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                         MEETING MINUTES
                              Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:30 pm
                              LISD TECH Center, Classroom #3
                                        (517) 265-1683
Present: Tamyra David – Maige           Jody Howard
         Julie Heise                    Kelly Coffin
         Carolyn Rathsack               Chelsea Vandenbusche
         Paulette Roulo

    1. Call to Order
       Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm by Tamyra David Maige.

    2. Membership Roll Call
       Terri Marriott did roll call.

    3. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes
       No corrections were necessary. Tamyra David – Maige made a motion to approve the minutes and
       Julie Heise seconded it. Motion passed.

    4. Approval and Additions to the Agenda, Officer’s Report
       Tamyra David - Maige made a motion to approve the agenda and Julie Heise seconded it. Motion
       passed. No Officer’s Report.

    5. Presentations
       Tamyra David – Maige presented the brochures that Kristen Columbus obtained regarding mediation
       workshops through Michigan Special Education Mediation.

    6. Items Requiring Action
            Election of Officers for 2012-13
              Tamyra David-Maige reviewed with the group who she appointed to the nomination committee
              and who they nominated. Tamyra David – Maige read the By Laws regarding election of
              officers. Julie Heise made a motion to elect the full slate of officer nominees which is Tamyra
              David – Maige as chairperson and Kristen Columbus as chairperson elect. Paulette Roulo
              seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous and the motion was passed.

   7.   Carry Forward
        Regional supervisors were to contact new members and work on finding new members from districts
        that do not have representatives. This item will be carried over. In August we will contact all members
        to see if they are still interested in being part of the committee and work on filling the vacancies.
        Tamyra David-Maige will call all members.
        Reproductive Health – Kathy Cremeans is working with the Family to Family Group at the State level.
        They are currently identifying where the trainings will be held. Kristen Columbus has reached Lisa
        Gordon Cook at Family to Family at the State level and she is aware of what we want. Progress is
        being made.
        Sib Shoppe – Continue to explore.
        The decision was made to keep the mediation brochures on the carry forward list as they would like the
        supervisors to get them out to the local districts.
        Alert now messages needs to be carried forward.
        Jody has contacted Sandy Keener at Community Mental Health to see what the best way is to go about
        getting names for our Respite Care list. This needs to be done ASAP.
        Revised By Laws will be carried forward for voting in September. Tamyra will call 30 days before the
        meeting so that members have 30 days to review before voting.
        Carry forward the questions that Jody would like the committee members to ask their districts.
    8. Information Item

                 Review revisions to PAC Bylaws – This was tabled. We have already been through the
                  revisions and Jody will get the copy out that reflects strike outs and new information. Members
                  will have it 30 days prior to the meeting to review.
                 Meeting dates for the 2012-13 Year – second Tuesday of the month with a 6:30 start time and
                  we will meet at TECH Center. Jody Howard asked if there was anything that people were
                  interested in learning or if there is anyone that they would like to present. Tamyra asked people
                  to look at big goals that they would like to work on. Parent Handbook was reviewed last year.
                  She would like a push to add new members.
                 Introduced Chelsea Vandenbusche as the new Monitoring, Compliance and School Safety
                  Coordinator for the LISD.
                 Dialogue with Your District – How Did it Go? How Can We Use this Information?
                           Q: As the district’s PAC rep, I was wondering the best way to get information out to
                           parents of students who receive special education services.

                            Q: What do you envision as the best way for parents to be involved in their child’s

                            Everyone present has talked to their districts and discussed it with the group.

    9. Public Comments

    10. Announcements
        Jody Howard talked about St. Joseph Montessori leasing the Trenton Hills building and the Laura
        Haviland Program moving to the Porter Center, Building 3. The two preschool programs in that building
        will be moving, one to TECH Center and the Head Start program will be moving to Tecumseh Acres.
        Lenawee’s Child Play Group will move to Trenton Hills and the LISD preschool program that is at
        Trenton Hills will remain there. The LISD Severe Cognitive Program will be moving to Trenton Hills.
        There were some concerns that these students would be isolated but Jody Howard explained that they
        will not be spending 100% of their time in that building. The Montessori group will be paying for all of
        the renovation except for the bathroom renovation of the SCI Program. The playground behind building
        three will change. The LISD is willing to give tours to parents that have questions or want to see the
        space that students will be occupying. There will be an open house prior to the start of the school year.
        At Madison we had three classroom spaces. One of the classrooms was a K-12 POHI room. The
        students in this program will be transitioning to their local districts. The LISD Hearing Impaired
        classroom has been reduced to one classroom as we had two students graduate. We will continue with
        the inclusive preschool classrooms in Onsted and Adrian and the TECH Center.
        We have also had several retirements in the past few weeks and will be reevaluating the need for filling
        those vacancies.
    11. Adjournment -
        Tamyra David-Maige made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Paulette Ruolo seconded it. Motion

Task                                                        Person Responsible
New member district conversations                           Regional Supervisors
Reproductive Health Family to Family Health Coalition
presentation                                                Kathy Cremeans
Sib Shop                                                    Jody Howard and Peggy Papenhagen
Michigan Special Education Mediation Program                Regional Supervisors
Distribution to Local Districts
Distribution of publications                                Ongoing discussion
Alert Now notifications of upcoming presentations           Jody will talk to Tina Bowers to see about the Alert Now
                                                            method of sending out notices.
Respite Care                                                Jody Howard
PAC By Laws                                                 Jody to make corrections and send out for review by
                                                            August 10 .
Family Information Series                                   Kristen to try and reach Lisa about the Transition Part
                                                            One and Part two and Reproductive Health.
Questions to Local Districts                                All Members
Contact members to see who is still interested in being a   Tamyra David - Maige
member of the committee

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