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									Mothers winning in the fight against Cavities

                                              How many times have you told your child to go brush his
                                              teeth before bed, and how often have you followed up
                                              with him half-an-hour later, only to find him playing with
                                              his toys where you left him? Sometimes you wonder if he
                                              even hears what you are saying.

                                             Getting children into good habits can be an extremely hard
                                             task. Many of your instructions seem to go in one ear and
out the other, finding nowhere to land along the way.

With so little heed to your instructions you wonder how they will ever make it in the real world. If they
don’t care for the small things—like their teeth—now, they won’t have any teeth to care for when they
grow up.

At what point should you just give up? Recent research has come out telling you not to give up.

Being persistent

Mothers found with higher maternal factors—like a consistent focus on dental hygiene—actually make a
difference in the oral health of their children’s teeth. Persistence and patience has shown to be the

When you give up, there is nothing to stop children from neglecting them for weeks at a time. Children
know how to wreak havoc on their teeth.

It’s fun for them because it means less “chores to do.” The choice is easy when it comes down to
choosing between toys and chores.

When a mother is persistent though, they get their teeth cleaned, whether they want to or not. Every
day they brush is a battle won in this long war.

There are a few other things you can do to help make you feel like you’re making real progress though.
See the dentist semi-annually.

Go to the dentist every six months

Every six months, make sure you get him to the dentist. This deep clean will do wonders in preventing
tooth decay.
Have the dentist put sealants on back molars. Keeping the back
teeth covered with a child-friendly, protective coating will make
a major difference in his dental health.

Most of the food he eats will be processed on the surface of the
molars. Most plaque build-up will be found on these teeth.

The coating keeps the carbohydrates, sugars and acids from
eating through the enamel of the teeth by acting as a barrier
between the two. When you get your child to the dentist and
protect his teeth with sealants, you find much needed aide in this war.

Ask your dentist in Mt Pleasant, MI for more information about how she can help you. Last point to
remember is that your child is always watching you as an example.

He is always watching you from the corner of his eye to see if you practice what you preach. If you aren’t
taking care of your teeth, why would he care about doing the same?

Be a good example of dental hygiene and he will more easily see the dentist in Mt Pleasant, MI. Mothers
that are persistent, take him to the dentist regularly for checkups and sealants, and set a good example
are winning; they shouldn’t give up.

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