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61 Jane Street’s Quarterly Newsletter, Summer 2007
        Board of Directors             Roof Party! Hold the Date—Sunday, September 16th, 4-6 PM
    Elaine Young (President)
 Marianne Nebel (Vice President)          Please plan on joining us for a meet-and-greet on the roof deck. There will be
  Andrew Orlando (Treasurer)           refreshments provided, and a chance to socialize with your fellow residents.
     Victor Cino (Secretary)
     Peter Collins (Director)
  Patrick McGovern (Director)          Letter from the President
    John Bauman (Director)
                                       Windows Project
To contact the board, please leave a        The window project is almost over with the exception of new windows for the
note with the doormen or email/call    lobby and laundry room. We know that since life’s not perfect, inevitably things
Alecia Williams at Key Real Estate     will go wrong with some of the new windows. We have a five-year warranty and
 for additional contact information.   are setting up procedures with Skyline, the company that manufactured and
                                       installed the windows, which will ensure that 61 Jane is properly covered through
    Key Real Estate Associates         the warranty.
           Arline Kob
      Agent/Main Contact               Work Orders
        233-1700 x 146                     Most of us know this, but it might bear repeating. If you have something that
      AKob@keynyc.com                  needs a repair, please fill out a work order and leave at the front desk. Make sure
        Marcia Williams                you keep your copy. Someone from the staff should be there in a timely fashion to
            Assistant                  address your problem. If you do not get timely help, please call our building
        233-1700 x 125                 manager, Arline Kob at Key Real Estate. Arline’s phone number is 212-233-1700.
                                       The Board / The Management
          Superintendent                    It is the purpose of a board of directors to set policy for our building, and to
           John Herrera                direct Key Real Estate our management company. For questions about selling or re-
          917- 681-5221                financing, call Alayne Berenson of Key Real Estate, 212-233-1700. For repairs, see
                                       Work Orders above. For alterations and all other type of issues, including specific
           Handyman                    or general questions, complaints about the staff, etc., call our manager Arline Kob.
          Frank Steakin                If you’ve waited a long time for an answer from management, only then contact a
            Doormen                    board member. The board will do its best to help you get the proper attention. To
         Jose Tavarez, Jr              contact the board, you can email theboard@61jane.com. If you don’t use e-mail,
          Robert Clarke                leave a message for a board member at the front desk.
          Stephen Long
          Valentine Diaz               Website
   (Front Desk: 212-255-0570)               61Jane.com has information regarding selling your apartment, doing an
 (Emergency Line: 212 255-0286)        alteration, the house rules, our community and more. Our website is a work in
                                       progress but it has lots of info now. Go to www.61Jane.com and find out for
             Porters                   yourself.
       Kamal Saif (Jimmy)
       Kashaf Abdul Haq                Please don’t forget to come to our building roof party in September.
         Alex Martinez
  Co-op Committee Contacts
                                       Elaine Young
        Key Real Estate                President
         233-1700 x 150
                                                                               CezanNews, Summer 2007, 2

     Admissions Committee
       Jim Sileneck (chair)
          Tanya Tietler
         Romy Truscelli
   Andrew Orlando (Board rep)
  Admissions Committee Contact:
         Alayne Berenson

          House Committee
        Ritu Chattree (chair)
     Marianne Nebel (Board rep)
            Annette Fesi
           Barbara O’Shea                                                                               Lola
           Miriam Sarzin
     House Committee Contact:              Pet Profile
         rchattree@aol.com                 by Annette Fesi
         Energy Committee                   She’s a happy little Westie now, but her life was not always a
         Victor Cino (chair)              bowl of yummies.
         Norman Rosenfeld
                                            After starting out in a pet store, she lived for six months with a
                                          man who should not have owned a dog. He didn’t housebreak
               Website                    her or walk her; he kept her in a crate most of the time; he never
          Marianne Nebel                  even named her! Then, saying she was “too much trouble,” he
          Monica Pedone                   gave her up to Westie Rescue. From there, her luck began to
      website@thecezanne.com              improve. Janet adopted her, named her Lola, and gave her a
                                          loving home at 61 Jane St.
   If you are interested in joining or
starting a committee, please speak to a     Now Lola is six years old and has lots of friends. Janet has
             Board member                 also made lots of friends because of her. Lola loves to sparkle, as
                                          you’ll know by her large collection of fancy collars and leashes.
                                          Also, she is extremely concerned with health and the
      Hallway Renovation                  environment; she is a strict vegetarian.
                                             You can see Janet and Lola every morning at the dog run, and
New Committee Now Forming!                 they often take long walks along the river. They are very
   Please contact Elaine Young or          devoted to each other, and these days Lola always looks like
     Peter Collins if interested.          she’s smiling.

We’d especially appreciate volunteers
with commercial design, architecture
or construction background to join an     Community Update
 exploratory committee. Ideally, the
                                               Check out the building’s website, www.61jane.com for the
committee will be comprised of four
                                          latest in community news.
          or five residents.

   CezanNews is a medium of communication between residents, staff, the management company, and the
board. Published quarterly, CezanNews is about living at 61 Jane St. We encourage all types of submissions
-- information regarding board elections to congratulations for a new baby or neighborhood updates.
Questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the editor@61jane.com. Find current and past issues
online at www.61jane.com.
                                                                                 CezanNews, Summer 2007, 4

Energy Committee Update
by Victor Cino
    As you are aware, the Board has decided to embark on an energy-saving program designed to make our
building more efficient by saving on the cost of fuel oil, electricity and gas. After reviewing a report from the
consulting firm Power Concepts, the board has approved two initial steps in this process.
     The first step is to install new low-wattage bulbs and more efficient ballasts to save electrical usage. These
lighting changes will occur in various common areas throughout the building, including laundry room, basement
area, mail room, stairwells, super offices and exterior lighting. Based on the consultant's recommendations, we
anticipate annual energy savings of at least $7,000 in fuel oil and electricity costs with a nominal investment.
     The second step is evaluating thermostatic radiator valves, designed to control the heat flow in individual
apartments. This should diminish the problem of over-heating, which has been a chronic problem historically and
has been costly to our building, as well as extremely uncomfortable during winter months. Too many windows in
the dead of winter have remained open to cool off over-heated apartments. We will begin with a pilot program by
installing the valves in a few selected apartments that represent four major heating zones of our building.
    Any shareholder interested in having a thermostatic radiator valve installed in this initial phase can email
energy@61jane.com, or leave a note with the doorman for Victor Cino. Please bear in mind that only a limited
number of these valves will be installed initially.

Laundry Lowdown                                             Green is the New Black
by Ms. Behave                                               by Ritu Chattree
    No one likes to do laundry. No matter how                   Who would have thought that New Yorkers would
often you do it, the darn stuff just doesn’t stay           embrace green as much as their beloved black. But
done. So let’s try to make the chore as pleasant as         today, the environmentally conscious can access a variety
possible by being considerate of our neighbors who          of products and designs to help them look good and do
have to do theirs, too.                                     good. The following sites can help everyone at 61 Jane
    Laundry carts are really not supposed to leave          do both!
    the laundry room. But hey, if you can’t carry
    the stuff upstairs unaided, then please return          Green Living Resources
    the cart as soon as you have unloaded it. As a
                                                            Green Home: www.lowimpactliving.com
    decorative object, these carts leave a lot to be
                                                            You can live an eco-friendly life. Get all you need for a
                                                            green home – you can even calculate your carbon
    Please pick up your finished laundry before it
    goes out of style.
    If you only do your laundry twice a year—or             Greenshopping.com: www.greenshopping.com
    the equivalent amount more often—please try             Green, natural and sustainable products for your home
    not to do it at peak times when lots of other           and health.
    people want to use the laundry room.
    Used fabric softener sheets belong in the trash         The Bulb: www.thebulb.com
    barrel, not in the driers or carts.                     "Carbonfree" compact fluorescent light bulbs. A portion
    If you’ve posted something for sale on the              of the proceeds from the sale of each light bulb is used to
                                                            offset the CO2 emissions that will be generated by their
    laundry room bulletin board, please remove
    the notice when the item is sold—or after so            use over their entire life, giving these light bulbs a carbon
    much time has gone by that it seems sure that           footprint of 0.
    no one wants it!                                        The Green Apple: www.thegreenapple.org
    Advanced niceness: Bring a couple of slices of          Spend Smart, Live Healthy with The Green Apple, a
    paper towel with you to the laundry room so if          guide and coupon book for natural, holistic and eco-
    you spill something, you can wipe it up.                friendly living. Save on organic foods, yoga studios, spas,
    If you are lucky enough to have household               restaurants, health food markets, online eco stores and
    help to do your laundry for you, please share           more.
    these guidelines with them.                             (continued, page 4)
                                                                                 CezanNews, Summer 2007, 4

Green is the New Black (continued, from page 3)

The Green Guide Institute: www.thegreenguide.com
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Healthy Living NYC: www.healthylivingnyc.com
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health information and services.
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expressed through its design and materials, environmentally sensitive manufacturing process, and commitment
to corporate social responsibility.

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