milan at

                                                  DIVERSITY & INCLUSION

U      nder Ronita Elder’s steward-
       ship Diversity & Inclusion spon-
sored a collection of fun and inno-
                                                               than 50 adults signed up for
                                                               TeamTennis. The children on
                                                               hand participated in the 10 and
vative tennis activities beginning in                          Under Tennis clinic that was
the spring and extending into the fall.                        offered.
Making full use of her creative talents,                          “The Antelope Valley activity
Elder partnered tennis and jazz in an                          was one of the section’s kick-
October activity held at the Lawndale                          off events for Hispanic Herit-
Public Library.                                                age Month. In September, other
                                                                                                                        Tall Tale
   “Melissa McCollum, a Lawndale li-                           Hispanic Heritage celebrations
brarian, said she had over 65 kids and parents   took place in East Los Angeles-Monterey
attend,” Elder noted. “They played tennis and    Park, Huntington Park and San Diego.
listened to live jazz while learning about the      “At Illusions ‘Game Changer’, The Bobby
important link between the two activities.       Bryant Band was featured, along with a
Overall, the day was very improvisational.”      screening of the Richard ‘Pancho’ Gonzalez
   Elder, a former player, continued, “Pro-      documentary by Danny Haro.
fessional athletes and jazz musicians are           Elder continued, “Tickets to the Farmers
skilled to react quickly, both physically and    Classic, the Newport Beach Breakers and
mentally, to changing circumstances. Bobby       the Championship Series at Staples Center
                                                                                                           LaRhonda Amos and Tonya Lewis
Bryant and Bobby Pierce, who are both mus-       opened the doors and eyes of many of those
icians, helped me demonstrate the concept        in Southern California who hunger to see                She concluded, “At the Southern Cali-
through tennis games and short musical           top flight professionals play.”                      fornia Tennis Association’s Annual Meeting,
performances. Lawndale residents are now                                                              in the 100th Anniversary of the Year of the
looking forward to learning more about                                                                Women at the SCTA Annual Meeting the
tennis and jazz in 2012.”                                                                             Diversity & Inclusion Award went to four
   (For more information about County of                                                              stalwarts of the Los Angeles tennis com-
Los Angeles Public Library programs and                                                               munity – Delores Simmons, Wanda Marine,
services, visit                                                                   Theresa Brown and Don Bly.
   Antelope Valley was the site of another at-                                                           “Next year gets off to great start with the
tention drawing activity. “The event helped                                                           Frank Simmons Doubles Tournament New
launch the Antelope Valley TeamTennis                                                                 Year’s day followed by the Martin Luther
Association (AVTTA),” Elder said. “Lois                                                               King Tournament and Community Service
Threats and David Goldschlag (AVTTA foun-                                                             event in Burbank. Early in 2012, there will
der) hosted the tennis event where more                           Chicano Park                        be a lot going on.”

                                                                                                                2011 YEAR IN REVIEW              9
                                                            LEAGUE TENNIS

T   he section distinguished itself when the Nellie Gail
    Ranch Tennis Club of Orange County won the
Men’s 4.5 and the LA-Inter-City Players from Rancho
Cienega Park claimed the Men’s 4.0 Senior National
Championship titles. The Men’s 4.5 Braemar Country
Club team from the San Fernando Valley, and the
Women’s 3.5 Live Oak Park team from Beach Cities
were League National finalists.                                  Men’s 4.5-Orange County-Nellie              Men’s 4.0-Los Angeles-Inter-City
                                                                    Gale Ranch Tennis Club                 Players-Rancho Cienega Tennis Shop

                                                      Section Champions

     Men’s 5.0-Los Angeles-          Men’s 4.5-San Fernando Valley-             Men’s 4.0-Orange County-          Men’s 3.5-Orange County-
      Westchester Park                   Braemar Tennis Club                     Costa Mesa Tennis Club            La Habra Tennis Center

Women’s 5.0-San Diego North            Women’s 4.5-San Diego North              Women’s 4.0-Los Angeles-          Women’s 3.5-Beach Cities-
County-Rancho Valencia Resort           County-San Luis Rey Downs                  Fremont Park                       Live Oak Park
                                              Country Club

                                                  Fall Doubles Champions

       Men’s 4.5-Orange County-                            Men’s 4 .0-Ventura-Arroyo Vista                  Men’s 3.5-San Gabriel Valley-
  Los Caballeros Racquet & Sports Club                                                                     Whittier Narrows Tennis Center

     Men’s 3.0-San Gabrielle Valley-                 Women’s 4.5-Beach Cities-West End                      Women’s 4.0-Inland Empire-
     Whittier Narrows Tennis Center                      Racquet & Health Club                                 Claremont Hotel

                         Women’s 3.5-Orange County (Weekend)-                           Women’s 3.0-Ventura-
                               Fullerton Tennis Center                                  Ventura Tennis Club

                  Women’s 3.0-San Diego-Salt Creek Racquet Club           Women’s 2.5-San Diego North County-Winners Tennis Club

                                                Senior Mixed Champions

                             Mixed 8.0-San Gabriel Valley-                  Mixed 7.0-San Gabriel Valley-Whittier
                               Palm Park Tennis Center                       Narrows Tennis Center-Balz of Fire

                                                Super Senior Champions

 Women’s 9.0-Orange County (Weekend)-              Women’s 8.0-Beach Cities-West End                 Women’s 7.0-San Fernando Valley-
   Lake Forest Beach & Tennis Club                     Racquet & Health Club                                  Balboa Park

                                                   Tri-Level Champions

                        Men’s 3.5-4.5-Orange County-                                 Women’s 3.0-4.0-San Fernando Valley-
                    Los Caballeros Racquet & Sports Club                                  Paseo Club-Team Rose

                                  WTT RECREATIONAL LEAGUE NATIONALS

R      osie Crews reported that the WTT
       Recreational League National Champ-
ionships was held at Indian Wells Tennis Gar-
                                                                                               Dreben, Barry Feldstein, Kristine Grant, Di-
                                                                                               ane Perryman, Wendy Pillar, Joe Prado and
                                                                                               Jeff Richards.
den in early November. Southern California                                                        Bangers & Mash of La Jolla was a 27-26
did a yeoman’s trophy collecting job.                                                          finalist to Love Players of Miami in the Senior
   In the 4.5 competition, David Gill, Mary                                                    3.5 Senior competition. Mike Hasan was the
Gunset (Captain), Stepanka Hastings, John                    Senior 4.5-Die Hards              captain, and Paivi Burke, Robert Burke, Judy
Jeffries, Melinda Murray, Lisa Naumu, Doug                                                     Rockland and Mike Rodley were members of
Ronney and Ken Simpson were responsible                                                        his squad.
for the Balboa Tornados of San Diego vic-                                                         Team Davis of Encino was a finalist to KC
tory. Thanks to the play of James Boone,                                                       Masters of Kansas City in round robin Super
John Carter, Joshua Kaye, Amy Moreno,                                                          Senior 4.0 play. Cora Davis, the non-playing
Judy Rockland and Allison Sterett (Captain)                                                    captain, organized an impressive team, which
PB Tennis Club of Encinitas was the finalist.            Senior 3.5-Bangers & Mash             included Alan Berkowitz, Wilma Camera,
Hellen Nguyen, Ann Lesser, Gloria Mar,          division. Liz Wood, the non-playing captain,   Tina Clarfield, Michael Gardner, Diane Sex-
Greg Mittenhuber, Chris Noto (Captain)          led the team that included: Gail Bancroft,     ton and Gerald Tarlow.
and Megan Woods led The Racketeers of           Steve Eperthener, Alex Glowacki, Marianne         In the 4.0 Corporate tournament, Steve
Irvine to the 3.0 title.                        Hartshorn, Mary Meister, Mark Mihalco,         Davis, Hans Lavik, Christina Markey, Susan
   The Diehards of Long Beach, in a section     Cheryl Smith and Mike Vieane.                  Montgomery, Richard Petherbridge, Elaine
versus section contest, defeated the Killer       Linda Beisswanger captained the finalists.   Symonds and Donna Wolfe (Captain) were
Beez of Hidden Hills, 29-27 in the Senior 4.5   Her teammates were: Karen Cohen, Dave          the reason Donchka Travel was victorious.
                                                                                                         2011 YEAR IN REVIEW              11
                                 SAN DIEGO DISTRICT TENNIS ASSOCIATION

L   esley Waite, looking back on 2011 said,
    “The District held its Annual Meeting and
Awards Banquet, which was soldout, at the
                                                talking to Carolyn (Nichols) that the ITF felt
                                                it was time to bring the ITF World Senior
                                                Championships back to the United States
La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. George, Susan,    and that there was an opportunity to submit
Alex and Nicole Yermanos were Family of         a bid. We then talked to SCTA Executive
the Year. Lois Sczepaniak received the Com-     Director Henry Talbert about the most
                                                likely sites in the section, including Palm
                                                Springs, Claremont, Orange County and
                                                San Diego. At first, it looked like it would           San Diego District award winners
                                                go to the Claremont area because of the            Alison Roell, the Inland Empire Tennis
                                                great new facilities at the Biszantz Family      Service Representative who composes her
                                                Tennis Courts at Claremont McKenna Col-          Court Notes column on a monthly basis
                                                lege and the Claremont Tennis Club. How-         for the News, pointed out, “The Seal Beach
                                                ever, after I mentioned this possibility to      Naval Weapons Station Detachment Corona
                                                the San Diego Sports Commission, which           completed the renovation of its tennis courts
                                                was then planning the Fed Cup final in San       thanks to a USTA National Military Outreach
     Yermanos Family           Masako Beppu
                                                Diego, they became very interested in the
munity Service Award for her volunteer ef- project.”
forts at the East County Community Tennis          Kellogg, who has hosted both Davis Cup
Association. Bradley Klahn of Stanford and and Fed Cup events at the La Jolla Beach
Coco Vandeweghe were Players of the Year. & Tennis Club, will be the Tournament
Jim Winters and Masako Beppu were the Director. “We began checking with facilities
Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year. in Southern California to see if there was
The Mercury Insurance Open, held at La any possibility of holding the event in San
Costa Resort & Spa, was Tournament of the Diego,” he recalled. “We identified a time
Year. La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club was Club of year that would be beneficial to host the
of the Year. Ascent Real Estate was                         event and confirmed that these
Sponsor of the Year.”                                       dates would be acceptable to the
   Waite reported, “San Diego will                          ITF. Then we had to set about
again be in the spotlight in February                       getting commitments to provide
when the International Tennis Fed-                          90 courts for the competition                La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
eration World Seniors Cup team                              and enough hotels to host 1,000      program grant. USTA Military Outreach Co-
events (men’s and women’s 35, 40,                           players for two weeks. After the     ordinator, Captain Steve Kappes, US Navy
45, 50 and 55), are played at seven                         Sports Commission staff managed      Retired, Navy Captain Terry Auberry, Com-
sites in the area. The Individual                           to successfully accomplish the       manding Officer of Naval Weapons Station
World Championships will take                               task, we submitted an official       Seal Beach and the Commanding Officer
place at five locations the following     Jim Winters       bid. The ITF then scheduled a        and Navy Captain and Commander Jay Kad-
week, and for the first time, mixed doubles site visit in December 2010, and they were           owaki, Executive Officer of the Corona De-
will be offered.                                favorably impressed by the facilities and or-    tachment attended the ribbon-cutting court
   “Thanks to the hard work of the San Diego ganization. During January and February, we         opening. Both of the captains, neither of
Sports Commission, along with William J. reviewed and signed contracts, so now we                whom is a tennis player, then christened the
(Bill) Kellogg, USTA Director-At-Large, and are committed to moving forward.”                    courts rallying with QuickStart Tennis balls
Carolyn Nichols, Chair of the USTA Senior          Some of the clubs that will host com-         (and they made playing tennis look easy).
International Competition Committee, these petitions include: La Jolla Beach & Tennis            The Sport Court surface was installed with
tournaments, featuring the top senior players Club, Rancho Valencia, San Diego Tennis            QuickStart Tennis blended lines as well as
from around the world, will be in town.”        & Racquet Club, Morgan Run, Singing Hills        the USTA and Freedom Alliance logos, all of
   Kellogg, who is President of the La Jolla Tennis Club, The Balboa Tennis Club (Morley         which made the good looking courts even
Beach & Tennis Club, said, “I learned from Field), and the Barnes Center.                        more eye-catching.”

                                                 Youth Tennis San Diego
K    erry Blum, the Executive Director
     of Youth Tennis San Diego, said
“YTSD celebrated 58 years of service to
                                                                                                     ego County. The program provides a
                                                                                                     pathway for children to participate in
                                                                                                     multiple level tennis opportunities. AST
the youth of San Diego County in 2011.                                                               programs are accessible, affordable and
The organization owns and operates the                                                               link tennis and education. In 2011 the
George E. Barnes Family Junior Tennis                                                                program grew to over 100 schools, wel-
Center, the central site for After School                                                            coming four new sites: Crawford High
Tennis, an outreach program now serving                                                              School, El Toyon Park, Las Palmas Park
10,000 youngsters throughout San Di-                                                                 and Roosevelt Middle School.

   “Youth Tennis San Diego expanded the
After School Tennis and Education. It became
a model for serving students participating
in activities at the Barnes Tennis Center
during afternoon hours. They also received
assistance with homework and were tutored.
   “The message delivered every day at
the Barnes Tennis Center is ‘Pride’ — in
yourself and your ability, your classmates
and your community. The setting gives
youngsters a place to learn life’s important
lessons through the culture of tennis.                                         Tie-Dye Friday
   It also gives them an opportunity to develop    Monarch School participated two days a          CIF individual and team finals, and the ‘First
self-esteem and develop an understanding           week in the Tennis and Education program.       Serve’ competition, for high school players,
about things such as camaraderie and the           Their involvement will continue and expand      also took place. And that wasn’t all. There
spirit of sportsmanship. Students from the         in the New Year.                                were four Novice, five Satellite, eleven
                                                      “In addition, Youth Tennis San Diego host-   Open tournaments, as well as collection of
                                                   ed a multitude of activities, programs and      intercollegiate matches. Over 1,000 juniors
                                                   tournaments. Some of those, that took           participated in the Barnes Center Summer
                                                   place in 2011, were the Billie Jean King        Camps. Five new Jr. Team Tennis teams were
                                                   World Team Tennis, National Girls’ 18 and       established. And, a new High Performance
                                                   16, and the National Father/Daughter and        workout program was introduced and over
                                                   Mother/Son Hard Court Championships.            800 juniors participate.”
   New After School site at El Toyon Park          The Little Mo Tournaments, along with the


B    ecky Edles-Rye, the Executive Director of the Orange County Community Tennis Association, offered the following facts relating to
                                                             Leagues Results
Senior Sirs                                                                                        Winter League
Los Caballeros Racquet & Sports Club was             Lake Forest Beach & Tennis 40                 4.0
the best for the second year in a row.               Coto Valley 37                                  Mission Viejo Tennis Center, #1 40
  Los Caballeros 26                                  Racquet Club of Irvine 35                       Laguna Niguel Racquet Club 38
  Racquet Club of Irvine #1 25                       Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club 20                Coto Golf & Racquet, #1 30
  Lake Forest Sun & Sail 21                                                                          Tustin Hills Racquet Club 28
  Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club 20                 3.5-4.0                                           Dana Hills Tennis Club #1 26
  Laguna Woods Tennis Club 17                      Rancho Niguel dominated play for the second       Mission Viejo Tennis Center #2 21
  Coto Golf & Racquet 13                           consecutive year.                                 Dana Hills Tennis Club #2 13
  Racquet Club of Irvine #2 12                       Rancho Niguel, The Club 56
  Los Cab #2 12                                      Dana Hills Tennis Center 38                   3.5
  Canyonites 12                                      Lake Forest Sun & Sail 37                       Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club 32
  Mission Viejo Tennis Center 6                      Rancho Santa Margarita 34                       Dana Hills Tennis Center 28
                                                     Mission Viejo Tennis Center, #1 34              Mission Viejo Tennis Center #2 28
LEDL (Ladies Evening Doubles League)                 Newport Coast Tennis Club 22                    Coto 3.5, 18
Dana Hills was champion again.                       Mission Viejo Tennis Center, #2 9               Mission Viejo Tennis Center #1, 17
  Dana Hills Tennis Center 53                                                                        Laguna Niguel Racquet Club 15
                                                   Michael Chang Tennis Classic

T    he inaugural tournament ex-
     ceeded participant expectations,
beginning with the sold out clinic,
                                                                                                         enthusiastically asked to sign up for
                                                                                                         the 2012 clinic. For more information
which was the weekend before the                                                                            Michael’s, wife Amber (nee Liu, a
tournament. Michael and his brother                                                                      two-time NCAA singles winner) and
Carl headed up a stellar group of                                                                        their daughter, Lani, made a guest ap-
pros, which included Eliot Teltscher,                                                                    pearance. The facilities hosting the
Kim Po, Debbie Graham, Adam Dav-                                                                         Tennis Classic included: Racquet Club
idson, Robert Rye and Jerry Yu.                                                                          of Irvine, Laguna Niguel Racquet Club,
Thanks to Michael’s infectious warmth                                                                    Mission Viejo Tennis Center, Costa
and enthusiasm the atmosphere                                                                            Mesa Tennis Center and Newport
was family friendly. Everyone had a                 Women’s winner Mazy Watrous with Michael             Beach Tennis Club.
great time. Many of the participants              Chang and women’s finalist Sabrina Man-Son-Hing            Typical of Michael, he helped dry
                                                                                                             2011 YEAR IN REVIEW            13
the courts at the Laguna Niguel Racquet        short end of the Men’s 3.5 doubles final,      Nguyen 6-4, 7-5. El Toro High’s Mazy Wat-
Club when unseasonable showers soaked          with Chung Lau. They lost to “youngsters”      rous captured the Women’s Open division
the courts during semi and final round         Eric Do/Dong Thai, 6-2, 5-7, 6-1.              final downing California State University
action. He also passed out the trophies.         In the Men’s Open division, Robert Yim,      Northridge’s Sabrina Man-Son-Hing 6-3,
One of those receiving recognition was his     who didn’t lose a set, faced his toughest      6-3. The other winners, in the three-day
father Joe who finished at 10 p.m. on the      match in the final where he defeated Denis     tournament, were:

                                                           R E S U LT S

MEN’S DOUBLES                                  MEN’S 4.0                                      WOMEN’S 4.0 DOUBLES
Mika De Coster/Denis Nguyen d.                 Adam Miller d. Tom Raymundo                    Amy Dobson/Mimi Wagner d.
Justin Agbayani/Francis Alcantara              6-3, 7-5                                       Carolyn Boudreau/Cindy Lai
3-6, 6-1, 10-8                                                                                6-4, 4-6, 7-6
                                               MEN’S 4.0 DOUBLES
MIXED DOUBLES                                  Adrian Ang/Ismael Casas d.                     WOMEN’S 3.5
Garrett Snyder/Lynda Xepoleas d.               Benjamin Hammond/Greg Woodard                  Patricia Deslauriers d. Joanna Grabarczyk
Kaitlyn Christian/Josh Martin                  3-6, 6-1, 6-2                                  6-3, 3-6, 6-4
6-1, 6-2
                                               MEN’S 3.5                                      WOMEN’S 3.5 DOUBLES
MEN’S 5.5                                      Frank Seo d. Eric Do                           Heather McNabb/Hiromi Nishimoto d.
Michael Chang d. James Dao                     7-6, 6-1                                       Sophie Lam/Lena Loha
6-2, 7-5                                                                                      6-2, 6-1
                                               WOMEN’S 4.5
MEN’S 5.5 DOUBLES                              Tina Vuong d. Lori Basheda                     MIXED 5.5 DOUBLES
Teet Ratsep/Brian Matek d.                     6-3, 6-4                                       Henry Huynh/Kim-Trang Nguyen d.
Steven Arnott/Douglas Mathews                                                                 Jamil Atcha/Christen Bartelt
6-2, 6-2                                       WOMEN’S 4.5 DOUBLES                            6-4, 6-1
                                               Ashley Bradfor/Lindsay Chag d.
MEN’S 4.5                                      Natali Cespedes Gonzalez/Linda Winston         MIXED 4.5 DOUBLES
Rodolfo Jimenez d. Jeff Namkung                6-1, 6-1                                       David Le/Tina Vuong d.
6-4, 6-2                                                                                      Anne Marie Risquez/Teo Risquez
                                               WOMEN’S 4.0                                    6-1, 7-5
MEN’S 4.5 DOUBLES                              Angela Weaver d. Paulette Mashaka
Richard Layon/Brian Nelson d.                  6-2, 6-2                                       MIXED 4.0 DOUBLES
Ernest Oon/Brian Valparaiso                                                                   Dina Crump/Simin Yang d.
5-7, 6-2, 6-1                                  MIXED 3.5 DOUBLES                              Diona Fonte/Rick Gebhardt
                                               Lena Loha/Frank Seo d.                         6-2, 6-1
                                               Dong Thai/Shawn Whitmer
                                               6-1, 7-5

                                                         24th Top Gun
E    very year the tournament becomes
     more significant. The 2011 version in-
creased to a total of 504 entries. The Open
                                               eventually played at the Racquet Club of
                                               Irvine over two weekends. Matches were
                                               also played at The Tennis Club in Newport
                                                                                              Tennis Center, Nellie Gail Tennis Club, and
                                                                                              Palisades Tennis Club.
                                                                                                Sponsors include: Babolat, Sharo Fatehi,
divisions offered $3,000 in prize money.       Beach. The downpour made it necessary          DDS, Snell & Wilmer Law Offices.
  Rain postponed the finals, which were        to play some matches at the Costa Mesa

                                                           R E S U LT S

                                                                                                        (Photo Not Available)

MEN’S                               MEN’S DOUBLES                     WOMEN’S                           MIXED DOUBLES
Robert Yim d. Tim Kpulun            Ryan Cheung/Fabian Matthews       Julie Luzar d. Parris Todd        Hernandez/Kim-Trang Nguyen
6-1, 6-4                            d. Art Hernandez/Chris Kearney    7-5, 4-6, 6-1                     d. Desi and Dina McBride
                                    7-5, 6-3                                                            7-6, 4-6, 7-6

                                                Costa Mesa Pro Classic
I  n September, record setting crowds to determine if he was able to handle the for his senior year. From all indications, the
   watched Orange County native Steve John- travel, along with physical and mental grind future appears bright once he completes his
son defeat New Zealand’s Artem Sitak 6-3, that is part of the professional game. He collegiate career.
6-3 in the Costa Mesa Pro Classic Futures planned to return to USC, in the spring,            Tournament Director Hank Lloyd, who
tournament final. Despite waking up                                                            is also the Tennis Director at the Costa
thinking he had either food poisoning or                                                      Mesa Tennis Center, earned kudos for
the flu, Johnson was magnificent, mov-                                                          working tirelessly to organize another
ing Sitak side to side and when the                                                           memorable event. “We try to provide a
opportunity arose, hitting incredible                                                         professionally run tournament, like the
forehand winners.                                                                             US Open,” he said. “During the week, we
   Before play started, his father, Steve                                                     ran a lady’s round robin which netted
Johnson, Sr. said, “We’ll see how long                                                        $400 that was donated to a worthy
Stevie can last in this match.” Based on                                                      cause — the American Cancer Society.”
his play, it was long enough to produce a                                                        In a down economy, the Pro Classic
great hometown win.                                                                           benefitted the local tennis community
   Johnson, the defending NCAA singles                                                        because it offered a free world class
                                           Tournament Director Hank Lloyd, finalist Artem
champion, took a break from school           Sitak, winner Steve Johnson and Costa Mesa       tennis event and it also donated to a
during the fall. He played tournaments               Councilwoman Wendy Leece                 deserving cause.

                                                    Tennis After School
R    acquet Club of Irvine’s Teresa Caro worked feverishly with Orange
     County Jr. Team Tennis’s Heidi Stryker to promote 10 and Under
Tennis at various tennis facilities. Activities started at UCI with Men’s
coach Trevor Kronemann offering enthusiastic support. The hope is
to move around Orange County igniting interest in the program. For
information about 10 and Under Tennis schedule in 2012 go to www.
                                Tennis After School Coordinator Teresa
                                Caro at Springbrook Elementary School.

                                                         INLAND EMPIRE
                                                                                                 School on August 6th. Approximately forty
A     lison Roell reported that the emphasis
      was on youth tennis all over the In-
land Empire in 2011. Riverside Community
                                                   Thirty people (pros, college players, high
                                                school players, elementary school teachers,
                                                parents and community volunteers) attended
                                                                                                 players took turns hitting on the 36’, 60’ or
                                                                                                 78’ courts for ‘play to learn’ experiences
College hosted a fantastic 10 and Under         the QuickStart Tennis Workshop that took         and round-robin activities. Downtime was
Tennis Play Day followed by a QuickStart        place in the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed Nat-    minimal as players quickly rotated from act-
                                                ional Trainer Karen Ronney’s fast-paced          ivity to activity during the two-hour event.
                                                routines, which kept the courts lively, along       The San Bernardino Tennis Patrons hosted
                                                with her great ideas and observations re-        another fun and informative workshop at
                                                garding teaching tennis to the junior set. A     Pacific High School in August. USTA National
                                                number of the seasoned pros that were on         Trainer, Tom Fey captivated the participants.
                                                hand commented, ‘I could really use that’,       The gathering was noteworthy because
                                                ‘Every time I attend one of these, I come
                                                away with more new ideas’.”
                                                   The third Tennis Block Party took place
Tennis Workshop. Over 80 participants           at Andulka Park Tennis Center in late
(players and parents) ran through the basics    May. The activities for all ages and abilities
and drills then got to try out their newly      (including 10 and Under Tennis, racquet
acquired tennis skills on appropriately sized   demos, a radar gun court, Beat The Pro and
courts. The ‘play to learn’ format was very     more) kept the crowd thoroughly engaged.
popular as were the 10 and Under Tennis         The focus of the day was to raise funds for
tee-shirts that were given away.                ‘Let’s Teach’, the organization organized
                                                by John Letts and Brian Teacher, whose
                                                mission is to provide meaningful life skills
                                                to socio-economically disadvantaged youth        several of the attendees had never held a
                                                though education and tennis. ‘Let’s Teach’ is    racquet before. The Patrons commitment
                                                currently offering programs at three sites in    to the game is clear since the organization
                                                Pasadena and one in Riverside.                   developed the Tennis Buddies League in
                                                   The City of Temecula Parks & Recreation       1979 to provide junior tennis development
                                                Department wrapped up summer camp sea-           and instruction for a nominal fee. In recent
                                                son with a Play Day at Temecula Valley High      years, they have fielded teams for Jr. Team
                                                                                                           2011 YEAR IN REVIEW            15
                                                 July at the university. The weeklong daycamp,      Service hosted by Arrowhead Country
                                                 held under very mild weather conditions,           Club in San Bernardino. Tom Fey put all
                                                 was filled with on-court instruction, games        those on hand through the paces. The PE
                                                 and drills, along with classroom sessions          teachers and grade level instructors plan to
                                                 covering topics such as nutrition and goal         introduce tennis to over 7,000 students in
                                                 setting. A daily swim at the Thompson              the San Bernardino City elementary school
                                                 Aquatic Center, was part of the campers’           system.
                                                 schedule too.
                                                    Players came from far and wide to attend,
                                                 including Alamogordo, New Mexico, along
                                                 with Redlands, Highland, San Bernardino,
                                                 Murrieta and San Diego. On the final day, an
                                                 awards ceremony, where players received
Tennis. Now, with the workshop under             camp photo, evaluations and recognition
its belt, they will be offering 10 and Under     awards, took place. Ricky Chavez from San
Tennis as part of the teaching format. For       Bernardino’s San Gorgonio High School was
more information, see their website - www.       named ‘Player of the Week’.                                 September was the month that a large
   The 5 th edition of the summer adidas         group from the San Bernardino City Unified
Tennis Camp, with Redlands coach Geoff           School District attended a joint QuickStart
Roche, assisted by his team, took place in       Tennis Workshop and School Tennis In-

                                         ITF Cups & Individual Successes
T    he International Tennis Federation
     holds senior team and individual world
competitions twice a year. Southern Calif-
                                                 a Women’s 45 Court Cup competitor, and
                                                 to Mike Fedderly who was on the Men’s 50
                                                 Perry Cup team.
                                                                                                    bronze medal.
                                                                                                       Charleen Hillebrand and Suella Steel were
                                                                                                    the No.1 and No. 2 singles players on the
ornians always play significant roles, rep-         Nichols, an SCTA Board member who               Women’s 70 Gibson Cup team. Both are
resenting the US. Last spring, New Zealand       has skillfully turned senior tennis committee      new to the 70s this year and neither lost a
                                                 work, competing and keeping her blog up-           set leading the team to the title, defeating
                                                 to-date into a profession, said of the fall Cup    Great Britain and Germany in the last two
                                                 events, American players are supposed to be        round. Hillebrand/Steel went on to win
                                                 allergic to red clay, but don’t tell the Super     the doubles at the World Championships.
                                                 Senior players who participated in the 31st        In the singles, Hillebrand was a finalist while
                                                 International Tennis Federation Super Senior       Steel earned third place honors.
                                                 World Team and Individual Championships               As always is the case, Dorothy Matthiessen
                                                 in Turkey in October. The US won seven             spearheaded the Women’s 75 Queens Cup
                                                 of ten events contested and had third place        effort. She went undefeated leading the US
                                                 finishes in two others.                            to victory over Germany in the final. Not to
                                                    Hank Leichtfried, the playing captain,
 Southern Californians who played in Turkey      teamed with his regular partner George
  included: Hank Leichtfried, Mel Lewis and      Sarantos to form the doubles anchor of the
  George Sarrantos Judy Louie, Suella Steel,
  Charleen Hillebrand, Dorothy Matthiessen       Men’s 70 Crawford Cup team. Seeded No. 3,
            and Cathie Anderson                  they edged France 2-1 to reach the semifinals
              Photo Carolyn Nichols              thanks to the duos match saving victory. The
was the site of the championships, but dev-      team then fell to Italy in a battle for a spot
astating earthquakes savaged the country         in the final and followed that with a loss to
and disrupted the contests.                      Great Britain in the playoff for third place, in
  Nevertheless, Amy Alcini led the Women’s       part, because Sarantos fell ill.
40 Young Cup team to a 2-1 victory over             Mel Lewis was a member of the Men’s
France. JoAnne Russell was a member of the       80 Mulloy Cup team that defeated France                 Amy Alcini             Mike Fedderly
Women’s 50 Bueno Cup team that defeated          3-0 and Canada, which is always formidable,
Australia 2-1. Carolyn Nichols, the playing      2-1 in the final. Lewis, who teamed with
captain, and Tina Karwasky were the reason       Jack Bradshaw of Indianapolis, earned the
the US was “brilliant”, stopping Great Britain   deciding point.
3-0 in the Women’s 55 Connolly Cup final.           Cathie Anderson and Judy Louie, both
  Willie Quest and his Men’s 40 Trabert          2011 Southern California Tennis Association
Cup teammates were 2-1 finalists to France.      Senior Hall of Fame inductees, were mem-
Unfortunately, Rick Leach and Leland Rolling     bers of the Women’s 65 Godfree Cup team
didn’t have a chance to play because the         that finished third. The squad lost a heart-
Men’s 45 Dubler Cup was canceled. The            breaker to Great Britain in the semi-finals,
same thing happened to Gretchen Magers,          but rebounded to down Germany 2-1 for the               Rick Leach             JoAnne Russell

be overlooked, Chuck Nelson was a Men’s
75 World Championships doubles finalist
with Alan Hocking of Australia.”
   Matthiessen added to her gold ball col-
lection, scoring a national championship
Slam winning each of the Women’s 75
doubles. She played with a group of part-
ners: Boots Van Nostrand at the clay
courts; Burnett Herrick at the indoors;
and Doris DeVries at the grass and hard          Dodo Cheney            Dick Doss and           Bob Sherman              Cathie Hall
courts.                                                                 Kathy Bennett          Photo Cheryl Jones      Photo Pat Parsons
   Alan Messer noted on his Super Senior
website, in a column called “Special Rec-
ognition for 2011 Achievements”, that the
following won three of the four USTA nat-
ional championships in which they played.
The select group included: Bob Duesler and
Jim Nelson in the Men’s 75 doubles and Bob
Sherman in the Men’s 90 singles.
   Nichols pointed out that Karwasky, her        Dorothy Matthiessen                         Jim Nelson and Bob Duesler
Connolly Cup teammate, won three of the                                                            Photo Pat Parsons
Women’s 55 nationals. Cathie Hall, also        with Mary Mentzer, running her gold ball       Dick Doss and Kathy Bennett, his wife,
three-timed in the Women’s 85 with Elaine      total to an unfathomable 391.                  were as they usually are, stellar performers
Mason, and Dodo Cheney, added to the             Annually, there are only three National      dominating the proceedings claiming all of
“Dodo Count” claiming three Women’s 90         USTA Husband & Wife 140 events played.         the gold balls available.

        Tina Karwasky             Gretchen Magers            Carolyn Nichols             Willie Quest               Leland Rolling
        Photo Pat Parsons

                            SUPER SENIOR NORTH-SOUTH CHALLENGE CUP

T    he annual Super Senior North-South
     Challenge Cup should be named in
Bob Isenberg’s honor. The long-time captain
of the South team, who is always assisted
by his wife Betty, said of the 2011 contest,
“The tournament, held at the Copper River
Country Club in Fresno in mid-October, was
great. Though the South again overwhelmed

                                                                               Southern California Team
                                               the North, the point total doesn’t reflect     the support of Henry Talbert, Annette Buck
                                               the high level of play seen in many of the     and Jim Bisch shouldn’t be overlooked.
                                               matches. At the end of the first day of           “October 8 – 9 is being considered for
                                               competition, the South was ahead 21-8. The     the 2012 North-South contest. Since the
                                               final score was South 18 and North 11.         South will be the host next year, Lenny
                                                  “Thanks to the captains – Dennis Bowers-    Lindborg has indicated that he will put to-
                                               65’s; Bob Jones-70s; Chuck Nelson-75s; Jim     gether a program for the banquet enter-
   North captain Bud Travers with South        Settles-80s and Bob Seymour-85s – my job       tainment. Everyone can hardly wait.”
           captain Bob Isenberg                was made easy. While I’m offering kudos,

                                                                                                         2011 YEAR IN REVIEW               17

A     nnette Buck, the Director of Adult & Senior Tennis, reported, “The players all enjoy coming to Morgan Run in December for the
      Senior Grand Prix Masters Championships (and all of those involved with the tournament appreciate the hospitality of the members
and management). Some great matches were played during the week, including a few upsets, which made things interesting. There were
some participants at the 29th annual event who had played nearly every year – John Bennett, Bob Duesler, Mel Lewis and Lenny Lindborg,
among them – and this tradition adds a special dimension to the tournament.
  “One of the highlights of the week was the Awards Banquet, where players selected by the Senior Committee were recognized for
their accomplishments during the year. Unfortunately, two of the winners were unable to attend the dinner, but all three received
congratulatory applause from their fellow players.

                              Leland Rolling-Player Of The Year
                                “Leland had a very strong year. He was a semifinalist at both Category 2 events in SoCal — the Babolat
                              and the Pacific Southwest. He won the San Diego District Championships, and reached the round of
                              16 in the National Men’s 45 Hard Court Championships at Westlake. And even more impressive, he
                              represented the US as a member of the Dubler Cup team, which traveled to New Zealand in February
                              for the World Team Championships. Unfortunately, the devastating earthquake cut short the competition.
                              Luckily all the US players returned safe and sound.”

                                                                             Tom Bryan-Most Improved Player
       “Tom has been moving up the standings, and currently is in the top twenty on the Men’s 65 national list.
     Locally, he won the San Diego Metro and was a finalist at the La Jolla Championships, having some strong
     wins along the way. He won both of his singles matches when he represented SoCal at the North/South
     Challenge Cup.

                              Roz King-Senior Service Award
                                 “Roz has been the driving force behind organizing the Women’s Intersectionals for the past few years,
                              and does a great job appointing captains for the various age groups. She also makes sure that all the
                              necessary arrangements are made for the women traveling to the competition. This year, the event took
                              place on clay in Boca Raton, Florida, where SoCal won three age divisions, and did well in several others.”

                                                        DESERT CIRCUIT

T    he Desert Circuit, the four tourna- and making it a great experience for all the myself. The party is my time to have fun. We
     ments, that kick-off the year in Jan- participants.”
uary is a senior competitive tradition. The       The always enthusiastic Ana Haggstrom
                                                                                               can’t wait to see everyone next year!”
                                                                                                 Word from Erickson’s tournament was,
events – the 22nd Monterey Country Club offered, “We had the best tournament ever. “The weather was fabulous. We had a good
Senior Tournament, with Andy Scorteanu in When the players arrive at the Plaza, it’s like event.”
charge; 18th Plaza Senior Championships (by old home week. Friendships are rekindled             Trost also appreciated the conditions.
Ken Agee of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage), and new ones are made. I know I’m not “With unbelievably beautiful weather and
that showcased the talents of Kurt and Ana supposed to have a favorite, but I can’t help the great tennis, this year’s Babolat World
Haggstrom; 29th Palm Springs Tennis                                                                   Tennis Classic proved once again,
Club Senior Championships, featuring                                                                  that if you couldn’t be in Melbourne,
Glenn Erickson’s management skills;                                                                   Australia enjoying the Open, the place
and the Babolat World Tennis Class-                                                                   for tennis, the last week in January,
ic (Category II), where Ed Trost                                                                      was Mission Hills Country Club.
and Jayne Robertson earned kudos                                                                         “The tournament’s signature par-
for their tournament organizing ex-                                                                   ties, and an educational seminar hosted
pertise – drew players from around                                                                    by Stryker (featuring Johnny Bench
the section, around the country and                                                                   speaking about joint replacement),
around the world.                                                                                     helped create an atmosphere over
  Scorteanu, said of his event, “We                                                                   and beyond the tennis.”
were fortunate to host over 150                                                                          Tournaments are made memorable
                                           Leslie Airola-Murveit, Sherri Bronson, Tina Karwasky
senior players from all over. We are      and Mary Ginnard were Babalot World Tennis Classic          by sponsor support. Each of the
looking forward to growing the event,              Women’s 55 doubles final contestants.               four has a group that provided 2011
backing. Among them was Ken Agee who                                                                Ana Haggstrom summarized the 2011
has played a long-standing role in making the                                                     Desert Circuit saying, “The energy we
Plaza Senior Championships extraordinary.                                                         get from just watching the players prance
Trost was grateful for the involvement of                                                         around the court at their mature ages is
Babolat, I-10 Toyota,, LU Biscuits                                                        priceless. They seem to come alive when
and Stryker Orthopedics. Maui Jim, Raw                                                            they are here in the desert. The weather
Revolution, KJJZ radio, Nuun, Tennis View                                                         during all four tournaments was outstanding
magazine and the BNP Paribas Open that                                                            this year. You can’t get better than 75 and
were part of the “make the tournament first                                                       sunny. That’s why they kept saying ‘It’s like
rate” testimony.                                          Ana and Kurt Haggstrom                  paradise’.”

                                                NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

S   outhern California has long been the
    home of USTA national championships.
All have very important places on “must
play” calendars. As an example, the National
Men’s 45 Hard Court Championships was
held at the Westlake Tennis & Swim Club
for the eleventh consecutive year. Tony
Cowley and Carlos Cruz-Aedo, an SCTA
Vice President, said, “Almost 80 players,
from 12 states, participated in the event
that was staged during ‘perfect-for-tennis’      Co-tournament Directors Calle Hanse and Chris Dudeck with Art Hernandez, Brian Cory,
coastal cool weather conditions. Over all,            Mario Tabares, Kyle Permut and Tony Cowley, also a co-Tournament Director
there were few surprises. Mario Tabares,           The Campbell’s National Husband & Wife         Third place and consolation winners, along
the No. 1 player in the division from Miami,    Combined 100, 120 & 140 competition is the        with finalists were awarded three-day stays
was rarely challenged. He swept through         fastest growing national event. The 120s was      a various destination resorts.
the field with a display of shot making and     record setting with 57 teams entering. An           According to Steve Solomon, “The Camp-
consistency that had the crowd applauding       additional tournament highlight was the fact      bell’s National Men’s 60 Hard Court Champ-
frequently.                                     participants from 22 states and Canada took       ionships was the biggest and best ever. We
   Doubles was a different story as two 45      part. The winners were: Jennifer Lyons/John       had 81 players in the singles draw, and the
‘rookies’, Brian Cory and Art Hernandez,        Lyons over Teresa Gehrig/Gilbert Schuerholz       doubles field had an unbelievable number of
teamed up for the first time. Their op-         6-1, 6-4 in the 100 final. Mas Kimball/Susan      good teams.
ponents hope that it will be a ‘one and done’   Kimball defeated Gary Doi/Kay Doi 7-5,
                                                6-0 in the 120 division. Kathy Bennett/Dick
                                                Doss utterly dominated the 140 winning
                                                6-0, 6-0 over Carolyn Henderson/Courtney
                                                   As is always the case with Solomon events,
                                                there was a gourmet buffet luncheon, and an
                                                unforgettable dinner/dance. Tickets were
                                                provided for certain BNP Paribas Open
                                                matches, taking place at the same time across        Larry Turville won the singles, as he had
                                                town at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.           the year before. This time out, he defeated
                                                Competitors also received a gift bag with a       Paul Wulf in the final 6-2, 6-1. In the doubles
      Mas and Susan Kimball, with Gary          host of products from Campbell’s, Kraft and       Brian Cheney/Phil Landauer edged the 2010
        and Kay Doi and Tournament              Bull Frog. In addition, every female contestant   champions, Tommy Connell/Tony Dawson,
          Director Steve Solomon                received a Prince warm-up jacket. The men         6-4, 6-7, 6-1.”
pairing. The reason was clear. They defeated    were given a long sleeved performance shirt          “Everyone received great rewards,” Solo-
John Letts/Bruce Man Son Hing, the former       and a Tennis Channel hat.                         mon continued. “The tournament gave the
Stanford and UCI stars, who were the 2009          Beside the treasured gold balls, the win-      same gifts that the grass court participants
tournament winners, in three sets in the        ners earned tickets to Hawaii from Ha-            received.”
semifinals. In the final, they were 7-6, 6-3    waiian Airlines and four-day stays at the newly      While this was impressive, the Solomons,
better than Kyle Permut of Great Neck,          renovated Wyndham Royal Gardens, in Hon-          as they do with every tournament they run,
New York/Tabares.                               olulu. Finalists received Maui Jim sunglasses.    also contributed funds, raised at the National

                                                                                                            2011 YEAR IN REVIEW              19
                                                                                                     spring playing in lush conditions. Their
                                                                                                     grass court championships was held at
                                                                                                     Mission Hills Country Club. The clay
                                                                                                     court tournament took place at the Los
                                                                                                     Angeles Tennis Club, and the hard court
                                                                                                     event was held at the home of senior age
                                                                                                     group play, the La Jolla Beach & Tennis
                                                                                                        As Yeomans detailed in the Senior
       Tommy Connel, Tony Dawson, Phil                   Mary Mentzer, Dodo Cheney, Pat              News, Mary Mentzer of Ft. Myers, Florida
          Landauer and Brian Cheney                          Yeomans and Judy Stark                  swept the singles and teamed with the
                                                                                                     inimitable DoDo Cheney, who turned 96
                                                                                                     in September.
                                                                                                        Most of the contestants were South-
                                                                                                     ern Californians through and through.
                                                                                                     Beside Yeomans and Cheney, they in-
                                                                                                     cluded: Eleanor Harbula, Mary Hill and
                                                                                                     Judy Stark (who passed away in early
                                                                                                     December). Everyone tipped their bon-
                                                                                                     nets to Cynthia Allen. Beginning in
                                                                                                     2005, when the players were in the
                                                                                                     85 division, Allen arrived in Houston
     Paul and Cheri Wulf with Larry Turville             Joan Furey, Wilson Fitzgerald, Aris         from Mississippi, where the clay court
               and Kelli Monahan                            Hovsepian and Cynthia Allen              championships was being played, to
Grass Court and Hard Court Championships,       of the SCTA Board of Directors, not such             serve as the unofficial Director of Trans-
to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Fund and       a force, National Women’s 90 competition         portation. This go round, she chauffeured
the Palm Springs USO.                           would be in the wilderness. Fortunately,         Stark and Yeomans to La Jolla, and ran as-
  Were Pat Yeomans, a long-time member          the ladies in this age division spent last       sorted errands for the classic’s cast.

                                                       FINAL THOUGHTS

F    armers Classic Tournament Director
     Bob Kramer and his able staff produced
another impressive event in July. Unseeded
                                                                                                 from Christopher Clouser, Chairman of the
                                                                                                 International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum.
                                                                                                    Bob and Mike Bryan earned the year-end
Ernests Gulbis, a performer that the supreme                                                     No. 1 doubles ranking for a record sev-
judge of talent Pancho Segura said to keep                                                       enth time in the past nine years. The duo,
an eye on a few years ago, lived up to the                                                       who grew up in Camarillo, won eight titles
“Watch Him” praise taking the singles title                                                      in 2011, including the Australian Open and
5-7, 6-4, 6-4 over top seed Mardy Fish. For                                                      Wimbledon, tying them with Todd Wood-
Mark Knowles, the former Bruin, it was                                                           bridge/Mark Woodforde with 11 Grand Slam
“Old Home Week” as he won the doubles                       Bob and Mike Bryan                   tournament doubles titles.
with Xavier Malisse 7-6, 7-6 over Somdev        of Hamilton, Sallie Kane of Bell, John Kessler      Even before the season-ending World
Devvarman and Trent Huey.                       of University, Travis Kikugawa of View-          Tour Finals, the Bryans had already clinched
   The Farmers Classic, presented by Mer-       point, Bud Kling of Palisades Charter, Steve     the No. 1 ranking for the eighth time in nine
cedes Benz, was much more than great tennis     Kuechel of Campbell Hall, A.G. Longoria of
matches. The tournament, which benefits         Sage Hill, Ronald Machuca of San Marino,
Southern California Tennis Association pro-     Simon Robertshaw of Granada Hills Charter,
gramming, held a variety of fan friendly act-   Sue Sherman of Buckley and Rick Trager
ivities. At one, the following high school      of St. Margaret’s. Jim Buck, an SCTA Vice
coaches were honored: Brett Ackerman of         President and husband of Annette, the
Linfield Christian, Eric Biddle of Arlington,   Director of Adult & Senior Tennis, who was
Randy Blalock of Palm Desert, Martin Garcia     the tennis coach at Van Nuys High School for
                                                33 years before retiring, received a Lifetime
                                                Achievement Award. Peter Fleming, the
                                                LA men’s tournament winner in 1979, was
                                                the Tournament Honoree. William (Bill)                          Ernests Gulbis
                                                Rombeau, was acknowledged for everything                        Photo Cynthia Lum
                                                that he had done for the game when he            years. Even more impressive, the Bryans
                                                served as President of the Southern Cali-        broke John McEnroe’s record of being No.
                                                fornia Tennis Association. Tracy Austin,         1 for 270 weeks. On December 12th, they
                                                Brad Parks and Pam Shriver, International        recorded their 271st-week as the best doubles
      Xavier Malisse and Mark Knowles
                                                Tennis Hall of Fame inductees, received          players in the world (which is more than five
              Photo Cynthia Lum                 their commemorative Hall of Fame rings           years). The following day the ITF named the
                                                         was the only American appointed to        Committee approved it on March 7th. The
                                                         the International Tennis Federation’s     Plan addresses seven key priorities, including
                                                         Davis Cup Committee.                      Diversity/Inclusion, Professional Tennis and
                                                            Florence Nakao, an active League       Human Resources.
                                                         player, joined the SCTA staff as Con-        “The work of the Communications Com-
                                                         troller. Steve Riggs was the 2011         mittee, led by Bob Shafer, affects the SCTA’s
                                                         Delaine Mast WTT League Director          46,000 members. Since late spring, the Com-
                                                         of the Year. Though Ryan Redondo          mittee has made hundreds of changes to the
                                                         is now the Director of Tennis and         website. Next year, the plan is to provide
                                                         the men’s coach at University of the      a monthly e-Newsletter to SCTA members,
                                                         Pacific, he grew up in San Diego and      which is not only cost effective, but will offer
                                                         was an All-American at San Diego          readers more timely information.
                                                         State. The pride of the District re-         “Ellen Ehlers leads the SCTA Junior Ten-
                                                         ceived the 2011 USTA/ITA Campus           nis Council. It is a group that oversees
                                                         and Community Outreach Award.             16,000 junior members. On January 1st, three
                                                            Greg Hickey said, “The last 12         thousand 10 and Under tournament players
                                                         months have been a whirlwind of           will begin competing using different types
                                                         activity for the Southern California      of low-pressure balls and smaller racquets
                                                         Tennis Association. Highlights for        (depending on the age of a youngster), along
                     Vania King                          2011 include implementation of a new      with shortened courts and scoring rules.
        Photo John Martin, World Tennis Gazzette         Strategic Plan, a new website and a          “In recent years, the Farmers Classic, pre-
twins the 2011 World Champions.                          new committee system utilizing 100        sented by Mercedes-Benz, has faced financial
   Not to be overlooked, Vania King, who           volunteers and staff.                           challenges. However, it has remained a
does little to draw attention to herself ex-         “My first year as President would have been   most highly rated ATP event by tennis fans,
cept go about quietly winning, reached the         much more difficult without the support of      officials and players. A number of ‘creative’
WTA Year-End doubles championships final           so many in the section. Kathy Willette, an      additions, including concerts and legends
in Turkey with partner Yaroslava Shvedova
of Kazakhstan.
   Cecil Mamiit, who won the inaugural
2010 US Open National Playoff in South-
ern California, was again, the champion
of the Sectional Qualifying event. Macall
Harkins claimed the women’s title, and
Jeff Tarango/Patricia Tarabini captured the
mixed doubles honors.
   Stan Smith, who developed his game
at the famous Pasadena Foothill Tennis
Patrons Saturday morning clinics, replaced
Tony Trabert, the 1955 Pacific Southwest
singles winner the same year he was the
amateur game’s top player, as the President
of the International Tennis Hall of Fame &               Cecil Mamiit                    Macall Harkins                    Florence Nakao
   Tom Gorman, a former Davis Cup cap-             SCTA Board member, led the Strategic Plan       play, have been initiated to make the annual
tain and player who is the Director of Tennis      Committee through 10 months of document         July affair an ‘event.’ In 2012, the tournament,
at La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST,           drafting and redrafting until the Executive     which will take place around the time of the
                                                                                                      London Olympics, still promises to be a
                                                                                                      first-rate tennis experience.
                                                                                                         “Finally, I would like to recognize the
                                                                                                      Jack Kramer Family Foundation. Dedicated
                                                                                                      to the memory of the legendary player,
                                                                                                      promoter and tennis advocate, the Foun-
                                                                                                      dation has made its first donation, for what
                                                                                                      is to become a six figure Endowment
                                                                                                      Fund, this past June. The entire Southern
                                                                                                      California tennis community extends
                                                                                                      its sincere appreciation to the Kramer
                                                                                                      family for this wonderful gift.”
                                                                                                         With all that took place in 2011 serving
                                                                                                      as a perfect example of just how good
        Stan Smith                           Ryan Redondo                      Steve Riggs            tennis is locally, the coming year holds even
      Photo Cheryl Jones                                                                              more promise, and that is truly exciting.

                                                                                                             2011 YEAR IN REVIEW               21
   109th Southern California Junior Sectional Championships

BOYS’ 18                                            GIRLS’ 18
Dennis Mkrtchian d. Deiton Baughman                 Desirae Krawczyk d. Lorraine Guillermo
6-1, 6-0                                            6-3, 7-5

BOYS’ 18 DOUBLES (Photo Not Available)
Robbie Bellamy/Gregory Garcia d. Denis
Nguyen/Curtis Wu (June)                             GIRLS’ 18 DOUBLES (Photo Not Available)
6-3, 6-4                                            Ashley Dai/Mayo Hibi
                                                    d. Guillermo/Krawczyk (June)
                                                    6-2, 6-4

                                                    GIRLS’ 18 DOUBLES (Photo Not Available)
                                                    Dai/Zoe Katz d. Gabrielle Andrews/
BOYS’ 18 DOUBLES (November)                         Krawczyk (November)
Jonathan Poon/Seth Stolar (Pictured) d.             Walkover
Rickey Baylon/Caryl Hernandez
6-3, 6-3

BOYS’ 16
Garcia d. Garrett Auproux                           GIRLS’ 16
2-6, 6-1, 6-4                                       Elizabeth Profit d. Lauren Marker
                                                    6-3, 6-1

Auproux/Tyler Lu d.
Jayson Amos/Stefan Doehler
6-2, 3-6, 6-2
                                                    GIRLS’ 14
                                                    Kenadi Hance d. Raquel Pedraza
                                                    6-1, 6-2

                                                    GIRLS’ 14 DOUBLES (Photo Not Available)
BOYS’ 14                                            Jada Hart/Ena Shibahara d.
Eduardo Nava d. Brandon Yeoh                        Paulina Ferrari/Emma Higuchi
6-3, 6-4                                            6-1, 6-3
                                                                           2011 YEAR IN REVIEW
                     BOYS’ 14 DOUBLES                                         GIRLS’ 12
                     Taylor Fritz/Riley Smith d.                              Ryan Peus d. Kayla Day
                     Max Pham/Aiku Shintani                                   1-6, 6-3, 6-1
                     6-1, 6-4

                                                                              GIRLS’ 12 DOUBLES (Photo Not Available)
                                                                              Jessica Anzo/Nnena Nadozie d. Katie
                                                                              Chang/Annette Goulak
                                                                              6-1, 6-1

                     BOYS’ 12
                     Connor Hance d. Bryce Pereira
                     6-3, 6-7, 6-3
                                                                              GIRLS’ 10 (Photo Not Available)
                                                                              Jennifer Gadalov d. Alexa Ryngler
                                                                              6-1, 6-1

                     BOYS’ 12 DOUBLES
                     Pereira/Ivan Thamma d.
                     Timothy Sah/Ryan Seggerman
                     1-6, 6-1, 6-4

                     BOYS’ 10 (Photo Not Available)
                     Brandon Nakashima d. Brett                               MIXED 14
                     Brinkman                                                 Brandon Holt/Raquel Pedraza d.
                     6-1, 1-6, 7-6                                            Paulina Ferrari/Max Pham

                                                                              MIXED 12 (Photo Not Available)
                                                                              Grace Danco/Bryce Pereira d.
                     BOYS’ 10 DOUBLES                                         Michael Bott/Isabella Oedekerk
                     Tristan Boyer/Nakashima d.                               8-3
                     Stefan Dostanic/Matthew Sah
                     7-5, 6-2

                           31st K-Swiss Summer Grand Prix Masters Championships

BOYS’18                            BOYS’ 16                         BOYS’14                            BOYS’12
Tomas Aranguiz d. Daymon           Kimo Barrere d. Graham Maassen   Joseph Rotheram d. Victor Cheng    Kento Perera d. Robert Liu
Johnson                            6-1, 6-2                         7-5, 6-0                           6-3, 6-4
7-6, 0-6, 6-0
BOYS’10                                 GIRLS’ 18                         GIRLS’ 16                           GIRLS’ 14
Ivan Smith d. Miles Jones               Suzy Tan d. Sarah Stadfelt        Ena Shibahara d. Andrea Kevakian    Joy Kim d. Ally McKenzie
6-2, 6-1                                6-2, 7-6                          6-7, 6-0, 6-3                       6-1, 6-2

                                        GIRLS’ 12                         GIRLS’ 10
                                        Delaney Roche d. Nicole Mossmer   Eryn Cayetano d. Chloe Bendetti
                                        6-3, 6-0                          6-4, 6-0

                                 14th Prince Doubles Grand Prix Masters Championships
                                        Boys’ 18                                              Girls’ 18
                        Robbie Bellamy/Gregory Garcia-Winners                    Zoe Katz/Lauren Stratman-Winners
                           Joel Garcia/Jakob Karnopp-Finalist                     Francis Dean/Amber Park-Finalists

                                            Boys’ 16                                         Girls’ 16
                               Jake De Vries/Kenny Gea-Winners                Melissa Baker/Christine Maddox-Winners
                            Jay Leelavanich/Hank Workman-Finalists             Riley Morgan/Nicole Scotten-Finalists

                                         Boys’ 14                                              Girls’ 14
                        Taylor Fritz/Riley Smith-Winners Konrad                 Paulina Ferrari/Ena Shibahara-Winners
                            Kozlowski/Evan Nguyen-Finalists                        Tammy Van/Tracy Van-Finalists

                                         Boys’ 12                                              Girls’ 12
                            Roscoe Bellamy/Michael Bott-Winners             Isabella Draskovic/Katarina Draskovic-Winners
                             Ben Goldberg/Connor Rapp-Finalists                Emily Ackerman/Annette Goulak-Finalists

                                          Boys’ 10                                           Girls’ 10
                             Tristan Boyer/Colter Smith-Winners                Chloe Bendetti/Eryn Cateyano-Winners
                             Stefan Dostanic/Matthew Sah-Finalists              Lisa Wagner/Rachel Wagner-Finalists

                                 25th Central Coast Grand Prix Masters Championships

                  BOYS’ 18                                                          GIRLS’ 18
                  Daymon Johnson d. Ethan Lopez                                     Emily Weisberg d. Victoria Troesch
                  4-6, 6-4, 6-2                                                     6-3, 6-2

                  BOYS’ 16                                                          GIRLS’ 16
                  Petar Jivkov d. Max Swerdlick                                     Caisey Lee Emery d. Amber Petersen
                  6-1, 6-3                                                          6-2, 6-1
                                                                                                             2011 YEAR IN REVIEW
BOYS’ 14                                      GIRLS’ 14
Patrick Corpuz d. Ryan Luong                  Mattea Kilstofte d. Sophia Whittle
6-4, 7-5                                      3-6, 7-5, 6-2

BOYS’ 12                                      GIRLS’ 12
Kevin Ha d. Miles Hale                        Allison Mulville d. Alina Kupchak
7-6, 3-6, 6-3                                 6-0, 6-1

BOYS’ 10                                      GIRLS’ 10
Ethan Ha d. Wally Thayne                      Gracie Mulville d. Monique Savner
7-6, 2-6, 6-3                                 6-1, 6-2

           7th Desert Cities Grand Prix Masters Championships

BOYS’ 18                                      GIRLS’ 18
Nicolas Cummins d. Austin Graham              Cassidy Branstine d. Andrea Madrigal
7-6, 6-0                                      6-4, 6-2

BOYS’ 16                                      GIRLS’ 16
Jake Yasgoor d. Justin Thompson               Dominique Dulski d. Kelly Shaffer
6-0, 3-0, Retired                             6-4, 6-1

BOYS’ 14                                      GIRLS’ 14
Bradley Cummins d. Alex Kuperstein            Danielle Garrido d. Alyssa Rudin
6-0, 6-0                                      6-2, 6-1
BOYS’ 12                                 GIRLS’ 12
Kevin Ha d. Jack Pulliam                 Hermehr Singh d. Melanie Eraso
6-1, 6-4                                 6-2, 6-3

BOYS’ 10                                 GIRLS’ 10
Ethan Ha d. Cory Pham                    Camille Kiss d. Shekinah Daffon
6-2, 6-3                                 6-0, 6-4

           29th Junior Satellite Masters Championships

BOYS’ 18                                 GIRLS’ 18
Mason Lewis d. Mark Herrera              Sophie Gunter d. Shenelle Trujillo
6-3, 6-3                                 6-0, 6-2

BOYS’ 16                                 GIRLS’ 16
Justin Thompson d. Victor Han            Lois Ho d. Brooke Ferslov-Jensen
6-1, 6-3                                 7-5, 6-4

BOYS’ 14                                 GIRLS’ 14
Alec Dardis d. Jackson Kogan             Fei Kwan d. Emily Wang
5-7, 6-3, 6-2                            7-6, 6-3

BOYS’ 12                                 GIRLS’ 12
Dimitri Colffer d. Isaac Altuna          Jennifer Gadalov d. Martina Bocchi
6-0, 6-3                                 6-2, 6-3
                                                                  2011 YEAR IN REVIEW
BOYS’ 10                                            GIRLS’ 10
Miles Jones d. Sebastian Prokic                     Eryn Cayetano d. Nicole Mossmer
6-4, 7-6                                            6-7, 6-4, 7-6

BOYS’ 8                                             GIRLS’ 8
Michael Andre d. Gabriel Borsuk                     Lia Cappellari-Winner
6-0, 6-0                                            Maya Pitts-Finalist

                                  Novice Jamboree

BOYS’ 18/16                                         GIRLS’ 18/16
Mitchell Johnson-Winner                             Sarah Maple-Winner
Karlos Covarrubias-Finalist                         Regina Jimenez-Finalist

(Photo Not Available)                               (Photo Not Available)

BOYS’ 14                                            GIRLS’ 14
Ako Okoye-Winner                                    Olivia Ghosh-Winner
Ronald Griffin-Finalist                             Baylee Campbell-Finalist

(Photo Not Available)                               (Photo Not Available)

BOYS’ 12                                            GIRLS’ 12
Caleb Salguero-Winner                               Claire Ha-Winner
William Palma-Finalist                              Tirzah Alexander-Finalist
        BOYS’ 10/8                                                        GIRLS’ 10/8
        Adam Lynn-Winner                                                  Amanda Nance-Winner
        Jerry Huang-Finalist                                              Kathy Wang-Finalist

                           125th Open Sectional Championships

MEN’S                               MEN’S DOUBLES                                      WOMEN’S
Luis Perez d. Chris Kearney         Art Hernandez/Kearney d. Francis Alcantara/        Sylvia Kosakowski d. Cierra
3-6, 6-3, 6-3                       Rickey Baylon                                      Gaytan-Leach
                                    6-3, 3-6, 10-7                                     6-1, 6-3

              WOMEN’S DOUBLES                                MIXED DOUBLES
              Ivana King/Kosakowski d. Jordan                Baylon/Kosakowski d. Dockendorf/Christopher Ho
              Dockendorf/Gaytan-Leach                        6-3, 6-2
              6-2, 6-1

                          125th Senior Sectional Championships

         MEN’S 40                                                         MEN’S 50
         James Dao d. Albert Altuna                                       Bill Moss d. Tom Schlack
         6-7, 7-5, 7-6                                                    2-6, 6-4, 6-2

         MEN’S 45                                                         MEN’S 50 DOUBLES
         Doug Failla d. Bruce Beinlich                                    Steve Dawson/Jay Meyer d.
         6-0, 6-2                                                         Randy Houston/Roger Hulburt
                                                                          3-6, 6-1, 6-2
                                                                                                 2011 YEAR IN REVIEW
MEN’S 45 DOUBLES                         MEN’S 55
Peter Davidson/Paul Settles d.           Don Le Sage d. Houston
Thomas Kekalos/Paul Sinuk                6-2, 7-6
6-3, 6-2

MEN’S 60 DOUBLES (Photo Not Available)
Tom Bozarth/Gary Doi d.
Pete Margarita/Rob Roof
6-2, 6-2                                 MEN’S 75 DOUBLES
                                         Mike Carrico/David Inman (Pictured) d.
                                         David Folz/David Frandsen
                                         6-2, 6-2

MEN’S 65
Richard Ortiz d. Paul Randall
6-0, 5-5, Retired
                                         MEN’S 80
                                         Mel Lewis d. Emilio Martinez de Pison
                                         6-1, 6-1

Craig Edgecumbe/Leo Fracalosy d.         MEN’S 80 DOUBLES
Doi/Tad Yukawa                           Bud Foran/Wilson Fitzgerald d.
6-4, 6-4                                 Lewis/Martinez de Pison
                                         6-4, 6-1

MEN’S 70
Pete Gerry d. James Toguchi              MEN’S 70 DOUBLES
7-6, 4-6, 6-3                            Gerry/Frank Webster won
                                         the Round Robin.

MEN’S 75                                 WOMEN’S 50
Sy Moskowitz d. Fred Ruess               Tracey Thompson d. Margaret Smith
4-6, 6-2, 6-2                            6-0, 6-0
FATHER & SON DOUBLES                  WOMEN’S 55
Adrian and Charlie Pina d.            Kandy Chain d. Susan Davis
Bob and Jonathan Jason                6-2, 6-1
3-6, 6-1, 6-2

Tom and Drew Spinosa d. Pedro and     Cynthia and Russ Decker (Pictured) d.
Paula Chou                            Mandy and Marco DiAddezio
6-3, 6-3                              6-3, 6-4

        29th Senior Grand Prix Masters Championships

MEN’S 45                              MEN’S 55 DOUBLES
Thomas Kong d. Doug Failla            Houston/Randy Berg d. Roger
6-3, 6-2                              Hulburt/Jerry Naumann
                                      6-3, 5-7, 6-1

MEN’S 50                              MEN’S 60
Tom Schlack d. Pat Rea                Haig Bedrossian d. Charlie Pina
6-4, 4-6, 6-2                         6-2, 6-4

MEN’S 55                              MEN’S 65
Randy Houston d. John Flowers         Paul Randall d. Tom Bryan
6-2, 6-3                              6-2, 4-6, 6-4
                                                              2011 YEAR IN REVIEW
               MEN’S 65 DOUBLES (Photo Not Available)
               Dean Corley/Mike Stewart d.
               George Balch/Dennis Bowers
               6-7, 6-4, 6-2                                              MEN’S 75 DOUBLES
                                                                          Saul Snyder/Don Neuman d.
                                                                          Jim Perley/Chuck Nelson
                                                                          7-6, 5-7, 7-6

               MEN’S 70                                                   MEN’S 80
               Bob Ouwendijk d. Bob Jones                                 Gerry Thomas d. Mel Lewis
               6-4, 7-6                                                   6-4, 6-2

               MEN’S 70 DOUBLES                                           MEN’S 80 DOUBLES
               Peter Smith/Bob Jones d. Dick                              John Peterson/Stan Quade d.
               Doss/Lenny Lindborg                                        Emilio Martinez-de Pison/Lewis
               6-3, 6-2.                                                  6-3, 6-0

               MEN’S 75                                                   MEN’S 85
               Bob Duesler d. Saul Snyder                                 Lew Stephenson d. Bob Seymour
               6-3, 6-4                                                   6-4, 6-0

                                25th NTRP Sectional Championships

MEN’S 5.5                        MEN’S 4.5                     MEN’S 4.5 DOUBLES               MEN’S 4.0
Christopher Criblez d.           Arthur Chen d. Neal Collins   Michael Mehmedbasich/Minh-      Robert Le d. Tefft Smith
James Dao                        6-4, 6-3                      Quan Tran d. Collins Diana/     6-1, 4-6, 10-5
6-2, 6-4                                                       Arvin Pila
                                                               6-1 6-3
MEN’S 4.0 DOUBLES                MEN’S 3.5                          WOMEN’S 4.5                       WOMEN’S 4.0
David Elman/David Lubnow d.      Eugene Kim d. Robert Moore         Leslie Shuffleton d. Alice Moyo   Angela Weaver d.
Gerard Raiti/Shan Wickramasinghe 6-3, 7-5                           6-1, 6-0                          Barbara Bailey
6-0, 6-0                                                                                              6-4, 7-6

     WOMEN’S 4.0 DOUBLES                        WOMEN’S 3.5                             MIXED 4.5 DOUBLES
     Vannia De La Cuba/Courtney Potkey d.       Joanna Grabarczyk d. De La Cuba         Neal Collins/Charise Karjala d.
     Sandra Cover/Stephanie Dewitt              6-4, 2-3, Retired                       Enrique Dondonay/Lynsie Dondonay
     6-4, 6-3                                                                           6-1, 6-1

                               15th Wheelchair Sectional Championships

  OPEN SINGLES                         OPEN DOUBLES                                      A SINGLES
  Anthony Lara d. Keith Concar         Buck/Anthony Lara d. Concar/                      Simon De Leon d. Tim Kelley
  6-3, 3-6, 6-4                        Todd Hanover                                      6-3, 6-2
                                       2-6, 6-1, 6-3

  A DOUBLES                            B SINGLES                                         B DOUBLES
  Kelley/Rafael Zamarripa d.           Hadyanto (Jimmy)                                  Sutandar/Vico d. Denise
  Richard Draney/Axel Mena             Sutandar d. Antonio Vico                          Esrey/Jerry Russell
  6-2, 6-2                             6-3, 7-6                                          6-4, 6-2

  C SINGLES                            C DOUBLES                                         OPEN QUAD SINGLES
  Greg Manning d. Wendy Pasinski       Manning/Daniel Michener d.                        Richard Draney d. Zamarripa
  6-2, 7-6                             Pasinski/Art Schroeder                            6-4, 2-6, 6-4
                                       6-2, 6-4
                                                                                                        2011 YEAR IN REVIEW
         RILEY MCQUAID                                                   BOB AND MIKE BRYAN

     MEN’S 4.5 SENIOR                                  SAN DIEGO DISTRICT TENNIS HALL OF FAME



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