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					PSSA Monitoring for 2012

PDE will monitor the administration of the PSSA in 2012. Upon entering the
building, the monitor will ask to speak to the school principal. The monitor will
also ask for someone to call the central office and notify the Superintendent that
the individual(s) is/are there to monitor the administration of the PSSA. The
monitor will interview the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC), the Building
Principal (BP), the School Assessment Coordinator (SAC) and two PSSA Test
Administrators (TAs). If appropriate, the monitor will also observe the
administration of the PSSA.

Below are the documents to be reviewed and things to be observed during the
monitoring visit.

                 Documents to be REVIEWED during this MONITORING visit:

   Copy of the sign-in sheet for School Assessment Coordinator (SAC) training

   Copy of the agenda and sign-in sheet for the Test Administrator (TA) training

   Copy of the assessment inventory list

   Copy of Materials Accountability Form (MAF)

   Copy of the test schedule, including the rosters for each room

   Copy of the make-up schedule and the site in which
   the make-ups took place

   Copies of Test Security Certification Statements

   Test Administrator/Student PASecureID List Distributions

   Copy of completed Security Checklist

   List of names of the people who have access to the
   storage area

   Copy of list of IEP/ELL students who took the PSSA

   Copy of 3-5 IEPs from the list of IEP/ELL students who took the
   Copy of small group roster (accommodations)

   Copy of the plan in place to ensure the administrator
   knows what accommodations each student will be using
   and how to administer them properly

    Copy of the protocol in place to honor parental requests to view the PSSA for
religious exemption

               Things to be OBSERVED during this MONITORING visit:

   The location(s) for extended time accommodations

   The location of the secure storage area for test materials

   The break/disruption policy during test administration

   The location of testing sites

   Materials on classroom walls

   Daily school procedures for distribution/collection of testing materials

   Daily classroom procedures for distribution/collection of test materials

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