Dangerous Assumptions about Fire

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					Dangerous Assumptions about Fire
It’s human nature to feel comfortable when you’re in control. There’s something about thinking that you
have your thumb on everything that helps you to finally relax.

Security Blanket
Knowing that the kids are in bed, your house is locked, your money is safe in a bank, your porch light is
on, your security system is enabled, and your car is parked safely in your garage helps you finally
breathe a sigh of relief before you turn in for the night. You’ve done everything you can for safety.

No one will break in tonight because of the things you’ve done in preparation. You trust your
preparations because you did them; you’re in control.

Although this isn’t a blanket statement that covers everyone ever born, it does seem to cover a lot of
people. People feel confident when they are in control.

                                         This causes them to make fatal assumptions about potentially
                                         dangerous situations. For example, many accidents happen
                                         because experienced drivers—that have been on the road
                                         forever—think that they are good enough to text and drive, or
                                         fiddle with a cd while driving.

                                         That assumption convinces them to distract themselves with
                                         other pursuits instead of focusing on the road. They assume that
                                         they are in control, when in fact, there’s a lot more happening
                                         here than their assumptions.

People do the same thing with fire. They assume the worst happens to people they don’t know.

The chances of a fire hurting them because of their “carelessness”—because no one is careless in their
own mind—are nonexistent. They have a few favorite statements they fall back into.

Here are some of the most dangerous assumptions about fire. First, it won’t happen to you.

No matter what you hear about in the news about electric outlets sparking blazes, cooking and candle
fires, and children playing with matches, you don’t think they’ll ever happen to you.

Those kinds of things happen to nameless, faceless people. They don’t happen to real people.

It Can Happen Anytime to Anyone
Sorry to break it to you, but that’s not true at all. You are just as much at risk as the people you see on
the news.

Please never assume that it won’t happen, because it’s a very real possibility. Protect your home by
taking precautions against fire damage.
Second, your dog would wake you if there was a fire. Although it’s true that dogs are keen at noticing
and warning of danger, they are not going to be perfect at that job in all situations.

They can’t be, and if you leave the house, how would they alert you that a fire is spreading from the
candle, up the curtains and onto the ceiling. You wouldn’t know until it was too late.

Sometimes, even a dog’s warning could be too late to save a life when you’re in the house. Set up smoke
alarms all throughout the house for proper warning.

Lastly, you have the best fire station in town, they would save
you. They may be the best, but they can’t instantly appear
anywhere at will, especially if they’re busy attending to
somebody else’s need.

They also only come when they are notified of a fire. By the
time neighbors notice, it might be too late for the fire station to
respond in time.

Practice fire safety daily to avoid an accidental fire in your
home and make sure enough smoke detectors are installed and
working throughout the house. Don’t ever just assume things
will work for your best; don’t leave that kind of thing to chance.

Belfor is a property restoration company dedicated to
protecting West Chicago from fire damage. They have
responded to too many calls on fire damage in the West Chicago area.

Too many homes have been marred by assumptions. Too many people have gotten hurt.

Please, be fire safe in your home. Don’t assume that things will just work out like they have for the past

Description: Everyone always thinks oh that will never happen to me. Until it does and then everything goes up in smoke. Learn to not kid yourself this might possibly happen to you.