Millionaire Leaders Hangout-The BadAss Madness Continues!

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					Millionaire Leaders Hangout-The BadAss
Madness Continues!
Coming off of the Austin event....Release Your Inner’d think Dave and Dave would be ready for a
break. But it’s amazing how events just invigorate you and
get you fired up so quickly.

So I got an email about 4:45 pm PST...Dave and Dave are
doing a Google Hangout!

Still fired up myself...I popped on.

Dave and Dave shared their stories....

I’ve heard their stories a thousand times, but I never get sick of hearing them.

The struggles of the homeless van and the alcohol and drug addict...

...who rose above every obstacle to become two of the most influential, badass people in Internet
and affiliate marketing.

Sometimes we just need to channel our inner badass and
make a change...
I know I did. I left Chicago two years ago in pursuit of my passion and purpose.

I tripped and fell into Internet marketing not just as a way to make ends meet while I pursuing
my acting career, but also as a way to work on fix what was broken.

You see, I knew something was wrong.

Anytime you wake up and find yourself light years away from the life that you desire, at some
point, you have to acknowledge that the problem is you.

Or me in this case.

It’s really like opening pandora’s box never really know what lies under the surface.

But working in this industry forces you to look at that.

The cool thing about Empower Network, or one of the things I like most about the company, is
that on some level, we are all a bunch of misfits.
But all belong.

And I figured if the homeless van man and the former addict can do God so can I!

And a lot of people felt that way too this weekend in Austin.

4000 people showed up from all over the world to Release Their Inner Badass!

One of the most badass moments of the weekend was when hundreds of people flooded the stage
and decided to go All-In.

People who decided to push beyond their comfort zone and take a chance on themselves. It was
such an inspiring display of unity.

My friend and team member Karla Harris was one of those people.


At any point in time, you can make the decision to change your life.

I did.

Karla did.

Thousands of Empower BadAsses did too...

And so can you.

One important lesson that I have learned in just the few short months that I have been All-In at
Empower is that you have to believe in yourself.

That really is the only thing that stops you from accomplishing anything.

And the more I hear it, the more confident I get each and every day.

Are you ready to take action?

(Click Here and Get In)

Join the movement. Eliminate excuses. Be a BadAss!

The past does not equal the future.


Decide that you deserve the most amazing life ever.

Join Me.

Get Empowered and Join a Badass movement.


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Description: Coming off of the Austin event….Release Your Inner Badass…you’d think Dave and Dave would be ready for a break. But it’s amazing how events just invigorate you and get you fired up so quickly.