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					Minecraft is a really great game. If you ever tried Lego boxes this game
is similar to Lego, but still a lot different. In Minecraft you really can
shape your own world. You can counstruct anything. Amazing thing in
this game is that you must make tool which you use to create different
stuff. Minecraf will hold your attention for a long time and you should
have one copy of this great game. You can play it online with your
friend and family or offline in survival or creative modes.

Ok, lets talk about modes in Minecraft. Survival mode is great for
adventure maps, or for you if you want to have adventure. In survival
mode you really must survive through whole game, collect resources
and combine it in new items, eat food and find food, make house for
your or find some cave where you can sleep. You actually must kill
enemies in this modes and much ugly creatures want to kill you. You
will start barehanded, without any tool or weapon, so you must figure
out how to combine different materials and made something. Great
mod really, but first you must see some game tutorials.

Creative mode is good because there is no need for resources or for
new tools. You can get any tool, weapon, material, blocks, whatever
you want from your inventory. In few clicks you can get blocks for your
new house or something like that. Creative mode is good for online
playing because there is all based at speed and organisation, you can
build amazing structures with your team and there is no time for
crafting or combining materials into something new. Just place boxes,
create new ones and place it again and again. Creative servers are great
for solo play, because you can play alone and make your own world. If
you have some ideas or you just want to make castle from your dreams,
or house for you or even you want to destroy stuff with TNT then you
sit down, create a creative world and enjoy in perfection of this game.
Old school 3D design might be strange for you but believe me after few
hours you will feel incredible and you will ask yourself – how I can live
without this great game?

Online game is great because there is a lot of players, and you can play
with each of them or in a team. Teams in Minecraft are amazing, you
can work with many players and together they create great structures.
Wneh you are part of some team then you must follow some rules. Also
on creative servers, when you play online with other people you must
follow simple rules or you will be banned. Every server have new rules
and you must know which one is important.

You can find more informations about Minecraft at this site Enjoy in this great game, tell your
friends about it or just even try to play this game online and believe me,
you will play Minecraft very long.