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									ROBERT W. LOCKE                                                                                  Email:
Brooklyn, NY 11215                                                                               Phone: 718-788-0841

                                        SENIOR TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONAL

                    Senior Applications Development // Project Management // Infrastructure Design
      Strategic Technology Planning & Implementation // Corporate IT Vision Planning // Operations Infrastructure
                        Recognized for Strong Team Management, Training & Leadership Skills.

Technically sophisticated technology professional offering a results-proven track record designing, building, and
implementing network infrastructures to fulfill strategic business objectives on a global level. Particular success
simplifying and reducing IT complexity to cut costs, strengthen reliability, and enhance performance. Motivational team
leader and mentor skilled at fostering cohesion and improved productivity. Project Management and SOX compliant
technologies. Reputation as a quick learner and complex problem solver for infrastructure applications.

                                              PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

CASSbts                                                                                                May2012-Aug2012
Avaya Telephony Engineer (Consultant – Part Time)
Support digital and VoIP voice systems for mid-sized software provider.

Insight Global                                                                                         Oct2011-Apr2012
VoIP Technician (Consultant – Full Time)
Install Cisco VoIP solution for major financial house.

RWL Consulting (Self Employed)                                                                         Sep2008-Present
Network Engineer, Architect
Install and test cables and connections, install and test wireless access points, setup firewalls, troubleshoot network
problems for local businesses.

MRU Holdings                                                                                           Feb2007-Sep2008
Specialty finance company that provides students with private and federal loans for higher education
Network Architect
Built and implemented the MRU network infrastructure using Cisco Switches and routers and Sonicwall Firewalls.
Established Internet connectivity with BGP, OSPF and HSRP. Implemented network security and SOX and ITIL best
practices compliant processes. Managed special projects from birth to closing.

     Create entire MRU network infrastructure from scratch, with RIP2 routing between VLANs, VPN backup,
     CWDM backbone (2GB etherchannel) and VOIP.
     Coordinate move and consolidation of offices, with project plan and phase diagrams.
     Build new data center at co-location and move entire server farm in 12 hours, with everything up and running for
     business the next day.

ADEX Corp.                                                                                             Jun2006-Nov2006
International Service Organization serving the Telecommunications Industry since 1993.
Resident Engineer (Consultant-Full Time)
Trained NCC staff of major Telco on Nortel Succession VOIP SN08 solution. Maintained and troubleshot Succession in
the northeast.

      Telco team was able to take over control of Succession fully within 30 days.
IBISKA TELECOM Ltd.                                                                                   Jun2004-Feb2006
Consulting firm that provides senior level consulting to Global Organizations since 1995.
Wireless Network Integrator (Consultant-Full Time)
Implemented and tested Nortel SN07 Succession solution (voice over ATM) for major Telco.
       Exceeded network availability and reliability objectives by 20%.
       Developed detailed management and configuration parameters and procedures that cut provisioning and
       integration time in half.
       Coordinated with various Telco’s and vendors for deployment of trunks ahead of schedule.
NOVERGENCE Inc.                                                                               Feb2002-May2004
Telephone/ISP provider using ATM Technology to provide Expanded Service at Lower Cost.
Created the network operations group for Norvergence. Established 24/7 NOC and defined the provisioning procedures
for customer configuration. Led a team of 11 to support the ISP function of the company.
      Moved Norvergence from a non-entity to a mid-tier ISP.
      Established Customer provisioning process with automatic script generation and checklist verification, cutting per
      Customer provisioning time from over two hours to under 15 minutes. This enabled a 500% + growth rate.
      Built scalable infrastructure for Voice and Data access. Customer base began at 15 and has increased to over

NORTEL NETWORKS                                                                                       Jun1999-Feb2002
Leading Telecom manufacturer and Service provider.
Senior Data Deployment Engineer
Deployed Nortel Succession Voice over ATM solution across the U.S. Mentored new Nortel Employees on solution.
      Trained new employees on Passports and networking. Designed a ‘Fast-Track’ one week course for trainees to
      make them deployable and reliable in the field, cutting install time by 30% for those Engineers.
BAY NETWORKS                                                                                 Jun1996-Jun1999
Leading manufacturer and provider of solutions and support for Local and Wide Area Networking.
Senior Systems Engineer
Provided 3rd level support for trouble resolution in the entire Northeast region, including Canada.

      Effectively resolved networking issue at major financial institution that had brought operations to a standstill.
      Resolved ATM trunking issue with ATM Sniffers that was causing data loss at major brokerage.
E.J.V. PARTNERS L.P.                                                                                  Feb1991-Jun1996
Provided fixed income data and analytics for Fortune 100 Companies.
Network Operations Manager
Managed EJV production data center with six operations engineers. Coordinated work with UNIX system administrators.

      Installed the equipment for original partners and transitioned startup into production mode.
      Worked as UNIX/Network Administrator for Liberty Brokerage (Managing partner).

Kingsborough Community College,          Degree:        A.S. (Physics)

Member of Mensa, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Capella University

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