Al Capone Does My Shirts Chapters 11-20 questions

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                         Al Capone Does My Shirts
                            Chapters 11-20 questions
Chapter 11:
      1. How does Mrs. Flanagan react to the news from Mr. Purdy? What does
          she do that surprises Moose? She wants to pick up Natalie right away and
          when Mr. Flanagan tells her she cannot go by herself, she becomes angry
          and shoves Mr. Flanagan.
      2. What happens when Moose and his mother get to Natalie’s school? Mr.
          Purdy explains that Natalie’s behavior is too involved for them to handle.
          Natalie is too loud for the residential area that the school is located in.
          Moose and his mother take Natalie home.
      3. What advice does Mr. Purdy offer with regard to Natalie’s future care and
          treatment? Mr. Purdy suggests placing Natalie into Deerham, which is an
      4. Why is Moose both proud and angry with his mother? Moose is proud of
          his mother for standing up to Mr. Purdy and pushing him for information
          that will help Natalie. He is also angry with her, because he knows that his
          mother will do anything, no matter how ridiculous it is, just as she has
          done in the past to help Natalie.

Chapter 12:
      5. Why is Theresa staying with Bea Trixle? Theresa’s mother is in the
          hospital having her baby.
      6. Why does Moose agree to help Piper with her laundry scheme by talking
          to his classmates about Alcatraz? Now that Natalie is home, he is afraid
          that Piper will tell her father. Moose agrees to help Piper when she
          promises to be nice to Natalie.
      7. How does Moose and Piper’s classmates respond to the new laundry
          service? After Moose entertains his classmates with stories from Alcatraz,
          and Piper is able to convince Del to send a shirt, the laundry service is a

Chapter 13:
      8. What does Moose catch Piper doing outside his apartment door the
          morning after Piper has taken the students’ clothing home? Moose
          catches Piper placing the kid’s laundry into his family’s laundry bags.
      9. Explain what Mrs. Kelly has told Moose’s mom to do for Natalie. Mrs.
          Kelly has told Moose’s mom that Natalie needs a clean sweep; throw away
          the button box, not allow her to count obsessively, no more other
          obsessions. If the family can change their ways, it will help Natalie change.
      10. What sacrifice must Moose make to help Natalie? How does he feel about
          it? Moose must sacrifice his Mondays playing baseball so that he can
          watch Natalie while his mother gives piano lessons in the city. Moose is
          supposed to take Natalie everywhere he goes, every day after school.

Chapter 14:
      11. What happens when Moose asks Scout if the Monday baseball games
          could be moved to Tuesdays? Scout seems to understand Moose’s
          problem and tells him that he will try to get the games moved to Tuesday.
      12. What interests Scout more than having his shirts washed by the convicts?
          How does Moose promise to help with this? Scout would rather have or
          see a baseball hit over the wall at Alcatraz by a convict. Moose tells Scout
          that if he gets one, he will show it to Scout free and clear.

Chapter 15:
      13. Why does Annie tell Moose to meet her and the others at the parade
          grounds? They are planning to go to a secret spot to watch the convicts on
          their way back to the cell bock.
      14. When Moose gets home, what is strange about Natalie? Since the weather
          is hot, Natalie is pacing and pulling at her dress as though she is
          uncomfortable. She is also upset because she misses her buttons, which
          Mrs. Flanagan has hidden from her.
      15. What does Natalie do that totally embarrasses Moose? After Moose tells
          her she cannot wear her swimsuit on Alcatraz like she did at home, she
          strips off her swimsuit and lies in the floor.
      16. How does Moose get Natalie into her clothes and out of the door? Moose
          allows her to take her button box and promises to take her swimming.
      17. Why does Moose stay behind when Piper and Annie move closer to see
          the convicts? Moose doesn’t go closer for two reasons, he can’t take
          Natalie and he is also very concerned about getting in trouble.

Chapter 16:
      18. How does Piper explain the amount of laundry she is taking to school to
          Mr. Trixle? She explains that there is a city-wide science project going on
          about the ratio of the weight of wet cloth to dry cloth. The explanation
          satisfies Mr. Trixle.
      19. What does Scout tell Moose about playing baseball? Scout has been able
          to arrange a game for them on Tuesday.
      20. How do the students react when Piper passes out the laundry? What
          happens to Piper’s laundry business? They are not happy that it just looks
          clean. Most want their money back, but Piper tells them that there are no
          refunds. When Del tells her he will not send any more of his laundry,
          Piper tells them that this was a one time deal and they should be happy to
          have had such a wonderful opportunity.
Chapter 17:
      21. When Moose gets home, he doesn’t mention to his mom that the baseball
          game has been changed to Tuesday. How does this oversight cause
          problems for Moose? Moose’s mom has to change her piano classes to
          Tuesdays. If he had told her, she might have been able to work something
          out, but since he didn’t, Moose will have to watch Natalie and miss the
          baseball game.

Chapter 18:
      22. What does Piper tell Moose about the money earned from the laundry
          service? Piper tells Moose he will not receive any of the money when they
          divvy up the earnings from the laundry service.
      23. When Moose tells Scout about not being able to play on Tuesday, what
          happens? Scout gets angry and tells Moose he will never play on his team

Chapter 19:
      24. At the dock, when Piper is divvying up the money from the laundry
          scheme, how does Piper use Natalie? Piper uses Natalie as a calculator.
      25. How does the warden find out about Piper’s laundry service? Del’s
          mother finds out about the laundry scheme from Del and writes a letter to
          the warden. In her letter she threatens to send a letter to the news papers
          and the mayor’s office if anything like this happens again.
      26. How does the warden react to the news of Piper’s laundry service? What
          does Natalie reveal that causes the warden to become even more
          outraged? The warned treats the kids as if they are criminals. Even
          Moose, who got none of the money and wasn’t really in on the scheme is
          treated meanly. The warden seems to ignore the fact that Piper is
          involved, much less that she masterminded it, even though the kids all tell
          him she was behind it. Natalie reveals that the kids had made money on
          the operation which further enrages the warden.
      27. What does the warden mean when he tells the children: “There may come
          a time in your life when you feel it’s your moral authority to challenge a
          rule”? The warden is telling the children that at some point in their life
          they may feel that a rule is wrong or should be questioned.
      28. If the kids are caught doing something wrong again, what could this mean
          for their families? Their families will be out of a plce to stay because their
          fathers will be fired without a severance packages (without pay). Due to
          the depression this would be especially hard on the families because of
          the lack of available jobs, their fathers would have a difficult time finding
          work to support their families.

Chapter 20:
      29. What happens when Moose and the kids get back to the parade grounds
          and dock? Natalie heads to get her buttons, Jimmy goes back to playing
          with his machine, Theresa puts on her skates, and Annie and Moose kick a
    can around. Moose kicks the can in the wrong directions, and it lands in
    Natalie’s buttons, causing her to freeze up. Moose’s mother finds them
30. Because of the situation with Natalie, Moose doesn’t get a chance to tell
    his father what has happened with the warden. How does Mr. Flanagan
    react when Mr. Trixle comes to tell him what has happened? Mr. Flanagan
    takes Moose outside and questions him about what had gone on. When he
    learns that Moose had known what was going on and not told, he is very
31. Moose thinks that if his father loses his job, his family will simply go back
    to the life they had before coming to Alcatraz. What does Mr. Flanagan tell
    Moose will happen if he loses his job? If Moose’s dad loses his job, they
    will have nowhere to go. Their life is now at Alcatraz and there is no going
32. How is Moose punished for his involvement in the laundry scheme? Mr.
    Flanagan punishes Moose by taking his baseball equipment and tells
    Moose if he gets into any more trouble, Moose will never play baseball

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