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									            Smart Shoppers Easy Guide to Umbrella Lighting

As outdoor brightness fixtures have grow to be decorative, it seems that manufacturers
lower quality to cut costs. When costs are cut, more people can afford to buy a set of lights.
As lights are getting abundant in people's yards, many home owners look for unique light
fixtures to set themselves apart from others. One specific and surreal type of light are
umbrella lights. Umbrella lights attach to any outdoor umbrella to provide excellent lighting
at nighttime. When the garden is well lit, there is certainly a much higher possibility that it
would be used most often. Umbrella lighting is much more unique than most other lights
on the market.

Umbrella lights are rather easy to put up. The pole mo-
unt varieties attach to your umbrella's long stick by sn-
apping in place. The string light varieties clip onto your
umbrella veins and connect to a central receptacle.
Solar powered models require no outside power source
other than direct sunlight during the day. If you do not
yet own an umbrella, consider selecting a pre-lit one.
Pre-lit umbrellas have the lights already installed for your ease. The downside to these
ones is the condition that you cannot remove the lights if your tastes change. You can,
however, turn them on or off as needed.

Westinghouse has designed a very practical umbrella mount that attached to the umbrella's
stick. While not solar powered, it could operate for approximately 40 hours on a single set
of 4 AA batteries. To link up it to an umbrella, simply just separate the halves and simply
click it into place around the pole. The durable white rubberized casing shields the
electronics to secure it for outdoor use. LED light bulbs surround the whole disc, projecting
luminosity 360 degrees below. The LEDs are white in shade, the ideal type of light for
different circumstances and purposes.

A somewhat different umbrella mount is the one from Rite Lite. This mount offers four
separate light pods that each have a set of LED lights within. This light can switch between
amber and white light to change the mood. In addition, the amber colored lights are
effective at deterring flying insects. A total of forty LED bulbs provide adequate light to any
kind of outdoor environment. It is activated by a simple on/off switch on the side. A
dimmer switch helps you to adjust the brightness of the light as necessary. The tremendous
durable light bulbs never need to be changed.

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