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					                              WITHDRAWAL SHEET
                                 Ronald Reagan Library

Co ection Nane OERG!|".DAVID FiLIS
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23787 \1ENtO         J-$l€S NA.\CE TO CERG[)'I. REJ                    I l2:trtqt     BI
                     H]LNDLNC O! THE POL]SH DIB'I'
                     R t/3/2oo6               flLRRFA0-751
23788   NOTES        MEMORANDLTT' OF M!!TINC, W]CK.          ET        9I2/]:iI98]    BI
                     Al, Rtr: Lr.S. i€SPONsl TO POIISH
                     R        2/3/2006         LRRFOO-1'I
2378'LETTER          POPE JOH\._ PAUL   I   TO IRESIDENT,   RE:        6    I/]]1932 III
                     R        3/74/2OOA NtRRFoO-t5t


                          To the Eonorable
                           Rolatd Re.qan
           P!.sidene of   rhe unlled srltes of laerica

           I  thank you tarrly !o! the letters of Decenber 17
      and 29 that you kindly addlessed to re rlth lelerelce
      to the latest events i! Potand - events sad beyond mea-
      s!Ee. I! you! l.tter 6f Decenbe! l? you enphasi?ed tbe
      sellous Ldtelnal dev.Lotrnents tn th. countlyr a.d i!
      youE lelter of Decerbe! 29 you infolhed ne about the
      9olrcy of the AreEican coee!nDent, ,itt specrat rere!-
      ence to tbe lespocibility o! !h. soviet snion and con-
      celnirg the reasuies enacteat by you! cove.@.rr, Both
      of these Lette.s testify to the lacr that ir is a ques-
      tion of extrene lrportance noc on.Ly lor rhe good or on.
      country - and that countly Is hy hofrelandt - hut because
      iE ca1ls into questj,on the fundanental princlples of
      the tife and coexiste.ce of the nations tn rne sodern
      world.   These   plinciples   haee telerencet6 the inviolable
      rlqhts of ban ard the no less sacred     lighrs of each indi-
      vjdual natror ds such. The Aposto-rc Sce proctaiDs lhea
      constaltty 6nd flelentry lecalts th.rr fron rbe convic-
      tion that the inre!ior E!anquitiry ot.arjors and rrue
      Peace in the ,or1d 1.!9ely depend upon thei. being .e3pected.
      upon th€se plinciples is bas.d rhe very leqitthacy of

Public luthortry, !r ry pledec.ssor   John   XXUI Ealil it
hts Enctclicll racs ln t lris tAprlt ttr
! too have hlil occaEion to Ebirts ou!, in
the lnited Nations Ae5ehbly on octobe. 2,

      Alto{ing nyset! ro be guided by these p!inciptes,
on Dec.n'ber 18 I addressed a reseage ro rhe Polish Prif.
Itiniste!, G€nelal Jaluzelsk! - a rhat you !!e
.cquainted ,ith ad uhich has cofrlunicared ro rhe
Gorernnents ,hich ..e slgnatorl.s of tbe Selsinki Final
Act - asking tbat d.rtiat taf, b€ rift.d and that there
b. a r.tuEn to rbe diaficult but not iopractlcable pattr
o! diatosue b.t een the Goee!!trert and tbe 3oc!a1 g.oupB.
! del,ib.lately lade !y aFpeal knom to the ?rilate of
Poland, alchbisholr C1eop, .!d to Ur- lech wllesa, the
teade! of Sotidalhogd.

      For lts pa!t, the Pollsb Episcop.te lrotr tbe vely
llrst days has publlcty lnd lepe.tedly catled for tbe
.nding of raltiaf 1ar, the fleelrg of tbe prisoners ald
ttte ressption of dlalogu. ,itb the Unlon. this reflects
the nission o! tbe Cltbotlc Cburch, not o.1y because sbe
i5 plofoundly lDvolved in the htsioly and leality of
national lif. but also becluse she cannot keep silent
atd nust duly bea! ritness eber hsa! lights 6nd funda-
h.ntal lleedonr a.e violated, especially in luch a

     This taking ut' o! a notat Position till not be serelY, and il i3 a! iDtelnal and internatloDal fact
that cannot fEil to be signillcant also fo. tbose {no
intend to tinit tbetrselves to 4anininq the facts only,
rnd nol feeungs- !ts ilemonstlat.s that. ir the sad haP_
Fen1n93 in Polad. tt ts not F!lticat irt.rests thrt
aEe involveat but Eoral ealues. 6nil plecj.sel,y tho6e values
shich are at the baeis of h6an societ1f rorthy of that

     Ms tberefo!. naturat, and piofoundly just, that
ir lts painful erpeliences tbe ?olish Nation sholld rlnd
solldarity on the part 6f lfl the nations and people5
tbat ale !i.ghu,t anxious tbat these fundd.ntat pEi^ciples
should be irtroduced into lDd safeguald.d in soclar and
int€rnttiona! lile- ADd it iE equatly underEtandable
that those rbo are rost involeed ard iho ft€t dileclly
share ln tbe dlea of in the filst p.L.ce the
Peoptes of Eulopc, those rlrh a Eulopeatr rladlrion ard
special Eulopead 1in&s - rhos. rho ale .Iosest in out-
look, history add culture. I app.eciate aII the eflorts
at concrete assistance, especlalty at the bEanitarirn
tev.I atrd lD P.oviding f@d. rnitiatives trd earious
lources have been coDducted in thls leqard tD o!de! to
!1l.ei.te the su!fe!ingE o! Ehe Polish people, The 60ri-
ilarity erpressed by individuals, social sroups and peoples
is celtairly the very sue that insptles the attitudes
assumed by rany coveru.nts, Iike you! oen. on the inc€!-
DatloDal levet - attitudes ,bich a.e lot dilecred asainst
the lite and developnert of pofand. but rhich !.t.nd to
supPolt he. people's aspirltion for !re.don.

     This comoD actioD dorg aI! peopteg tbar bave noial
values at healt is supported by rhe EoIy s€e in rhe sphere
ol its colpelence a.d in a tranner corleepondilg ro irs
oisslor. *hictr ttoes lor haee a lDutica! characrer, Tle
Eoty 6ee has Etrteat rhis to the GoveEntrents !!rat baqe
consulteal iE. ana aIEo to rbose Govelsenrs ,*n rhicrr.
on thtB occasior too. !E hae seen ftr td nainrain ctose

      For a1Do6t teo bundled yeals ny fetlow-coqntrFe!
hate b€eb engaged i! a dlanatic stlugg1e for the rlsht
to theh osn life in a !!ee and indepeDdent hoEeland,
a lite in harhony {ith the funddentat !ishts of indi-
viiluals and peoptes- Tb€se rigbls ale particulaEly dear
to the Polish 5ou1, as is eitnessed to by the thousand-
yea!-old bistoly of rbe nartonal culrure. ar th6 end
of the etghteellh centuly, roland becee rbe Flet ot rhe
states on ire!!s, and these latreE itepitvear be! of
poriticaa 1rdepenatence. This deFlivarion in!! j,ed
still lultire! lbe naly effolts lepeatedty hade ro recover
the sovereisn existence or rhe Sraie, and this was finaUy
obtained only in 1918, at the eDd o! the tilst 9ao!1d war.
The aggression lbat engulfed rbe potlsh Repubttc ir 1919
caused the 6utb.eak of the Second world war, ituling ,hich
the ?olish people endu.ed teffible saclilices. sie fouqhr
on albost al1 rhe llontsr conlidenr that rhis blood-soated
st!uggIe (six mitlion of !ts citizens died, eitber in
aciion or i! tbe erternir.rioD caps!) rould norallt
oLrri9. rhe civllized uorld, and in lhe firs! place, rhe
Atlies' to enslle the indepeldert existence of the Nation.
In fac!. lrof the eery beginning of the Far lhe westeln
AUies - eho ,e!e later joined by the Onited stat.s ot
Aherica - h:d coditted rh€rselles to lestorlnE the
irteqrity. soeereignty dnd ind.pendence of Polard and
the llee d.tehinatj,on of bet people- lhi5 qomitlent
pEeserves lts leteeance becruse lt coEtesFonds to a pEo-
Soun.l exiqen4" foE   flecdor-

     lbe events of Auglsr !930 are !n a celtai. sense
a coneinuation of rhat alle.dy t@k ptac. in Poland in
the yeals !956, 196a, 1970 and 19?6. thls ptoce3s con-
!i!rs the lust .spllarioos of tb6 rorkers ard, roqethe!
,ith tben, the *hole of poltsh sociery. rhar rh€ ru.da-
teital rishts of the tndividual and of the nation should
b. i.sFected. The roles - borh rbe xolkels and rhe intel-
Iectuals - d.n.nd to be lesponsible subjects in tbe tife
of their our hodeland. They *aDr ro de.idc upon the of soclal, .conohic and culrurat tif., ror h.rirs
hostillry to anyone, bur equatty askins th.t ogn
soee!elgDly be .esgected-

     U!, President, I rhant you once again for you! Iet-
tere, and fo! ev.rythirg you ale doinE i. inrernattoDal
life fo! th€ pulpose 6! ensqrtlg the liqhts ot ?oland.
I erpress !y hope tnar such an inEb.tant cauee and ideal
,it1 not cease to naiDtaln ! lirety aDd effective senti-
nent or lesponsibitity in alf counr!ies, and especially
in those countries vhlch ale hole irtin.rely tinkeit to
the Polisb Narion fo. !e.3ons of geographical o! ethntc
ctoseness, of historical allirlty .nd experleDce, o! of
comon sPt!ituat desccnt.
     ! .ak Io! to !y h.ttlelt good riahc! .t tbit
&aron, .rd pa!9 th. !o!il tbat ure x.l. Y..r vtlL brl,nE
D.acc to t!. gr..t l!.ricatr raatloD aDd to .],Me p!o91e.
ot t!€ roil,i!. lndl a.!.trtty lna reu, to ail:'|.
IEC tle trticE, t !u!!ir a. l98z

                           t7              -',
                            /            /lI ?       /a ,.
                          *-@,           Vat.,4/C,44 (f : .!!-
                                      WITHDRAWAL SHEET
                                       Ronald Reagan Library

collection: !.'alional Secunl) c.unc,l Execurllc secreund PA

File Folder; Thc vajcx!   Popc   JotxiraulI] (3lOr]jOt Bt06Tts)

                  3   nF        d-11 ! d ( r;   ( hr- e,'tj   rd-   2   5-XT       tt,Tl
                 t-airfl;Fdrl,oaJai rFaFT6E--
                  t 1:t' c-       ru .srq, J o rd rt
                  rJrrfin+ra:aria f!6na+€6€rre+nrdolIl-                             ,.n        I   ll{1 -_

                 *E$€TI3-!.-.                                     +24
                   ?iFiteP3P8brn+.rF            t1F-r-
                                                  :r--            +LAL
                 "fl "'Ei l?l:'r'" }:'cfh'4o              i,     *r   2.?
                 Pope   lohi Pal II o Rtuerr 4       n            Lzt
                          rfr-raa*cqiqre -ryj+dF                   6 Gft       r
                  . -1it\ lto ,,) tt1
                 PaC    Br#t€+ancei      r€.   Rcqudl for Appoimmenr                               Pl/I+-   .
                *ltnrhe P{eidenr-Vatieai S{dary!f Stare-

                                                                                                   P\Et     ^"   I

                 d                                                    'r5l                                 l(t   I
              TIIE NHITE HOt:SE

Fo! tne pasc several reeks ee have consulled
closefy on the evenls in Poland by ressagel
reL€phone and rhrough ou o-ploMtlc lepre-
sentatives- I muld lite to lespond in
this lette! to another join! concern. the
pleventton of nuctea! sar- Your letter of
Novenbe! 25 anat a Deleqation fron the
Pontificaf acaday of sciences desclibed
eloque.tly you! convictlons lbout lhe
nature of nuclea! war and the necesEtty
of pleventing its outbreak- On Decerb€i 15,
caldina1 casaloli and I had !n €xcellent
and tholoush discus3io. of the sunject,hich
r d sure he has lepolted to you iD detail.
r fully shale you horo! at the atisastrous
conEeqoelces of nuclear conflic!, the "last
epiildic of o&kjnd." I e d€rerbined !o
prevent such a catastlophe. You! rclds of
encouagenent rele selcone as ue begin oq
Degotiations rlrb the soviet union iD c€treva.
tre hope that ou! ploposat fo! the eflhination
of all intehediale-lange nuclear nissites
will be the filst slep 1! a disalmdent
ploc€ss shich rill 9o fa! toqard removing
the sFEctie of fea hich hauts @nkind.
!ina!ly, r rcu1d lil<e io send you b€st elsbes
for the coring yea!. ltay we borh succeslfufly
carly out ou! respon6ibilities to nantind.

                           Q,-,'+         a^*
                                      )   l+lez|t4
                             Fq ota t ttzg
                       c4s            7lkl
                                      wlTHDRAWAL SHEET
                                           Ronald Reagan Library

Collection: Narionat Secudry councit trxecurive Secrcra,:ar pA

FileFolder: popelolnrpaullt(t?00555 g2O4t3.l)

                  Dcnnjsnian ro   \villisr.garlr re:Repla Fo&&e
                  erdrl ro
                             Rag"Hc Reljttdhep€!..+ft ror
                                                ..         1S3
                                  i John   PaulIt (no1{en0.2   D
                    LL                        I
                 t> -1h? Lt)                                            111132

                             3ohffiii4"-ui" {<5:
                 "r-Ti?i :lohn
                             Do t\:4ia4 -L t. d st
                                           Pol lt,   2 p
                     Lr                         "            {5-1
      I   palticulal]y pleased ro *elcone you Loday
to the Vatlcan. Althous! re have alleady had mdy
            is the ttrsr tire that we have {et

       In you, the Pre6ident of the untted states of
Ahelica, I gleet at1 the people of you! gleat land.
I stllt lere{ber wiwitlly the earh velco@ that I uas
glv€n br mtlrtons of you! fellow-citlzens IesE tnan
three years ago. on that occasion T was once nore
!.ble !o wihe€s fllsthud the vitaliry of you! natlon.
t sas able to see agaln ho, che noral and spi!1tual
values tlansnltted by you! Founding Fathers flnd thei!
dynafrlc exples5ion in the life of hodeln Arertca.
       The nnelican peolle are tndeed ploud of rhelr
light to lifer liberl:y and the purslit of happiness_
?hey are prold of clvlt and social plogress
socrery, as detl as tbe eytraoldilary
and technofogy. As r speal to you ro.tay it ;s ny hope
that the entile              xrerlctu life a!11 rest ever
nole seculely on the Etrong foundation oi nolal and splritlar
values, wlthout the fostering   and defense   of   these
             cn edvanceh n.  <..n'-d o o .- \P,,
d @1 ol Lhe huha o-'so- <'eo,

       Thlolghout the course df rhelr history, and
csocr.llr      o i..I. r.1es, ihe An-. .r
repeeredly lisen to cnafGnqes presenred to th€m_ They
rrav6 o vF. r& ploo.s o! uns- r.s\n6ss,9- F o. y, -o.-

ollressedr they nawe show! confidence in that great
ideal oi beins a uniled people, rith a mission of sef,vice
 -o pe!fo!0, a. thi, ple5enr troren! :n hb h1s ory of .l e
world the United states is called, a5ove aII, to fulfill
its ntssion in lne service of aortd peace. The very con-

EndL   LiI- rdro tnose in. spensdle oro t o s o jus rce
                                       Lhe lorndoLro - o

      !1!. Piesident, hy own sreatesr pieoccuFation is for
the peace of tne qolld - peace !! ou dav. In nanv Pafrs
of the 'otld
               is rarife3ted :bowe a1l in the crisis in the
south atlaltic, in the ta! lelween Iran and rraq, and, Dd{
in its grawe crisis Frovoked by the neu ewents in l'ebanon'
Thls qiave .risis 1n l,ebanon likeaiBe nerj,ts tne atten-
tlor of the vrorld becarse o! the gleat ddge! tir ccDtains
of frthe! provocation in the tliddle East, rtrh il@lse
consequences fo! eorld !eace,

      Tnere de fortunately bay f6ctors in society roday
tb!! positivety contlibute to peace. lhese postttve
factors lnelude an ircreaEirq lea1lzatio. ot the inr€t
dep€ldence of all pe6ples, r grdlng sollda!1ry eirh
those in Deed, dd a greater convlction ol the absurdity
of uar aE a neang of resolvllq contloversieF betseen nations,
Dulins ny recpnL vlsr' ro B.ire-in I sL--ed rn pa,L!cu)a,
that the scale dld h@of hodelD wariare - whethe! nuctea!
               1t totally unacceptaDl              of settling
dtlferences betreen narionE, (At Coventryr lilay 30, 19321.
And for those dlo plofess the chrlstia fairh r offeled as
                fact tnat "when you are in coDtact ,1th the
Prthce of Peace, you undelgtard hoR totally oplosed to his
nessage ale ... bat!€d dd war" (ro the youDg people, at
Caldiff. June 2,   1942).

      The duty of peac€ falls esleciatly upo! the leEdels
of the ,orld. It is up to tbe represerrarives of govern
Fenr! dnd peoDles Eo rork Lo ee hutranrly nor orly flor
             I cts bu. .om. e fea! Lh-. rs gene.ared
by ever nole sophisticated and deadly weapons. Peace is
not only the absence o! calr ft also irrclves leciplocal
                          trust that is mantfested and
ploved lhrougn conslructive neqotlatiors tiat aim ar etrd-
tnq rne alns race, dd at liberating imnEe r€sources rhar
can be used to allleviate bisery and feed hIllions of hungry
       All effectlve peacehaking requires farslghf,edress,
farstghtedress ls a qlatity needed ir aI1 peac6hdhexs.
You! sn great natlon is ca]Ied               thls farsiqhred_
              all the nations o! rhe ,o!Id, This quality
enalrles leadels ro comit rhemselveE ro those cobclete
proqranE which ale essenrlal to voild peace plogres of
36Lie and developaent, effolts ro defend and plotect
lrMar life, as *e1! as inltlatiYes thar fawor hllmn liEhtE.
on the conrrary, alythi.g thdt oounds, uealens o! dlshonols
human dignity, 1n aly aspect, inpertls rhe cause .f th€
hmd person and, at the lahe bne, the peace of the eoitd.

      The relarions betreen nariobs ale sreatry attected
by rhe develolnent issue, whlc! pxeselves its full rele-
              day ot ou!s. success 1D lesotvlnq questions
in the North-sourh diatogue ,ilt contlnue to tre the qauge
of peaceful relations bet{ee! variols go]itical coMunirtes
ard contlnue !o influence th€ peace ot tle woftd 1n the
years anlead- Econonic anil soclal advancement, llnked to
financiat collabolation berreen peoptes/ lenains an apt
goal fo! the renewed efiorts of the staresner of the uortd.

      a lruly unlversal concept 6f rhe comon good of u:e
hmd fanily is an tnconparable instlurebt tn b!1tding
the ediflce of {o!ld peace. It is ny en convlction that
a lntted and concelned anellca .ar contlibute imelse1t
to the cause of ,orld pea.e thronsh rhe € ot her
leaders ard                 of arf her citiz€ns. Dedicat€d
to the hig! ideals of lrer tladltionsr Anerica is in a
6p1€.did tosition to help atl hmanir! enjoy vhat she her_
seli is intent on possessinq. trit$ faith in cod and belief
tn uivecal hl@n soudarlty, r(\ry aslica step to!-
rEat at tht€ 6uct.l ndent th hlBtoty to co.s6ltilate
ne! !1ghtfu1 plac. .r the s.lvic€ of {o!td peac..

       Ir thl. 6eGer llr. PEs1deht, r lep€at Loday
ibo6e ,orils th.t I .rFk. rh6D I lelt the trttea state!
1n 1,9?9r ixt fitral player.t! thlE: rnat cod ei11 ble6.
a!Eri@, Eo that BbG ey inc4stngu' b€coE - ud truty
b6 - anit 1on9 leMj.n - ton6 datlon, lnd€r cod. indlv1.tbl..
l.ith u!.nt &d JEr14 fo! allri (octda! ?, t9?9).

Fbb th6 varj.6r J|e 7, l9a2

                              an rtf
                                      WITHDRAWAL SHEET
                                       Ronald Reagan Library

Collecliof,: National Security Council E\e@riv€ Secrcldiai: PA

File FoldecThevarie.      Pop€ John P.ul l](34901i6,3490518)


                  :Rtaar!L    PoDe John Paul   ll   I   o                    t22/84
                   L-11t, lbb f,rLtA4'to F vt'
                  Robwtvi;tuancroG@A.Siuhz, re Folad-:il
                  t.f                                                a !,1
                             4 t,I,t/ds ,/rd't-./6 '
                  CharksH bMcF.nrne,    r. Pohnd Res€o.e ro                  ,31a4
                  Unofficbl Enisery Schaq 2 p

                 ii!ffi      fl                       2/9181
                 ro UDo6.iilEniss SchaE I
                  K lltlt.D Nr!4qOp AtY

                 415201tz+eta4,      4p                                      ur5ta4
                  L       r                                      d    ir9

                                      ll qqa                -o

                   ?.    r    Ir      ";ifr
                           THF \fHIT!     HOI]ST]


                  PoBExr   c.   llclail,ANE
                  PolaDd: Response to gnofficia] EDissaly schaff

l!!s:   what should 6e the Adninistrarion's response to the
Polish Goverment's proposat that in excharqe to! the lelease of
elewen ploninent polittcdl prisolers, the U-s. ea.e some of its

lackqlound: Over the last tso honths. Plofesso! Adan Schaff, the
Polish Goverment's rnofficiat €Dissary, has enqaqed in severat
exchanges eith our charqa d.afflires in Haisar, Johr Davis.
Specifically, 'ron behalf of P61and's highest authorities,q tbe
lrofessor q!€lied rhethe! che V,S. GovelMent mlqht consider an
thfornal uld€rstandinq ,here6y the ?olish Govelaent roufd
lelea3e the eleven proninent solidarity leaders and (OR actiwlsts
eho ar€ auaittng triat in exchange fo! .n easing of sone u.s.

At Tab A is a nemorandm fron state wbich lecome.ds rhat re
probe ttris p.oposal furth€r b_\, instlucting our Charqe to apprise
Professo! scbaff that at if tie lolish Goverment ieleased rhe
elevon, s- uould Ir! tuo.a c!1.                   on equLarly
schedul€d l-OT flights to the 0.S. and the suspensio! of the Maiie
Sktodorgka crite tund of joint scientific tlaael. and b) re vould
conside! sending an rnbassado. to warsav to engaqe in a high-
revel diltoque to review tne Etate of our bilatelal relations aDd

Discusaion: The Dnconditidnal rerease ot these proninent
activists rould corstitute a significant hman riqhts qestule by
the Polt6h Govelhert and thus, would warrant a leciplocal U,s.
lesoorse, €oth o! Lhe rodpsr Etep6 propos-d bv s-d'F -- r'11n9
the ban on LoT fl19\t. rnd screnLrli. exch.nqe6 -- uould ho!
lnterfele rith the nost signific.nt part of oDr sanctions policy:
those econonic .anctiona such as the fle.ze on nev credits, the
5us!en6io. of loland's MlN sratls and rhe lac* of u,s. Gupport
for loland's u{l menbership. Moleover, Stare,s ploposed lesponse
vould be f!l1y h accoldanc€ with our lray 13 step-by-step approach
to dealthg kith Porand uhicn envisions a seriea of gradlated
responses to positive steps takan by the Polish aulholities.
Domestlcally, a lifting of ihes€ teo sanctions kourd
                                                     f-e €upp-.Jted
                                                        NB --n o.X=etz:3'
D;cIeEsi f y--;:---OIDR                             sr --4- N t,R N AE -4a/a5.
s€cRFr-   sENsrlIvE

by Pdlish-anelicans {ho have indicated that the lelease of the
eleve. lead€ls n.lits an easing of u.s. sanctlons. rinally, this
stlategy is lisk-free as E *ould bot lift any sanctions Etll
th€ tolisn Govelment actlall! released the eleven inptisoned.
Thusr we rill have th€ oppoltunity to apprais€ the sincerity of
toland's proposal b€fore tating any conclete steps.
Aoweve!, NSC believes that lny liftlng ol these tto sanctions and
the establish4ent of diarogue should correspond not only 'ith th€
unconditional release of tha eleven activiEts, but also {ith the
.;E;TT;;-fthe     haras6nent of w.resa and all !€ledEed Poritlcal
plison€ts. Since the ove.a]l hunan liqhts situatiot in Potanit
renairE glav€ ard tne govelmentis campalgn aqainst lralesa has
b.en intensified, thi€ Adilnistlatio! should not lndeltaLe any
steps {hich rould isnore these reallties. Moreovei, ve shoulat
see* mole flon the        as ve hawe sone barsaititg reaelage.
That i5, Pollsh authollties appear to b€ inctined already to
release the eleven prisoners as th€y f€€l that puttinq then on
tiial vould only serv6 !o enbarlass the Govermeht. €ve!
Plofessof schaff asserted that "Pdland eas despelately anxiou€ to
solve the p!t5one! problen and was fulry aeare of its atelicacy.
They had begg€d the iOR fout to 90 abload for two ot thlee y€ars
and had been .efu6€d. They tele aIEo atale that the juridical
caEe ageinst the eleven was extrd€1y reak.'

          Thlt you apprdve State's stlategy as D6ditieit by NSC

               stara s FnoldndM, dated Febru.ry l, 103{
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                                       't]O [INiARIANI

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 PARTIY A C]VIT              IIAR CTIiAI!I IOLD HI II]IS I5 A SYRIAI{'iAR AilO                   AT
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 ARI D0]UC TXCIPT t0 tMPllAS 7Lq NEl0 f0R C0tllSltNCt All0 P€ACt

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 ttllrlASrs 0rJ Y rrrTllrcs vrI$ cttRIilit(0 YtsrtRDAY. rHt tl0tr faIlrEl
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                                       WH]TE HOUSE SITUATION ROOhI

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Lr r5tu55t0 i|] S f0R 50MITl[tt Hi_ RENtRRtD T0 THt I4ALESA !ppIAL,
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3t cilatlGi0 Ht 5A D Tfit H0LI SEE AID I ANitt iNA] Ifltit s80ttD
A REItT Cft5Utp |ltTU TUt t trto STATES, BUT l ttAt tI     i s 5] !l
TUERT Lrf 0tIsIlo 0f THE IAr 0N "

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LJ|]9tR T0IAL TlRtAU Cllt/r,    5T5 p0LlND. 0N IUI 0tHtR H! 0 UtS
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lll flcHTltlG F0R tTS Rt0UTS, tIC. Ht [0]tD Tfat THAT tyAS A IMp0RTAIT
                                   WHITE HOUSE STTUATION RO0l\,1

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SADI]TSS ABOUT                  I{I]AI             tDrT0R At]zE
                                         \1AS HAPPIII   NG |]f Dr0   [0I                       11    AI
llAt ll| 0tD N0T GlVt HtS 0p t'| 0t{ |lt INY IlAl ,130UT AVAT
00 lan0xU{t 0[ A80uI THt lf 0t Ait FACIORS Of IHAI NAIUNT,

N0     r\,lt tt   rl   ON   OF SOU'IH AI.IER CA AI ATT, lLlHoucH           rHtRt 1ra5     i   rril
TETIINO                     i cAiDt,rAt casstR0r I
                WH]TE HOUSE SITUATIOI,l BOOt\4                        rUtc0   I J,IG

                         D tT 3US 009!      DTC   I5263ti f t3   81

3UD    PLIASI            5l]ULTZ
                                           9   0136

                     February 22, l9A,!

    vice llesideht Bush has infomed ne of his re.ent
    neeting sitb you. I ra.t you to i<nor rhat I
    deeply appleciate you! corhsel and thatr drasinq
    upon it, I have decided to take the fotlo*ing
     st€ps concerning loland.
     our chalge ln ttarsae rill infom ceneraf
     Jaluze1ski, throDgh a nost confidential eDvoy,
     that ue are p.FPli -d to Irft Lhe ban o- rcol'a!lt
     scheduled loT fltght€ to the unjted stareg, pemit
    .the reahptioD ot tiavel lnder the lialie Sklodowska-
     Curie TlaveI Fund, and be91n an officlal -- but
     highly confidential -- dialogue. This dialogue
     voula ioclude all asp€cts of o!! relationa and set
     folth uhat se bould eypect fron the Polish side iD
     t6turn for positlve actions o. our pa!t. Moutal
     be conducted in taalsas by the Aherican Anbassador.
     These steps rou1d, howevelr depela upor i4alsau's
     ,iIlingless to release the eleven xoR ara Solidarity
     activl6ts ritholt any o.erous conditioDs or

    I d also co.veyils to the General ny sironq
    interegt in the Eitnation of tech lalesa ald his
    fanily and hy conceln tnat drey lot be subjectod
    to officially i.spired ha.assnebt-
    Lrno{ hov idportant PolaDd is !o you ana assure
    yoD it is a natter in which r tate gleat pelsoDa1
    interest- I sincerely ]]ope Genelal Jaruzelski
    ,t1I respond positivelt to our approach and aglee
    to iake 5tep5 khtch rilt tead to the leconciliation
    in Poland {or which ,e all hope ard pray.

                                   ( .^ j,.. \ !.--,/

t                                           lzrE t"rl
                              J                 1 I'rlP

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