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 Interpersonal Communication
 Communicating      effectively
 – Expressing yourself appropriately
    Helps others to get to know you-helps you
     get to know others
    Exercise self-control by thinking before you
    Keep in mind the listener’s background
 Interpersonal Communication
 Usegood listening skills to avoid
  – Show interest and give full attention to
  – Don’t interrupt, or finish sentences for
  – Summarize what speaker has said
    Interpersonal Communication
   Respond effectively
    – Positive feedback
    – Negative feedback
      must include WHY
      you disagree
    Interpersonal Communication

   Express feeling honestly and directly
   Interpersonal Relationships
 Show  respect
 Be genuine

 Accept criticism and learn from
  Employer/Employee Relationships

 Understand  and comply with
 different leadership styles
      Relationships with employers and

   Qualities            Competence
    preferred by

                         Loyalty
    employers:           Initiative
                         Trustworthiness
                         Honesty
                         Dependability
                         Positive attitude
                         Neat, clean
    Interpersonal Communication
   Stress
    – Any event or situation perceived to be threatening &
      disturbs state of balance
    – A barrier to good communications
    – Not always harmful, but can be dangerous to one’s own
 Interpersonal Communication
 Stress   and the patient
  – Common stressors
     Hospitalization

     Ethnic customs & religious beliefs
     Diagnosis

     Family problems

     Money concerns

     Child care

     Lack of privacy
    Interpersonal Communication
   Stress and the patient
    – Stress can delay healing
    – All HCP need to be aware of signs & symptoms
      of severe stress:
        Hypertension

        Chest pain
        Shortness of breath

        Headaches

        Insomnia

        Mood swings

        Heart attack
Conflict Resolution & Problem
 Conflict
  – Conflict by itself is neither good nor bad,
    it just is
  – Should be seen as an opportunity for
  – External
     Involves   other people
  – Internal
     An inner struggle to reach a decision or
      resolve an issue
     How conflict gets started
 Conflictoccurs when we perceive
 environment being out of harmony
 with belief system
  – What we have come to believe is good,
    bad, true, or false
 When something new challenges or
 contradicts our beliefs
     How conflict gets started
 Someone or
  something intrudes
  on our comfort
 Different opinions

 Diversity of any
 The need to be
             Problem Solving
   Handling problems and conflicts
    with a positive approach:
    1. Identify the problem
         Be specific, stick to the problem
         Confront the issue not the person
         Be objective
         Problem Solving

2. List all alternatives
   Generate as many as possible
   Consider all possibilities

   No evaluating of any kind

   Write down every idea

3. Evaluate the possible solutions
   Which  one meets needs, goals
   Identify all possible outcomes-good or bad
           Problem Solving
4. Choose best action
   Rank  ideas according to greatest potential
    for success
   Compromise

   Take action: establish goals, evaluate
    progress, make changes
                      The People
   16 YO Fe; questionable IQ; HS dropout, pregnant, unwed
   Policeman w/gun; thrown off force for brutality
   75 YO clergyman
   36 YO Fe physician; unable to have children
   46 YO male violinist; served 7 yrs in jail for narcotics; been
    out 6 mo
   20 YO black militant; no special skills
   39 YO former prostitute; retire 4 yrs
   30 YO male architect; homosexual
   26 YO male law student
   25 YO wife of law student; last 9 mo in mental hospital; still
    heavily sedated; refuse to be separated
   42 YO famous historian-author
   24 YO Hollywood starlet; singer-dancer; confirmed alcoholic
The End

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