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									How to Recover iPhone MMS from Backup
Has this ever happened to you? You get a message from a friend with a funny picture. You check
out the picture, but accidentally delete the message and the photo, and now you want the picture
back. Is there a way to get it back? Of course you could ask your friend to resend it, but is there a
way to recover iPhone MMS from backup?

What is MMS?

Before we go any farther, let's define some of the technical lingo here. All MMS stands for is
Multimedia Messaging Service, and it is now the standard way to send message with pictures or
video or other multimedia.
MMS extends the ability of Short Message Service (SMS). SMS allowed users to send a short 160
character text messages.

I have heard of a few glitches where someone's iPhone has crashed and they lose everything from
MMS and SMS and all their message history is gone. Of course, if you recently did a sync with
iTunes you could do a recovery from iTunes, but this restores everything. Is there anything that
allows you to selectively choose what you want to recover from your backup?

Unfortunately, there is not an Apple product that allows you to selectively choose what you want to
recover. Luckily there is some software that allows you do to do just that. You can choose what you
want to recover and what you do not want to recover from backup.

How To Recover iPhone MMS From Backup
There are a few programs that allow you do to this, but the best software is Wondershare Dr. Fone.
It works for both PC and Mac and there is a trail version you can download for both operating

Once you download Wondershare Dr. Fone and install it. You can run the program and it searches
your computer for the iTunes backup files. You select your iPhone and Dr. Fone will extract all the
backup files from iTunes.

Once all the files have been extracted it divides all the data into categories. For our purposes to
recover iPhone MMS from backup, you choose messages. You can then preview all the data and
choose what picture, videos, messages, and contacts you want to recover. Then save it to local

If you rarely sync up your phone with iTunes, Dr. Fone will let you recover iPhone MMS from
backup directly from the phone. However, this is only available for the iPhone 4/3GS at the time of
this writing.

Now, if you have run into a problem and lost some data from MMS on your iPhone. There is no
need to panic because you know how to recover iPhone MMS from backup.

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