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									Ins and Outs when Buying a Sports Car

Many financially gifted individuals are thinking wondering what to do
with their “fat wallets” – should they put it in the bank for future
investment use it for something that is tangible. They might just say
“hey, this is exciting!” and what better thing to buy that can cause a
phrase like this - a brand new sports car!

But here's how to look at both the positive and negative sides of
spending cash for a sports car.

Fanatics can find the most interesting and beautiful reason to own a
sports car and the good news are is:
- Sports cars fit the lifestyle of the rich, the famous and the elegant.
- These sports cars have more powerful engines with up to 750 horsepower.
- Sleek, convertible types depreciate more slowly than hardtop rivals.
- The newer the sports car model, the more impressive the driver is.
- Fans of pricey sports car can choose between the coupe type and
convertible type.
- Automatic transmission sports cars have better resale values.
- High-end exotics have been largely immune to the recession
- Less striking cars do best, often losing as little as 6 to 10% of their
worth over five years.
- Sports cars are used in many cases for car racing. Both men and women
are starting to become addicted with the sport.

 Although fitting, as it can be, for their lifestyle, it’s not all that
easy when it comes to buying a sports cars, the not so good news is:

- Sports cars are prone to being affected by recurring and financially
viable trends.
- Some sports cars have very expensive and hard to find repair parts.
- Sports car buyers should not expect to ever get back their full
investment when reselling the car.
- Expensive sport cars infrequently serve their purpose as just a means
of transportation. They just become the collector’s item that is rarely
- Driving an expensive sports car means spending extra money for gas.
- Models that were sold at special discounts decrease in value faster
than other models.
- Various exotic sports cars that only a minority can find the money for
are often resold because of costly maintenance.

On the other hand, sports cars have become a passion for some. It could
indicate that the buyer would spend more than he should, since it brings
enjoyment to the owner, and he is willing to sacrifice the costly price
of owning one for the joy and prestige it gives.

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